Hillary’s Doctor: She Has Pneumonia

She’s feeling great and everything is fine. Then she collapses. The campaign says she got a little overheated on a hot day. Then she comes outside and says she is feeling better. Now it turns out she was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday:

“NEW YORK — Hillary Clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday, her doctor said in a statement Sunday after the Democratic nominee left a 9/11 memorial ceremony due to what her campaign said was overheating.

“Secretary Clinton has been experiencing a cough related to allergies. On Friday, during follow up evaluation of her prolonged cough, she was diagnosed with pneumonia,” her doctor, Lisa Bardack, said. “She was put on antibiotics, and advised to rest and modify her schedule. While at this morning’s event, she became overheated and dehydrated. I have just examined her and she is now re-hydrated and recovering nicely.”

Everyone who was saying she was sick a month ago was a CRAZY CONSPIRACY THEORIST. My head is spinning from all the lies about her health over the past month. Less than an hour ago, the Hillbots were still blaming the weather on Twitter. They said it was perfectly normal to cough for several minutes like she did in that video. It was perfectly normal to pass out from the extreme heat on a 77 degree September day!

Update: She has pneumonia, but she is hugging children on the street and visiting her newborn grandchild? Very strange.

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  1. Its BS.

    The only reason we have video is because of some guy on the street with his cellphone.

    Then they claim Heat when it’s 75 in NY. When they realize that is not going to fly, they switch to the old pneumonia. If she was diagnosed Friday, why did they allow her to go to the 9/11 event?

    Hillary has a serious illness.

  2. As I mentioned on your post on twitter, the fact they’re claiming she was diagnosed on Friday is proof it’s a lie. Her symptoms clearly predate by a number of weeks, if not more, but we’re expected to believe that her doctor’s didn’t spot it till Friday? Pneumonia is serious in and of itself for the elderly, but it’s clearly just a cover to explain her incapacitation from whatever is really going on. I already heard they might be cancelling events due to this “pneumonia.” They needed a reason, and a little case of “pneumonia” is an easy excuse to keep her bed ridden but yet not necessarily on death’s door. Also note the way she fell to pieces in that video. I’ve been faint before, experienced dizzy spells. That was something far more extreme. The Conservative Treehouse also noted that a piece of metal seems to fall from her pants, possibly from whatever contraption she is hiding in that costume she wears.

    • And before the van arrives, they’ve got her propped against that barricade pole. She wasn’t standing on her own. When they come for her, she continues to fall backwards. They straighten her, move her a few steps. Then she falls forward.

      Pneumonia and antibiotics can really take it out of you but this isn’t the first time we’ve seen her being held up. That photo of her being held on both sides going up a short flight of stairs – think it was from last April – is context for this episode.

  3. This is summer, not Pneumonia season. When you hear of people dying of Pneumonia in summer it is usually 90 year olds. If she’s at 90 year old health levels in her late 60s that’s pretty bad. Doubt it’s pneumonia and this is just cover, if it is it is a complication of something already going on. She was falling off her plane back when secretary of state, this appears to be an accelerating downfall of something that is chronic. Slick Willy and Hillary were probably hoping it would come after all the demands of the election.

    • This woman is obviously dead woman walking and everyone knows it her mortality looks to be on shaky ground.The question is how can Trump capitalize on this? Donald by all accounts is as virile as some 40 yr olds

      • Hell, Trump is as verile as most 20 year olds. He’s campaigning and going to rallies every freaking day and is high energy everywhere he goes. He’s also clearly learning and memorizing key statistics and info at a really fast pace.

  4. I knew it!

    They fired the black guy and brought in a Jew!

    Dr. Lisa Bardack is the one who claims Clinton had pneumonia.

    Proof she is Jewish:


    Bardack (who may be an absolutely incompetent nepotistic physician – there are many), is also tied to Clinton and dementia. Her name was on a medical report claiming Clinton had subcortical vascular dementia secondary to a concussion in 2012.


    She claims that these particular documents are forgeries (like the Protocols), but that does not mean the content is false. Someone in the know may have used that technique to get the word out, and did not want to use the actual medical records, which would be a Federal offense.

    It would be a helluva fall that would give someone dementia – I’m calling Alzheimers for genetic and circumstantial reasons.

    • It would be nice if she could hang on just long enough to lose to Trump in a massive landslide. Then Satan can take her home.

  5. So what? Like blacks, dead people have a long tradition of voting Democrat, so it’s about time they got to elect one of their own. She’ll do as much good as Obama has, and make a lot fewer mistakes.

  6. Now they’re finessing pneumonia as if it’s just a bad cold. Pneumonia kills people and it’s contagious. If they aren’t going to tell the truth they’ve got to come up with better lies.

