What “Worse Is Better” Gets Wrong

Editor’s Note: Here is Southern Future’s take on “worse is better.”

Lately, I’ve done a lot of thinking about the “worse is better” theory.

In one sense alone, I agree that “worse is better”: repeated political and cultural defeats generate raw anger and alienation among Whites, which sometimes works out to our advantage. Undoubtedly, the mainstreaming of homosexuality and gay marriage by the Supreme Court alienated many traditional Christians from the United States. Similarly, the attacks on the Confederate flag and Confederate monuments have radicalized more than a few Southern heritage activists over the past year and a half.

Here are the problems with the “worse is better” theory:

1.) Backlash Politics – It should be obvious by now that ANYONE can benefit from backlash politics in the electorate.

When the Jim Crow South fell to the Civil Rights Movement, it was Richard Nixon, the Republican Party and Conservatism, Inc. that benefited from the White backlash. When Wall Street crashed in 2008 and the Iraq War spiraled out of control, it was Barack Obama who benefited from the White backlash. In 2010 and 2012, it was the Tea Party that benefited from the White backlash to Obama, which elected Marco Rubio, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz. In 2014, Senate Republicans harnessed the White backlash to elect Ben Sasse.

Right now, I know lots of Southern secessionists who are bitter that Donald Trump and his “Make America Great Again” platform has reaped all the benefits of the White backlash against the Obama years, but once again this only goes to show that ANYONE can capitalize on a White backlash. It is a dangerous mistake to assume that YOUR GROUP will benefit from a White backlash and therefore you don’t have to do anything but wait for your inevitable vindication once the passive masses “wake up.”

If Donald Trump loses in November, I predict the Texas Nationalist Movement will be the primary beneficiary of his defeat. I also predict secessionist groups that we have never heard of will sprout up out of nowhere. Many of these people will be clueless Rainbows flirting with secession and will fold when they are branded with the Scarlet R. Given what we know about backlash politics, it could really play out in any number of ways.

2.) Fear and Apathy – The second major problem with the “worse is better” theory is fear and apathy.

White backlash politics is driven by raw anger and alienation, but these sentiments are checked by fear and apathy. If you have been around as long as I have, you know exactly what I am talking about. I’m referring to the people who will say “I agree with you that race exists” and “these Jews are terrible,” BUT what will I do if I am called a “racist” or an “anti-Semite”? I can’t afford to lose my job. I can’t come out of the closet because of what various people (i.e., my wife, employer, friends, family) will think.

As things get worse and the repression increases, the better takes the form mainly of venting our frustrations under anonymous pseudonyms on the internet! This type of resistance doesn’t really challenge the status quo though. It allows new norms (things like integration, gay marriage, cultural cleansing) to take root. When that happens, racial and cultural attitudes gradually shift in real space and those battles are lost.

Apathy is an even bigger problem. What comes after anger and alienation? In many cases, it is not radicalization (and bang – RAHOWA!), but resignation and acceptance as people move through the stages of grief. There is nothing sadder than walking into a Wal-Mart and seeing the look of total defeat and acceptance on the faces of White grandparents as they stroll their multiracial grandchildren around the store.

Have you been inside a Wal-Mart lately? It looks like the bar scene in Star Wars or the assorted freaks in the Capitol in The Hunger Games. Look into the eyes of those American zombies who have been stripped of their identity and utterly drained of their spirit. Do you believe those people are on the verge of “waking up”?

3.) Defeat Isn’t Victory – In the last year, we have had two major cultural defeats: the attacks on the Confederate flags and Confederate monuments, and the legalization of gay marriage. According to the “worse is better” theory, these stinging defeats should have led to a massive influx of new recruits into our ranks who have been awakened to the reality that America is lost. Did we gain more than we lost though?

4.) Inaction – Finally, the “worse is better” theory is a prescription for inaction. Every defeat is interpreted as a secret victory. All that victory requires for a true believer is to do nothing while maintaining the faith. The world will fall apart and White people will “wake up” – one day! – and realize we were right all along. Either that, or the RAHOWA/White Revolution will break out – finally! – and we shall emerge victorious.

What does that sound like? It sounds to me like any number of groups with an apocalyptic mindset who have predicted the end of world throughout history. This type of advocacy of inaction combines with White backlash politics to ensure that someone else always reaps the benefits of the White backlash!

