Rayquan Borum Arrested For Murder During Charlotte Protest

Rayquan shot and killed another negro at the Black Lives Matter protest in Charlotte to highlight it is all a big joke on us:

“One person is dead and two other people were taken to the hospital during protests Wednesday evening in Uptown Charlotte, according to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Kerr Putney and emergency personnel. …”

SPOILER: this is really all about blacks with >85 IQs and their inability to function under the norms of White civilization.

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  1. When whites come together, they build things for the future. When blacks come together, they tear things down for instant gratification.

  2. If “Rayquan” capped another spook then he is indeed a goot boy. Those stupid ghetto names all but guarantee black failure.

  3. Well, there goes “Rayquan’s” chance to complete his Doctoral dissertation on nuclear fusion at MIT this fall.

  4. This is one reason in a Race War whites have an advantage and that is Negroes tend not to take orders from other Negroes

  5. When you don’t have the capacity to exercise power through creation then you can only exercise power through destruction.

  6. .

    He looks like a cross between a Ferengi, a Klingon and a radiator from Elvis Presley’s 1958 Cadillac Eldorado.

    He be’s a’stylin’ !

  7. An Ole Miss student posted the video from the Charlotte riot of the guy on his knees being pursued, beaten, robbed, and stripped by black perps. Another student commented something along the lines ” I have enough room on my trees if we want to handle this like back in the Wild West”.

    This student is now facing an actual character lynching, the NAACP and students are “occupying” the Lyceum and call for the offending student to be expelled. Of course these are the same people who laugh hysterically at male prison rape if a college kid gets charged with sex assault at a frat party when neither person can remember their drunken actions from the evening in question.

    A sane adult needs to stand up for this kid being harassed by NAACP for voicing his anger, maybe immaturely sure, at the video which should have made everyone enraged who has seen it.

  8. The savages, nihilists and commies could easily be controlled or eliminated if not for the lack of will to do it. I hope and pray a racial survival instinct kicks in soon.

  9. I love it when you can tell if a person you have not met is a negro by hearing their first name: Rayquan, LaShawn, Car’nell, etc.
    Not joking about Car’nell. There was a by by that named arrested here in Indiana a month or so ago for bringing a gun to school (South bend area). He fled and hid in chicken coop. Seriously. I wrote a bit about it on my WordPress blog “Putnam Liberty Notes”

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