Ramzpaul: Life As American Political Dissident

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Ramzpaul’s exile and relocation to Hungary for his heretical rejection of Americanism is directly related to this:

“Over the last year or so, though, it’s become increasingly clear to me that one of the great tides of American politics has turned and is flowing out to sea. For almost precisely two hundred years, this country’s political discourse has been shaped—more powerfully, perhaps, than by any other single force—by the loose bundle of ideas, interests, and values we can call American liberalism. That’s the tide that’s turning. The most important trends shaping the political landscape of our time, to my mind, are the descent of the liberal movement into its final decadence, and the first stirrings of the postliberal politics that is already emerging in its wake. …

Three major social issues formed the framework around which the new movement coalesced. The first was the abolition of slavery; the second was the prohibition of alcohol; the third was the improvement of the legal status of women. (The movement traversed a long and convoluted road before this latter goal took its ultimate form of legal and social equality between the genders.) There were plenty of other issues that attracted their own share of attention from the movement—dietary reform, dress reform, pacifism, and the like—but all of them shared a common theme: the redefinition of politics as an expression of values.

Let’s take a moment to unpack that last phrase. Politics at that time, and at most other periods throughout human history, was understood as a straightforward matter of interests—in the bluntest of terms, who got what benefits and who paid what costs. Then and for most of a century thereafter, for example, one of the things that happened in the wake of every Presidential election is that the winner’s party got to hand out federal jobs en masse to its supporters. It was called the “spoils system,” as in “to the victor belongs the spoils;” people flocked to campaign for this or that presidential candidate as much in the hope of getting a comfortable federal job as for anyother reason. Nobody saw anything wrong with that system, because politics was about interests. …

Values, in the thought of the time, belonged to church and to the private conscience of the individual; politics was about interests pure and simple.

Newborn American liberalism, though, rejected the division between politics and values. Their opposition to slavery, for example, had nothing to do with the divergent economic interests of the industrializing northern states and the plantation economy of the South, and everything to do with a devoutly held conviction that chattel slavery was morally wrong. Their opposition to alcohol, to the laws that denied civil rights to women, to war, and to everything else on the lengthy shopping list of the movement had to do with moral values, not with interests. That’s where you see the impact of the movement’s Protestant heritage: it took values out of the church and tried to apply them to the world as a whole. At the time, that was exotic enough that the moral crusades just mentioned got about as much political traction at the time as the colorful fantasies of the 1960s did in their own day. …”

That’s exactly it!

We’re strangers in the “mainstream” American political landscape. It is because we think in terms of interests, not values.

Why is it in our interests to become a despised, persecuted minority in our own lands? Why is it in our interests to admit a million Syrian refugees into this country? Why is it in our interests to support civil rights laws which have destroyed our great cities? Why is it in our interests to fight all these stupid foreign wars and to defend the borders of foreign countries like Ukraine and South Korea, but not our own border?

But but … muh values, says the mainstream Right and Left! Don’t you believe in “American exceptionalism”? Don’t you believe in Freedom, Equality, Tolerance, Human Rights, and Progress? Don’t you recite the catechism of the Declaration that “all men are created equal”?

In this country, you can’t just say: no, not really, I don’t believe in your hoary bromides and shopworn values. I believe in facts, reality, empirical evidence and the pursuit of my interests. If you show the slightest doubt in Freedom or Equality, you are tagged EVIL and WICKED and banished into social and political exile.

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  1. Values/interests is a false binary. Personally, I do believe in values and am motivated by them. It just so happens that my values are pretty much the precise opposite of any and all (((Cultural-Marxist))) values.

    It is my values which motivate me to favor nationalism over globalism, traditionalism over modernism, hierarchy over equalitarianism, aristocracy over democracy, beauty over ugliness, order over chaos, discernment over “tolerance,” natural gender roles over LGBTQETC pathologies, Western culture over all others, and the white race above the rest.

    The Left doesn’t have exclusive rights to “values.” They just pretend that they do, and we’re fools to buy into it.

    (Not that I’m against allies who are driven by interests rather than by values. On the contrary, given that we end up with the same goals, I hardly care what their motivations are. But that pragmatism too arises out of my values.)

