Live Thread: #CharlotteProtest

A black cop shoots a black suspect.

Who is to blame? White people and “white supremacy,” of course. At the family press conference, a march was announced for tonight in Charlotte. The speakers called for a boycott of White-owned businesses, blacks to leave White churches, and made a point to emphasize that blacks don’t own “the Wal-Mart” or “the AutoZone.”

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  1. The worst part of this is that this is happening IN DIXIE not the North. The Field Negroes have turned back to complete savages and we do not have the ability thanks to the FEDS and the Scalawags to do anything about it. Hopefully soon we will

    • Remember, they were defined as 3/5ths. Does anyone ever stop to wonder what the heck was pulled out of those jungles? Well, not on this site anyway.

      • The 3/5 clause screwed the South in the long run as it cost them seats in the House and Electoral Votes. The Yankees argued that it was okay to count white women and children who couldnt vote by law BUT that it was not Okay to count Negroes who also couldnt vote by law. Well the Negroes should have been counted fully but the North wouldnt allow it. The South compromised and the WORTHLESS Southern leaders kept compromising until they compromised the nation THEY ESTABLISHED away to their enemies. John C Calhoun was the first one who called these submissionists out and called them what they were.

  2. Good. Seeing how only White people were expected to care about everyone and blacks only cared about their interests is what started me on the path to the alt-right. I’m not the only one.

  3. America’s in a downward spiral. Diversity, Multiculturalism, and Liberalism have resulted in these Race Riots across America. The common people should realize the establishment doesn’t care about our People and our Security! That we need new leadership for the survival of our People. Deo Vindice !

    • I noticed that Dan Radcliffe is promoting his Harry Potter X film with a typical bit of shit stirring.

      “Hollywood is racist”

      All the triggered Americans then say Limeysonofabitch go back to Londonistan! Schlomo laughs up his sleeves.

  4. I live about 60 miles north and west of that garden spot of the country, East St Louis, population: 30,000 negroes. Today I’m sitting in local Burger King, and a delivery driver is saying, “The McDonalds in East St Louis has bullet proof glass around the drive through window, only one in the country like that.”

    • East St Louis looks like Pripyat, that town abandoned by Chernobyl that went back to nature with weeds growing in buildings. I didn’t even see any signs of life going through on I-55. Noticed the neighboring town by Cahokia Mounds was a Mexican buffer zone.

  5. As if the “protesters” care who owns WalMart. They are just a feral youf pack on the loose, the latest shooting giving them the excuse. Black shoots black -get whitey! Na, get me some gibs from WalMart! How utterly stupid. I think this kind of stuff is going to continue, and likely get worse.
    I run a little WordPress blog titled “Putnam Liberty Notes”. I currently have an essay where I contrast the Statue of Liberty and the Constitution, and bring in the 14 Words. Check it out!

    • They did pretty well, considering, A protestor was shot in the head by another protestor, and they tried to throw a White CNN reporter on to a bonfire. Will this make that reporter have a Come to Adolf moment, or not?

  6. “BAR.”

    That’s the only thing I clearly remember, from half a century back. I’m sitting in a movie theater with a grade-school buddy of mine, and we’re watching the pre-movie newsreel, which is almost a thing of the past at that point, in what must have been 1966 or ’67. In black-and-white footage of a city where blacks have been rioting, a soldier-looking fellow, National Guard maybe, is walking down the middle of a street. I’m impressed that my buddy can identify the weapon of that man or some other of the visible soldiers: “BAR.”

    Other than that, I’m completely bored by what I’m watching, because Negroes bore me completely. I’ll never know why Southerners found (and find) them fascinating …

        • Here’s an explanation, Mr. B. True story. There was a lady who owned a video rental store in Bastrop, Tx. She was planning to get rid of the xxx video section, because it was too much trouble. Well, one day, some holy rollers came in and gave her nine yards of hell over those xxx videos. So, out of spite, and anger over strangers trying to her what to do, she kept ’em, headaches and all. Now swap out videos for Negroes and holy rollers for abolitionists, and you can see the point. Southerners don’t like outsiders butting in to their business. Although, negroes can be funny, when they’re not violent and destructive, we’d still like it if they were gone.

    • I work with one of the dumbest one’s I’ve ever met, we did a simple math test at HR and I was shocked after finishing all 12 problems he was struggling on the 3rd and never finished. He’s funny as heck though making tales of a huge fat white guys smelly shits in the bathroom as “Big Boy lit that fucker up.” He also told a true story about these two Mexican gay dudes who worked there, the “bitch” had to go to the hospital and get stitches in his rectum after “Johnny tore ’em up.” Sad story is the hospital also discovered the “bitch” had aids when they tested him during this incident and that ended their relationship. Fortunately “Johnny” the man in the relationship was negative which strongly suggests that receptive anal intercourse is how you get it and the “heterosexual aids” panic was just all that, political correctness to hide the obvious fact that it’s a gay disease. This dumb black guy of course ended up screwing himself over and getting hit up for child support from his paycheck. He knocked up this nasty white slut “who only dates black guys,” she thought she could turn a sows ear into a silk purse and wanted marriage, etc with this dude. He runs off to the nastiest West Side Chicago Ghetto every other weekend and screws all these black sluts and thought he could get away with this forever with a girl who was sending opposite signals. She took the kid off to her mom’s in TX and sent him a court order docking his pay. He bragged to us and her how he had two black bastards by two “baby mamma’s” and smoothly handled the situation without them going to the authorities for child support. Didn’t listen to another black dude who warned “don’t mess around with those white bitches, they’ll hit you up for child support.” Now his broke ass got his paycheck docked.

  7. Something I am yet to hear mentioned NONE OF THESE BUMS have a job. If they did they wouldn’t have time to be on the street protesting.

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