Dear Conservatives, Fusion Requires Abandoning “The Standard”

Over at The Federalist, Rachel Lu has written an article called “We Need a New Fusionism”:

“From the pages of The New Criterion, George Nash gives us the ten-thousand-foot view of conservatism since William Buckley. It’s a useful refresher as we consider the possibility of a new conservative coalition. Can Buckley’s intellectual descendants find a way to make peace with the new nationalists? Is there light at the end of this tunnel?”

It is riff on a much longer article by George Nash in The New Criterion called “Populism, I: American conservatism and the problem of populism”:

“For more than a decade the air has been filled with assertions that American conservatism is in terminal disarray—exhausted, fractured, and no longer capable of governing. The spectacular populist insurgency of 2015–16 appears to many observers to mark the demise of an intellectual and political establishment that has outlived its time.

Is this true? Before we can properly assess conservatism’s present predicament, we first need to understand how the present came to be. I propose to do this through the lens of the intellectual history of American conservatism after the Second World War, when the conservative community as we know it took form. …”

The subject of discussion: is there anyway to accommodate Trumpism and restore Cold War-era harmony on the American Right?

There is such a way, but it is inconceivable that “conservatives” would accept this solution:

1.) It would require treating White Americans the exact same way that conservatives now treat the Jews and Israel. That means accepting that race exists, accepting that race, culture and ethnicity matters, accepting that White identity matters, proudly acknowledging that America is a White European nation and aggressively challenging anti-White sentiment in the same way that anti-Semitism is now a taboo.

2.) Conservatives are proud “classical liberals,” but their precious abstract principles stop at the Israeli border. Israel is a Jewish ethnostate. Judaism reigns supreme in Israel. Conservatives will go to the mat to condemn anti-Semitism and defend Israel’s nature as a Jewish state. Conservatives are unapologetic about championing Jewish interests, but consider it outrageous when we do the same for White Americans.

3.) The conservative prescription is White guilt and the universal abstract principles of liberalism for Whites, but Jewish chauvinism and the pursuit of Jewish interests for Jews. In such a way, mass deportation in the United States is an affront to Enlightenment liberalism, but talk of “ethnic transfer” in Israel is not something to get upset about.

4.) Conservatives have no objection to Organized Jewry aggressively defending and advancing Jewish interests in the United States. It is outrageous, however, to think that Whites should ever be able do the same. It doesn’t matter that the White population is already a minority in our two largest states and rapidly approaching minority status in the nation at large. There can be no change in the status quo.

5.) Conservatives have no objection to Israel acting to secure its existence and a future for Jewish children. Israel can build a massive border wall. Israel can refuse refugees. Israel can engage in mass deportation and ethnic transfer. Israel can be proudly Jewish and ban Muslims. Above all else, Israel is never faulted by conservatives for waiting to remain Jewish indefinitely, but it is extremely controversial for America to want to remain White or Europe to want to remain European.

How do we explain this?

Why do conservatives come at us with all this talk about “freedom” and “equality” and the evils of “identity politics,” but none of it seems to apply to Jews and Israel? Why is there a big fat clause in conservatism which essentially states “none of our philosophical bullshit applies to the Jews,” or more to the point, “identity politics is an affront to universal liberalism, but the Jews shall not be criticized”?

Just looking at the conservative magazines and donors, one might guess that the sheer number of Jews involved in it has something to do with the big fat exception that they have carved out for themselves. Goldberg & Co. can carry forth about everything conservatives drone on about – freedom, abortion, markets, tax cuts, etc. – but there is an understanding of where the line is drawn and who it all applies to.

Donald Trump is a horrible racist and nationalist and affront to our most cherished values, but Bibi Netanyahu ought to be president of the United States!

So yes, there can be a truce.

In theory, if conservatives were as much champions of their overwhelmingly White American base as they are paladins of Jewish interests and Israel, there wouldn’t be a problem. The Trump Wall would have been built a long time ago. Multiculturalism would have been killed off a long time ago. Political correctness would have been arrested a long time ago. Muslims would have been banned a long time ago, and so on.

Ultimately, Jews are too powerful within Conservatism, Inc. for there to be any truce with the aggrieved White base. They can’t let go of The Standard. They can’t accept a Jared Taylor alongside a Jonah Goldberg. As America’s racial and cultural demographics descend further into Third World status, the pressure will only continue to build.

