The Case for Trump: Trump Releases “Deplorables” Battleground States Ad


Note: Raise your hand if you have ever seen a Republican presidential candidate defend his supporters and attack the Democrat presidential candidate over the -isms and -phobias. This is groundbreaking culture war stuff.

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    • Deplorable Hillary is used to getting away with everything because the (((press))) has always been there to defend her and make excuses. But I think this time she went too far.

    • Well Hillary has never lived in a time where calling Republicans mentally ill, deplorable, racists didn’t work so you can’t blame her. You can still blame her for not noticing things have changed in that regard.

      • In response to your assertion that Tim Kaine as a white male is easy prey, I’d ask if you saw his comments about that exact topic from about mid-day. He literally exulted in his white male ‘backing a strong woman’ status.

        This should further bring home my arguments. The Jesuits are a notoriously womanhating order, and were historically more rejected in Ireland (before irish immigration to America, and after) than accepted precisely for this reason; the celts saw their cowardly misogyny as a direct function of Roman corruption. That means something’s seriously up. The Jesuits at Georgetown were the only college administration found guilty in civil court for the rape of their female student by one of their male students. The precedent was set in DC federal court sometime before 1995. That Vanderbilt football player who drugged an innocent white girl, after grooming her to be his girlfriend, and then invited half his black teammates to gang rape her was the product of a private Jesuit high school in California.

        He is a snake in the grass. I cannot impress upon people enough how bizarrely out of character it is for Tim Kaine as a Jesuit protege to be touting ‘strong women’ leadership.

        It is the ultimate jesuitical plot. I’ve not studied the subject much, but the more I see as time goes on the more I’m believing that the Jesuits were indeed founded by a jew.

          • JustJeff Lorax100 • 20 hours ago

            But for a white male Democrat radicalism is a weakness. He can’t play the race card like Obama, he can’t play the woman card like Hillary, he’ll be judged by the content of his character. He’ll get nothing done because the cucks won’t feel a shred of guilt for tearing him to pieces. NOVA yankees and the negroes in the rest of the state are what gave him power in Virginia. He could force is his agenda down one red state where the decl had become stacked in his favor but here’s no way he could do it to all of them.

          • The above is a copy and paste of a comment you made to me, JustJeff, in the last day or so.

            One of Kaine’s press conferences of today (or part of a long one, I don’t know which) featured him literally bragging about how he could be trusted as he was following in the shadow of a ‘strong woman.’

            If that doesn’t answer your question, I don’t know what will. If you don’t believe me check today’s cable news shows.

          • A seedier Vice President i havent remembered in a long time. Al Gore was actually a somewhat resepectable Senator in 1988 seemed a reasonable fellow, we didnt see the real Al Gore until after Clinton was Inagurated. LBJ was scum but he was at least an ALPHA MALE Tim Kaine is playing some castrated man role in a play for power.

          • I know Denise the name Dilessandro in Italia/Sicily is a Jewish name and there is a Dilessandro Soccer Stadium in Haifa Israel

  1. Deplorable Hillary is her own worst enemy. You just can’t hide a personality as unbelievably awful as hers. Even her biggest supporters can only bash Trump, because they can’t think of anything good to say about her.

  2. I’m going to send Trump my picture, as an image to be tacked onto the end: “Admittedly, one of my supporters is deplorable.”

  3. Did she die yesterday???

    There is absolutely NO QUESTION that the woman leaving Chelsea’s apartment building was NOT Hillary Clinton. The woman is a body double. This explains why there were no Secret Service agents with her.

    First photo is Hillary Clinton. Look at her RING FINGER…

    Second photo—–This is the body double that left the apartment building. Look at the RING FINGER.

    – See more at:

    • The creature which emerged from that apartment building does look smaller and older than the Hillary we have all grown to despise. It could be a sick and emaciated Hillary or it could be some other old dyke. We’ll find out for sure if there’s a televised debate with Trump. If there aren’t any debates suspicions will be aroused.

    • Holy crap, I think you’re right! I’d thought earlier when Denise referenced it that she’d fallen too deep down the hole, but jesus it really looks like a body double if you study closely.

