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    • I;m inclined to agree, however, his endorsement demoralizes the nevertrumpers . Who are they going to support now, Kasich?

  1. Ted Cruz is probably scared Trumps High Yeller Katrina Pierson will tell the world about having sex with him.

  2. Cruz’s forthcoming endorsement still doesn’t change the fact that he’s a lying,backstabbing,opportunistic,self-righteous,sanctimonious and money-grubbing son of a bitch who must be voted out of office in 2018.

    Trump/Pence 2016!

  3. Inclusion is exclusion.

    If you allow blacks into your community, your school team will exclude white players in favor of faster & tougher blacks.

    Also, inclusion of blacks into white communities also leads to exclusion of white seeds in the white wombs that welcome black seeds as superior. Such is the way of interracist Jungle Fever. Even white males welcome this because they have cuckishly idealized their beta-status as atonement for ‘racism’.

    The inclusion of blacks into Europe has led to exclusion of white athletes from many events.

    Inclusion of Asians into the US has led to Asian female exclusion of inferior Asian males because Asian wombs(many of them) will only accept white or black seeds.

    Inclusion of Jews and Asians into the US has led to exclusion of many white gentiles from elite colleges.

    So, Inclusion always leads to some form of.Exclusion.

    Inclusion of neocons in the GOP led to the exclusion of Paleo-cons and Eurocentrist-cons.

    Inclusion of your enemies, rivals, and hostile competitors leads to the purging & exclusion of your own kind.

    When Roman Empire ‘included’ the Christians, it led to the purging and exclusion of the pagan religionists.

    Inclusion of rats and pigs into galapagos island led to exclusion of various species in the survival-sweepstakes.

    Beware what you INCLUDE. It could lead to the EXCLUSION of your own kind.


  4. In reaction to this, Glenn Beck posted the following on his FB page:

    “America is an idea, not a country.”

    This pretty much encapsulates all that is wrong-headed about the dumb cucks.

  5. Trump is on Hannity, right now. He has Don King with him. He’s in Detroit (or something – the Black preacher to spoke at the Convention, His place). Amorosa and Larry Elder is there. Trump looks good. He’s affable…very relaxed.
    He’s doing fine. I might be wrong, but I do think Hillary is gonna blank out during the debate.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump winds up debating Chelsea instead. Bedpan Hillary might still need a few extra days to recover from her ‘seasonal allergies’.

  6. I despise Cruz but maybe this will bring in enough cuck votes to put Trump over. If Trump makes it I hope he’ll do something very un-republican: Reward his friends and punish his backstabbing GOP enemies.

  7. Cruz is widely considered a strong “constitutional conservative,” who is a strict constructionist and always mindful of the founders’ intent.

    Cruz pushed hard for TPA, which turns the Senate’s ratification powers upside down. Instead of a 2/3 vote to ratify a trade treaty he wanted to require a 2/3 vote to stop the president.

    I forget who wrote this. What would the founders have made of a presidential candidate in 1816 who was born in the British dominion of Canada to a Spanish father and an American mother? Natural born US citizen?

    He is a phony.

  8. Calgary Ted finally endorses his former rival. After his speech at the convention, I doubt that it will matter. Perhaps the fact that his VP Pence is a whore for Israel is what brought Teddy over. I am a deep admirer of America’s Founding Fathers and like the whole Southern Agrarian Conservative ideology -as evidence by my two self-published books and my current WordPress blog “Putnam Liberty Notes”. But we must reject the whole proportion nation/civic nationalism fantasy. Neither the Founders nor Robert E. Lee dreamed of Jews running their country, Arabs suiciding themsleves agaisnst us, and Negroes roiting in the streets.
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