Sept 11th Should Be Our Immigration Holy Day

It is September 11th again – the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 Muslim terrorist attacks on our country. Among the thousands of people murdered on that day, there were 343 overwhelming White New York City firemen. While everyone else was fleeing the burning, collapsing World Trade Center, these 300 modern day Spartans were marching up the WTC. Thousands of years ago, 300 White Spartans faced the dark, swarthy Asiatic hordes from hell. The 300 Spartans of old gave their lives to save Western civilization from destruction, or worse, Asiatic slavery.

On this Sept. 11th and all future Sept 11th we should be honoring our 300 martyred FDNY Spartans. We will recognize that this terrible global pedophile cult is as a huge force driving the clash of civilizations.

Our enemies know the importance of “holy days”/holidays. Our enemies and the legions of pussyfooters, cuckservatives, Neo Con men want to change the subject – or push Americans to waste the day worshipping NFL Negro Felon Leaguers.

The slaughter of our people in our country on 9/11/01 would never have happened if we had sane, patriotic immigration policies, sane, pro American foreign policies. But we don’t.

But, now we have Donald Trump.

Please get out there and network with local Donald Trump supporters and do the best we can in the next 2 months. Don’t make things complicated – just explain your/our view based on 9/11/01. We don’t want more of this in our country or in other Western countries like Germany, France or Australia.

What kind of idiot/traitor wants more 9/11 style slaughters of our people? It’s a winning issue – anybody like Ron Paul trying to spin 9/11 in to something we deserved – he’s an idiot, traitor.


  1. It’s always been hard for me to believe that 12 sand niggers with box cutters could wreak so much high precision death, destruction and horror all on their OWN. Nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt our side to accept the Official State Version.

    • A lot of people don’t buy that a lone communist-socialist nut case, and devotee of Leon Trotsky killed Kennedy. But, he did.

      • American commies/fellow travelers helped him and were never brought to justice. That was George Lincoln Rockwell’s take on it and he was probably right.

        • Oswald was a loner and weirdo, doubt he had any fellow travelers. Is it beyond reality that a determined man couldn’t make that shot?

          • Not beyond the realm of possibility but scientifically the mathematics of the entire thing is questionable. HOWEVER JFK was merely a ONE WORLDER who got cross with his controllers and they decided to go with a true ONE WORLDER who wouldnt get cross with them so we got LBJ

  2. We are supposed to believe that 19 Muslim supermen did what has never been done before or since, three times over. I don’t buy it. Of course I want all non-white immigration stopped. If that was your conclusion following 9/11, then you were on the right track. White racial consciousness is essential. The truth is the truth, however, and we have been lied to. Don’t we have to know the truth, or the likely truth, in order to be able to properly respond to events as they unfold?

    I hope no one minds too much if I post this amusing video:

    • This comment violates OD comment guidelines prohibiting wild weird impossible conspiracy theory lunacy

      Yes Arabs/Muslims hijacked those planes and crashed them in to Anerican office buildings slaughtering 3,000 of our people in our country.

      And yes large gangs of Arab/Muslins sexually assaulted German girls in Cologne and other German cities last New Year s Eve.

      Muslim Moors invaded occupied Sicily and Spain…

      For 700 years!

      700 years is a rather long false flag operation

      Don t post your insane CT lunacy here.

      • Wow. There is nothing in my comment that indicates that I think that Muslims aren’t committing crimes in Germany or that historical invasions didn’t occur.

        • Yeah you re denying the 9/11/01 Arab/slaughter of our people

          These brown urine Islamists damn near built a celebratory mosque on ground zero !

          Our sabe patriots stopped them.

          You need to get get completely away from these idiots CT loons .

          • My cheap phone won’t let me watch videos,what is on that video to tweek this guy out? Your comment was reasonable to me.

          • No.

            Virtually every single Eastern European leader and regular Eastern European person understands that allowing mass Muslim male migration invasions to Western countries is instance/suicidal. Every Eastern European I meet understands what is at stake, understand s 9/11/01 – there are no conspiracy theory loons or Lib apologists on this.

