Dahir Adan, ISIS Soldier and Somali Refugee, Launches Jihadist Attack In Minnesota Mall

Update: The suspect has been identified as Dahir Adan, a Somali, who was a St. Cloud State University student.

Pepe is out of control.

In 24 hours, he has attempted to blow up a Marine race in New Jersey, set off pressure cooker bombs in Manhattan, and launched a jihadist attack at a mall in Minnesota:

“A man suspected of stabbing eight people in a shopping mall in the central Minnesota town of St. Cloud on Saturday made references to Allah before attacking his victims, police said.

St. Cloud Police Chief Blair Anderson said in a press conference that a man armed with a knife entered the Crossroads Mall about 8 p.m. Saturday, where he stabbed eight people—none fatally—at different locations across the mall.

“That individual made some references to Allah, and we have confirmed that he asked at least one person if they were Muslim before he assaulted them,” Mr. Anderson said. …”

Irredeemable deplorables crippled by their Islamophobia have warned for years against importing jihadists into Minnesota. Pepe was pushed over the edge by their racism and religious bigotry.


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  1. I heard unsubstantiated rumors that it was a Somali male dressed as a security guard with a machete. Asking people if they are Muslim and invoking allah were reported news.

  2. The delusions of liberals are being smashed by the hard rock of black and Muslim savagery. The only question is how they will find a way to blame it on Whites.

  3. Who ya gonna vote for,Minnesota? The sick, evil Jewed-up old trout Hellery, or the Glorious Fuhrer that will set us free?

  4. Survival tip if it ever comes.

    Learn their mottos and catchphrases. Yell “Allahuakbar” or “Inshallah” at the top of your lungs at them. It will give you a split second. It might even disarm them enough for you to gain seconds. Something like this occurred at the mall in Kenya.
    Then shoot, stab, beat them.

  5. Columbus Ohio on Feb 11 2016 this Negro Mohamad Barry From Guinea went to an Israeli Arab Christian’s store and began hacking customers with a Machete until the Cols OH Pd shot him dead. What was odd is Columbus is full of Somalis and this guy wasnt Somali. Although plenty of Somalis from Col are now fighting for ISIS or Al Shabab

  6. Footage of the attack and the demise of the St. Cloud Stabber. Apparently we all bleed red. Who would of thought.

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