Alabama State Politics In The Current Year

Admittedly, I don’t spend much time following Alabama state politics.

Nothing much of any significance goes on here. We live under a consolidated government where all power has been concentrated in the federal government in Washington. Every few years we go to the polls and participate in state elections. Generally speaking, it is a pointless exercise that illustrates we retain the vestiges of state sovereignty, but we have all the state sovereignty of a province of the Roman Empire.

Case in point, Roy Moore, the Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. I haven’t even bothered to follow his career because it would be a waste of my time. Again, Roy Moore illustrates why voting in state elections is a pointless exercise. Yes, we elected Roy Moore, but what does that matter when he can be suspended from office for following laws passed by the Alabama state legislature?

This also applies to the state senators and representatives we elect to the Alabama state legislature. We elect politicians. They go to Montgomery and pass bills about this or that outrage in the state. It can be an illegal immigration law like SB 1070. It can be a ban on gay marriage. It can be a voter ID law. Nothing we want in the state matters because it can be vetoed by an elected federal judge.

Why bother to even keep up with the grandstanding and failure theater that goes on in Montgomery? There is better entertainment on television. We don’t live in a sovereign state. The legislators we elect are just puppets of various monied interest groups like Big Ag or the AEA. What we call politics in Alabama these days is confined to a very small realm where no question of great importance can ever be decided by the people.

What about our current True Conservative governor? Gov. Robert Bentley, that great champion of family values, that great evangelical Christian and Sunday School teacher, was divorced by his wife when he got caught screwing his mistress on an audio tape. Apparently, Bentley’s mistress had amassed enormous leverage and power over our state government. Again, I didn’t spend much time on the story, but that’s the gist of it.

Panicking and taking down the Confederate flag in Montgomery to appease the SPLC after the Dylann Roof shooting in Charleston is about all Gov. Robert Bentley has done in office. This weekend he had a great crisis of conscience. He solemnly announced that he couldn’t vote for Donald Trump after his outrageous remarks on the Billy Bush tape was made public. Pretty much the whole state must have laughed at the spectacle of Robert Bentley denouncing Donald Trump over his family values. Have you ever seen a bigger hypocrite?

Rep. Bradley Byrne and Rep. Martha Roby also denounced Trump this weekend. Those two have a reputation for voting for the job destroying free-trade agreements Trump has attacked in his campaign. To his credit, Sen. Jeff Sessions is his own brand in this state and has opposed open borders and globalization.

Anyway, that is how the down ballot looks to me in Alabama. I like Trump and Sessions. I like Roy Moore, but he has been suspended from office for showing we have no sovereignty anymore. As for the rest of them, I couldn’t care less what happens to them.

Note: Martha Roby is my #NeverTrump congressman. I will grant that your congressman might be better in another part of the state.

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  1. Hunter what you see in ALABAMA (which has been at ground zero of this fight since ’63) is what you see in OHIO and elsewhere today. The State Laws are completely of no significance, the Federal Government comes in with their bully boys and FBI to arrest you on the slightest pretext of opposition. The irony and absurdity of the entire thing is so ridiculous, if I had written the entire scenario in a book it would be used as a Twilight Zone episode.

    The local judge here, a DEMOCRAT BTW had a poster of the TEN COMMANDMENTS in his courtroom, and was sued multiple times. He was the furthest thing from a hardcore conservative you could find, his wife and he even adopted nonwhite children. He just was a man with a religious conviction who believed the TEN COMMANDMENTS were the major cornerstone of our laws and should be recognized. He pointed out that the Federal Courthouse in Cleveland OH had a major display inside the Courthouse of the 10 Commandments that had been carved years ago but no dice. He still kept the poster up but I think now in his office. He spoke to our Tea Party Group about this, and talked about going to Alabama and having a long discussion with Judge Roy Moore. He has great admiration for Judge Moore.

  2. Here is the bizarrity of the entire situation. In 1965 at the time of the VOTING RIGHTS ACT, most Northern States held that the law wouldn’t be used against them as they supposedly weren’t ((discriminatory)). WRONG!!!! Once the Feds got that law on the books, they forced it in everywhere.

    Even though Shelby County AL vs Holder eliminated supposedly voter Pre Clearance, and although Ohio wasn’t originally included in the 1965 Pre-Clearance formula the Obama administration still has pre clearance via the back door. After the Democrats and Cuckservatives in Ohio and other states put Early Voting in in 2005 after Soros and the Dems threatened years of lawsuits, now any effort to curtail or roll back these laws even a smidgen gets an immediate Federal lawsuit. There is no doubt that without Early Voting, Obama loses North Carolina in 2008 and he loses Ohio in 2012 and possibly 2008 as well. This is why Clinton will win the election this year. Early Voting=Fraud.

    God knows Hunter i am Pissed. I want this S_____t over

    • Yes there was that black woman in Ohio who voted 6 times in 2012 and bragged about it. She’d been doing it for years. She was a poll worker. Imagine how many others she let vote 6 times.

      • Everyone knows these elections with early voting are all fraudulent. Hillary will win this i said last year she would VIA FRAUD

  3. Hunter

    I think this blog is too negative.

    It’s just our side being lazy.

    Regular Southern people in this district are going to hate the likes of Rep. Martha Roby, who is after all a pushy woman graduate of New York University and now she’s a NeverTrumper, pro Hillary bitch.

    In particular Southern women HATE this type. We just need to get out there and do the work, expose, dox these enemies.

  4. This is a commonplace observation but Dixie reminds me of Germany. Both of them are countries that are still under enemy occupation generations after being defeated in their wars for independence. And both are still laboring under alien-imposed governments that only allow traitors and scoundrels to serve in them.

    • Reconstruction has many parallels with Denazification imposed on Germany by force. It is one reason why they are having problems today. They can no longer think in nationalist terms. You did know the designer of the first national was an Austrian which is why it resembles the Austrian flag, Austria being the strongest Germanic state at the time.

  5. There is no state sovereignty in any of the 50. If those Yankees in 1861 had been able to see ahead 100 years they may have told Lincoln to go to hell and stayed home.

  6. My GOP Congressman here in NJ, Leonard Lance, kept mum and his is a fairly safe seat. We’re exactly the high income suburban district the MSM says is a problem for Trump, especially women, yet the local congressman shrugged about the Trump tape. The GOP Congressman to the north, Garrett, is more vulnerable and he attacked Trump last week but has now gone back on that. Meg Whitman is putting money against Garrett because he’s “extreme.” Where did he think he’d get votes for attacking Trump? What a genius, disrespecting the voters he counts on being reliable for him. (The GOP should show Whitman the door and not let her back in; all she is is money and contempt for GOP voters.)

    I expect all the vulnerable GOP senators to lose. They are very stupid to attack the presidential nominee, who won the nomination in a landslide.I don’t count caucuses where they make it hard to vote. Cruz and Kasich only won 5 primaries together; Trump won all the rest.

  7. Tom Cotton of Arkansas was a TEA Party favorite. He promised if elected to smash Obamacare and crush Amnesty. Instead as soon as he was elected he focused on Iran and wanted American boots on the ground. Keep a watch on this man. He has ambition and wants to be President and will run against Hillary if she wins in 4 years. He is totally Neo-Conservative!

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