That someone always turns out to be the individual or group that acts to capitalize on the anxiety of the White masses … Richard Nixon and the Southern strategy, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Ben Sasse, a Donald Trump, etc. In Europe, there are populist nationalist parties – UKIP, Front National, AfD – who do act and who have managed to harness the White backlash. They are not burdened with the “worse is better” mindset and have rejected passiveness in favor of maintaining an active political presence.

I will leave you with a final thought: “worse is better” only if you are in a position to capitalize on the backlash – to swoop in on your 747 like Donald Trump has – and channel anger and alienation into a political response. Otherwise, worse is just worse.

Note: Southern Future mentions South Africa as a place where it got so worse it never got better.

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  1. Interesting stuff to ponder. I was stunned back in 2008 when Barry was elected. I never dreamed that Americans would just suck it up and go trying to make money as he continued the destruction of this country and was elected to a second term.
    The white people i know are afraid to talk about race publicly. I had a friend warn me not to write about it, although he likes White Nationalism.
    I do write about it though -in my little self-published books and on my WordPress blog “Putnam Liberty Notes” In fact, i posted a new racially conscious essay this morning.
    14 Words

    • Actually I think if it hadn’t been for 8 years of Obama the ALT RIGHT wouldn’t exist so it worked out good for us. As I always said I wanted Obama in there BECAUSE he was a symbol of everything that we said along and the symbol said WE WERE RIGHT. 8 years later White people are angry and I disagree with Hunter, I don’t see if Hillary wins the ALT RIGHT just rolling over and playing dead. You heard it here first, no matter what happens the Revolution begins 11/9/16. In 2008 there was very little passion on our side, we were defeated. Now we are vibrant. I dont see that losing steam

      • I didn’t say the alt-right would go away.

        Again, Trump is the only reason the alt-right has been brought into the spotlight, and if Trump hadn’t run then Cruz or Rubio would have been nominated.

        • I know you didn’t mean the Alt Right would go away Hunter, just from my personal feeling in my gut, IF we get Hillary she is going to force some sort of showdown and then all bets are off. A menopausal Parkinsons diseased old bag isnt very stable. Hopefully Texas independence comes ASAP.

    • I was in a room full of liberal academics that night. And my hate burned like a raging furnace looking at that nigger’s face as he took over the great white nation and these people cheered it all.

      I didn’t have a political vocabulary for it at the time.

    • My racially-conscious father, who served in the Pacific theater during WWII, always said my generation would see a black president but that he would pass before it happened. Wrong! He was still alive in 2008 (86 to be exact) so even he was shocked at the speed in which our power and civilization were surrendered. He did correctly predict Obama would win if only because too many whites were delusional and weak.

  2. “worse is better” is no way to live life. I want a better world in the here and now for myself and my children, a world that preferably does not include the normalization of faggotry, degradations of our historic Christian faith, and the suicidal white guilt/institutional racism narrative that has infected so much of academia and “respectable” discourse. This is the ONLY reason I have interest in the pro-white world or politics in general– if not for my children, I would probably just think the cultural madness was all rather funny and a little sad, and would employ a “who gives a shit” attitude.

    If Option A entailed things getting much worse for white Americans for the next 50 years until a “RAHOWA” event that whites would eventually win and form their own nation, and Option B entailed a relatively pleasant, friendly next 50 years in which my children kept their rightful “privilege” that was won by their ancestors and raised Godly families of their own, yet the White race would cease to exist in 200 years, I would choose Option B every time.

    My concern is not for my “people” 200 years down the road, it’s for myself and the people near and dear to me. Let’s concentrate on building a better society NOW. That’s the only way to approach political issues.

    • I disagree I am 14 Words all the way. We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children. Look if we just walk blithley down the path to destruction then whats our fight for now worth? NOTHING. The destructions at our door right now and we will have to fight it eventually. I understand no one with Children wants to see RaHoWa, thats just logical. HOWEVER I dont think the Coloreds will give us any other option

        • My personal feeling Hunter is sooner or later, the shoe has to drop. Prognostication says what will happen given present trends and unless we get nuked or some game changer happens the RaHoWa will happen. How it shakes out and which govt collapses first I dont know.

        • This is like saying that you are never going to die because someone warned you long ago that you would die someday–but you are still here so they must be wrong.

