Trump Breaches The Blue Wall

This is the second time it has happened in Colorado:

Note: Of all the paths to the presidency, the Nevada to Colorado route was the one least predicted by the pundits!

Trump’s surge in Pennsylvania, Colorado, and the Washington Post national poll all seems to be driven by the same thing: Gary Johnson is losing altitude. Is this the start of a trend? Is Lyin’ Ted’s endorsement starting to tip the balance in the swing states?

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    • Cruz is very Jew aware. He’s probably realized that Trump can go toe to toe with them and win. Previously he’d expected them to bury Trump.

      • He’s still pretty young. We saw Cruz ride in Trump’s wake in the primaries until it came down to a head to head. He’s calculating, but he might see the post-Trump right shaping up and figure he needs to be well-positioned.

        • I would tend to agree with Andrew Anglin over at Daily Stormer -the man should never be given any position of power or authority ever again -he’s a traitor to being a traitor! He needs to go back to Canuckistan, and never allowed back in the United States ever again!

  1. Any predictions or suggestions for the debate?

    I want to see Trump hit Clinton hard as a warmonger.

    I want to see him call her out for protecting her rapist husband.

    I wanna hear him say that she’s betrayed the working class.

    It undercuts every constituency that Clinton has that Trump can poach.

    • I predict at least half of the debate, if not alot more, will be spent talking about Israel and who supports Israel more, is what I predict. I bet both Trump and Hillary will jump thru hoops like trained seals at Sea World proving to Netanyahu and Sheldon Adelson and AIPAC how much they love Israel.

      Pesonally, I think they should cancel The Debate ; That’s my suggestion.It’s already turning into a circus, everyone is focusing on who Hillary and Trump are inviting as guests. Why they have to have “guests” is beyond me.

      Cruz is “Jew Aware”, this is true ; Sheldon Adelson, George Soros, AIPAC, and Netanyahu are also “Jew Aware” .

      Just because you’re aware of something doesn’t mean you’re opposed to what you’re aware of. The father of Ted Cruz was VERY AWARE they were going to assassinate JFK, the father of Ted Cruz SUPPORTED what he was VERY AWARE OF. The father of Ted Cruz was part of the assassination team on November 22nd, 1963. He was VERY AWARE they were going to assassinate JFK, and he was ALL FOR IT.

      My dog is in the backyard running around and having a good time. I’m Aware my dog is in the backyard having a good time. It does NOT necessarily follow I’m opposed to my dog being in the backyard having a good time just because I’m Aware of where my dog is and what he’s doing. One can be Aware of something and be totally happy about it. Being Aware of something does NOT logically follow one is opposed to what one is Aware of.

      • Easy there. I didn’t mean he was against the Jews. And that was not a reply to that particular post.

  2. Gary Johnson was in it to throw the election to Hillary, but now maybe he was bought off to throw the election to Trump

    If he goes all pot and homo he is playing to white hipster Bernie Bros. Between left wing identity anti-white politics and an appeal to hipster chique it sounds reasonable that Johnson is pulling votes from Hillary

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