      • I don’t make things up. Also – never mind the fingers, Look at the body. Hillary is short, and pear-shaped. “I feel Great” is younger, taller, and much slimmer through the hips. And then there’s the miraculous disappearance of neck waddles….

        “I am 50 year old woman with PD. My greatest problem with my PD used to occur when trying to walk (or breathe) in bright afternoon sunlight. I tried the blue filters and now have a pair of my prescription glasses tinted blue. I have dramatic improvement in my movement while wearing blue glasses. I have a dramatic reduction in my rigidity, and fine motor skills when wearing the blue glasses. Do not know what is causing the change in movement. I have discussed this with several neurologists as of yet we have no answers. Try dark blue.”

        PD is Parkinson disease

      • Did you hear the audio?? How is that silly?? You better give me a straight answer. I can get real ugly with people who insult without explanation.

        • Yes, I heard the audio.

          You’re being silly.

          And by the way, you’ve really got me shaking in my boots.

          • Are you Jewish?? We get them every so often and they stick out like sore thumbs. Are you Jewish?? You smell like one.

          • You are weird.

            I am in fact a Gentile and a Christian all rolled into one.

            I must say that people like you are going to make our side look ridiculous. To have an emotional meltdown over the slightest thing betrays an acute case of insecurity. Perhaps you’d fit in a little better with the lefties.

          • Bullshit. Trump is the candidate of whites. Clinton the candidate of blacks and Jews. You defended Clinton. You can not be white. You are a Jew and a lying stinking Jew. Go suck off an infant rabbi. Take pictures of it and then sell it to everyone at synagogue.

          • You get stranger and more infantile with each post.

            Where did I defend Clinton? I don’t recall that. Can you point it out for me? I want to make sure you’re not lying. Show me, hotshot.

            If anyone here is a Jew, it would be you. I think you’re pretending to be one of us, and then acting like an insecure weirdo to make us look bad. This is precisely the sort of ploy that Jews are known for – pretending to be White Gentile when it’s convenient and then magically playing the poor, victimized Jew when the time is right.

            You know what’s funny is that three days ago I was banned from WND for making “antisemitic” comments. All I did was show how Bolshevism was a Jewish thing, and they banned me for it.

            But because I think you’re an idiot for propagating really stupid “Hillary body double” nonsense, you’re having a nervous breakdown.

            I suspect you were raised by coddling parents who never told you “no.” Everything you did was, in their eyes, “just the cutest thing.” That may have been enjoyable for you, but it clearly left you ill-prepared for the real world where people are more apt to tell you you’re being ridiculous when you’re being ridiculous.

            Also, you earlier promised that you were going to unleash an incomprehensible wrath upon me for daring to point out your stupidity, but so far I haven’t seen anything to back that up. Where is that awesome takedown you promised me? I’m disappointed.

            Get to it already, shit-wit.

          • Okay, why do you hate Trump?? Do you expect me to read all that bullshit. I panicked you didn’t I?? That over wordiness is indicative of a panicky flustered kyke. Confirmation received.

          • Well since reading does not appear to be your strong suit I guess that I don’t expect you to read all that.

            Of course we both know that you did read it and now you’re pretending not to have so you can get out of answering my question. So I’ll pose the question again, and I’ll add another one to it:

            Where did I defend Clinton? I don’t recall that. Can you point it out for me? I want to make sure you’re not lying. Show me, hotshot.

            And where did I say that I hate Trump? Where? Show me, genius.

          • This is now the second chance I’ve given you to support the assertion that I hate Trump, and you continue to fail.

            I believe you to be a hasbara plant. Likely a Jew yourself, pretending to be one of us, but you deliberately act stupid to make us look bad.

          • You may very well be the dumbest person I have come across in quite awhile. Maybe if I change my typography you will understand your obligation here:


          • You haven’t answered my two questions:

            Where did I defend Hilary?

            Where did I hate Donald Trump?

            I will not let you off the hook.

