Trump Renounces Birtherism

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I’ve never cared about the “birther” controversy. I’m sure that my view the matter reflects the attitude of the Alt-Right in general. We don’t care if Barack Obama was or wasn’t born in the United States. It makes utterly no difference to us.

The Alt-Right doesn’t believe in birthright citizenship, period. We believe identity is based on ascriptive characteristics like sex and race. In our view, there is no significant difference between Barack Obama and Jim Clyburn. The dispute is entirely over paperwork.

If Bruce Jenner could produce a birth certificate or a driver’s license that said he was a woman, would it mean he had ceased to be a man? Just as Bruce is still biologically a male in every cell in his body, Obama is still an African no matter what any piece of paper says. He is and always will be nothing but a total alien in our eyes.

“Historically speaking, elites usually fall when one faction of the existing elite seizes upon a popular grievance which is used as a weapon to mobilize the masses against other elites, thereby weakening the whole system.

In the case of the BRA, a wealthy Gentile “going outlaw” has always been one of the biggest threats to the preservation of the racial status quo.”

And I said:

“I hope he does as much damage to them as possible in the course of his presidential campaign.

Go Outlaw, Donald!”

Note: Click on that link to see my burning hot take on The Donald in 2011. He went Outlaw! Oh yeah, remember “Beached White Males?” They’re not laughing anymore!

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  1. I will say this I believe even for Whites that if you are to serve in a public capacity you should be born here as should both of your parents, no adopted people at all as we cannot completely ascertain your birth. As for all others, you could live here 2000 generations and still not be us. GAME SET MATCH

  2. The thing is the Birther trap was one put out there by the Globalists to get everyone on a Snipe Hunt when Obama’s real father all along was Communist Frank Marshall Davis. Trump was low info then and he fell for it, he isn’t low info now.

  3. Trump cut off their legs today. They were trying to build this up into a big controversy. The Clinton camp just knew Trump was going to refuse to back down and they were going to create this “racist” narrative.

    Instead, Trump blamed Hillary for starting it, saying he finished it by forcing Obama to reveal his birth certificate and now it’s over. Trump said he is done with it and is moving on to talking about issues Americans care about…Perfect.

    He also used this to force the media to cover his event for over an hour where medal of honor recipients/generals were up there praising Trump.

  4. Hunter I was interested about Flag Etiquette and I was looking at these two sites, one was run by some Contrarian in Florida and the other by some other guy. What is your opinion? This guy says Confederate Stuff should never be modified. Now I have a Confederate Nazi SS Flag on my computer just because I like any image that seeks to offend as many SJW’s as possible. Whats your opinion?

  5. Good solid

    Get away from idiot conspiracy theory nonsense

    Also extreme “legalism”

    Rhodesia Zimbabwe supposedly had a good constitution – lot of good it did our people there.

  6. When somebody happens to visit Africa, be ready to admit that mr. Obama was born in Kenya. Whole Africa believes and is proud that their continent gave birth to the greatest leader of this planet. When You disagree with africans about this question, then You may be in great trouble. Lot of us tried to post this information in the wikitravel stay safe section. But they always delete.

    • I am not convinced he was born in Hawaii but in the video the camera focuses away from him when he (supposedly) utters the word Kenya.

    • Steve Sailer I believe looked into the reality of air travel in 1961 when the 707 had just come out well before the 747 made transoceanic travel economical. A ticket from Hawaii to Africa then was over $10K in our money today, not something this 17 year old girl could afford. Even today, flights to Africa are very expensive, double that of other intercontinental destinations. Really doubtful she took off for Kenya the same way a youngster buys a ticket on Southwest to Florida for spring break. Not to mention the health care situation that would have been the factor in her (or her parents) decision for a very pregnant girl going to a primitive part of the world.

  7. He hasn’t really denounced it. He has been enlightened. Obama’s real daddy is Frank Marshall Davis and, therefore, the whole story that was originally fed to us is false. What exactly did you think Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s posse found? And, then would not disclose….. oh, I forgot, there is no such things as conspiracies. They just happen to be all around us. In every nook and cranny of our consciousness.

  8. Its refreshing to see so many rejecting the Kenya deception in favor for the Sex Rebel Black hypothesis: Frank Marshall Davis.

