The Case for Trump: South Africa’s White Ghettoes

Barring a dramatic turnaround, modern South Africa offers us a glimpse into America’s dystopian future:

“A quarter of a century ago black South Africans were living in squalor while most whites lived the good life in apartheid-era South Africa.

Nelson Mandela was released from prison in 1990 and four years later he took over as President from F W De Klerk and the pair shared the Nobel Peace Prize.

Apartheid – a grotesque and brutal form of government in which whites held all the power and blacks and other racial groups were segregated and oppressed – was condemned to the dustbin of history.

Nowadays there is a strange form of equality.

While the black South African middle class has grown and many live in big houses, with swimming pools and drive around in BMWs like their white peers; many poor whites live in squalid squatter camps just like their black peers. …

The South African Defence Force – which had 82,000 men under arms in 1986 – was disbanded in 1994.

The South African Army now has half that many men, and the majority are black.

The boot is well and truly on the other foot and few white South Africans relish a career in the armed forces.

The number of white South Africans has fallen slightly in recent years as some emigrate to New Zealand and Australia.”

This is why I wake up and do this every day.

As Southern Future recently pointed out, the dystopia we see in South Africa is the ultimate refutation of the “worse is better” theory. There are a number of other places in the world like South Africa where White minorities cling on as well … Barbados, Jamaica, Cuba, Zimbabwe, Brazil, much of Latin America, etc.

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  1. The US of JEW A and the U JEW K are the main reasons for this. After Mandela was elected we should have allowed for OPEN EMIGRATION and Refugee Status for any White South African, yet a White South African cant even get into the United States, but some Spook from Africa can. BULL)))T

    In an ideal world Apartheid would still be in place and Whites would still rule SA but unfortunately as that is not the case, some White Leader needs to show their Brass Balls and rescue these folks

  2. As much as I admire the Afrikaners it’s really hard to feel bad for them. Unlike the rest of us White people they voted to hand over their country to savages.

    • This is getting monotonous, but let me repeat it once again. Nobody voted to hand the country over to kaffirs.

      SA voters were offered a referendum on the question of whether to hold talks with the ANC, not whether to surrender the country. They were promised that any agreement reached would be presented to the voters in a second referendum. That never happened. Instead, they were betrayed by their government, specifically President FW de Klerk, who gave away the farm, collected his Nobel Peace Prize and pension, deserted his wife and country, and went to live in the Greek Isles with his new whore (who, I have no doubt, was a part of his price. The subsequent very suspicious murder of his wife may have been thrown in as a bonus.)

      Never trust a politician’s promise. Not any politician.

      I also want to point out that that photo of the White squatter camp may look grim, but it’s streets (see what I did there?) ahead of any black squatter camp. Even when we have nothing, Whites create orderly communities.

  3. The “Worse is better” theory is now thoroughly discredited. Worsening conditions tend to fill the victim with despair, not righteous anger.

    • Judging by Trumps numbers, I am afraid we are headed for WORSE IS BETTER. That is unless something drastic happens

  4. This is what we should donate our money for. Is there a way to get them into the US? These immigrants I would welcome.

    • Those blacks would steal it before it got to them.
      Just like the Mexican cartel steals from the charity that should be headed to the Mexican people.

    • Yes. I would much rather see them than more Mexicans. And these people even speak English and come from a people with Christian traditions, gun ownership, and republican self-government! They would be welcome in my state of the U.S.A.
      14 Words

  5. Whites are the majority in the US. Whites have the wealth and power to save their brethren in South Africa. American Jews passed legislation which allowed Russian Jews to emigrate to the US. Frank Lautenberg passed the Lautenberg Amendment which made is easier for Russian Jews to enter the US as refugees.

    • Any American politician trying legislation to make it easier for whites to enter the US would probably be lynched by the media and then probably be ousted with some contrived scandal.

      • Actually, IMO, this would be the perfect time to create that legislation! Let the “country of immigrants/better life” kikes show their hypocrisy!

  6. If you want some social media click bait “Vote Trump or end up in a white squatters camp” and link to this article. FTR the comments trend our way

  7. Sobering reality. America is degrading fast. I hope we never get tot he low that South Africa has fallen to. My heart goes out to my racial brothers, many of them descendants of the Boer Calvinists, who live captive in the country of their fathers.
    14 Words

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