          • He states it himself in a YT video. He did a “23 and Me” test which I heard those cheap tests are very questionable and that you shouldn’t rely on them. Full of false conclusions. It’s from his mother’s side…. and you know what that means….

          • The results of those tests are quite reliable, especially as a means of telling what you are not. This is what low IQs do when confronted with evidence they don’t understand: dismiss it with an appeal to ignorance and hearsay.

          • Quite reliable according to who? The idiots that take them? That response of yours tells me you’re one of them.

            There are many articles about their questionable results as well as faulty results from similar companies. Well, for those that can read.

          • What sane person jokes about that especially on such a widely-viewed forum?

            I can only assume you’re a fucking troll. Or, a tippy-toed fairy. We don’t call our true comrades denigrating names. You can disagree with me but if you’re going to call me offensive names, I will respond in kind.

          • Perhaps you could enlighten us, instead — or maybe that evidence doesn’t exist (or is obviously the work of a crackpot); hence, your reluctance to post it.

        • I don’t trust him. Why did he have to flee all the way to eastern Europe? Because of his mildly un-pc videos on YouTube?

        • I have not done any research on him, but it does seem strange him leaving America before the real political repression even begins.
          Also, why an eastern European country like Hungary instead of a Nordic or Celtic country? Somewhat strange for a white nationalist.

          • Nordic countries are full of cultural marxist and muslim rapefugees. Eastern Europe is still blissfully white and crime free.

  2. Session is the answer, freedom is the answer. It was always the answer. Yes, there are Southern states that could potentially break their chains to this evil empire. All we need is one; I’d be happy with that.
    After this election, I no longer consider myself an American. I’ve had it with the lies, the wars, the bigotry against my people, the propaganda from their media, the oppression, Black Racists Matter, Stephen Colbert, SJWs….fuck’em all. Enough. It’s time to go.

    • Don’t worry sir, if Bedpan Hillary wins the election states will secede from the Union, millions of Whites will refuse to accept her as president and there won’t be a god damn thing she can do about any of it. If Trump wins he will MAGA and the anti-White Marxist rabble will be forced to STFU. The way I see it it’s win-win!

      • I feel like I’m watching a literal enactment of the fictional tripartite novel ‘the 2020 revolution’ by an Ohio antiabortionist doctor.

        Can’t remember the titles of the books right now, but they’re damn good.

    • This is what we need to be working on. Not fantasies about Trump winning (which he will not due to the enemy having the megaphone). This what Wallace needs to be working on, not stupid Caribbean history articles no one cares about.

      Yes, it can happen if done correctly; at least one Southern state can leave….and it would be instantly supported by many nations if it looked as though it were a real possibility. Do you have any idea how much it would be worth to Russia and China to break this evil empire up or get a forward location on it? Trillions. China might very well offer economic assistance in exchange. You have cards, play them. Don’t be surprised if eccentric Russian and Chinese billionaires start funding your movement if it looks as though it could really happen.

      How can it happen?

      Emotional thinking. Teach them to hate the US and feel oppressed by it. A house divided cannot stand. If Southerners do not feel American, they will not fight for it or be conflicted about joining your cause (this dual loyalty is the hangup and explains cuckservatism and the rise of the alt-right: when the GOP could win by being cucks, they took the easy road and suppressed people like yourself; now that cucks can never win, why not listen to the Hunter Wallace types?).

      This will become MUCH easier after Rodham is elected dictator. Yes, she will take away your freedoms. Yes, she won by attacking you as an “irredeemable deplorable.” No, you don’t have any freedom or voice (HRC’s media). No, you don’t have ANY representation (not a single supreme court justice is one of your kind). Yes, you’re the object of endless witch hunts and two-minutes of hate. Yes, no Southerner can ever be elected president again — so why not just have your own country where your kind are ALWAYS elected leader?…where your kind are free and the enemy is suppressed? Why not have a country were the ADL and SPLC are banned and the megaphone is controlled by your people who advocate for YOUR interests?

      Every time a Hollywood movie attacks your people, Wallace should be writing about it to enrage the public: Wrong Turn movies; deliverance; Django Unchained…etc. Every time one of you is forced to flee or loses his livelihood, make them a martyr. This will bring in FAR more supporters than that other crap.

