The Case for Trump: Obama’s Congressional Black Caucus Speech

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In a nutshell, this is why the #LyingPress has lost its legitimacy, Conservatism, Inc. has been overthrown, the charge of “racism” has lost its sting, and Trump is one state away from the presidency.

In two years, Trump has never once explicitly appealed to Whites as the White community. Trump has never said anything remotely as racially charged as Obama does here when he says it would be a personal “insult” to his legacy if blacks didn’t turnout to vote for Hillary Clinton. He explicitly urges blacks here to bloc vote for Hillary as a racial “send off” to their dear black leader.

Obama invokes shackles and chains. He invokes Selma. He talks about “our community” – the black community. He talks about how much he has accomplished for the black community. The Standard holds that Obama and the Left can get away with using racial bullhorns like this while slamming the likes of milquetoast Mitt Romney as a racist.

Again, if you stick up for Whites you are an irredeemable, deplorable racist bigot. If you appeal to blacks as blacks, however, if you urge them to vote as a racial bloc for one candidate at a Congressional Black Caucus event, well, you might be the president of the United States.

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  1. Its such an angry message from Obama. He’s an unpleasant fellow.

    If there was any “white nationalist” force in this country, they’d have been able to promote the Vanderbilt gang rape, “This is for 400 years of slavery” All by itself, that story would end the crap, the football players disrespecting the flag, the Mothers of the Movement, the movies, the attacks on historical figures. I try to post it often, whereever I can.

    • Yes–but if there were a white nationalist force in this country, the Vanderbilt gang rape wouldn’t have taken place.

  2. “Racism” is ok for them but not us. After all, in their minds Whites only exist to serve their interests. They don’t want us to start thinking that we have a right to promote and protect our own interests.

    • Your post is a prime specimen of the white cluelessness on which Jews rely. Each time a white hopes to weaken the term “racism” by putting it in quotation marks, he strengthens it, by demonstrating his fear of it, his inability unashamedly to recognize himself as a racist. Each time he complains of a double-standard, with respect to black consciousness, as opposed to white consciousness, he sets whites back, because he implicitly suggests whites and blacks should be treated equally.

        • No, this is when I say to myself, “Here’s Captain John, right on time–unwilling to pause, to consider, to reflect.”

          • Although I know what you mean, he didn’t exactly make a Glenn Beck type speech about how we should all strive for the colorblind society that the “Republican” Martin Luther King strove for and how blacks and democrats are “the real racists” etc. The strange crap you hear from some of the more absurd members of Conservatism INC.

      • White people are abstractions. Whites think in abstractions. I don’t think that changes easily.

      • I don’t fear the word, I just don’t take it seriously. Substitute the word family for race and the absurdity of it becomes obvious. I’m supposed to feel shame for favouring my own family? I’m supposed to sacrifice the interests of my family for the benefit of other families? Nor am I complaining about a double standard. I fully expect non-whites to favor their own people as well. My point is that I fully recognize the game being played here and we must awaken other Whites who are still fooled by this form of psychological warfare.

  3. Bathhouse Barry doesn’t enjoy the company of other coloreds, he likes hobnobbing with White and jewish champagne socialists. And notice how “black” Barry tries to sound while addressing the Congressional Bonobo Caucus. Patronizing, uppity half-caste.

  4. If, in this post, Mr. W., you are complaining or are expressing indignation, your sentiment is misplaced. Any double standard, as it might be called, with respect to black racial consciousness, as opposed to white racial consciousness, is implicit recognition of white superiority.

  5. The double standard is maddening. Never do I hate white cucks more than at moments like this.

  6. I have lost count over the years of just how many white people call in to talk radio to protest some liberal outrage and begin their statement with; “I am not a racist but…” By doing so they acknowledge that thinking in racial terms as a white person is morally evil. Better yet to just begin your statement without any apologies because sooner or later, especially if you are winning the argument, the host may call you a racist. Then put him on the defensive and ask him to define said term. When he does so explain that it is a meaningless term because only liberals get to define what it means and it has been used far too often as a slur to stifle dissent. it is equivalent to the boy who cried wolf one too many times.

    • Oh, right–asking him to define the word will “put him on the defensive,” because “it is a meaningless term etc.”

      If he says you’re a racist, you reply, “Yes, I am.”

        • From your reply, I’m not sure my comment was clear.

          My point was this: If someone says you’re a racist, say, “Yes, I am.”

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