Live Thread: Hurricane Matthew

All right, gang.

Enough about politics for the day. This is getting pretty serious. We haven’t seen a hurricane like this since Katrina.

Note: This thing is gaining strength and is either going to come on shore or pass really close somewhere north of West Palm Beach after midnight. If you live along the Florida coast, particularly between West Palm Beach and Jacksonville, you need to GTFO.

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  1. Back before Pat Robertson went totally Christian Zionist, then senile – The Christian Coalition used to blame these hurricanes as God’s punishment for Americans tolerating, promoting abortion and homosexuality.

    I know I’m in advanced middle age when I can remember the time when Norman Lear and the Hollywood Jewish Left feared and fought the Christian Religious Right.

    The Christian religious right is now the Religious Wrong.


    • I am only 40 and i remember that BECAUSE i went to church and heard a preacher moan about it every single Sunday. Unfortunately the Church was always reactive not proactive and was defeated at every turn by the left. The Church spent millions opposing abortion and sending Missionaries to Oooga Booga land, it should have been boycotting protesting and raising cain until the media was exposed. Unfortunately Christians tend not to be aggressive

      • It seems there is a Church and a bank on every corner in the South. With that many churches one would assume homosexuality and abortion would not have reached epidemic proportions. The problem is most are doing nothing, other than sending missions to Mexico and Africa and pledging support to Israel and waiting for the Rapture. They sort of missed that part where Christ said to occupy until I come and to be the salt of the Earth. Salt in those days being a preservative that keep meat from rotting. Christians have lost their salt because there is no doubt society is rotting. Ironically one of the solutions to modern heresy that is Christian Zionism is a book written by a Jewish convert to Christianity entitled End Time Delusions; the Rapture, the Anti-Christ, Israel, and the End of the World.

        • Christian Zionism comes out of Calvinism but it was popularized by a Jew named Franz Rosenswig from Germany in the early 1900’s. Luckily I wasn’t raised a Jew kissing Baptist, I was raised Church of Christ and they believe strongly in Supersessionism (REPLACEMENT THEOLOGY). Christendom is the Kingdom of Israel, the Christian is the Israelite.

          The main problem in the C of C is very few will outright name the Jew, as the C of C puts a high value on civility and not being hateful of others, although if you pull many Ministers aside, they may privately admit that the Jews are evil they wont say that in the pulpit. They will use the more watered down language that THEY ARE LOST WITHOUT BAPTISM.

          Through my own study, I have come to believe that the JEWS of today are largely led by and composed of EDOMITE IMPOSTERS. If you know Bible History, the Edomites invaded Judah when Nebucannezer destroyed Jersualem (2 CHR 28:17) and according to Josephus permanently settled from Hebron to the Red Sea after the Arabs kicked the Edomites out of Jordan. The Maccabean king John Hyrcanus converted the Edomites by the sword, but they maintained their own racial identity and with the help of Rome, overthrew the Jewish kings and were instated as Kings and Lords over Judea. Herod was an Edomite called Idumean in Greek Records.

          Today there are many Jews who have surnames eluding to Edom most glaring of which is ROTHSCHILD which means RED SHEILD. Esau or Edom means red in ancient Hebrew as he was covered from head to toe in bushy red hair.

  2. The biggest danger from those hurricanes isn’t always the storm itself, it’s the roaming packs of feral Negroes who come out afterwards looking to loot, riot and murder.

    • George Bush and the whole family couldn’t care less about white people either. The Bush family has always fully supported agendas inimical to ALL Americans. They just came out and showed their true colors, everyone in the Bush family wants Hellary for our next president.

  3. The 11AM EDT NHC update had it at a 4 with 140 mph gusts moving at 12 mph NWesterly.

    Denninger this AM very early said it being a 5 is within a possibility and that means minimum 150 winds which compared to the 120mph from last night mean 50% more wind energy.

    Two of my wife’s FL friends were staying if it was 120 because their houses are inland enough and built well enough, but today they changed their minds and are moving their families and their many dogs with them.

  4. I wish there was a way to steer this storm out to sea and then direct it north so it visited New England. If there was ever a place that needed at Cat 5 its there

    • I live in New England and I never wished any disaster on Southerners. No matter what you think of us we all have a common enemy that wants all of us wiped off the planet. Divide and conquer amongst ourselves is just what our enemy wants.

    • Remember the Black dude stealing Heineken.

      What a loser, should have stolen a case of Sierra Nevada or Founders

  5. Depending on the severity of the storm and the governments response I’m wondering if there will be any political impact.

    Sandy Hook was a gift for Obama.

  6. 1-95 around Savannah was jammed as far as the eye could see earlier in the afternoon. Lots of local businesses have boarded up, and schools announced that they would close for the rest of the week early on Wednesday. I’m going to spend the rest of today and early tomorrow fastening things down, sandbagging and will board up and go if I need to. Good luck, everyone.

      • Hopefully it will miss us. We are under a mandatory evacuation, but it doesn’t seem that many people are going anywhere. I’ll see how things are tomorrow afternoon before making a decision. If I’m lucky, the back-roads will be drivable and not jammed with traffic for long enough to get out of town. Take care!

  7. This is the first time Florida emergency concealed carry will be in effect. The law allows law-abiding citizens without concealed carry licenses to bear arms during declared mandatory evacuations.

    Existing state law does not authorize the seizure, taking, or confiscation of firearms that are lawfully possessed in an emergency, unless a person is engaged in a criminal act.

    • I bet we’ll have thousands of Haitian “refugees” arriving in the weeks and months to come, courtesy of ZOG.

  8. So is it global warming causing all this? Is there actually verified documentation that shows that hurricanes are increasing in frequency and severity? I know the Reactionary Right does not like to admit the possibility but OD is anything but reactionary right.

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