Live Thread: 2016 Vice Presidential Debate

In light of what happened in the last debate, I am not going to make any predictions. I don’t know much about Pence and Kaine aside from having the strong impression that Kaine is a creepy weirdo. This is likely to a fairly boring debate.

Note: I’m curious though to see if we will learn anything new about what was in the “Pay to Play” folder on the Clinton Foundation’s server.


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  1. Prediction: Pence will shiv The Don. This sudden Tax Return attack was designed to give Pence room to stab. He doesn’t have the stomach to do what’s right.

  2. ‘Note: I’m curious though to see if we will learn anything new about what was in the “Pay to Play” folder on the Clinton Foundation’s server.’

    Does it really matter if there is more dirt on Hillary?

    The media has minimized or ignored all of her scandals and crimes.

    They will continue to focus on the fat chica who was allegedly called ‘Miss Piggy’ by Trump.

    Another day…same sh*t.

  3. Tweeting @pastorlindstedt:disqus

    Kaine is desperately trying to cllnch because Hillary’s actions at Libya, Syria, etc. Pence should have called Hillary a criminal.

    • Every time the Spawn of Kaine interrupts, Pence should say, “Hillary Clinton is a sick dying criminal that belongs in prison for espionage.”

      • No-o-o-o-t sure he should say that… as much as it is true (and Id love it). I’m digging the Cold as Ice Pence.

    • 830 Black Lives Matter thugs kill ZOG piglice and endorse Killery & so far only sometimes does Killery reciprocate. BLM is pro-Hillary

    • 837 Time to point out that illegal aliens take over jobs that Amurrikwans won’t do — like gun down 50 beaner faggots and set off bombs

    • 845 Kaine wants Hillary to raise taxes to support the illegal aliens who will now be legalized and get welfare benefits and takeaway jobs

      • You were right. Pence went with who he is — not a hothead who has differences with Trump. Pence did well.

  4. I’m not watching the debate but I’m checking sites for reactions.

    From SF

    ‘What an a-hole Kaine is.
    He’s bringing up the anti-Segregation movement that led to over 50,000 Whites being murdered by Blacks and the destruction of public schools that have have become too dangerous for White children in all the big cities. So that’s what Democrats consider “progress.”
    Kaine can go to hell.’

    ‘Kaine is a retard. His only response is Trump loves Russia.’

    ‘OH my, I hate the kaine clown more that I hate Hillary.
    And I do mean HATE!’

    ‘Pence has a good way of interjecting while maintaining his composure. He’s even had a few low-level zingers so far.’

    ‘I predict that somebody is going to punch kaine out!’

    Ricky Vaughn ?@Ricky_Vaughn99 1m1 minute ago
    Mike Pence really needs to put Tim Kaine in his place over his rudeness. If he doesn’t do this, he is going to be remembered as weak.

    Tim Kaine is a real jackass. He looks and sounds like a braying donkey.

    Finally, the moderator tells the jackass Tim Kaine to stop interrupting.

    Tim Kaine is flustered already. Mike Pence looks calm, cool, & collective. Great start for Pence. He looks like a leader.

    • I actually wanted Pence to punch that phaggot in the face – but Pence politely eviscerated him, instead.

      • No, Ma’m – there were only a few times that Pence got in some profound hits, and many times he could have gotten knock-out blows, but, could seem to think of what to say.

        I do agree, however, that Pence lookt better.

        I don’t think this debate did anything to sway undecided.

        God bless you!

  5. vaughn

    Mike Pence. “We’re going to focus on the criminals first. We’re going to enforce the law.”
    Mike Pence wins the point.

    “Senator, we have a deportation force, it’s called I.C.E.”

    Mike Pence wins the point.

    moderator talks down pence for interrupting but not kaine from interrupting. Typical

    Tim Kaine is trying to score points on SJW bullshit.

    Wow, Mike Pence just really bitchslapped Tim Kaine. Powerful statement on police shootings

    People are already seeing Kaine as a rude jackass on twitter. Even Normie’s can see.

  6. VaughnIn my opinion Mike Pence has scored three points, Tim Kaine has scored zero.
    1. Police
    2. I.C.E.
    3. Immigration Plan

    Will the mercy rule be enforced here soon. Kaine is getting trounced

    Tim Kaine is trying to outrage-peddle. “Donald Trump said a mean thing.” Yeah, dummy, we’ve heard about it nonstop for months.

    Mike Pence’s nerves have called down and he is on a roll. He is crushing Tim Kaine, making him look weak, small, petty.

  7. Bill Mitchell ?@mitchellvii 11m11 minutes ago
    Pence sat quietly and let Kaine talk.

    And Kaine can’t shut the hell up.

    Eric Bolling ?@ericbolling 8m8 minutes ago


    • I agree, Sam – that, in deportement, Pence was the big winner – but, not on the arguments.

      Best wishes, Junius

  8. Linda Suhler, Ph.D. ?@LindaSuhler 5m5 minutes ago
    The ‘moderator’ is shutting down Mike Pence when he talks about Hillary Clinton’s illegal server.
    What a farce.

