Review: The #KaineWreck

It wasn’t even close.

Tim Kaine lost the vice presidential debate. His speech at the Democratic convention was … bizarre. His performance tonight was beyond terrible – nothing but flailing attacks. My only complaint about Pence was the neoconnery on Russia. His only job though was to win this debate and he knocked it out of the park.

Pence was cool, calm, confident, knowledgeable, solid. He refused to take Kaine’s bait. He stayed on message. Unlike Trump in the first debate, Pence hit Hillary over “Basket of Deplorables,” implicit bias/systemic racism in the police, and brought up refugees and immigration. He also covered all his bases on issues like taxes and abortion and illustrated why Trump was smart to put him on the ticket.

What does Tim Kaine bring to the table for Hillary? He is equally creepy, annoying and unlikable. Progressives were right to have their doubts about this guy.

Note: Be honest with yourselves.

The Democratic convention speech and the VP debate were Tim Kaine’s two big moments in the national spotlight. Do you seriously believe Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders or Sherrod Brown wouldn’t have been a far better choice?

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  1. In a lot of ways Pence articulated Trump’s platform better than Trump himself at his own debate.

    Trump needs to watch this debate performance over and over and mimic it as close as possible while adding some Trump flair to it.

    Pence was awesome tonight. Period. I was impressed.

  2. I put my tinfoil hat on.

    1 Hillary was faking the illnesses.

    2 Trump threw debate one.

    Debate 2 is perfectly set up for a Clinton stumble. A political one. Hopeful debate 1 was not Trump’s intellectual limit.

    • Here’s how I see Debate 1:

      1) Clinton prepared.

      2) Trump didn’t.

      If Trump has been seriously preparing since then, we can make his IMPROVEMENT the story even if he doesn’t “win”.

      Above all else, don’t scare the normies.

      • That’s my point.

        He was lazy glib student in debate 1, now he’s showing improvement…which gives him the potential for momentum.

      • Trump isn’t used to debating anyone. Normally he tells people what to do and they simply do it.

  3. Ha ha ha. Go to hell you nasty witch. You are one of the biggest liars on the planet.

    Sally Kohn ? @sallykohn
    There is no question that, for viewers, Pence won this debate. Which is baffling, considering he lied every damn second!!! Argh. #VPDebate
    9:35 PM – 4 Oct 2016

  4. Yes, HW, the neoconnery was a big turnoff. Nearly all Repubs except Trump, the Pauls and Buchanan embrace that (((crap))). Fortunately, Trump, not Pence or Giuliani or Christie, as much as I otherwise like them, will run foreign policy.

    • Good points, however, the neocon saber rattling will lure many of the ‘trucons’ back into the voting booths.

  5. Trump has two rallies in Nevada tomorrow, then nothing until Monday. Maybe he’ll take three days off to prepare for Sunday?I hope so.

  6. Eric Trump OWNS CNN Panel After VP Debate

    The yidlets try to deflect from his points and keep bringing up the tax BS issue to thwart him to no avail.

  7. Kaine didn’t help her appeal to millenials, thats for sure. I thought he was supposed to be a “nice guy.” A nice person NEVER behaves like that.

    Personally, I wouldn’t change the laws on abortion but among the obvious questions I’d like to see someone ask some day is to these pro choice Catholics: Is it a baby or not? Do you believe its a baby, yes or no? Your church says its a baby.

  8. History then. Bold prediction, last “white male” any where close to the top of the Democratic party ticket

      • Too risky. Everyone has seen what having a spook in the White House for 8 years was like and they don’t want to see it happen again.

    • White male progs have a script they must recite to maintain a position within the prog cult. It is “I’m a harmless white male” line and it has to be inserted in about everything they produce. So that is how ‘Murka ends up with the Kaines of the world, a neutered eunuch driven crazy by the pressures of a system meant to destroy “whiteness.”

  9. Sir,

    I watcht the debate. While I agree with you that Pence’s manner was noble and that he defended himself well, I didn’t see it like you.

    To my mind, Kaine often outjabbed Pennce.

    It reminded me of a championship heavyweight fight I watcht, oh, so long ago – Ali- vs. Frazier.

    Ali outboxed him, but, Frazier got in some very damaging punches.

    Sadly, there were many times when Pence had the opportunity to score and just did not – unable to say the defining thing, whereas, Kaine did – whether I liket his point or not.

    At any rate, all the best to you, the wife, and the kid.

