DUMPSTER FIRE: IED Explodes In New York City Dumpster

No alarm sirens went off after the close call in New Jersey this morning.

The media continued to act like it was a normal day. They spent all day talking about Pepe, birtherism, and football. Even an assassination attempt on police officers in Philadelphia and a major international incident in Syria barely made headlines.

Now this.

Note: OD has been watching these small scale attacks in Europe for two months now.

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  1. Frankly, I don’t believe in the coincidence that two IED explodes in two places close enough (to American standards) the same day.. Some group or militia on the run? As for the perps… ISIS would do ”much harsher” than this.. could be anyone.

  2. There has been some sort of event at a mall in St. Cloud Minnesota. Unconfirmed report knife and or gun attack. St. Cloud is a haven for Somali refugees.

  3. The Mayor of NY is a total cuck.

    Bill de Blasio ?@BilldeBlasio Sep 12
    What an honor to celebrate Eid ul Adha with my Muslim brothers & sisters. @Chirlane & I wish you all Eid Mubarak!

    Bill de Blasio ?@BilldeBlasio Sep 15
    Feliz Día de la Independencia, costarricenses, guatemaltecos, hondureños, nicaragüenses y salvadoreños. Thank you for all you do for NYC!

    Bill de Blasio ?@BilldeBlasio Sep 16
    ¡Viva México! More than 350K of you call NYC home & help make us the greatest city in the world. Congratulations on your independence day!??

    Bill de Blasio ?@BilldeBlasio 14h14 hours ago
    We are celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month! Gracias, neoyorquinos, por hacer ésta su ciudad

  4. Ricky Vaughn Retweeted
    AdolfJoeBiden™ ? ?@Bidenshairplugz
    Muslim terrorism is the symptom, Jewish control over our immigration system is the disease. It’s how the Muslims got here.

  5. Chelsea area of NYC is supposedly the gay area, so that makes it important. If these attacks happen in podunk the elite laugh at us and scold us for bad think

    So Muslim holy warriors here’s the deal, killing off us dirt people is nothing and means nothing to our elite it is a waste of time you might get a 20 second bit on FOX news. Now gays on the other hand are the West’s holy people the media will go bat shit crazy over attacks on the holy gays

    • Chelsea is where Midwestern Richburgers pay for their daughter’s walk up while they play career at the gallery scene.

        • Most of New York’s white enclaves are full of pretty, rich and ambitious chicks from Illinois, Kansas…wherever.

          They could be jewesses but mostly Goyische girls trying to be artists or arts administrators.

        • That’s where the legendary Chelsea Hotel was located, the place where neurotic, suicidal shiksa actresses and artists used to live. Andy Warhol made a famous movie called Chelsea Girls there. Sid Vicious murdered his girlfriend there as well. And across the street was a homo-infested YMCA, which served as the inspiration for the Village People disco song. So Chelsea is the kind of JYC neighborhood that would make the Allah Akbar crowd go ape-shit.

  6. So now the Hipsters in NYC are getting their hands and legs blown off.

    You reap what you sow you beautiful people.

    Eid is over and the IEDs are just starting up.

  7. Chelsea is infested with queers. Are Moslems waging jihad against America queers?? And what side do normal straight whites take?

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