The Horserace – September 15, 2016

National Polls

LA Times: Trump +5.9
Rasmussen: Trump +2
UPI/Cvoter: Trump +1
Emerson: Trump +2
FOX News: Trump +1 (2-way), Hillary +1 (4-way)
People’s Pundit Daily: Trump +5.2
CBS/New York Times: Hillary +2 (2-way), Tie (4-way)

State Polls

Michigan – Michigan Free Press – Hillary +4 (2-way), Hillary +3 (4-way)

Colorado – Emerson – Trump +4 (4-way)

Missouri – Emerson – Trump +13 (4-way)

Texas – Emerson – Trump +6 (4-way)

Arkansas – Emerson – Trump +28 (4-way)

Georgia – Emerson – Trump +6 (4-way)

Iowa – Monmouth – Trump +8 (4-way)

Georgia – Opinion Savvy – Trump +4 (4-way)

Virginia – University of Mary and Washington – Hillary +5 (2-way), Hillary +3 (5-way)

Ohio – Suffolk – Trump +3 (4-way)

Texas – Texas Lyceum- Trump +7 (4-way)

North Carolina – NC Civitas – Tie (3-way)

Florida – CNN – Trump +4 (2-way), Trump +3 (4-way)

Ohio – CNN – Trump +4 (2-way), Trump +5 (4-way)

Nevada – Monmouth – Trump +2 (3-way)

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  1. I am so glad that I cut off my cable tv some time ago.

    Watching cable news again (away from home) for the past few days I see little more than an endless stream of Jews lying about and attacking and slandering Trump.

  2. I found this Jew tweet very funny, courtesy of Ricky Vaughn:

    Julia Ioffe 
    Russian govt media watchdog blocks all Russian access to YouPorn and PornHub. Is this the America you want, Donald?…
    9:42 AM – 14 Sep 2016

    The horror! No porn! Bad Russia!

  3. But, but the D coalition is unbeatable. How can this be asks the cucks and the contards.

    Because Trump is not a cuck or a contard reading off a failed script. Instead he is carefully dividing the D coalition just enough to be in the lead.

    If the D thought leaders lapse completely into turning Hillzombie’s campaign into a White Devil Excorcism of ‘Murka the potential for a comfortable victory for Trump is possible versus a nailbaiter.

    Now if only the alt-right troll kangs could incite the SJW to further stupidity.

    Go Colin Krappernick.

  4. Speaking of Ohio a 13 year old with a BB gun was killed by a cop last night, so black rage could be on the bill.

    My WAG they will make it political and aim it at god-emperor but instead distract the Hillary campaign to sound like goofs for another week. (? how many democratic voters really care about black youths?)

  5. ‘Racial equality’ might be achieved thru race-mixing. Both Obama and Kapernick are products of white women rejecting white men(as racially-sexually inferior) and using their white wombs to produce black babies and using their white teats to provide milk for black babies.

    The white-baby-that-could-have-been has been murdered in the white womb because her vagina rejected white penises and white seed in favor of black penises and black seed.

    This is far worse than abortion.

    Afrobortion is when white wombs are used to make black babies, thus shutting off its life-space to white babies that could have been.

    Suppose YOUR white mother had decided to go with a Negro. Then, YOU would not have been born. You would have been ‘killed’ by your mother who’ve decided to reserve her womb for making a black baby. Total racial betrayal.

    Whenever I walk around, I see more and more white women(good-looking ones too) with tough-looking negro studs. With section 8 program sending more blacks to suburbs and small towns — and with white girls raised on rap music and internet porn — , you will see more and more of black sexual conquest of the white race. When blacks are introduced to white towns, white boys turn beta vis-a-vis tougher negroes, and white girls pick up on this signal and want to have babies with negroes(even thugs) because both PC and Pop Culture urge her too. And her wild hormones urge her to as well. Girls just like alpha studs to dorks, especially in our wild afro-ized pornographic age.

    And ‘equality’ will be achieved that way. More white guys will die childless or will go with Mexican women(cuz of rejection by white women) or with black women(who’ve been dumped by black guys who prefer white women), and more white women will think it the greatest honor to offer her womb to black semen. It’d be a honor cuz (1) BLACKS ARE SEEN AS THE SUPERIOR ALPHA MALE WHO CAN KICK WHITE BUTT and (2) WHITE RACE IS TAINTED WITH ‘RACISM’ AND MUST STONE BY RACE-MIXING, ESP WITH BLACKS.

    Racial differences will remain relevant only if races have kids among their own kind. But with massive race-mixing — the trend of the future — , such distinctions will fade. Obama is the face of the future American as he’s the product of white woman going with a negro.