    Junius Daniel

  10. Warren would have been a lousy choice because she has a cult following but can’t actually handle herself in a situation where reasoning is required. Sanders would debate better, but would struggle to help in the South.

    I don’t like how Pence kept calling it “Operation Iraqi freedom” and talked about the need to intervene in Syria (but was probably referring to ISIS) but otherwise I think Pence performed better. It’s true however that for all the things Trump actually said, when Pence denies it, they’ll just play clips of Trump saying it. Still Pence looked like a better debater.

        • I don’t trust Trump as much as others do, but I don’t see Trump invading the middle east with a lot of success. He’s publicly insulted Muslims, they’re not going to cooperate with him.

  11. The Democratic party is a dumpster fire but promoted in part by conservatives who really really want to believe they are being bested by a near omnipotent force of political will.

    Will they get lucky and find a new Obama a blank slate with a calm demeanor whom they can shield, possible but from what I see is a farm system which promotes crazies over normies.

    Off the top of my head running thru the demographic tribes of the Ds I find nothing so I’ll take a stab that the next wunderkid of the Left will be a dot Indian, a swauve educated man that can conceivably work his way up the D ladder without having to actually be crazy.

  12. It’s a funny old election.

    The Clinton’s are aspirational millionaires who want billions. Here’s Trump with his billions doing what Billionaires do, using tax codes to limit liability. And these yapping desperate millionaires are using the basic ignorance of their base to enrich themselves further. Will they reform tax codes to go after the 1%? Not likely.
    Fucking classic.

  13. Hillary would be slam dunk if she had picked Bernie, the Democrat base would be energized at the thought of the old geezer outliving the bitch. However I suspect the Clintons hate him as much as they hate Obama, also the big money Wall Street people pulling their strings would never tolerate that man as VP and she’d have to double down on Hollywood and wholly depend on the likes of George Clooney and Spielberg to fund her campaign.

    • I love Mexican velvet paintings of Elvis! You can buy 4 of ’em for 10 bucks in Ciudad Juarez.

  14. Watching Russian media Twitter feeds last night and they were not happy at all with how the candidates treated Russia. Anyway, Pence proved himself well. Actually he is the best candidate I’ve seen under pressure. If Trump can get through these next debates without any major come aparts he’s got it.

  15. It is mystifying why Hillary Ironpants chose this creepy weirdo as her running mate. Maybe it’s because he was the only one who wanted to the job.

  16. Biden and Kaine have the same creep factor.

    Ricky Vaughn Retweeted
    Jim Sassano ?@Jsano97
    Mike Pence sounds like a wise uncle who tells you stories about life that have important lessons. Tim Kaine is the uncle that touches you.

  17. Pence was masterful. “May I finish my sentence?” constantly was his way of controlling the mediator interruptions without coming off as whiny. His facial expressions gave off an air of incredulity when appropriate, but also a condescending scour, like he’s observing a child acting up in a department store. He would just talk right over them to get his point across, which is what you have to do. And he hit so many points Trump missed. He was so honed in on the attack that the mediator basically had to wave him off by interrupting him constantly, particularly when he was going to certain topics like the email server on cybersecurity and when he started to zing and hammer on immigration.

  18. Nicholas Pell ?@NicholasPell
    All we need to dry up all male support for Hillary is publish a video of Tim Kaine running.

    Congratulations to the Democratic Party for nominating the first all-female ticket.

  19. Jews say white people who are into white identity are ‘bigots’.

    Useful meme is we should refer to Jewish elites as Spigots. Jews control the money supply like city hall controls water supply. Jews turn on the supply on and off(via the FED) to control the winners and losers of society. Notice that Fed Policy made Jews richer and richer, much of it through Wall Street collusion.

    Jews are spigots. Spigot is a financial bigot who believes in Monetary Supremacism for his own tribe.

    Fight the SPIGOTS.


  20. Kaine and Clinton would be disastrous for whites.

    He was a Jesuit schooled missionary in Latin America and a Harvard Law School grad.

    Big time cuck.

    ‘In the urban neighborhoods of Richmond, Virginia, Kaine found his passion. Kaine and Holton moved to Virginia in the 1980s, and he began a career as an equal-housing lawyer. Kaine sued landlords and companies that he alleged did not fairly offer housing to minorities, specifically African-Americans.’


    “Stirring Up Black Hatred”

    Yes, stirring up such hatred in this day and age is dangerous.

    But I see the positives of a movie like this.

    We in Alt Right do not want co-existence and integration with blacks.

