More IEDs Explode In Elizabeth, NJ

Ahmad Khan Rahami of Elizabeth, NJ, a 28-year-old naturalized American citizen born in Afghanistan, is wanted for questioning in the New York and New Jersey bombings.

Aside from Islam, Omar Mateen (Afghanistan), Dahir Adan (Somalia), and Ahmad Khan Rahami (Afghanistan) all have one thing in common: none of them would have been here in the first place under Trump’s immigration policy, and it is the Clinton/Bush/Obama status quo on immigration and refugee resettlement which has created this mess.

Note: In other news, Angela Merkel took another hit from AfD in the German regional elections in Berlin.

Angela Merkel, the Hillary Clinton of Germany, has created an identical problem in Europe by accepting over a million refugees. As we have seen, the influx of Muslim refugees and immigrants has led directly to terrorism, gang rapes, and the destabilization of Europe.

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  1. We couldn’t have come up with a better poster boy for bad Islamic immigration than this terrorist Ahmad from Afghanistan now living in New Jersey.

    Understand the lugenpresse – lying press is desperately wanting to change the subject, spin everything to attention on the deplorables, Alt Right, Racist, nativists etc.

    Please spread the word to be extra careful in the remaining time before the election. Do not make or allow any bad “talk” around you. Make sure all of your guns are legal, safely stored, properly maintained.

    Do not talk to the press, we have an alternative media the Alt Right.

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