Dickin’ Bimbos: Bill Clinton’s Black Son

It is common knowledge in Arkansas.

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Note: Strangely, those who insist Thomas Jefferson fathered multiracial children with Sally Hemmings are totally uninterested in the truth of Danney Williams’ heritage. Didn’t the character who portrayed Bill Clinton in the movie “Primary Colors” get caught screwing the 17-year-old black babysitter?

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  1. Yeah, this is old news which I first read about 20+ years ago. Like all the skeletons in the Clinton closet this is another one MSM ignores or denies having any importance. Unlike, of course, a Trump tax return from 1995.

  2. I don’t think there’s that much resemblance.

    However, if this is true at all, or if enough people think it’s true, then it’s only going to drive the turnout of black women voters to record highs, and they’ll vote just about 100% for Hillary.

    Because if it’s true, then it means that Bill stuck his wick in a black chick.

    Black women tend to like it when white men show them romantic affection.

    Guess which demographic drives the ratings for the ABC show “Scandal.” Which, in case you didn’t know, or care, is about a white man President of the United States stepping out on the First Lady with some black woman who was once high-up in his administration but left to form a sky-is-falling PR firm.

    Guess which demographic had a record high turnout and voted close to 100% for a recent political candidate for a well known public office, the victorious candidate is a white man married to a black woman.

    I remember when this was first a thing, back in ’98 or ’99. A Drudge Report parody site had the big all caps headline: CLINTON HO-DOWN LEADS TO FUN BABY SHOWDOWN

  3. This is old news. Anything to slime a Clinton is fine with me, but the guy doesn’t look like Clinton. He’s definitely part white, but any resemblance to an individual white person is lost in the mix. He mostly looks like a lighter version of his mother, which doesn’t mean that he isn’t Clinton’s child. Demand a DNA test. Invite Clinton on the Springer show. He’d be right at home with his voters.

  4. Japan is going totally cucked.

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  5. I think he is either Bill’s son or Roger’s son. Remember Bill and Roger shared everything.

  6. I believe this young man is Clinton’s son. He was called our first black president a few years back,and he did have an office in Harlem!

  7. The Boy could be Roger Clinton’s after all i believe his Mama said Roger and Bill used to swap girls

  8. It is a Hail Mary, but Hillary Clinton had to do something to get the black vote. “Vote for me black people, I have a black bastard step-son”.

  9. Other rumors are that the official offspring is from Web Hubbel because Slick Willy is rumored to be sterile.

  10. “Stop messing with my husband and my husband’s black son.”

    Hillary is a cuck in both senses of the term.

  11. Awesome. The skeletons keep coming out of the closet on the Clintons. Will it never end? By the way, with as much money and power as Bill has, why would he have messed with a negro woman? Total white trash. Must be something loose between his ears.

  12. I heard the mother in question was a former black newscaster for ABC in Little Rock named Deborah Mathis.

  13. Gee if only we had a test so we would truly know who the father is….
    PUH-LEEZE get a DNA! Especially with Killary’s campaign running on how much she cares about kids – sickening.

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