Donald Trump Meets Egypt’s President el-Sisi

I just saw an incredible segment on the Rachel Maddow Show.

Yesterday, Hillary and Trump both met Egypt’s president el-Sisi. Hillary reportedly harangued el-Sisi about Egypt’s commitment to “human rights” and “democracy.” In contrast, Trump applauded el-Sisi for his crackdown on terrorism, invited him to visit the White House as an honored guest, and asked when he could visit Egypt!

Note: Hillary met Ukraine’s president and echoing the worst neocons vowed to go to war with Russia to defend Ukraine’s borders.

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  1. I know Chris has been banned, but I am obviously on both sites. Yours and his. He published a bunch of polls that show Clinton way ahead. I’m on the fence.
    What so you really think, Hunter?

    • 1.) 313Chris is a crank.

      2.) I’m publishing ALL the polls that are released on a daily basis here. Some are good for Trump. Some are bad. You can find all the polls on Twitter and Real Clear Politics.

      3.) No one believes Hillary is “way ahead.”

      – Republicans are projected to hold the Senate now.

      – Trump is up to a 43.8% chance in the 538 forecast tonight. He is one or two good polls away in New Hampshire or Colorado from being the frontrunner.

      • When does the impact from Saturday IEDs manifest in the polls? The polls can’t have been collected yet.

        • At both FiveThirtyEight and RealClearPolitics, the report of each poll includes its date-range, i.e., the day or days during which the poll was conducted. In the below graphic, which shows the ten polls most-recently-reported by RealClearPolitics, the only poll that even includes September 17, the day of the IEDs, is the most-recent one. That’s the NBC News/SM poll, which was conducted from September 12th to 18th. Before long, we’ll start to see polls whose date-range begins on or after September 18th, i.e., after the day of the IEDs.

      • UURRGGH. My life is totally Schizo now. I totter between exultation and despair. I know Trump is Not One of Us- but when sailing, a turn of direction of 1 degree takes you to a VASTLY different destination.

        • How do you know he’s “not one of us” do you really think he would come out and quote Jared Taylor and Kevin MacDonald if he wanted to be President? Something tells me he or some people very close to him have been following the Alt-right type websites for the past decade and have enough sense to know just how far they can push the envelope. (The Jews think this too, why do you think they are so hysterical?) I also think the initial “Mexicans are rapists” speech was a little over the top and hurt him with white women and long term resident hispanic voter we inherited in 1848 in NM and TX. He could have just said they are bringing Organized Crime which is a more accurate description, they are more like 20s gangsters than Negro thugs.

          • Nightowl2548,”How do you know he’s “not one of us”…”

            I’m not just trying to be negative for the sake of being negative but you have to realize his team is covered up in Jews and his children are married to Jews. I have great hope that Trump is what he says he is but if he’s not we’re in trouble. I don’t think anyone really knows what he’s going to do. I would say this election and the subsequent Trump presidency will be a huge turning point for the US. On the scale of the civil war or the civil rights movement. It could be good or it could equally be bad.

            If we don’t do something about the Jews running our country soon it could turn out like the Earth in the movie Elysium with robots telling everyone what to do while the rich live in armed camps and in orbit. Why the mass interest in space travel by the Jews lately? I think because they want to have an escape route.

      • Problem is the awful lesson of that creature who won in 2008 and was confirmed as not an aberration in 2012 is that some of the biggest states are just too far gone for a Republican to win the Presidency again. Really hope I’m wrong, if so Trump has to flip Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. In the new Millennium some other disturbing trends have occurred, the DC leaching political class has moved into N. VA and flipped that state Blue, Vegas has been colonized by Mexicans and Blacks from LA flipping Nevada, and Colorado has gone SWPL flipping that one too. N. Carolina seems well on it’s way to eventual Democratic status and Florida is possibly gone too. Once TX goes blue the electoral college, well the Republicans can put a fork in it, it’s done. Strategy will have to be run in the Democratic Primaries as we will be in a one party state and those primaries will be where the Presidency is decided.

        • What kind of people would sit around and let themselves be assimilated out of existence? If all you have predicted comes true, and I see no reason to doubt, then why do people feel it is fate and inevitable and there is nothing they can do about it? Secede! Is you u;ultimate loyalty to the preservation of your people or a “Propositional Nation?”

    • Either way, we win. Just an easier path with Trump – especially if we can provoke the illegals into violent resistance.

  2. Sorry to say this. If the half-dead, evil witch becomes president and starts a war with Russia, I hope Russia gives them a very serious wake-up call (assuming a conventional conflict). It might take that to end these two decades of aggression, warmongering and imperial overreach.

    • Putin’s a total opposite to Hitler, cool, cunning, rational, and a Machiavellian liar vs. a passionate, reckless, hothead who was quite honest about exactly what he wanted to do. I’m tired about the “X” is Hitler meme, I’m hoping the public too is tiring of it, it’s crying wolf. We got this same stupid shit with Saddam along with the Nostradamus crap. Saddam was a potentate of a two bit, minor arab country, how on earth could they have had the gall to have cast him as such an important fictional character as the Antichrist, etc?

    • The South is the only section of the United States that knows what war is and that was 151 years ago. Should we go to war with Russia the U.S. will know what it is like to have their cities bombed.

  3. President Trump is someone the Mohammedans would fear and respect. He would accomplish a great deal in the middle east because he is a tough, smart negotiator. By contrast Shrillary would be rightly perceived as just another incompetent fool and stooge of international jewry. She would make America look even worse than it does now under Bathhouse Barry.

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