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  1. OT, but what happened to faith and heritage.com? When you type in their URL that says it’s no longer parked by “go daddy”. Did they get the axe because they were too honest? Anyone know?

  2. If she dived like that in Florida and Ohio, what does the fallout look like elsewhere? She was up 1 in the NBC poll in New Hampshire before all that shit.

    She is down at least 4 points in 3 out of 4 Ohio polls. That’s significant.

    • I genuinely think Trump might be able to win Wisconsin (and if he’s extremely lucky, Minnesota).

      Both states are normally thought of as Democrat territory, but that’s partially because the locals see the Republican Party as the party of big business. If Trump keeps up his pro-worker message, he might just squeak in a surprise victory.

      • From your mouth to gods ears and the birth waters of the Mississippi. It Minnesota goes for Trump we will know that the millennium has come!

  3. Only thing Hillary will tip is into the grave. Kind of interesting if they can pull off a no campaigning campaign

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