    So, movies promoting love and peace are more dangerous than movies promoting hatred and antagonism. We want blacks to hate whites because it gives whites more reason to hate them back and call for a world of their own.

    Better this movie than something like GUESS WHO’S COMING TO DINNER and THE HELP.

    I would say people like MLK and Oprah were more damaging to whites than people like Malcolm X and Farrakhan. If all blacks were like X and Farrakhan, we would have had racial separation already. Black hate justifies white hate. But when blacks act ‘nice’ like Bill Cosby, it is a Trojan Horse trick. Look what happened to the Trojans because they fell for the peace offer from the Greeks.

    The MLK cult and memes of Magic Negroes and neo-mammies like Oprah(who smile a lot) made white people drop their guard.

    So, I welcome these anti-white movies. The more, the better. I hope Hollywood makes 20 anti-white movies that rile up Negroes into violent action. It will ‘redpill’ many more whites.

    Also, a movie like this is identitarian. It says blacks shouldn’t accept and surrender to white culture but look back to Africa for heritage and identity. OKAY, fine by me.

    Blacks in America should identify more with black Africans, and whites in America should identify more with white Europeans. Blacks and whites in America should not identify with one another as ‘fellow Americans’.

    Also, even though Nat Turner’s rebellion was frightful and ugly, there is a moral lesson here. Slaves should rise up and attack the masters. This goes for slaves everywhere.

    White Americans are now slaves. Not slaves in physical chains but in mental and emotional chains since media and academia go all out to chain white hearts and minds with paralyzing ‘white guilt’. It’s like having a ball and chain around one’s ankle in the psychological sense.

    Imagine if white folks were taken as slaves to China and forced to serve Chinese massuhs. If a white Nat Turner rebelled and killed Chinese massuhs and their kids, would you object?

    So, I have nothing against slave rebellion. I agree that blacks were right to rebel and rise up for their freedom(even though, to be sure, black slaves were materially better off than ‘free blacks’ in savage Africa).

    Sure, Nat Turner did grisly things, but what did US do in WWII against Japan? Japan killed 3000 in Pearl Harbor, so US retaliated by killing 2 million, many of them civilians by massive firebombing and dropping 2 nukes that killed scores of women, children, and babies. Righteous Rage always leads to excess violence. Blacks are no different in this.

    And consider Germany and Russia. Germany invaded Russia and killed millions of Slavs. USSR lost 20 million in WWII. So, how did the Soviets get revenge? They destroyed much of Germany and raped 3 million women.

    If Japan had done to US what Germany did to Russia, I think Americans would have killed ALL Japanese… and maybe it woulda been justified.

    Since blacks bitch endlessly about slavery and ‘racism’, I say let them hate white folks and let them seek a separate existence.

    That will be good for whites since blacks are naturally tougher, stronger, and more aggressive, thereby a physical and sexual threat to whites. Black males are beating up white boys, and white girls are turned on by jungle fever because they grow up to rap music, football and basketball, and incidents of black males lording over weaker white males who act like toady dogs in front of blacks.

    We need Safe Spaces for whites from blacks. Nationalism is about preserving one’s nation as a safe space from foreign invaders. And race-ism is about preserving one’s community as a safe space from dangerous races such as blacks who often beat up white guys and sexually conquer white girls.

    Safe Space is one idea that the Right should lift from the Progs. The Right need to push for Racial Rights. Racial Rights says all races deserve a homeland(like Jews in Israel), and all races deserve to live in safety and security. Since blacks are naturally stronger, more aggressive, and more pathological, whites have a Moral Racial Right to demand SAFE SPACES away from blacks.

    Sure, Progs will whine about ‘racism’, but progs use gentrification, stop-and-frisk, immigration, and section 8 to create safe spaces for themselves from black crime.

    White progs supported Bill Clinton’s measure to lock up record numbers of blacks. White progs used gentrification to out-price blacks and push them out of city areas. White progs used Section 8 to massively relocate urban blacks to suburbs and small towns, thereby dumping the black problem on OTHER whites. Progs also use immigration to use smaller/docile Asians and Hispanics as buffer against black thugs.

    So, in what they DO(as opposed to what they SAY), white progs are all about seeking safe spaces from black thugs.

    I support black hate and rage since it justifies counter-hate and counter-rage among whites. The radicalization of the black community will lead to radicalization of white community. Also, when blacks get angry and attack whites, they won’t attack just conservatives but also Liberals and Jews. That means many white Progs will become ‘redpilled’ by the black fist, and they might see the light.

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