Trump Breaches Hillary’s Firewall

Did anyone else notice that yesterday? A Donald Trump path to 270 opened up:

AZ: Trump +2 (NBC/WSJ/Marist)
GA: Trump +4 (Opinion Savvy)
OH: Trump +5 (CNN)
FL: Trump +3 (CNN)
NC: Trump +3 (Suffolk)
NV: Trump +2 (Monmouth)
IA: Trump +8 (Monmouth)
ME2: Trump +10 (Boston Herald)
CO: Trump +4 (Emerson)

Gary Johnson at 13 in Colorado sucks up just enough of the “lmao, weed” independent vote to punch Trump’s ticket to the White House:

Click the map to create your own at

Hillary’s Firewall consists of Colorado, Virginia, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Maine. If she loses all the other swing states, she has to run the table in these states to keep Trump out of the White House.

Note: As I said in “This Is Our Best Shot,” the stars seem to be aligning in this election. Hillary is a wildly unpopular candidate. Gary Johnson and Jill Stein are running strong enough to throw the election in the battleground states. Also, I wrote that before Hillary took her big swoon on Sunday, which is just an amazing gift that never happens.

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  1. The Trump campaign is on a roll and the media is talking about birther garbage again.

    Bannon is the best thing that happened. Since he has taken over, this campaign has been a well oiled machine.

    • I am praying he doesn’t cock it up. The press is waiting for him to show. I think he doesn’t want to lie.

    • He did great. He put it completely to rest.

      All the media can do now is whine over details. The birther issue is officially closed.

  2. Pennsylvania should be great for Trump. The big problem is Philadelphia, which will report last– after seeing how many votes they need to win the state.

  3. I was worried that Trump would blow it, in some way. Why did I worry? The PlaythePress Confab was wonderful! He made them wait for approx. an hour, and then….well….metaphorically fellate him for 30 minutes. On air. HAHAHA!!!!

  4. The debates will decide it. Hillary will reassert or Trump will close it out.

    Hillary Clinton is a ruthless debater who debated Barack Obama 25 times. She is a master of policy detail and will come loaded with an arsenal of focus-group tested sound bites, one liners and anti-Trump zingers. She’s like a trapped animal at this point and knows it is now or never. She’s going to try to bait Trump with needling and insults to make him blow up and look foolish.

    Let’s hope the right Trump shows up not the Baffoon. No unforced errors and he can bring it home.

  5. The footage of her literal “Handlers” shoving her limp body into the van like a side of beef shocked the swing voters. The cover up cemented it.

    All Trump has to do is look credible at the debates and stick to the script on the trail.

  6. Here is how the electoral map would look if only White taxpayers were allowed to vote (which is how it should be):

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