The Horserace – October 3, 2016

National Polls

LA Times – Trump +4.6
People’s Pundit Daily – Trump +0.2
UPI/Cvoter – Trump +2.5
Rasmussen – Hillary +3
-Hillary UP 2 Points
Morning Consult – Hillary +7 (2-way), Hillary +6 (4-way)
CNN – Hillary +6 (2-way), Hillary +5 (4-way)
CBS News – Hillary +6 (2-way), Hillary +6 (4-way)
The Economist/YouGov – Hillary +5 (2-way), Hillary +3 (4-way)

State Polls

Delaware – University of Delaware – Hillary +21 (4-way)

Florida – Quinnipiac – Hillary +5 (2-way), Hillary +5 (4-way)

North Carolina – Bloomberg – Hillary +1 (3-way)

North Carolina – Quinnipiac – Hillary +3 (2-way), Hillary +3 (4-way)

Ohio – Quinnipiac – Trump +3 (2-way), Trump +5 (4-way)

Pennsylvania – Quinnipiac – Hillary +5 (2-way), Hillary +4 (4-way)

Virginia – Christopher Newport University – Hillary +7 (4-way)

Colorado – Monmouth – Hillary +11 (4-way)

UPI 50 State Poll


Alabama – Trump +23.4
Arkansas – Trump +22.8
Florida – Trump +2.6
Kentucky – Trump +22.7
Louisiana – Trump +18.6
Maryland – Hillary +18.9
Mississippi – Trump +16.8
Missouri – Trump +9.1
North Carolina – Trump +4.5
Oklahoma – Trump +32.5
South Carolina – Trump +13.8
Tennessee – Trump +19
Texas – Trump +17.1
Virginia – Trump +5.1
West Virginia – Trump +26.1


Kansas – Trump +19.5
Nebraska – Trump +22.4
South Dakota – Trump +16.2
North Dakota – Trump +20.7
Iowa – Trump +1.5
Minnesota – Hillary +2.4
Wisconsin – Hillary +2.5
Michigan – Hillary +3.5
Illinois – Hillary +11.4
Indiana – Trump +14.8
Ohio – Trump +1.3


Alaska – Trump +14.9
Hawaii – Hillary +30.1
California – Hillary +17.8
Washington – Hillary +8.5
Oregon – Hillary +5.6
Nevada – Hillary +0.3
Idaho – Trump +30.4
Utah – Trump +38.4
Arizona – Trump +10.3
Montana – Trump +18.4
Wyoming – Trump +35.8
Colorado – Hillary +1.7
New Mexico – Hillary +5


DC – Hillary +64.5
Delaware – Hillary +11.3
New Jersey – Hillary +14.5
Pennsylvania – Trump +3.1
New York – Hillary +17.5
Connecticut – Hillary +10.8
Massachusetts – Hillary +15.1
Rhode Island – Hillary +16.5
Vermont – Hillary +25.6
New Hampshire – Hillary +0.9
Maine – Hillary +10.7

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  1. Apparently the Clinton gang’s big “October Surprise” is that Trump legally avoided paying personal income taxes for a number of years. And that he supposedly made crude comments to some female contestants on his reality show, which I seriously doubt is true. But I guess the enemy is hoping to plant just enough seeds of doubt in the minds of low-information voters to upset the outcome of the election. To me all the Trump-bashing in the establishment kike media is just so much background noise.

    • It’s extraordinarily trivial stuff.

      Don’t we have accountants to find the loop holes in tax laws that others would miss?

      I’m personally worried about any Republican because it could all just boil down to a whopping tax cut with no real action to save Huwyte Folks…but this is all they have? Trump has good tax lawyers and accountants? wtf?

          • For most people to notice that fact, requires intelligence and consciousness that a great many of them don’t have.

      • The problem is not the attacks themselves; it’s Trump’s feeble responses to them.

        • I suspect he threw it.

          Natural tactic, even if unprepped is to say

          “What about….”
          Rapist husband, warmongering since Serbia, betraying the working class.

          He knows to say this stuff and he wins.

          • Even if I shared your view of the effectiveness of such counterpunching as you’ve recommended, Captain John, I don’t see the need for it. When Holt said, as others have said, that the law does not require Trump to keep his tax return private until the completion of the IRS audit, Trump should simply have replied, “I didn’t say I was required to do it. The return was filed in good faith and is, as far as I know, in good order; but should the IRS question any part of it, I’ll want to resolve the question before the return is made public. Should you or any other journalists construe the delay as an indication that I’m hiding something, well, then, you’ll be prattling in my view–but you certainly have the right to do it.”
            Hillary’s suggestion that Trump is hiding his having paid no taxes was, as John Derbyshire said in his Radio Derb podcast this week (September 30), a no-brainer. “I pay what the law requires me to pay,” is the reply Derbyshire recommends. “What honest citizen does any different? If you think that what the law requires of me is not fair, why didn’t you try to change the law when you were in the Senate?” (That starts at 5:05 of the podcast.)
            This week’s release, by the New York Times, of Trump’s tax return from the 1990s is a no-brainer as well: “Putting aside the questions of the legality and the etiquette of that act of publication by the New York Times, I’ll say that far from being a secret or an obscure bit of history, my business setback of the 1990s was, at the time, a major news story, whose details are covered in my book ‘The Art of the Comeback,’ available from fine booksellers everywhere. As to any effect that that setback has had on my tax liability in the twenty or so years that have followed it, I say again: I pay what the law requires me to pay.”
            The only problem with the Machado thing was the possibility of the insulting appellations: “Miss Piggy” and “Miss Housekeeping.” If Trump knows that he did use those appellations, he should simply have apologized. “I apologize to Miss Machado for my use of those smart-alecky appellations. The difficulty that her weight-gain caused the Miss Universe pageant is a matter of public record, and in dealing with it, I certainly didn’t embarrass or insult her in public.”
            In every one of those cases, Trump has failed–as he so often fails–simply to step out of the path of the charging bull. His instinct is to go head-to-head with the bull, and thus he stalls it, in the news cycle.

