The Case For Trump: ADL Labels Pepe The Frog A Hate Symbol

First, they came for the Confederate Battle Flag, and I said nothing. Now, the Jews are coming for Pepe

“Pepe the Frog is a cartoon character that has become a popular Internet meme (often referred to as the “sad frog meme” by people unfamiliar with the name of the character). The character first appeared in 2005 in the on-line cartoon Boy’s Club, created by artist Matt Furie. In that appearance, the character also first used its catchphrase, “feels good, man.”

The Pepe the Frog character did not originally have racist or anti-Semitic connotations. Internet users appropriated the character and turned him into a meme, placing the frog in a variety of circumstances and saying many different things. Many variations of the meme became rather esoteric, resulting in the phenomenon of so-called “rare Pepes.” …

I’m guessing this will likely backfire.

The ADL’s decision to turn the presidential election into a referendum on Pepe isn’t likely to work to Hillary’s advantage.

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    • For this particular aspect of our problems I place it between 1890-1924 when the Pale of Settlement and the ghettos of eastern Europe sent some of their most adventurous parasites to America who joined of with the local greedheads who made their wealth from the WBTS. This was where the rot began in my opinion.

  1. Trump is done between the top men of the ADL out to exterminate frogs in Frogocaust and the Venezuelan bimbo he advised to work out its over

    Dare I say we have the Left in the Daily Outrage loop of self destruction or getting close

  2. Hillary talked about “implicit racism” last night. That translates as thought crime, and is what the Democrats want next according to Hillary.

  3. I’ve talked to a local printer about making some Pepe war banners to bring to Trump rallies and Alt-Right conferences.

  4. You have to always look at background, the REAL issue beyond what is presented. It is very common to exhort “racist”, and the “Hitler/Nazi” label today; more than ever before. On Netflix, Hulu, and other media from Hollywood, WWII, Nazis, seem to be a spate of production.

    This suits Jewish interests by design. It reinforces the Holo hoax, phony Jewish victimization, and “frames the narrative and meme”, as Andrew Breitbark said. Why are there no films, documentaries of the the Bolsheviks and what they did to Russia OVER DECADES? Jews were extremely active in the genocide of Christians, Gentiles, and Orthodoxy. There is not one film or production available to the public. No on dares produce something from genocide that made Hitler seem like a choir boy.

    And by the way, this is one of the few sites I have not been banned by, for mentioning Jews and their little known history and goals. American Renaissance will remove your post at the mere mention of anything negative about Jews, as will Gateway Pundit. I believe Jared Taylor has be co-opted and is now controlled opposition and dances to the tune of the Jewish Hostile Elite and their hundreds of billions war chest.

  5. Where can I order my Pepe plush doll? With push button canned sayings like “Feels good man” and “Looking smug right now” and of course “Gas the Skypes; Race War Now!”

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