    • My take away from this article is that “Dr” Bardack is not Board Certified; she is a political appointee from a Jewish elite family who probably has no business being a doctor. She is saying exactly what her puppet masters tell her to say. Is Clinton actually getting medical care? Or is this Michael Jackson redux?

      The Black Dude was Bill Clinton’s doctor, on loan to Hillary for the campaign.

  7. She could have had walking pneumonia for some time and not been properly diagnosed. It isn’t uncommon. Not all pneumonias show up on an X-ray, sometimes a bronchoscopy is required.

  8. I’ve been coughing uncontrollably for months and I have recently been diagnosed with pneumonia. I guess I’ll just start hugging children. #typhoidhillary

  9. I don’t think the woman in the “I feel great” video is Clinton. She’s taller, thinner. and moves much better.

    • I tend to doubt she didn’t know. She has the best medical care possible and every inch of her witch like body has been examined and tested.

  10. I just watched a PBS film Churchill’s Secret. It’s about his
    Stroke in the Coronation year of QEII.

    He hid the stroke rebounded for the party conference at Margate and was gone in 18 months.

    He lived on for anothe decade.

    Clinton is smoked politically. Something is seriously wrong with her.

  11. On another website, a commenter mentioned he believed Hillary has Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (it killed actor Dudley Moore). After going to some medical sites, it may fit the bill in regard to her symptoms. She just doesn’t have the tremors that are indicative of Parkinsons.

  12. Life with Zeiss Z1 F133 protective lenses


    ‘They absolutely do prevent seizures while Alice watches TV! They also prevent the seizures that happen when she reads uninterrupted for very long periods. And they’re handy for unexpected events out in the community—emergency lights, flash photography, and flickering fluorescent bulbs.’


  13. Strange how her hair has changed. All through the campaign, it had looked great–remarkably so for hair of a woman her age–and then, suddenly, it went flat. The top picture in the graphic below is from her American Legion appearance, on August 31, the day of Trump’s visit to Mexico; the bottom one is from July 28, a month earlier, as she was giving her convention speech. Naturally, she was glamorized for the speech; but really, as I’ve said, her hair had been looking just about that vital throughout the campaign …

    • She’s beginning to look like a Saturday morning grocery store grandma who puts on her pajamas and combs her greasy hair to minimally get done up for the errand. She probably spends so much time medicating and sleeping that she can no longer devote even the 90 minutes a day or so, it takes to get her fully up to presidential beauty standards. Plus if you are constantly taking naps, the hair style is going to suffer.

  14. It just occurred to me … a blue collar, not terribly involved in politics, conservative fundamental Christian (w/o a college degree) … THAT: It is sinful the way the Democrat party, the “handlers”, and obscene donors insisting that Hillary is their ticket to total power and control (you know – over the internet, the course of the New/One World Fantasy, and the weather) are treating Mrs. Clinton. Sure, at one point she thought it was her destiny to be President of the USA. Obama broke that. She knows now that it’s not necessarily in the ‘cards.’ Now they (democrat party, MSM, and Ka-Zillionaires) are pushing her on with medication and flattery to win the highest office on the planet. Trust me on the medication angle. A nice dose of Oxycontin and some coffee will bring the smile to your face for a couple hours even though 90 minutes ago you experienced a mini-stroke. Please, let her retire in peace and Luxury and find some other donkey to take her place. I like Krysten Sinema … I’m just sayin.’

  15. Why does this verse come to mind?

    ‘I saw that one of the heads of the beast seemed wounded beyond recovery—but the fatal wound was healed! The whole world marveled at this miracle and gave allegiance to the beast.’ – Rev.13:3

      • Pretty sure it’s Clinton. Encountered it in a tweet that seemed to be indicating it’s she. It looks as if it could be from that little stroll she did in front of Chelsea’s apartment building, after the fainting spell or whatever it was she’d suffered.

    • Looks like someone who had an organ transplant and had their face puff up from the powerful anti rejection medications.

  16. Anyone else who swayed like that claiming that they didn’t feel well due to the heat would be in an ambulance to the ER.

  17. A lot of blood pressure meds have dry constant coughing as a side effect. She could also have congestive heart failure, which would make her weak and off kilter, possibly meniere’s disease as well.

    Karma is a bitch. Maybe the rest of the jew elites will start to have health problems as a result of their anti-white genocidal policies. You can’t possibly be a healthy person if your entire life is based on killing off whites. It eventually catches up to you.

  18. “Rockin’ Pneumonia and Boogie Woogie Flu” – Johnny Rivers (1972)

    Someone who knows how to do it needs to put this as a theme song with the film clips of her head bobbling around and then the scene at the van for the grand finale.

  19. When one is faint their neck droops forward. When one is in spasm (axial rigidity) their neck and torso become stiff. The video looks like spasm. Progressive Supranuclear Palsy and it’s symptoms, although rare, fit her profile and explain her quick recovery after spasm. Just opinion on visual evidence.

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