The Horserace – September 29, 2016

National Polls

LA Times – Trump +3.8
People’s Pundit Daily – Hillary +0.4
PPP – Hillary +4 (2-way), Hillary +4 (4-way)
Trump UP 1 Point
Rasmussen – Hillary +1 (4-way)
Hillary UP 6 Points

State Polls

New Hampshire – End Citizens United – Hillary +6 (2-way and 4-way)
Trump UP 4 points

South Carolina – Winthrop – Trump +4 (3-way)

Florida – PPP – Hillary +3 (2-way), Hillary +2 (4-way)

North Carolina – PPP – Hillary +4 (2-way), Hillary +2 (4-way)

Virginia – PPP – Hillary +6 (2-way), Hillary +6 (4-way)

Pennsylvania – PPP – Hillary +5 (2-way), Hillary +6 (4-way)

Colorado – PPP – Hillary +7 (2-way), Hillary +6 (4-way)

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      • The numbers just dont add up Hunter. Every single poll has Hillary either at or other the Margin of error and factoring all the Voter Fraud in my opinion we are pissing into the wind. We had best PRAY FOR TRUMP but with the other hand look past 11/8 to the Revolution of 11/9 that is a foregone conclusion. How when and why it begins I am clueless but it will begin first like a trickle then like a rain storm then a gully washer then a flood.

        We must dedicate ourselves to making President Hillary’s Tenure HELL ON EARTH.

        • Another good way to measure it is the cash donations, Clinton has 373 million compared to Trump 165 million. The big banks and Wall st. are backing Clinton.

          • Hillary probably has a trillion dollar slush fund for operatives thats not even on the books. Rothschilds bankrolling it

        • We must dedicate ourselves to making President Hillary’s Tenure HELL ON EARTH.

          Oh, don’t worry. If she wins, it will be.

      • This is off topic, but I wanted to say I enjoyed watching you give your talk the other day at LS in AR, saw it on YouTube. I think you made a very good point and I can sum it up nice and neat for you. Here it goes – If Clinton gets elected the damage would far exceed the value of anything gained. I can’t argue against it, you spelled it all out plain and simple.

  1. Hillary is getting a nice bounce. It will be superseded by whatever happens in the next debate, which will be superseded by the result of the third debate, and then the polls will settle.

  2. PPP has some interesting internals.

    1.) Even after the debate, Trump has around 90% of Republicans, but Hillary only has 85% of Democrats.

    2.) Hillary is only getting 81% of the black vote (!!!) In Florida, Obama barely edged Romney by getting 95% of the black vote and an enormous turnout in 2012.

    3.) Trump is losing because of independents. Presumably, Hillary’s bounce is due to independents reacting to the debate. I will look at the other polls and see if this is a pattern.

    • Its all about Dem base turnout, single women, blacks, Mexicans. Hopefully they will forget there is an election, part of that is Trump keeping his nose clean.

      By the poll numbers the debate was a minus one point for Trump. Did Hillary appear sick? No. Did Trump appear prepared? no.

      No one in my circles has talked about the debate at all. No one cares.

      • Most people who know their issues are set already.

        Trump doesn’t appear to understand that specific policy critiques are not the same as personal attacks as well. So he let that bitch off the hook for those 30 years of Throne Sniffing.

  3. Hunter this scares me. Are people really THIS STUPID? If you aka John Q Public couldn’t see Hillary Clinton was lying her A%$ off in the debate and you still wish to vote for her, OMG just end it will ya? Yes just what we need, Trans Pacific Partnership and more refugees. Makes no sense.

    • Nowt Stranger Than Folk.

      I suspect Trump threw it.

      It’s obvious that he felt it necessary to qualify himself to the nigger and the cunt. Almost sniveling beta behaviour. He knows not to do that if he wants to keep frame.

      • I will tell you this HW either way, when 11/9 gets here the trouble begins. We will not allow another swindle or an attack on our blood and honor to go unnoticed. Though our numbers are small, it only took 300 Spartans we can do the same

      • I’m more pessimistic. He came across like a lazy schoolboy who thinks being glib is enough.

        There were so many things he could have raised about her professionalism or lack of it in that debate. Now he’s the one looking like a casual slacker.

    • Yes…. the ‘sheeople’ ARE that stupid. That’s why we gave the vote to women and niggers- emotions and ‘gibsmedat’ over thinking, any day….

      • Yes fools all of them. I still have to believe that Christendom will survive this onslaught. God Almighty will not allow his Son’s Christians (TRUE ISRAEL) to be eliminated by Ishmael, Amalek, Jews (EDOMITES) and the basket of degenerates. We will win but the problem is we have to live till then

      • Real women were never interested in being allowed to vote, it was only militant lesbians like Susan B.Anthony and her boyfriend Elizabeth Cady Stanton who pushed for it, along with the abolitionist (and suspected homo) William Lloyd Garrison.