          I guess it’s good to ponder whether worse is better or not, but re presidential politics it really doesn’t matter what we decide. Even if ever League member were registered to vote in the swing state of your choice and they had all agreed to vote as a block, it still would be extremely unlikely to change the outcome of the election.

          One thing we can count on: There will be more white backlash, more terrorist attacks, more Fergusons and more Dylan Roofs. We should figure out ways to capitalize on all these events as much as we can.

          We have no choice but to ride the waves that come our way, to play the hands that we are dealt. Perhaps a good topic for debate might be:

          “What activism strategies can we use to keep gaining ground no matter what happens and that won’t be undone by the next big headline?”

  3. From what I understand about 10% of us need to “wake up” in order to reach critical mass. Trump and White Genocide going viral are signs that this is happening.The other 90% doesn’t matter. They’re always along for the ride whichever way things go.

    • I don’t agree with the 90% not mattering. I think they are in many ways worse than the blacks and Hispanics. They are traitorous bastards that will get in the way such as anonymous and the anti-fa.

  4. I agree that reliance on “worse is better” is misplaced. More constriction on free speech is certainly not “better” for us even as it benefits our oppressors. We need time. The internet and other alternative media have opened doors that must be kept open.

    I have noticed one thing over time. The vast majority of people don’t care about anything as long as they can make payments on their house and car and have Monday night football and beer. A return to prosperity before people have to suffer, even at a modest level, would not be best in the long run, People have to learn the connection between hordes of non-white, 3d world primitives and the diminished quality of life spreading to all parts of the country.

  5. I am glad you have addressed this attitude I see more and more amongst the alt-right. There will be a fall a terrible fall of America, of that I am certain. I also believe it will be very ugly.

    • Regardless of Trump or not the fall cannot be prevented it is Gods Will that his people Israel (CHRISTIANS) suffer for their faithlessness. The Bible clearly says once his face is set against you, he will destroy you until you show real repentence.

  6. In 2012, not only was worse better, it wasn’t really worse.

    We got Trump because the populist right made it clear that either we get what we want or we stay home.

    Now, if we don’t get Trump, it’s nation building time.

    • Exactly. The ALT RIGHT is way too pissed to back down now. I agree with Hunter Worse is Better could just destroy us but it could also save us. It is a coin which could land on Heads or Tails. I prefer Trump but if we dont get him because of Hillarys massive voter fraud then its PHASE 2

        • I meant to say I also believe it could save us BUT things would have to shake out right. Personally I believe strength is what brings the crowds. A group of determined men willing to risk it all and a population scared into either supporting them or into silence that will win a revolution. The age of Protesting is over, we are in the second age and we will have to adjust accordingly.

    • If Trump hadn’t run, we would have gotten Ted Cruz. The only reason it has gone as far as it has this time is because Trump was able to ride the backlash.

      Remove Trump and rerun 2015-2016 and TruConservatism would be on the cusp of a big victory.

  7. Here are some positive actions we can take everyday which will not compromise your job.

    Do not financially support those places against our cause. A example of good effort is the boycott of Target. It has had an impact.

    Minimize use of such services that you may still need or try to find alternatives such as using Brave web browser instead of Firefox and I.E. and Gab instead of Twitter.

    Do not watch black dominated sports nor buy their merchandise.

    Get out of debt. You don’t need all the toys. I lived in a trailer for 10 years so my wife could stay at home with our daughter. There are lots of benefits to avoiding materialism.

    Expose your children to the black and Hispanic degeneracy. The best thing that could have happened to turn my daughter from the pro black propaganda was a violent confrontation I had while with her when a black man attacked me. I don’t recommend this extreme, but I think you get the picture. Do not allow the black disfunction to be filtered through the media without your insight.

    There are many more positive things we can do everyday without losing our jobs or openly stating our opposition to the degradation of our culture. Maybe we should list all the things we can do and pledge ourselves to this. Ultimately it may not make a difference to the culture at large, but this will be of benefit at a personal level as a minimum.

  8. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5e8ff2f698b6f2a2dcf73cb559005d44005f98041e7eca1274f83824d9560800.jpg Hunter on this we both agree and disagree. I agree WORSE IS BETTER is a high risk strategy and it could destroy us. I also disagree because the ALT RIGHT will not accept anything but Trump and Hillary will be such a cluster—- as President the Collapse is sure to come. The bloated carcass of the US of JEW a cannot survive the next 8 years without a full system collapse. The question is how do we take advantage of it? Answer we will find out when we get there.