            Here in the USA we have a series of mental diseases that blocks just basic understanding of this issue.

            9/11/01 isn’t complicated.

            Donald Trump came from nowhere to be near 50% support for speaking up for our people that we don’t get slaughtered in our own country by Islamists. The worst anti White Jews hate him for this and many other issues.

            When you/we don’t get this simple thing right, we fall off the charts and go down to Ron Paul type support near 2%.

            Don’t go down this route.

            Get out of this conspiracy theory, treason lunacy nonsense.

          • Americans thought this way a few generations back too. Did the left change their minds? Nope, it brainwashed their children and waited for them to die off. The 20 something whites at work act like it is a given that everyone hates Trump. And this big fat, young white guy who will get nothing from the Democrats, will probably not think that way in 15 years. I can tell this guy is brainwashed by liberalism. This fat guy is chasing a “Womens’ Studies Major” (YUCK!) and refers to her as “My lady friend” not the normal colloquial “girlfriend,” although I bet she isn’t is keen about him as he is about her and doubt he gets any.

            How much damage do these young white punks do at the ballot box? Didn’t the Constitution originally set the voting age at 25? Not a bad idea. Note the whole marxist agenda involved giving the ballot to groups who were wisely kept away from the franchise. First the under 25, then under 21. The little ladies were allowed to vote. Blacks, then bring in more minorities from all over the planet. Hell, if Anti-Americanism is ripe in Canada our mirror society to the north imagine how much stronger the known Anti-American resentments of all these 3rd worlders are and how making them a majority in a majority rules country will allow a referendum on the final solution to the evil white American problem as they see it. At a minimum they will vote to take all our money away.

        • Well, the energy released by the collapsing main towers a few feet away were comparable to a small atomic bomb, just without the gamma radiation. Also stuff fell right on top of it. At that distance it was like it had just gone through an 11 Richter Scale Earthquake and wasn’t stable.

  3. If you believe lacking sane foreign policy lead to 9/11 – then you believe America deserved 9/11. So Ron Paul is right.

  4. Allowing jews and Mohammedans into our country has brought nothing but endless war and police state tyranny. Am I “anti semitic” for saying that? You bet your tuchas!

    • Unfortunately Jews have been in the USA since the 1600s. English Racial Classifications which the USA Inherited classified Jews as Whites as it also did Turks, Gypsies, Arabs, Persians, Afghans and East Indians. It wasn’t until the Asiastic Barred Zone of 1917 that these people were classified as nonwhite. Even though Jews originated in Palestine, because they lived in Europe they maintained their White Status and thus could immigrate here even after the Asiatic Barred Zone of 1917 and the 1924 immigration act

  5. 911 was an inside job. Most of the US’s involvement in foreign occupations and wars have been initiated by false flags or outright provocations.
    WW1, Vietnam, Spanish American War (Cuba and the Philippine Islands) Iraq/Afghanistan.

        • Check this out,suppressed by FDR in 1935, do an Amazon book review on this “no God next door” Michael Kenny.
          I totally agree with Your comments,did you know the democratically elected Catholic president of vietnam ,Diem, was killed 3 weeks before Kennedy.Follow me to the sage grouse community,we tell it like it is.

  6. 911 is another liberal left crime and I think that it,s absolutely irrelelevant which method they used. Whatever version is right, criminal will remain the same.

  7. Opposing Saudi and Paki brown mongrel Islamists coming in to the USA/UK/the West to slaughter our people, terrorize us – that’s something basic to oppose.


    Any White Westerner who doesn’t understand this, who tries to change the subject in to some weird conspiracy theory lunacy or make some spin that it is all “our fault” for some foreign policy sin or some historical insult or everything is the fault of


    Just give them the boot.

    UK former English Defense League Leader Tommy Robinson is one of the best speakers on this subject:

  8. I believe at the end of the day the Jews did 9-11 whether they used Arab Proxies or not it doesn’t really matter. The only thing that matters is WHO STANDS TO BENEFIT? Answer JEWS

    • Regardless of who did it the neocohen warmongers were given the excuse to involve us ME wars which go on to this day,wars which primarily benefit that Shitty Little Country.

