The Horserace – October 4, 2016

National Polls

LA Times – Trump +3.9
People’s Pundit Daily – Trump +1.7
Rasmussen – Hillary +1
NBC/SM – Hillary +6 (4-way)

State Polls

Nevada – UNLV- Hillary +3 (4-way)

Pennsylvania – Monmouth – Hillary +10 (4-way)

Pennsylvania – Franklin & Marshall – Hillary +9 (4-way)

Oregon – Hoffman Research – Hillary +12 (4-way)

North Carolina – Elon – Hillary +6 (4-way)

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  1. Trump fucked us. He had a year to get serious and didn’t do it. He’s an old and lazy man who despite all his bluster clearly never wanted to win, and I’m positive now never meant a word of that he said (all of his best stuff other people wrote for him).

      • Trump’s post-debate performance is hurting him more than the actual debate I think. Trump can fix a bad debate. The problem here is he doesn’t seem like he has it in him to ignore bullshit attacks and focus on his winning issues and/or counter-attack. In this sense, he is letting everyone down.

        • 1.) I think it was the debate.

          2.) I said at the time he lost the debate. I didn’t buy I go the well, the online polls say …”

          3.) I agree Trump blew the debate and let us down.

          4.) In the end, I expect the debate rollercoaster will end and the polls will settle. Then we will know.

          5.) I wouldn’t worry about the debates. Again, just Google it. The overwhelming consensus is that the debates ultimately have little impact.

          • I disagree with Point 2. I believed Trump won the debate on substance but afterward the media spun it the other way. The nightmare began that very evening when he was speaking and sounded as if he had the sniffles, I knew the microphone sabotage was on and I noticed his lighting and makeup were sabotaged as well. NBC did a masterful job making Hillary appear much more than she was, I don’t think she ever refuted a single point Trump made. When the debate was over I said, well I never heard Hillary offer one concrete proposal on anything.

    • Lou, you are like a fishing bobber on a windy lake. Up one moment, down the next. Any disturbance can pull you down or spin you around in circles.

      Trump has been holding bursting at the seams overflowing rallies all over the country. He’s here, there and everywhere. He has more energy than any candidate… ever.

      You are positive he never wanted to win and doesn’t mean a word that he said?

      You’re getting hysterical.

  2. From a tweet I like:

    “It’s the same stuff they tried against Trump in the primaries – concern trolling and discouragement. Don’t fall for it!”

    • There is a huge disconnect between the tracking polls and the telephone polls.

      Trump took a hit in PPD, UPI, and Rasmussen. He has since started to recover ground. I don’t think the hit he took in the debate is factored into the LA Times poll yet.

      • I don’t think the debate hurt him that much, I think the tangents he goes off on here and there, like tweeting at 3:00 about obscure beauty contests hurts him.

      • Wait dont get in your high horse yet. Trump got annihilated by hillary last debate. This debate she’s gonna pdestroy whatever little that is left with trump. Then all you alt right fags will be back in the internut sobbing from your tiny genitals bitching whining and moaning Jews did it Jews did it.. find some street sluts for company that time pals..hahahahaha

      • Exactly. At this time, last year, Obama was popular and, while not necessarily drawing the same size crowds as Romney, he was still speaking to crowds easily approach 10 to 20 thousand people. He had a good following and was popular. He was poised and talking about policy. He was shooting basketball and eating barbeque.
        Hillary can’t even fill up high school gymnasiums. She can barely crawl down stairs. We see the signs of desperation all around us. She sounds cranky, she looks tired, she’s calling fellow Americans deplorable and she’s calling Trump a racist. Does this sound like someone whose internal polls tell her she’s winning?
        Trump is winning older voters, independents, Ohio, and has an unheard of registration advantages in key swing states. These use to be the barometer of how well a candidate is doing, particularly when the polls are close. Now they are no longer being discussed, and if these topics are, they are being discredited by the MSM.
        The race riots and numerous terrorist attacks suggest a backlash voter turnout. The ground couldn’t be more fertile for a Trump presidency.

  3. I was one of the few voices of reason from DAY ONE who said Hillary had this election ON LOCK and I explained that this is solely because of VOTER FRAUD. If we had a Free and Fair Election, Donald Trump could win by 15 points but without a Free and Fair Election and a Free and Fair Media, unless God puts his finger on Hillary, just get ready for Mrs. President.


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