  9. Tweet @pastorlindstedt

    853 kaine is allowed to interrupt Pence whenever Kaine must clinch for Killary
    Break the clinch: Hillary is a crook and a traitor -.example

    • 903 Do you think Trump is smart to not pay taxes?
      I think Hillary is crooked to bag-lady for the Clinton Foundation use bribes for politics

  10. Richard B. Spencer ?@RichardBSpencer
    Pence is far less charismatic, but he’s a better debater. He doesn’t audit and index every accusation. He deflects and moves on.

    Tim Kaine has the persona of a middle-school gym teacher:
    Dorky, chipper, and little bit creepy.

    • My hubby and I listened to an old speech of Pence’s. He is a GREAT speaker, and really really intelligent.

  11. Bill Mitchell ?@mitchellvii
    By not holding Kaine back, she is actually hurting Kaine.

    Kaine is KILLING himself with these obnoxious interruptions.

  12. Stefan Molyneux ?@StefanMolyneux
    Is Tim Kaine suggesting that Donald Trump caused 9/11 because he used legal tax breaks? The crazy train has left the station.

    I wonder where Kaine’s reverence for the constitution was when Obama was starting wars without Congress…

    • Wish Pence had said
      “We dont nation build. Russians get to pick their leaders and we have to deal with him”.
      “We won the cold war. Trump wants to cash in on the dividends of that. HRC, compromised by all those pay for play speeches, wants to keep the battle going”.

    • An occasional mixed message on Russia isn’t a big deal. It counter signals the Putin conspiracy meme that the Dems are trying to push.

  13. Perfect!

    I have to go to the gym for a workout.

    I’ll have to watch the debate tomorrow. Sounds like fun

    How will media spin?

    Hunter Wallace ?@occdissent
    Throw the damn towel! – Kaine’s wife #VPDebate

  14. Diverse statements of personal faith:

    924 Kaine is a good jewsuit who believes in “good moderate Islamic terrorists” getting guns and pressure cookers and killing Amurrikwans.

    928 Pence actually believes that unborn Beasts of the Field are hu-mamzer and so ZOGlings shouldn’t pay to do something useful like a flush.

    930 So will Tim Kaine support terrorist illegal aliens murdering and raping ZOGling shitizens since the border is open and there’s no wall?

  15. I liked when Kaine said 90% of Clinton Syndicate monies go to charity. Lol. And none go to the Clintons. Lol. And the State Dept investigated and said Clinton did everything right for the US and not for herself (no IG under the witch). Lol

  16. Pence was way to soft on Kaine. If Trump doesn’t step it up next debate and go on the attack, he loses.

  17. Pastor Lindstedt
    932 So Kaine now insists that even if Hillary wins through fraud that all ZOGlings in the mighty Evil Empire must jewnite under one whip.

  18. Kaine was doing the Biden thing from 2012– laughing, interrupting, and so forth. It, according to the cw, gave Biden the victory. My guess is that nearly all pundits will crown Kaine the winner for the same reasons.

  19. Listening to CBS radio news post-debate coverage … they just handed it off from Stephen Portnoy to Lenny Steinhorn.

  20. There are a lot of points Pence could have scored on, but didnt. However, by seeming like a cool head, rather than the chipmunk Kaine, Pence won I think. He achieved the purpose he set out to do: show that there was one guy on the GOP ticket who wouldnt blow his stack regularly, making it a good Butch Cassiday/Sundance team.

    • Pence very calmly, very politely wiped the floor, ceiings, and walls with that Looks Like a Pedo Kaine

      • He did well, but I want to see Trump/Pence bring up more dirt.
        Kaine is a very strange person. If Hillary wins there is a better than average chance that Kaine will be president when she finally dies.

      • He does, doesnt he? Clinton made a bad hire. Trump made a good hire. I finally understand the wisdom of this choice now. Midwest Governor. Extensive congressional experience. Solidified the Cruzie wing of the party. And though not the sharpest knife in the drawer perhaps can memorize his lines. Great southern drawl! (not obnoxious like from Alabams, but just enough). I wanted him to hammer Hillary on her “our religious beliefs have to change” quote.

        • Kaine is what the Commiecrat Party now considers a perfectly normal, acceptable, reasonable hardworking apparachik.

  21. Whenever pence was about to gnaw on a jugular she interrupted him. The Clinton server. Wouldn’t let him finish his sentences whenever he was going to do a zinger like with immigration. Lester did the same thing to trump. It’s a farce.

    • The Anime Asian was wholly irrevelant. Kaine was such a CREEPY ASS, that any noxious behavior on the part of the Mystery Meat Mod was right off the radar.

    • I saw that segment server on video. I wanted to slap her. Is it possible for the Repubs to ever get a neutral moderator?

    • I’ve noticed that none of the debate moderators are straight White males.

      The jewsmedia and its phony “diversity” agenda. There’s certainly no diversity when it comes to who runs the networks and newspapers, that’s for sure. It’s a strictly KOSHER affair.

  22. A couple more choice moments:

    In the middle of the debate, Kaine yelled “you’re Donald Trump’s Apprentice!” with no context whatsoever.

    Kaine referred to himself as ” Hillary’s right hand person.” not man lol

    Pence on immigration: “We’re going to enforce the law.” my comment: Omigod, it’s a hate crime!

    • ‘Kaine referred to himself as ” Hillary’s right hand person.” not man lol’

      Straight out of the cuck handbook.

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