The Horserace – September 19, 2016

National Polls

LA Times – Trump +6.7
Red Oak Strategic Poll – Trump +3 (2-way), Trump +2 (4-way)
People’s Pundit Daily – Trump +5.3

State Polls

Florida – NYTimesUpshot/Siena – Hillary +1 (2-way), Tie (4-way)

Georgia – Monmouth – Trump +3 (3-way)


In 2012, the predecessor of the LA Times poll was the RAND Continuous Presidential Election Poll. Here is what the Romney/Obama race looked like in 2012:


This is what the LA Times poll looks like now:


In 2012, the RAND poll was the 4th most accurate poll. It was more accurate than the media polls which showed Romney tied or ahead. The Google Consumer Surveys were even more accurate than the RAND poll. This is the latest Google Consumer 50 States Survey electoral map which was the 2nd most accurate poll in 2012:


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  1. I don’t think she makes the debates or if she does she barely makes it thru one and the D party coalition of <90 IQs herded by the nasty HR ladies starts to implode as the sub 90s need a Camacho type leader to rouse them.

    My call is that the next Camacho is Michelle Obama. Yes she is a nasty piece of work but she can smile and rouse the <90s, re attract the midwit white numbnuts and you will see a masterful bit of propaganda all coordinated with a religous fervor.

    • I don’t think the Mexicans would vote for her. If Trump does pull this off, the Democrats will select their next nominee within the first year of his presidency, and have a relentless attack in the media throughout his entire stay in office.

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