  9. I remember after the attacks thinking they would be fortifying our borders as a matter of national security. Yet they have done nothing and continue to do nothing even after further attacks on US soil.

    • There was a little fortifying the borders photo ops after 9/11/01. Even White guys with guns on

      the American Canadian border.

      There were our side (Sessions, Rep. Tancredo etc) saying “Now is finally the time to secure our borders, we can’t have many more 9/11/01 terrorist attacks by illegals”. The key even was the military action in Afghanistan against the Taliban and the second Neo Con invasion of Iraq, war against secular Arabs in Iraq with more to come.

      This deflated our secure the borders air balloon – gave Red State Amurika sumpin to fight for or more honestly something to distract them from the 3rd world immigration invasion of the USA/the West.

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    • You vile, foul, men’s dress more! How dare you insult someone who has done so much to raise up consciousness of the true Americans in this nation the white Anglo-Saxon Protestant! You should slink into your hole and be a shame for at least the next five years for your vote Garrity, you’re in the window, and your blatant presumption that Amir woman has anything of marriage to say

  13. Here’s some info that doesn’t violate the guidelines on crazy conspiracy theories. It’s based only on observable facts, the density of air and the force of gravity.

    On 9-11 building #7 fell the same speed as a rock dropped beside it in free air for roughly 108 feet. This means the building had no resistance to falling except air.

    All materials fall the same speed in a gravity field disregarding air friction which I don’t thing we need to worry about for a building falling. So the speed of our imaginary rock falling next to the building is just gravity related. The speed of the buildings falling, the exact same as the rock, is just gravity also. This means that there was NOTHING to slow the fall of the building. The density of the material under the imaginary rock falling was air. The building fell the same therefore the density of the material under the building was also air. We know this is not true. Building #7 was not hovering in the air.

    It’s makes NO difference how big the fires were. The buildings density never reached the same value as air! The fires did not boil away the building structure where they were light as air! All the talk about damage, fires, this, that, all bullshit because the building fell with all four corners almost level the same speed as a rock in AIR. If a building falls as fast as a rock and the rock is falling through JUST AIR then the building is falling through JUST AIR also. Simple equivalence. 1=1, 2=2, big rock falling in air=small rock falling in air=building falling in air. One problem is people sometimes believe that a really heavy thing will fall faster than a lighter thing. Not true. Look at this video of the Apollo astronaut dropping a feather and a hammer on the Moon. They land at the same time.

    Here’s a video of reporters going into building #7 AFTER the North tower supposedly fell on it and destroyed it sufficiently enough for it to collapse completely. Look at :54 you see the #7 for the building on the door.

    Now you’ve seen video of the inside where there is NO massive damage to make all four sides of the building fall. You want pictures of the back? Here’s a picture of the South side of building #7, facing the North tower, after it had fallen. There is no huge gaping hole. There is no massive fire going all the way up the building. So you can’t say it’s the South side and we have plenty of video and pictures of the North side of building #7 pictures with no damage at all.

    Here’ another NIST FOIA released video taken between one and two hours before building #7 fell. There’s around three floors on fire.

    (Watch the reporter pan up at 2:54. You can clearly see the whole building is not on fire. This side shown is the North side of building #7. Later you can see the fires mostly around three or four floors only and in isolated spots.)
    If the fires were hot enough to melt steel then why isn’t the glass in the windows melted? Glass melts at an extremely lower temperature that steel. Ever put a metal can and a glass bottle in a campfire? The glass bottle melts but the steel can will still be intact. These fires were no hotter than a campfire. One last video of all sides from 23 angles also showing the miraculous collapse.

    Fireman retired so now he can talk. He was right next to the damn building. Says,”…there was an explosion and the building came down…”

    For more info look at a site by some engineers that lay out the evidence.

    • Oh do shut up!

      9/11/01 is a holy day

      A holiday

      It s very clear who is us and them

      Russians and Eastern Europeans understand this

      Our Americans…

      Too often confused

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