      People are emotional thinkers. Want to get people on your side? Make them hate…make them hate their oppression and oppressors; make them feel separate. General Lee doesn’t consider himself American any more and I’m sure there are others who feel the same way. This will work FAR more than logic and reason. That also explains why Wallace was complaining previously about your movement being stuck on the internet: you talk about policy with nuance and facts when you should be using emotion. That’s the difference between you and BLM.

      After all the lies, the hate, the oppression, the virtue signalling…I’m sure many others feel done with this empire. Find them.

  3. I see that America is declining, but I do not wish to leave. If I had money, I might move to the American Rockies, specifically VERY rural Montana or Idaho.
    As to liberalism being taking one’s church values to the world, I do not fully agree. There was an element in that in the anti-slavery and prohibition movement (along with women in powerful places in the movement- not Biblical). But I hold that modern liberalism has nothing to do with any religion, much less the Christianity of our American ancestors.
    Modern liberals may worship themselves and their beliefs, but that is not quite what Ramzpaul is saying.
    Anyway, I just put up a new patriot essay in my WordPress blog “Putnam Liberty Notes”. This essay follows an essay mocking the Houston shooter being called a Nazi -which he so evidently was not.

    • Daily Stormer blew this wide open two days ago -he was not only a Jew, but he was also Indian… Dot, not feather.

      So the whole thing could’ve merely been he wore an Indian swastika and not a Nazi one.

  4. I have had many arguments over the years with liberals and cuckservatives both online and face to face and I have noticed this characteristic. To my repeated question “how is this in our interests?” I get attacks on my character as a bigot and racist. It seems that the more against our interests a belief is the more moral the person is for supporting it. In effect this is their religion and they are demonstrating the strength of their faith by continuing to espouse belief, and the more disconnected those beliefs are from reality the more virtuous they appear to be. It is useless to argue facts or use reason with such people. One must attack their character and call them out for their signaling. They are hypocrites who only seek to appear moral to gain status and they create social chaos for purely selfish reasons.

    • I think you’re right. The hardest way to hit them back is to call them out for virtue signaling. It hits them especially hard because they know it’s true and by calling them out you demonstrate that you see through the veil and are pointing it out to others. One thing for sure is that facts and reason are a waste of time with these people.

      • Exactly. Then proceed to rub it in their faces: “do they live in ‘diverse’ neighborhoods? do their kids go to ‘diverse’ schools? did they marry a black woman? have they ever dated a non-white? have they ever had a non-white girlfriend? how many non-white friends do they have? how many blacks do they work with? did they give their kids black names — and why not? how many blacks appear in their favorite television shows and movies?

        …and on and on.

    • I’m convinced that some people have mental blocks that can’t or won’t let them understand certain things. For example: most liberals never seem to understand punishment. They seem to think criminals need psychiatric care and job training. And they’ll make ridiculous statements like, “Executing somebody won’t bring back the victim.” This is completely retarded, keeping somebody in jail for 40 years won’t bring back the victim either, nothing undoes crime.
      Conservatives never seem to understand that everything doesn’t have to make a fucking buck. They’ll say we should get rid of social programs, they simply haven’t worked. We still have poverty after 50 years, so get rid of poverty programs. Well we still have crime too, do they suggest we get rid of the police or courts because we still have crime?

      • They really really want to get rid of the 2 social programs that do work: Social Security and Medicare. We don’t have to worry about being penniless in our old age or dying for want of medical care and we don’t have to worry about taking in our own parents to live with us because they are destitute. The likes of Barack Obama, HIllary Clinton or Paul Ryan et al would just waste the money anyway.

        For the past 30 years, theres been an effort to attack Social Security and for the last 10 years, I’ve been reading that Medicare is even worse! All the while trotting in people who get government money their entire lives and letting them bring in aging parents who go right on Medicaid.

  5. Great article. I have noticed that liberals love to accuse Trump supporters of voting against their interests. Then when you demonstrate that voting for Trump actually plays to your interests they get upset that you are voting for your interests.

  6. ” The White race is a body whose head has been decapitated and replaced with a different race’s head, and this head has malicious historical score to settle with the body it sits upon. The head has managed to get control of all of our cultural choke points “

  7. We’re strangers in the “mainstream” American political landscape. It is because we think in terms of interests, not values.

