St. Louis: Why I Didn’t Bother Trying To Improve My Hometown

If you are from the St. Louis area, this video will definitely strike a chord:

Note: Do I feel any sympathy for the people who have singlehandedly made St. Louis the most violent city in America?

No, I don’t feel any sympathy for them at all. The black crime in St. Louis has gotten so bad that it is even worse than Detroit now. I have no sympathy at all for the people who terrorize St. Louis, who have yard signs which say “We must stop killing each other,” and who shot Christopher Sanna in the back outside that Cardinals game. THEY are the problem in St. Louis, not the police, “white privilege” or “systemic racism.”

When I cross that bridge on the Missouri River and enter St. Charles County, my heart bleeds for all the folks who were refugees from black dysfunction in St. Louis and St. Louis County, who built St. Louis and made it into a great city, but who had to move across the river to rebuild their civilization. It is their own modern day Trail of Tears.

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  1. Very good commentary. Who says all blondes are dumb?

    When I think of St. Louis I am reminded of the ill-fated Pruitt-Igoe public housing complex. It was a community of modern high-rise apartment towers designed by the same architect who later went on to design the equally ill-fated World Trade Center. It opened in 1956 and at first everything went very well, until some Marxist Federal judge ordered the complex to be open to coloreds. By 1968 Pruitt-Igoe was all-black and had become so run down it was literally unfit for human habitation. The whole place was dynamited starting in early 1972, less than 20 years after it opened.

    Pruitt-Igoe is the perfect symbol of black failure in America.

    • Charles Jencks said that “Modernism died at 3:30pm in the afternoon March 16 1972, in St Louis.”

      He could say Niggers ruin everything.

  2. Obama’s AFFH is intent on forcing city black into white suburbia. It is best to live in a white suburb comprising owner occupied single family dwellings and a local government that refuses to take federal housing money. This way you may see them working in Walmart but not on your front lawn or hanging around the gas station.

    • The problem with Suburbia IS NOT ONLY SECTION 8 it is aging housing stock. Where I live, you will go into many suburbs and notice every house is between 35-60 years old depending on which burb. Whenever you have aging housing stock, you will get undesirables because as these 1950s/60s/70s homes age they decrease in value. Look at Levitttown in NY and PA among other places, entire neighborhoods of suburban housing stock between 40-70 years old. These homes were meant for a lifespan of 40 years max.

      What we have long needed in the USA and I support 100% is eminent domain on the suburbs to completely bulldoze all of them and then rebuild with new housing stock zoned to forbid the placement of apartment buildings, trailer parks and otherwise in the general area and covenants in the housing contract forbidding owners to turn the homes into rentals at least for a period of 40 years. Had we say in 1990 done this, bulldozed all the inner ring suburbs to the ground, then redeveloped them, we would still have largely safe white suburbs.

      I also support a variant of this program in places like Detroit, Cleveland, Baltimore, Saint Louis, etc complete bulldozing and redevelopment into single family dwellings. Even without Housing Segregation after 1970, it took many years for the Negroes to get into suburbia because the houses were still relatively new. Now we have old stock.

      Unfortunately my program would violate so many civil rights, I would be thrown in Prison before I implemented it. This is why we need a Hitler

      • Why play around with bulldozers, evacuate all the Whites and drop a nuke, think of all the jobs you could create, rebuilding, stimulating the economy!

  3. I think I’m in love. Talk about taking the red pill, and she’s brilliant and beautiful and unashamed and completely aware. I also love she’s from the same area as me (i.e. a good (white) part of St. Louis county) and went to Mizzou.

  4. Yep, she nails it. My wife grew up in St. Louis in the 60s-80s. Her parents finally fled
    after all the kids (7; good Catholics) had left the nest. Far too late. And now all the
    exurbs are being destroyed too. The cancer is spreading outward.