          • Hunter you are right about the flag. Excuse an old Radical I am afraid I am sounding like a modern day Edmund Ruffin. This was always the battle in the 1850s the Statesmen vs the Radicals. This is the same battle we are having now.

            I have fully crossed the Rubicon where when I see an American Flag, I have absolutely no respect, yea i have utter contempt for it. I just wonder how much more time the reasoning way can go on. The League of the South and other groups have been reasoning teaching and doing well for 20 years, HOWEVER I am afraid that time has passed and now we have two choices, Nation Time or Slavery. Thats why I am fine and dandy with descrating the American Flag, I understand others would have a problem with that, and it understandable. Maybe Im a little further up the road than they are.

    • 8 years ago, we heard the same thing about Obama. The system survived. Confederate symbols were attacked. Gay marriage was legalized.

      There was no collapse. There was no RAHOWA. There was no White Revolution. Instead, Donald Trump reaped the harvest of the White backlash, not all these marginalised groups.

      • My only feeling is and this is just a regular guy talking, nothing goes on forever. Black Lives Matter proves that the system has lost control of the Ghetto and now its a wild animal. To attempt to persecute whites to succor BLM will only get whites more and more angry. As old as I am, I see the crash at our door.

        2008 people were still asleep from the Bush Years, I think had Hillary won in 2008 we would have been in Revolution because she was so compromised. Putting Obama up there was an Illuminati ploy to take our eyes off the ball and it didnt work. Our side wasnt sure how to oppose Obama completely we hung back but now Nation time is here.

      • And I am told only one Mississippi university still flies the state flag. Mississippi State, Ole Miss, and Southern Miss, have made a conscious decision not to fly the state flag on their campuses. The same is true of many Mississippi businesses. You will see the stars and stripes but the state flag is conspicuously missing.

  9. But first we must obtain the proper knowledge. Most of everything we know and believe is lies.

    Who cares if Kaepernick kneels to the American “battle” flag? We (whites) need to start using the American “peace” flag as our national flag….. again. We are living under the battle flag and Admiralty law. The peace flag represents common/civil law. It is pathetic that most Americans don’t have a clue. And, I admit I was one of those pathetic Americans until recently.

    • ‘Who cares if Kaepernick kneels to the American “battle” flag?’

      Kaepernick and those agreeing with him most likely haven’t a clue about battle flags or history.

      Their protesters are really aimed at removing whites from all positions of power and authority.

      Destroying Southern monuments and memorials, renaming schools and banning flags are necessary steps in the process of transforming this country into a third world cesspool.

      • The NFL received an A+ in diversity rankings but only a C+ in upper management. I wish I could provide more but that is only the tail end of what I caught to talk radio but is is crystal clear on how the enemy defines diversity!

  10. At every moment of every day, virtually every Jew avoids what does not conduce to power. Thinking literacy is for fags does not conduce to power; rare is the Jew who does not avoid thinking that. Thinking math is for nerds does not conduce to power; rare is the Jew who does not avoid thinking that. Thinking drunkenness is hilarious and drunk driving is no big deal does not conduce to power; rare is the Jew who does not avoid thinking those things. Power is not the fruit of control of newspapers or of political organizing. Those things themselves–the media control and the organizing–are fruit, of a stance toward existence, a stance that is nearly universal among Jews and far from universal among whites. If you’re wondering whether “worse is better,” you’re not looking at the real problem.

  11. “…South Africa as a place where it got so worse it never got better…”

    A hugely important point. Can’t be stressed enough. As we lose power and things get worse we lose the ability to take back that power without serious bloody resistance.

    • I am afraid we are at massive civil disobedience now BUT the problem is people think they would rather have temporary comfort than face opposition.

  12. If Bedpan Hillary wins the election there might be open discussion of resistance, secession and rebellion. It could happen, unless the forces of cowardice and loserdom prevail and we just go back to forming third parties and signing online petitions.

  13. Backlash Politics – It should be obvious by now that ANYONE can benefit from backlash politics in the electorate.

    Good point. This amounts to problem-reaction-solution. If you control the range of possible reactions, then backlashes just lead to more of the same.