    • I troll a TV show on Twitter. A&E’s “Married at First Sight”. The “experiment” where-in (((experts))) pick mates for people, using “scientific methods” which are never delineated. The concept is that the couples are married the first time they meet, at the alter. I watched the first series out of curiosity. 2 White couples and one Black. The White couples are still together. The Black one split up.
      The next 2 series were all about Miscegenation. The Hebe experts “matched” an NYC Indian woman w/ a NJ White man, who is apparently a homo. They matched a Puerto Rican Catholic girl (who I wound up feeling really sorry for, since the vile Jew berated and insulted her all the time, and threatened to kill her family. She had to get a restraining order ) with a REALLY nasty NY Jew. And a nice Italian NJ man w/ a Puerto Rican from NYC, with obviously strong Negro genetics. None of the couples stayed together that year, or the following year, when a very lively big blonde Celtic man was paired with a tiny dour Italian woman (who stated, after her wedding ceremony, that she expected a Dark man. I knew it was doomed), a rather decent, droll Indian fellow, with a really CRAZY Jewess, and a mulatto male w/ a Negress. His female relatives commented, when the bride walked out, to be married, “Thank God she’s Black!” I laughed at that……….so far, 9 couples, 2 successes.
      Three of the old (((experts))) fled the show, ostensibly to save their reputations. 1 remained. A really obnoxious Negro male “pastor” was brought on, and a female sexpert/relationship “counselor”. The matches are an Italian Man/Lateena Orc (with a mouth like a pirhana and a body like a barrel), a very introverted White man, who may be gay, and a needy, crybaby Lateena, and 2 Jews. The couples are supposed to stay together for 6 weeks, and try to make a success. They are sent on honeymoons, and the Jewess esstentially bailed on the IDIOTIC Jew male in approx. 2 days.
      The reason I am relaying all this is I’ve been trolling the show’s Twitter feed, in order to point out how inept and fraudulent the Jew grifter “experts” are. A few folks began to think about what they are watching I kept stating that the show is not about mates; it’s all about social engineering. Most of the fans do not get it, though, resent me, and the few have figured out I’m a Racist Nazi. They do believe EVERYTHING the TV tells ’em, and WANT to.

  4. Ppp is a democratic polling firm. They’re usually slanted to democrats up until the week before the election.

    • As we should expect. So many of the polls during the campaign are used as political weapons to drive public opinion. Close to the end of the campaign their future reputation (and $) depends on an accurate prediction.

    • Paradoxically, his poor reputation as an intellect and debater made such a move impossible. It would have been seen as fear.

      Had he been preparing since May (at least), he might have actually won instead of had a loss on points.

      The best we can hope for is no gaffes in the next 6 weeks.

      • Certainly, he would have been charged with fear, Afterthought, but he might have been able to finesse it. If you’re faced with a charge like that, you don’t resist it. You say, “Well, yes, I can see that some persons might think this choice of mine is based on fear, and of course they’re free to say so as often and as long as they’d like. In this campaign, my intent is to avoid communication modes in which I think I can’t be effective. I choose not to debate.” No matter how many times you’re called on it, you don’t waver.

        What struck me–and not me only–about Monday night’s mess was that it was thoroughly unsurprising. So sure was the Clinton camp that Trump would demonstrate his much-remarked-upon inability to avoid taking bait that, as a friend of mine said to me last night, they made no secret, before the debate, of their plan to needle him. If Trump had simply internalized a simple instruction–“Avoid taking the bait”–he would have completed ninety percent of his necessary preparation for the event.

          • Last night, my friend I mentioned said, in effect, the same thing: maybe, in this unusual election, something unusual will happen on election day.

  5. IMO, Donald Trump still has a great chance of winning. There is no way she wins the popular vote based on the lack of enthusiasm by her base as opposed to the continuing enthusiasm the vast majority of Trump supporters have for him. The best legitimate win TPTB can give Clinton is a narrow and I mean razor’s edge thing electoral majority while allowing the popular vote to stay as is.

    For all you gentlemen griping about the so-called “Womyn Vote,” and already sounding taps on the possibility of Donald Trump winning the White House, Check. This. Out.

    82 percent of White women millennials supported Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton in the Democrat Primary.

    “In July, 34 percent of white women held a favorable view of Clinton,
    while 53 percent held an unfavorable view. Those numbers were down from
    June, when 44 percent of white women held a favorable view of Clinton
    and 43 percent an unfavorable view.”

    “Women are a crucial target demographic for Clinton, who hopes women
    eager to witness the first female president will support her as
    enthusiastically as African-Americans supported President Obama in 2008
    and 2012. Obama built momentum among women in the last two election
    cycles: in 2012, women overall supported Obama over Romney by 12
    percentage points, while Romney won men by 8 percentage points,
    according to Gallup Polling. But among white women, the picture was not
    as rosy for Democrats in 2012, as Romney won that demographic by 14

    Married White women, particularly those with children, i.e. “skin in the game” voted for Romney. Trump offers enough of a change from status quo compared to the Bain Vulture Capitalist, Romney, that women without children will look at him more favorably. And I seriously doubt that female Bernie supporters are going to break all speed to vote for the woman they feel stole the election for their guy.

    I would predict that more male Bernie supporters vote for Hillary than female Bernie supporters. Men tend to compromise. Women bear grudges. Men tend to go easier on women. Women are infinitely harder on other women than men are. That’s why any lawyer defending a rapist is going to pack that jury with women. Men will see the victim and all their chivalrous instincts will come to fore making them want to protect her by all but stringing the defendant up. Women will look at the woman more critically find out how she lived her life, what she did to provoke the attack, what she was wearing. You guys just don’t know.

    Hillary is not going to be defeated by Trump’s genius (as clearly, he’s not). Hillary is going to be defeated by Hillary. Every time some idiot teenager wins his Darwin Award by fighting with the cops and sets off more violent BLM eruptions, women are going to look at Hillary and see never-ending rioting and knock out games and think of their sons being chased down by mobs. Every time, there is act of Muslim terror or rape, women are going to look at Hillary and remember how she wants to be the American Angela Merkel, they are going to think of their daughters being groomed, groped, and gang-raped.

    All this nonsense about this Monolithic “Womyn Vote” is, was, and
    always will be smoke blown up your noses to blind you and demoralize you
    and depress you from voting. As long as you refuse to believe that
    your wives, mothers, and sisters have interests in common with you, you
    cannot win this struggle. Ignore what the lying press is telling you
    and get out the vote.

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