          • Well since I’m not there choking the life out of you, which would be optimum in this case, you certainly don’t have to answer me. But if you don’t, you will confirm for everyone reading this that you can only assert, but not support.

            That said, I am certain that you’ll be quite comfortable continuing to live as a cowardly, deficient little boy who never grew up.

            Happy trails, hasbarat.

          • You know perfectly well what it is, and since you are a hasbarat who has been found out, you’re pleading ignorance. This ploy will not work.

          • You still haven’t pointed out where I defended Clinton.

            You made the assertion, but this is now the third chance I’ve given you to support that assertion and you continue to fail.

          • Support your assertion. Where did I defend Clinton?

            How hard can it be, shit-wit – if you’re so damned certain?

  4. Hillary if she is still alive needs to double down on the deplorable bit

    You cannot reason with them they must burn themselves out or do something so stupid they end up in a bulldozed pit.

  5. The Dems are talking about replacing Hillary w/ Joe Biden. That would be a Very Bad Thing. Biden would win handily.

      • Biden is affable and reassuring and could actually run on an “8 years were OK” or “safe with Biden” platform.

        Whether that translates into his victory is unclear: he is a heterosexual Christian white male, and the “base” may not cotton to him.

        In the final analysis, there is the hand of God which will decide all things.

        • Have you guys ever seen him in action, making speeches to Audiences?
          HE’S WONDERFUL! He is lively, fun, engaging – he has a simply wonderful time!!! GRRRRR. He’s has a blast, The audience has a blast. He really “connects” with “the room”. Jayzuztap danicing Keer-rist – we’d be screwed if they put him in. He can deal with Trump on Trump’s terms, in terms of persona. He’s not a “policy wonk”. He’s a TOTAL asshole, as a person, and would be Obama III – but as a politician – he’s BRILLIANT.
          He’s one of those guys were you say to yourself, “DAMN! I wish he was one of ours!”.
          He won’t draw the crowds Trump does. But will easily handle Trump during any debates. No worries.

      • Read below. Hillary’s down. Hildabeast is not coming back. I don’t know if it shuffled off it’s skin yet – but it’s over.

    • They would have to replace Kaine also. The Democratic base would never tolerate a ticket with two white men. They require diversity and each group knows that they will get their turn to have a member of their group on the ticket.

  6. Biden is a a rotten traitorous SOB.

    Yes, he would connect well with the Democrat base because they all hate normal white people and long for the day when whites are a minority.

    Watch the rat in action.

  7. Hillary is not going anywhere. Sundance thinks the topic is an anti-Trump psyop designed to get people off topic. I agree with that.

    • The fact that she is on defense is good news. Of course they are trying to shift everything to her advantage but it doesn’t appear to be working.

      Now her campaign is out there tonight attacking Pepe a cartoon frog – her campaign is losing it.

  8. Off topic but the NCAA has done a deplorable job on NC because of their policy of not allowing perverts into the ladies’ rooms.

    Christians all across the nation should boycott all NCAA events over this pro-perversion policy until these perverts are kicked out of the NCAA and new righteous people are put in their place..

    • Target is still reeling from the effects of the latest boycott for their stance on
      HB2 related matters. I saw one comment today of one who who said that
      he/she used to shop at Target three times a week and now have not been
      in the store since the boycott started and I have not been to a Target
      either since the boycott began. The news media doesn’t put Target’s
      financial downturn in the spotlight because it shows what conservatives
      can do to pro-LGBT institutions. If all Christians/conservatives did the
      same to the NCAA and boycotted every NCAA event, the NCAA would be in
      big trouble. Teams would have to cancel their games for the entire season…

  9. Note the audience just chuckling away in agreement while Hillary denounces the ordinary Americans who prefer Trump. Reminds me of this awful “quiz show” on a weekday morning I came across on the AM radio. Was Lafayette IN NPR station with some show hosted by BIll Curtis (where is he now?) and some jew who spent half the show making “Trump Jokes” which the probably mostly jewish and homosexual audience ate up with endless chuckles and canned laughter. Hearing large groups of people laughing at sanity should be a real eye opener for ordinary Americans who don’t find anything funny about it.

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