  14. Most white conservatives do not understand the need for explicit white racial consciousness. They think there is a happy middle ground and that the liberals are responsible for messing everything up. They are wrong. This has been one of the main themes of the alt-right. The problem isn’t that liberals mess things up. It is that mainstream conservatism is controlled opposition. If more mainstream white conservatives would realize this, then we would be on the brink of a revolution.

  15. If people are afraid of the impact being open about their views then they need to support those who are not. It is not difficult to covertly fund nationalist organizations. Send Bitcoin and run the transaction through a mixing service. If they’re sincere they will put their money where their mouths are.

  16. I disagree that the masses waking up makes the difference, which is what I think Trump will prove over time. Look at the Iraq war. The masses did come around to realize that it was wrong and elected Obama, yet Obama did not in any way sever the US from its imperialist ways. The masses are too easily fooled by slight changes in style and rhetoric, much like a cold virus can mutate and still give the same symptoms. Bush used Chris Kyle – Obama used air strikes and “moderate rebels.”

    If you really listen to what Trump says, his positions still argues that we should seize oil and that we “got out wrong” from Iraq. That we should “knock out” ISIS. Saying now that we shouldn’t have gone in then doesn’t add much, especially when he also flip flopped on Libya. My point here is that his rhetoric under the microscope still allows the US to keep meddling, even though taken in sound bytes it sounds like he’s totally anti intervention. “He said it was a mistake.” True, but he’s not connecting ISIS to US imperialism. He’s still hammering on Iran. This sort of stuff fools the masses.

    Trumps other large issue is immigration. As far as race goes, the issue isn’t immigration, the issue is denying that race exists. There was always immigration. There was immigration when British Americans came to America and Indians were there. There was immigration when Southern Europeans and Eastern Europeans came. There was immigration when Blacks were Slaves. The difference is that everyone understood that race was legitimate as a concept. I’d prefer people to understand race exists and Whites be a minority than to not and have Whites be a majority. Were Whites even a majority in 1776 vs Indians?

    I’m not saying to vote against Trump, I’m simply saying that his behavior on foreign policy opens the door for him to still continue the status quo, with new rhetoric. I’m also claiming that immigration isn’t the true issue, it’s eroded racial consciousness. The masses however will indeed see Trump as the fix just like they saw Obama as the fix. My realistic hope is that Trump will provide a whiplash effect. People will go from being certain he’s about to fix everything to feeling betrayed. However, I suppose it’s possible that Trump could pleasantly surprise, in that case he still has to deal with the rest of the system which still will lead to people feeling betrayed.

  17. Good read and very important. We should be involved on all fronts. One of the biggest problems with activists is the “When That Happens” kind of thinking. Those who tolerate evil will continue in the future. 80% go with the flow. We’re the 10% who care about our People and fight against the other 10% (New World Order) who runs the World. The Sheeple will always be the Sheeple and stay in Defeat! Deo Vindice !

  18. My Afrikaner friends got to see their state crumble before them over 20 years ago, as the last barriers to protect their people shattered with the stroke of a pen. Nobody rose to arms, and the conquering forces soon set about extracting their pound of flesh, albeit in a slow and insidious manner.

    Many a proud German got to see his whole world crumble before him 70 years ago, their nation utterly steamrolled by might of the armies of western liberal democracy and communism. The disgusting things we see now were also common in the Weimar Republic, and the conquering forces set about systematically restoring the Babylon they had tried to build before their corruption was cast out.

    The brave men of the South saw their world crumble before them nearly 150 years ago, as the carpetbaggers came in to leech, prostrate and subject their lands to many of the policies that prompted the war in the first place.

    The fall of Constantinople, the fall of Hispania, the fall of Rome. Brave men watched in horror as almost everything they tried to save was torn asunder. Burned and desecrated. Supplanted and subjugated. Over and over again.

    Those who survived carried on, and their will to carry on kept a flame burning. That flame eventually kindled a return to noble form and struggle, which in turn birthed magnificent empires and discoveries.

    We are in this struggle today to win, but if the deciding battles of our day are lost, we must carry on. Never stop telling of the glory we had. Never let go of the promise we hold. Never break the age old chain of iron will reaching up through the ages. Do as your forefathers did and carry on.

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