  2. I tune out the bitchy gossipy crap but I’m an outlier and I guess that way more people pay attention to the MSM script than should

    But that is what we get for following intellectuals who would kill their first born for a chance to be in the MSM

    We should have spent our time disqualifying and discrediting the MSM with our memes instead of applauding when some conservative made it up to the big leagues as approved stooge.

  3. Regardless of what they might say to a pollster, when it comes to the voting booth, people are NOT going to vote for a woman for President. That’s the way it is.

    • I thought they wouldn’t elect an unknown and completely unaccomplished negro in 2008.

      I expect a Latina lesbian in the White House before long.

        • With a name like Ferraro, she wasn’t gonna get the Presidency, even if she were a man. Same goes for Dukkakis. Obongo excepted, If it came down to Fritz Kubicheski vs Phil Jones for President, you know who’d get it. Trump is fortunate his name isn’t more Germanic than it is.

  4. The Drudge Report is showcasing a negro who says, “I am Bill Clinton’s son.” Jeez.

    Sure, Bill Clinton raped and otherwise screwed many, killed many people (Waco, Sudan, Serbia, associates, etc), stole money, and took what I would call bribes, but half of the people in this country of assholes wants him and his wife back.

  5. Lets get down to Brass Tax. The Hildabeast and the Jews are going to use the hordes of Uneducated Nigras in Virginia, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, and elsewhere coupled with the Jews and their Fellow travelers to push Hillary into office. WE CANNOT STOP THIS NO WAY NO HOW. Now onto part two, what should our response be? Our response is to prepare for the worst, the crash will come. I pray Trump wins but I know unless God changes the voter machines we are Jewed Screwed and Tattooed

    • Also, I suggest going local and working to get to know folks in your area that are supporting Trump those who are a bit braver and are actively working for Trump.

      There are all kinds of local, separatists actions that can be started and won after this election.

      Work to have your area/town/suburb separate from the areas that back the Hildabeast.

      Work to get those people who strongly opposed Obummer and the Hiladabeast to separate from the BLM media, stop worshiping NFL thugs/rapists, stop caring about Academy Awards shows, hate White people, kill White people movies.

      We can be more like the Amish and go our own way.

      • Right now heres the situation. You are not safe UNLESS you have some mountainous or forested region wherein to hide. You take the Southern States. No way in Hell would I live in the Deep South UNLESS I had Bayou or some other place that was impassible where I could hide when the boot comes down. Mountainous areas such as Northern Alabama, North Georgia, Arkansas, will be indispensible as will the thousands of miles of Bayous in places like Louisiana. DO NOT REPEAT DO NOT live in a flat agricultural area where there is no place to hide when the day comes. Appalachian Areas and the Ozarks will be ideal but like i said any place with lots of forest or swamp as well.

          • That’s pie-in-the-sky. NEVER going to happen and anyone who thinks otherwise is a sheep. They can’t even manage to vote republican in a national election and you think they are going to secede? Please. All you need is one Southern state, maybe two to secede and create the homeland you want; it could happen.

            In the long run, China will have a network of naval bases stretching from Pakistan and South Africa to South American…and then the real “South” America. They’d likely pay top dollar for a naval base here.

      • ZOG will not be able to move on us as we are nonviolent they will attempt to nickel and dime us to death, which is a BIG reason why to only posses legal firearms, no sawed offs or anything like that. Posses nothing that they could claim is illegal. If we do not have illegal weapons, drugs, etc in our homes, that will force them to become creative. They’re running out of time, the programming has been breached so they have 1 of 2 things. Either smash and kill us all, or begin to become irrelevent.

        • Well said.

          “Posses nothing that they could claim is illegal”


          Only own, use non controversial guns

          12 Gauge shot gun
          22 plinker

          Those the will do well for you/us.

  6. Ms Clinton got caught telling the truth about how she actually feels in front of some of her parasitical donors. She was making fun of the Sanders millenials, losers living in their parents basements. Snob liberals like Hillary Clinton look down their nose at pretty much everybody, unless maybe another snob liberal. And they could not possibly care less about minority groups, unless the richest one percent could counted as a minority group. They couldn’t care less about colored, they would never have thrown every nigger in the country in prison for selling dope if they cared about them. Or brought in 50 million wetbacks to take the work colored used to get.

    • I am skeptical. Whenever someone (Andrew Breitbart comes to mind) promises something earthshattering, it usually is a fizzle. Assange said his info could cause the witch to be indicted. The ultra-corrupt US government would never, ever indict Hillary Clinton and they have already proved that.

      So, we’ll see.

      Btw how did you like the news that HRC suggested a drone strike on Assange in 2010?

      Get ready for wars and bigger wars if she wins.

      • I find it interesting that there is really no coverage of Assange’s upcoming press conference on the cable news tonight. The plan appears to be to bury it no matter what information he has.

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