Hillary: I’m a Neo-Liberal Centrist

“Half the people don’t know what that means, but it’s something that they deeply feel.”

Behind closed doors, Hillary once again tells a room full of laughing big donors the truth … whereas 1/2 of Trump’s supporters are the “Basket of Deplorables,” 1/2 of Bernie’s supporters are, so to speak, the “Basket of Fools” who live in their parents basement and work at Starbuck’s while entertaining a political pipe dream:

Note: In case you have forgotten, Hillary is the globalist candidate, the Davos elite candidate, the 95% of Jewish donors candidate, the billionaire class candidate, the Fortune 100 CEOs candidate, the Wall Street and big banks candidate and the United Oligarchy candidate. We’re not going to let you forget that!

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  1. Calling Bernie supporters people who “live in mommy’s basement” – somehow I don’t think that is going to play very well among that crowd which she desperately needs to win this election.

    Hunter is spot on – It also plays into the deplorable’s – shows how she feels about working class Americans. The Trump campaign should tie this directly into that.

  2. Cash pile is 373 million for Clinton, 165 million for Trump, big banks & Wall St. are putting their money on Clinton.

  3. She is a miserable wretch. She does not like anybody. She does not empathize in the least with the victims of her tyrannical policies. We are all her inferiors and she loves telling us all how much better she is than us.

  4. Political positioning on the left/right spectrum is a distraction and irrelevant.There’s only one position that matters and I’ll fall over if Trump asks (which he won’t): “Hillary, are you pro-White or pro-White Genocide?”

  5. A weak spot for Hillary (I know conservatives are too good to look for weak spots within the enemy) is that her campaign is geared towards sounding like and sounding good to catty white bitches.

    If it weren’t for the likes of conservatives like Steve Sailer and his group of Spergservatives who over intellectualize everything and give it credence we could discredit Hillary and Bitches as silly, stupid and down right mean.

    But what am I saying if we on the right did not have our intellectuals telling us what it really means we would have no purpose in life as conservatives.

    • UCLA grads are the true intellectual elite. Sailer for example created much of the discourse for the alt-right. It’s no co- incidence that the chancellor of UCLA also runs Los Alamos. Lol.

  6. She says what people want to hear. She probably doesn’t care much about a functioning welfare state, but I don’t doubt for a moment that she’s a feminist, anti-Christian psycho who will go as far as she can in pushing that agenda.

  7. Bernie voters are white kids who have been duped by Karl Marx. Brainwashed decent kids who are led around by the nose.

  8. Session is the answer, freedom is the answer. It was always the answer. Yes, there are Southern states that could potentially break their chains to this evil empire. All we need is one; I’d be happy with that. After this election, I no longer consider myself an American. I’ve had it with the lies, the wars, the bigotry against my people, the propaganda from their media, the oppression, Black Racists Matter, Stephen Colbert, SJWs….fuck’em all. Enough. It’s time to go.

    This is what we need to be working on. Not fantasies about Trump winning (which he will not due to the enemy having the megaphone). This is what Wallace needs to be working on, not stupid Caribbean history articles no one cares about.

    Yes, it can happen if done correctly; at least one Southern state can leave….and it would be instantly supported by many nations if it looked as though it were a real possibility. Do you have any idea how much it would be worth to Russia and China to break this evil empire up or get a forward location on it? Trillions. China might very well offer economic assistance in exchange. You have cards, play them. Don’t be surprised if eccentric Russian and Chinese billionaires start funding your
    movement if it looks as though it could really happen.

    How can it happen?

    Emotional thinking. Teach them to hate the US and feel oppressed by it. A house divided cannot stand. If Southerners do not feel American, they will not fight for it or be conflicted about joining your cause (this dual loyalty is the hangup and explains cuckservatism and the rise of the alt-right: when the GOP could win by being cucks, they took the easy road and suppressed people like yourself; now that cucks can never win, why not listen to the Hunter Wallace types?).

    This will become MUCH easier after Rodham is elected dictator. Yes, she will take away your freedoms. Yes, she won by attacking you as an “irredeemable deplorable.” No, you don’t have any freedom or voice (HRC’s media). No, you don’t have ANY representation (not a single supreme court justice is one of your kind). Yes, you’re the object of endless witch hunts and two-minutes of hate. Yes, no Southerner can ever be elected president again — so why not just have your own country where your kind are ALWAYS elected leader?…where your kind are free and the enemy is suppressed? Why not have a country were the ADL and SPLC are banned and the megaphone is controlled by your people who advocate for YOUR interests?

    Every time a Hollywood movie attacks your people, Wallace should be writing about it to enrage the public: Wrong Turn movies; deliverance; Django Unchained…etc. Every time one of you is forced to flee or loses his livelihood, make them a martyr. This will bring in FAR more supporters than that other crap.

    People are emotional thinkers. Want to get people on your side? Make them hate…make them hate their oppression and oppressors; make them feel separate. I don’t consider myself to be an American, and I’m sure there are others who feel the same way. This will work FAR more than logic and reason. That also explains why Wallace was complaining previously about your movement being stuck on the internet: you talk about policy with nuance and facts when you should be using emotion. That’s the difference between you and BLM.

    After all the lies, the hate, the oppression, the virtue signaling…I’m sure many others feel done with this empire, too. Find them.

  9. If she were somehow forced to tell the truth, she would say, “I am a lying scumbag political hack. I’ll do or sell anything about myself for money. I want to be filthy rich so I can be like the 1% that I emulate, and I will give them anything they want, so they’ll let me be rich too. I’ve also stayed married to a sexual degenerate so that he would help me become president.”

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