    Look at Asians in America. It’s been said that Asians are slightly smarter than whites and musch smarter than blacks, but such distinctions won’t matter in the long run since so many Asian women find their own men to be inferior and choose to offer their wombs to superior white men or black men(while so many Asian men will die childless as no one wants them sexually).

    So, higher Asian IQ is not a permanent thing as Asian genes will ‘equalize’ with non-Asian genes through race-mixing.

    We see this with Jews too. As Jew mix more with non-Jews, they are becoming less intelligent.

    Race-mixing will be the main agent of equalization.

    It’s like what Sailer said:

    “Understanding the impact of genetic racial differences on American life is a necessity for anybody who wants to understand our increasingly complex society. For example, the sense of betrayal felt by Asian men certainly makes sense. After all, they tend to surpass the national average in those long-term virtues — industry, self-restraint, law-abidingness — that society used to train young women to look for in a husband. Yet, now that discrimination has finally declined enough for Asian men to expect to reap the rewards for fulfilling traditional American standards of manliness, our culture has largely lost interest in indoctrinating young women to prize those qualities. The frustrations of Asian men are a warning sign. When, in the names of freedom and feminism, young women listen less to the hard-earned wisdom of older women about how to pick Mr. Right, they listen even more to their hormones. This allows cruder measures of a man’s worth — like the size of his muscles — to return to prominence. The result is not a feminist utopia, but a society in which genetically gifted guys can more easily get away with acting like Mr. Wrong.”

    White males are being ‘Asianized’ by black males.

    Jews love it.

    • Jewish and halfbreed Jewish Females have a much higher rate of said behavior than White Gentile Females. The Jew is pushing his women’s perversion upon to us

      • This is how it all ends up with the liquidation of human life from the earth as the Demonic Jewish Illuminati takes over. Unless we stand and fight. They already have humanoid robots on the military bases, many whistleblowers have seen them. They will become fixtures soon.

  6. Hillary is down 5 in Ohio and 8 in Iowa.

    What does that tell you? Her little tumble probably cost her a 6 point national swing that lost her the Midlands. It’s what we don’t know – the full effect of how that played in AZ, GA, NC, WI, MI, PA, NH, CO, VA – that should terrify Democrats.

  7. She will undoubtedly gain some of that back. Still, the worst gaffe is one that confirms an existing narrative. See Mitt Romney and the 47 percent. She confirmed three narratives – her health, her lying, and looking down on people as racists.

  8. I do not have the optimism that Hunter has. I believe that barring her death, Hillary Clinton will win the election simply because our elections are not FREE nor are they FAIR. If we had honest elections whereby every state standardized voting where you were only allowed 2 ways to vote absentee and in person on election day, if we all gave single time felons a 15 year moratorium to regain the vote, if they repeated its a life time ban and we all required a national ID of some type, we would have Trump. However we do not have these things, we have a mess of early voting and all manner of fraud. Hello Hillary

  9. Just think of it– if this witch wins, we will be ruled (yes, ruled, not governed) by someone who considers half the country irredeemable, deplorable, losers and malcontents. Her appointments to the Supreme Court will follow the pattern set by her husband and Obama– all Jew leftists (Sotomayor the only exception) dedicated to removing your right to defend yourself and screwing over white America.

    • We finished off USSR and it not happened in the court or in the election. When Donald wins and You get Your desired Supreme Court then left just declares that once slavery was legal too and ignores all courts because of “reason, science, dignity and humanity”

      Donald victory will be yuge win but in the very end the only law what matters is nature law. Or anybody really believes that Global Elite just gives up or left abandon their dignity and humanity because of deplorables election victory….????

      Last 200 years and 200 millions victims of liberalism show that left is very serious when it comes down to defending humanism. Only court what matters now is Nurenberg where left will pay for their crimes but Nurenberg was possible not because Hitler lost in elections.

      Left laughs about Your laws and courts. Why You should follow the left laws…????

      • It’s always good to see you here. I am proud of Russia for explicitly rejecting globalism. Continue to stand strong against them!

  10. Hillary ClintonVerified account
    It’s wrong when Latinos are 17% of our population and hold only 2% of its wealth.
    We’ve got to connect more Latinos with good jobs.

    First we were told that we needed the invaders to do the work no one else was willing to do. Now, they are supposed to get the good jobs too.

    At whose expense?

  11. To hear Rachel Maddcow and the MSM tell it, Trump is loosing badly everywhere. Of course, they also claim Hillary ain’t sick.

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