    I call on Putin to release Obama’s DNA sequence!

    • Watch that anti Obama movie that Indian dude made at the last election and the Frank Marshall Davis theory can be discounted. He interviews another son of Obama Sr in Kenya by a different mother and the guy is a splitting image of Barry, same effete mannerisms and all. Too much of a coincidence, also this Frank Marshall Davis guy doesn’t look much like Barry either, unlike Webster Hubbell’s striking resemblance to Chelsea, a much more likely “bastard father” theory.

  9. I feel like we’re being gas lighted. A lot of people were saying for years (and at the time) that Hillarys campaign started that birther stuff.

  10. Obviously the birther issue is of no tactical importance to Trump right now. He can only harm his chances by raising questions about it now. At the same time, it is pretty clear that Trump believes that there is something fishy about Obama’s background. If he didn’t, then he wouldn’t have made a big deal about the birth certificate a few years ago.

  11. With all the other issues going on at the moment the kikemedia decides to fixate on Barry Soetoro’s lack of a birth certificate? And why is it necessary that Trump confess his belief in the existence of that birth certificate?

    My hatred for the lugenpresse knows no limits.

  12. Yeah, birtherism is a cuck thing, it’s one of the many “black helicopter” themes they like to concentrate on so they don’t have to think about or oppose in any way the world-wide, coordinated holocaust that’s being waged against white people. Obama’s a vile, white-hating, racist, his immigration policy is transparently genocidal. Questioning whether or not he meets the requirements to run for President is a way of opposing him without directly opposing his white-hating racism. It’s a proxy issue and to some degree the left is correct to say it’s about race. But it’s about their racism, racism that the cucks are too gutless to publicly oppose, not anti-black feelings.

  13. I suspect in the distant decades to come long after whites have either slipped into minority status, or have secured their existence and preservation in some future Ethno-State, we will learn things about Obama then we don’t know now in much the same way as the public image of MLK does not reflect the actual reality. There is a reason why the King family has asked that his files be sealed until 2027 (I think)

  14. Here is my speculation about the birther controversy.

    The rumor that Barak Obama was born in Kenya did not start with Trump nor with Clinton campaign surrogate Phil Berg, but Obama himself.

    I go with the Sex Rebel Black hypothesis. With the morphing machine, Obama looks like could be easier the biological offspring of Stanley Anne and Frank Marshall Davis than she and Barak Obama Senior. He has a similar voice; diction and timber to BHO. They even have facial moles in common.

    Being outted as a Black American communist’s son wouldn’t have hurt BHO with the Black community or even very leftist Marxists like Bill Ayers, but it would have scared off center left independent and Democrat voters, ghettoizing him to the Black Congressional Congress whose members are marginalized and only allowed out to agitate the Black vote into coming out for the Democrat candidate for president every four years.

    He had to appeal to center left democrats, liberal Republicans, and moderate independent WHITES to achieve any higher aspirations of national office. Since his presumptive father was listed on his birth certificate as a Black Kenyan from Africa, he knew he could appeal to these Whites as a REAL “African-American” product of a love match between a White woman and a Black man whose ancestors had never been dragged off in chains to American for enslavement to Whites.

    Remember how he was being promoted as “the post-racial candidate.” He was going to be the great uniter who would be president to both Black and White. Yadayadayadablablabla. If it was common knowledge that he was FMD’s son, he would be an even scarier version of the aggrieved Black American male that pushes even the nelliest liberal on edge.

    However, I think there was another flap the whole birth certificate flap was diverting us from and that was whether his kooky self-loathing Anti-American White mother had had his American citizenship revoked so her Indonesian husband, Lolo Soetero could adopt him and raise him as a Muslim. BHO may well have been born in Hawaii, but still legally be an Indonesian citizen.

    And his refusal to release his school records may have less to do with embarrassment over his grades – tests be rayciss anyway – but more to do with the fact that Barry Soetero had been admitted as a foreign student.

    I still think Trump made a serious error in getting involved in the whole birth flap, because it was a waste of time whether BHO had a legal right to be POTUS or not No way, no how was the first Black American president going to be impeached or even voted out of office with only one term in office no matter how abysmal his governance had been.

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