#NeverTrump’s Historically Unprecedented Stab In The Back

As I sensed at the time, we were watching a major historical event unfold on Saturday when 1/3 of the #NeverTrump Senate repudiated Trump:

“But after the Access Hollywood video surfaced, that flow became a torrent. On Saturday alone, more Republican leaders had renounced their party’s nominee than in any 24-hour period since the day in June 1912 when Theodore Roosevelt’s supporters bolted from the GOP convention after the re-nomination of President William Howard Taft. By Saturday’s end, nearly one-third of Republican senators and almost one-third of Republican governors had declared they would not vote for Trump. So did former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. House Speaker Paul Ryan only made the rubble bounce on Monday when he announced he would no longer defend or campaign for the nominee.

By comparison, only a handful of GOP senators rejected Barry Goldwater in 1964; former President Dwight Eisenhower, despite private doubts, publicly campaigned for him. Even in 1912, when Roosevelt launched an independent candidacy, the Republican leadership remained more unified behind Taft than their modern-day counterparts are behind Trump. University of Southern California communications professor Geoffrey Cowan, author of a rollicking recent book on the 1912 race, Let the People Rule, says only about a half-dozen GOP senators backed Roosevelt, and less than 15 percent of the convention delegates bolted with him. While some Progressive Party leaders joined Roosevelt’s insurgency, “the Progressives who controlled the Republican Party in their home states generally did not want to abandon the party,” Cowan says.”


To my knowledge, nothing of this scale has ever happened before in American history on the eve of a national election. The #NeverTrump stab in the back was bigger than TR’s revolt that led to the Bull Moose Party in 1912.

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  1. I offer the recent attempted coup against Jeremy Corbyn of British Labour less than one year after he won his party’s “nomination” for Prime Minister.

    In both cases, New World Order Jews are at the heart and soul of the coup.

  2. I was completely disgusted with how Ron Paul was treated last election,this is so corrupt, I can’t even imagine 4 years from now,the baby boomers kept this system intact,I can’t See the (((republicans))) going any further after this.

  3. These comparisons are meaningless. The earlier events–with Goldwater and T. Roosevelt–were true political events, involving disputed visions of America and of its place in the world. Trump is just an oddity, who has lodged himself, formally, as the Republican nominee but is not a real political figure. This is historic only in the way that, say, the crashing of an asteroid into Earth is historic. It can’t be ignored, but the only thing it reveals is that unusual things happen.

        • Oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo…bonnaccorsi is right…. oh boo hoo hoo… trumpf has TOO much money ….only the joos have TOO much money ispo facto drumpf is a joo oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo…

          DON’T VOTE until that fine day in the morning us WHITES have a dirt poor hardscrabble chicken farmer from the backwoods who has no idea how politics works, no idea how the economy works, has no idea how the Big Power in the world thinks and operates as a presidential candidate!

          If the presidential candidate ain’t an uneducated ignorant dirt poor hardscrabble chicken farmer from the deep in the hollow with his very own moonshine still he ain’t on Our White side! Why that drumpf has NO idea how to protect us from swarms of boll weevils!!! Why I bet drumpf never plucked a chicken in his life! drumpf is useless!!! You tell ’em the way it is bonnaccorsi !!!

      • For me, Prez–and for, I suspect, many of Trump’s supporters–it’s about three things:

        Sealing the border with Mexico.
        Ejecting the illegals.
        Keeping Muslims out.

          • No–because Trump doesn’t have a vision. He’s not Hitler. What he has is a congeries of impulses, several of which are consistent with a forestalling–not even that, a mere retarding–of America’s Brazilification.

          • If he’s even sincere. I personally don’t think he is, or at least not very. His impulses are as much about ‘winning’ as they are about the country’s welfare. I do think he wants to be loved or admired more than the average politician, though, which might work in whites’ favor. Might being the key word.

          • Hitler was a gambler. His vision was probably really Rudolf Heß’s (the typist, editor and sounding board for Mein Kampf) and his professor Karl Haushofer.

        • It’s about the 3 things you mention, Bonaccorsi, plus it’s about :

          Stopping the dismantling of American industry and shipping it overseas
          Stop signing Trade Agreements very harmful to the United States
          Void The Trade Agreements Very Harmful To The United States
          Reviving American Industry
          Auditing the Federal Reserve


        • You forgot keeping the Clintons out of the Whitehouse. For me, that’s the single most important thing. They’re vindictive and will start a war with Russia. However, I anticipate Russia running circles around Hillary, politically and diplomatically. Which she’ll take out on all of us.