    It is important to keep in mind that our predicament can never be fully understood in race-neutral terms. Explicitly advocating for the interests of nonwhites and Jews is allowed in mainstream politics. It is only disallowed for whites.

    • Quite true and I don’t see that Trump has broken the barrier. His pandering to blacks and Hispanics leaves me with the impression that if he wins it’s more of the same, albeit tweaked a bit in our favor.

      • Not so much in our favor but rather no longer explicitly against our interests. Don’t over think Trump. He’s a wedge to break through the globalist united front, and help create a path for whomever is to follow. He’s merely the first play in what will have to be a long-term game (or as long-term as possible before the unavoidable economic crash).

      • Trump’s “African American” outreach is really aimed at white people, goodie goodies who probably liked Sanders more than Clinton. But just try taxing from them to pay for it. The young ones have plenty of better ways to spend their money and the older ones – mainly women – would rather have a new kitchen.

  8. Ramz Paul of course lets the Freemasonic Order off the list, which was how the ILLUMINATI got control over here in the first place. All ILLUMINISTS were Freemasons and they merely used the Lodge as a way to lobby for their interests. Worth noting is that BEFORE 1860, Freemasonry was much more popular in the South than in the North and the ANTI-MASON Party was mostly popular in New York and New England, Thaddeus Stevens himself had been an Anti-Mason. The odd part was in 1830 when the Anti-Masonry stuff came up, it was believed then that Masonry was about maintaining the Aristocracy. The exact opposite was true.

    I am not sure at what point most of the Masonic Orders went over to the Weishaupt Illuminati side but I expect the transformation was complete by about 1850 or so, Albert Pike was one of the highest ranking Illuminists in the world. Remember it was the Masons who allowed the Jews in here in the first place, Thomas Jefferson who was 33rd Degree welcomed Jews into the Democratic Party with open arms and open borders.

    I will never understand how so many good men were in the Freemasonic Order, Washington, Lee almost all of them were Masons and yet few really understood the designs Masonry had on all of us. I guess its one of those things where no one had the entire picture.

    • I don’t know much about Freemasonry but they were behind both the American and French revolutions. And they were both full of yids. FDR was supposedly a 33rd degree Mason.

      • Freemasonry is Judaism for the Gentile and whats off is all over Dixie there are Masonic Monuments especially in Little Rock Ark and even in front of the Alamo in San Antonio. Being a Freemason in the South in times past was about as common as having a library card today, in fact you couldn’t join the KKK unless you were in the Masonic Lodge.

        The bizarre thing is these same Southern Masons would go off to Masonic meetings in New York and sit with Abolitionist Masons because in Freemasonry you place all of your personal beliefs and political concerns outside the Lodge, inside the Lodge it is all about WHAT IS GOOD FOR FREEMASONRY?

        There is a reason ADOLF HITLER outlawed Freemasonry in the Reich. He understood that a Freemasons first loyalty is to Freemasonry not to his nation, his God or anything else

        • That is how they took down the HRE. The last inquisitor General was a freemason,he burnt all the files damning to the jew.
          “Characters of the inquisition”
          William Thomas Walsh. 1940. Good book.

          Can you imagine having a secret meeting now,outside of freemasonry,(((they))) wouldn’t stand for it.

        • These secret societies are all described and connected together in Stan Monteith’s book “The Brotherhood of Darkness.” Even the Knights of Malta are involved and, believe it or not, the new age movement. Globalism is the destination whether they all know it or not. And, globalism is connected to Luciferianism.

        • A lot of people don’t know this but quite a few of the more famous astronauts were/are Masons, too! John Glen, Buzz Aldrin, and Gus Grissom. I am sure there were more….

          The problem with Bavaria is that it should have slaughtered (((Adam Weishaupt))) and his Illuminati brethren and not have just forced them to flee to another white country. Let’s face it, too many of us are weak, pathetically weak, and simply can’t stomach the job that needs to be done.

  9. Our race, our children especially, need a homeland, something we don’t have now. The homeland isn’t necessarily going to be USA. I don’t know about Hungary.

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