How much does an ambassadorship cost under Barack Obama? The bidding starts at 1 … MILLION … DOLLARS

According to Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, the old bat is so sick that she could barely walk up some podium steps LAST YEAR:

Note: Donna Brazile is crying “the Russians are getting us.” GOOD FOR THEM. That makes me have an even higher opinion of the Russians. You’re the communists, not them.

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  1. In Illinois our former illustrious governor (the hairstyle) got fourteen years because some Indian Dots tried to buy Jesse Jackson jr. a senate seat from the then sitting governor.

    • I’ll say one good thing about Illinois Democratic Senator Dick Durbin, he did crack down on all these scam 1-800 trade schools fleecing the poor with worthless degrees. If they have a 1-800 number and advertise on daytime TV they’re not a school, they’re a business. You don’t meet with an academic advisor, you meet with a salesman whose goal is to get you to go out and borrow as much money as the bank will give you, and THEN TURN IT ALL OVER TO THEM. Heard about this scam for years on Tom Leykis and Frontline just did an excellent half hour episode on it. Now some may say the lower half of the bell curve deserves to be fleeced, but that is unethical, jewish behavior of the loan shark. Which is EXACTLY WHAT THIS SCAM WAS. They literally showed a homeless, missing tooth, meth addict couple living in a tent, who the day after crashing from a binge and deciding to “turn it around” walked into the school “business” and were promptly signed up for 38K in student loans knowing full well they were homeless and then invited to just pitch their tent in a vacant lot next to the school. An ethical academic advisor would see these people need to enter some kind of recovery program immediately, and are not yet in any condition to plan for a sober future. They also showed some dumb black guy who ITT fleeced for big money under the delusion he could become an “architectural planner.” listening to this guy talk, sounding as stupid as Mike Tyson, I was astounded at the audacity of this scam, they same appeal to impossible money as the even scummier “multi-marketing” scams, but this one carries the seeming cultural legitimacy of the “Education Cargo Cult” so prevalent today. At least a lot of people will warn you of the pyramid schemes, but few have the wisdom to realize these loan shark worthless 1-800 schools are as fake as alien anal probes.

  2. That light tapping sound is the last nail being driven into the Clinton coffin.

    Hopeful the HNIC is also disposed of by Trumpenfuhrer too. What was it Caesar did to Vercingetorix?

    • LOL. Don’t think Hillary would make it through the whole Triumph parade without falling over from a seizure.

  3. As an example of heroic white behavior, Assange is motivated by his understanding of what is right (Aryan concept of Arta).

    This is important because if whites think penance and atonement for racial crimes is right, they will sacrifice themselves for what is right. This white guilt is something the alt right is attacking well, but the alt right should never undervalue Arta if it hopes to rally and save whites. Arta is in our blood.

  4. A. Anglin: You can see the full list of DNC donors published so far here , with obvious Jewish names composing somewhere between half to three quarters of the list. Keen observers have cross referenced this list with political positions allocated through the bribes, as well as internal DNC memos leaked besides it, so far the following have been identified. So what do they have in common? Oh, right, a lot of them are “New Yorkers”! I have added the appropriate prompts denoting the Jews on the list:

    #1 Matthew Berzun … Ambassador to UK
    #2 Julius Genachowski [JEW] … Former chairman to FCC
    #3 Frank Sanchez…. Under secretary of commerce
    #8 Kirk Wagner… Ambassador to Singapore
    #9 Alan Solomont [JEW] … Ambassador to Spain
    #11 John Roos [JEW]… Ambassador to Japan
    #12 Nicole Avant… Ambassador to Bahamas
    #13 Eileen Chamberlain Donahoe … Ambassador to the UN
    #16 Steve Westly – CFO of California
    #17 Don Beyer – Ambassador to Switzerland
    #21 Don Gips [JEW] – Ambassador to South Africa
    #22 Howard Gutman [JEW] – Ambassador to Belgium
    #24 Cynthia Stroum [JEW] – Ambassador to Luxembourg
    #27 Mark Gilbert [JEW] – Ambassador to New Zealand
    #31 Norm Eisen [JEW] – Ambassador to Czech Republic
    #37 Bruce Oreck [JEW] – Ambassador to Finland
    #43 Tony West – deputy Attorney General
    #45 Bill Kennard – Ambassador to EU

    Of 18 appointees from the “pay to play” list identified so far, nine are Jewish–50%. The rest of them have close ties to Jews, like Don Beyer, who while not Jewish, is a flaming shill for Israel which means they’re probably paying him the money he uses to curry favor. We live in a failed liberal capitalist state, where the corruption has always been overseen only because the pie in America has always been very big. Today, the pie is shrinking, and as the economy continues to weaken, more and more people are realizing we’re frogs being slowly boiled in a pot.

    Another interesting pattern on this list is that Jews appear to choose ambassadorships disproportionately in relatively important nations where Jews are internally either weak or non-existent. It’s no secret that American ambassadors wield great clout in nations economically, politically, or otherwise inter-dependent on the United States, which apparently makes countries with geopolitical or financial value like New Zealand, Japan, Finland, and others ripe targets. Having a Jew ambassador to the UK or European Union would not only be redundant, but also possibly an object of scrutiny, so they have one of their many trained career climbers sit on it in their place.

    • A Jew dominated world is ruled by money. You can kill the poor, the weak and the innocent provided you have money. A Christian dominated world is ruled by Gods laws. Christianity is a restraint on the use of immoral Jew power and that is why the Jews hate Christ and Christians.

  5. It never ends.

    US House approves resolution honoring Elie WieselUnanimous resolution hails author’s efforts to prevent another Holocaust and ‘combat hate and intolerance in any manifestation’


    WASHINGTON — The US House of Representatives on Monday unanimously approved a resolution honoring the life and work of Elie Wiesel, the Holocaust survivor and prolific writer who died July 2 in New York at the age of 87.

    The resolution “reaffirms Elie Wiesel’s efforts to preserve the memory of those who perished and to prevent the recurrence of another Holocaust, to combat hate and intolerance in any manifestation, and to never forget and also learn from the lessons of history.”

    Three members of the US Holocaust Memorial Council — Representatives Steve Israel, Patrick Meehan and Ted Deutch — introduced the resolution.

  6. Every position has a price. What a country!

    Dr. Jill Stein ?@DrJillStein
    #DNCleak shows Jeh Johnson gave $561,310 to the DNC, then was made Director of Homeland Security. This looks bad. It looks like #PayToPlay

  7. What on earth IS wrong with her? Sheldon Whitehouse’s quote is 18 months ago, is it cancer? Although she would probably be much thinner or have been spotted with no hair on Chemo so probably no. Someone said what Dudley Moore had, but that is something so rare I am not familiar with it or think it is likely. Strokes? Had a neighbor with “multi infarct syndrome” which was many small strokes that slowly reduced a former WW2 tall strong Navy Vet to senility over a half decade. Could be the Clintons get much better care than he did at the VA and it is progressing much slower due to powerful medication that has effects in itself. That picture of her in NY looks very unlike her, her face is puffy like she is holding water from a side effect of some medication, people who have organ transplants look like this too. What could she be taking and what is it for?

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