Sooner or later, it will end catastrophically for conservatism. I can’t say whether it will happen in 2016. I can say that if something can’t go on forever, it will stop. Nationalism can’t be “good for the Jews,” but “bad for the Whites” indefinitely.

Note: All things considered, Trumpian civic nationalism would be the ideal place for it to stop from a Jewish perspective. He’s very friendly to Israel. He has Jewish grandchildren. He’s a nationalist for everyone. He is the “soft landing.”

If these people weren’t such idiots, they would recognize that Trump has already solved the problem. He accommodated them down the line on taxes, healthcare, energy, abortion, guns, Israel, religious liberty, and all but a few topics.

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  1. There’s suddenly a need for “fusionism” now that Trump is the candidate. But, in reality, there was, and is, an existing “coalition.” What we have now is that many of the Neo-cons, conservatives, and Libertarians have abandoned the coalition now that they didn’t get their guy. What is needed is for them to do what the populist wing has always done: get behind the candidate and accept the areas of his platform that were included to appeal to different members of the coalition. Selfish brats if you ask me.

  2. There’s no going back to the discredited “conservative” or cuckservative philosophy, which is based on exporting millions of American jobs, importing millions of useless brown people and fighting endless wars on behalf of the Zionist state in occupied Palestine. All of that stuff only benefits the jews’ globalist agenda. The cuckservatives offer nothing that appeals to decent White Americans.

  3. “Conservatives” have no right to call themselves conservatives. What are they conserving? It’s certainly not America or American values. They have been fake opposition to the globalist agenda for decades. In the end after some incredibly weak rhetoric, acquiescence to every destructive liberal action is how it ends. Pretending to want to cut a couple of billion dollars from a non conservative program isn’t conservative. The name cuckservative has been well earned.

    Not only does the relationship with Israel require change to a normal international relationship with a foreign nation the massive jewish influence within US culture must be addressed. The MSM is clearly a voice for jewish values as it scorns white values at every opportunity. Without white America in charge America fails to be America.

    In the end, you’re either a nationalist or a globalist. Cuckservatives are globalists without the slightest motivation for doing what’s good for America.

    • The cucks never spoke out against “same sex marriage” nor have they tried to stop the forced homosexualization of the armed forces or the removal of Confederate flags and monuments from public spaces across the South. And yet they have the nerve to talk about “preserving our values”?

  4. The intellectual founder, William F Buckley, knew exactly where the line was drawn and assiduously enforced it: The line at which all things non Jew friendly and all things pro-White become forbidden territories. Cross over the line and you’re expelled from the “responsible” club. You’re thrown into the “right wing extremist” nether world, never to be heard or seen in “respectable”, mass audience venues again.

    Buckley and his ilk did more to destroy any real opposition to where we are now by respecting the left and rolling over for it. His intellectual descendants have done the same and will continue to do so. Screw them!

  5. A good piece. The whole discussion of “conservatism” is an intellectual booby trap. It’s a labyrinth with an entrance into it but no exit out of it. Inside it’s a lot of walking around in circles and going nowhere. It’s perpetual motion in the form of writing, advocating, reading, and above all, DONATING. All of this is for nothing.

    The people who created the success story of America did not call themselves conservatives. They were nationalists and nationalism is the avenue we need to take.

  6. Let’s condider how UKIP “fused” with the Conservative party in Britain: by capturing the zeitgeist, winning the Referendum, and getting the Conservatives on to a “Brexit means Brexit” anti-immigration paradigm.

    The American equivalent is Trump winning and the entire party falling in to formation behind building The Wall and deporting all the illegals.

    We need 0% of the pundit class to do this, and in all honesty, this is my preference.

  7. We should never make deals with these out of touch creeps again. They are a bunch of elitists who care nothing for the country that produced them. They are not much different from the limousine liberals, looking down their noses at 98% of the country from their gated community. What has the Republican establishment given us? Stupid wars, trade deals that benefit nobody but a few rich pricks, and they have done nothing to stop the left’s social agenda of multi culture and abnormal sex.

  8. Good take. We nationalists cannot compromise with anti-identitarian conservatives. We will crush them and replace them. We have no need for them.

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