    I live in a nearby rural area that has been growing quickly (too much) due to that continued white flight and now is being increasingly darkened by blacks, mestizos, etc. But even out here the diversity brainwashing has taken hold (more than I would have believed not long ago), and many people have been co-opted as more people they know have adopted black/African kids and intermarried too.

    • This is a fact, however if we did have a way of eliminating most old housing stock and placed strict zoning requirements to forbid rentals it wouldnt be a problem. The odd thing is where i am from IR Marriage is extremely rare, the vast majority 97% of those couplings LIVE IN SIN without clergy.

  5. If the city or county accepts Fed Housing Funds, HUD will demand to move vibrants in

    But I have little sympathy. The other half is the police, or should I say the traffic-ticket-taxation cowboys that rid herd on the tax cattle and don’t care about burglaries, robberies, rapes, or murders.

    Darren Wilson didn’t know Michael Brown shoplifted, but was required to contribute his part of the two million in ticket revenue. Michael Brown knew that even if the store reported something the cops would only take a report over the phone for the insurance company, if that and his theft would likely be successful. Black on black crime? Sometimes investigated and solved. There seems to be a rational lack of fear about getting caught and ending up in prison, at least for violence as opposed for rolling through a stop sign.

  6. See the current issue of River Front Times bro.

    CAM as a contested racial space. Send in the Stormtroopers!

  7. Sounds like this is where they need to place the Muslims since they are bound and determined to import them.

    • I checked out the link, and read your homepage and FAQ. I am not really a fraternity kind of guy, but I wish you well. I also appreciate that you guys are openly Christian, as am I.
      I do believe that you avatar is Daniel Boone. Some of my ancestors knew him before they moved up to Indiana, where I live. I am an old stock white Indiana country boy.
      Check out my WordPress blog “Putnam Liberty Notes” sometime.
      14 Words

  8. I am glad that our racial sister has woke up to reality, instead of embracing multicultural fantasy. Maybe she had good parents, or did not go to college for indoctrination?
    I have driven through St. Louis on a couple of occasions in the last six years; it makes downtown Louisville, KY look tame. And I consider Louisville a high threat environment.
    Blacks + white people who own stuff = gibsmedat violence.
    14 Words

    • By coincidence, Mr. P., you’ve answered a question that came into my mind within the past twenty-four hours or so, I think. The question was as follows:

      “Is Louisville, Kentucky, a crime-ridden black hellhole?”

      The question came into my mind when I noticed, at Wikipedia, the Seelbach Hotel’s location: “4th Street and Muhammad Ali Boulevard.” Until the recent death of Muhammad Ali himself, Louisville, Kentucky, had been for me only a name; but the talk, upon his death, of its having been his birthplace made me think–or start to think–it must be a black locale.

      When I read that address, of the hotel, I was startled, as I probably shouldn’t have been. Once, of course, that edifice was what F. Scott Fitzgerald had romantically transfigured to the “Muhlbach Hotel,” in The Great Gatsby. Now, I’ll guess, it’s just one more danger-ringed site in what’s just one more American city-relic.

  9. Attractive woman, of course, but let us note the sentimentality of the following:

    “And … the black friends that I had in high school that applied themselves, they are doing amazing things with their lives ….”

    When the great day of separation comes, there will not be a single black left among whites. There will be, in whiteland, no blacks doing “amazing things with their lives.”

  10. The same process is or has gone on in hundreds of our cities everywhere. Whites are “safe” temporarily once moving into “too white” areas. The anti-Whites of DC and elsewhere are looking for us. Diversity will keep chasing us down to the last person. I’m hopeful that our people are beginning to realize that.

  11. This hits close to home, unfortunately. I’m within 60 miles of St Louis. The small town I live in is mostly white. Most of the nigs that show up are there because some white idiot brought them there. There is more acceptance of this than I would have thought, which is disturbing. St Louis started going downhill when segregation ended, that and you had the usual factories shutting. Segregation protected the white working classes. That and the police took care of black crime 60 years ago.

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