    • No, they are not.

      Taft and Goldwater were not denounced and disavowed by their own party. There was certainly never anything like a coup against them on the eve of the election.

      • As I predicted, Roman Catholic Ryan stabbed Protestant Trump in the back. Ryan was the coup leader.

        We forget how much, for imagined grievances Roman Catholics, particularly the Irish, hate Protestant leaders like Trump. A lot of that hatred drove the Kennedy family, and the hatred of Protestants generated by them still circulates to this day. The 1964 Civil Rights Act and the Hart-Caller Immigration Act of 1965 were directed at the White Protestant majority.

        It’s ironic, to a small extent, that the Hillary wing are calling for a “Roman Catholic Spring” to overthrow conservative elements of the Roman Church i.e. some Germanics and Slavs.

        • I think every one of Trump’s campaign leaders–Lewandowski, Manafort, Bannon, and Conway–has been or is Catholic. (Not sure about Manafort, but since his grandfather came to the U.S. from Italy right after WWI, I’ll guess he isn’t Shinto.) I hope that counts for something, Krafty …

          • LOL. Maybe that’s Trump’s problem. I suggested he bring Pat Caddell on board, and Trump said he had been talking to him.

      • I’m not sure I follow you, Mr. W. You seem to be saying the comparisons with Taft and Goldwater are not meaningless, as I said they were, but then you point out how the events in which those men were involved were not anything like these Trump events.

    • I’m not the least bit surprised that you would trivialize a figure as historically significant as Donald Trump. He is more than just an aberration, you arrogant, contrarian swine.

    • You claim to be pro-White but never offer anything pro-White. You consistently demean and criticize but never offer anything positive. Are you paid to demoralize or do you just have too much time on your hands?

    • Sure, pal. Trump is an oddity? No, Trump is the result of the liberal/left policies of the last 60 or so years. He is an imperfect vessel but he is the guy who has emerged, like it or not, to represent the real America. The losers, empty suits and cucks he defeated in the primary couldn’t or wouldn’t represent America. The people sensed that and flushed them. Trump is the only person in my lifetime who has had the stones to take the national stage and call the Democrats, the Progressives, the RINO’s and all the rest out, for what they really are. And you sniff that he is an “oddity”. You are the oddity, Bonaccorsi, the poindexter sitting in his overstuffed chair who just does not get it. This is not just another election. if you do not understand that then for God’s sake go in the bathroom and hang yourself, because you won’t like what is coming down the pike.

  4. Ann Coulter ?@AnnCoulter
    Beyonce, cited by Michelle Obama as role model for her daughters, sings about “pussy curvalicious, served delicious.” Oh my. I just fainted.

    • I’d agree that the leadership of the GOP has played footsie with the white working class by running on abortion, guns, god…things that are single issue distractions.

      But the GOP didn’t fill up the hearts of these people with crazy. The GOP has been playing for time until whitey got wiped out demographically.

      Most of Trump’s base don’t have the vocabulary for what is happening but they can instinctively see the pattern.

  5. Trump’s greatest endorsement is the RINOneocons that are SLITHERING over to support Hillary. The Koch Brothers, DICK CHENEY, KARL ROVE, now PANSY-Paul Ryan & CIA chief DADDY Bush. Hillary’s base-Left wing supporters are TOO STUPID to say HEY! Why are all the RINOneocons & BILLIONAIRES supporting someone who “claims” to be for WORKING People?! Does any Working Class person think Hillary gives a POOP about POOR people? All the World’s totalitarian LOOTERS are lining up with SHRILLary, Saudi Arabia, the U.N., the list grows daily. OH! how they FEAR the possibility of their Gravy Train derailing

  6. Could pro-White people have asked for a much better outcome? Sure, Trump could have gone full Nazi, but that wouldn’t have had the same impact and would have fizzled out months ago.

    We wanted to energize apathetic people, educate the uniformed and misinformed, and then find someone they could all rally around; someone who was cocky enough to take on the establishment elites. We got it!

    We wanted Fox News to be exposed as the anti-White/anti-American Globalist pimp—no real difference between it and CNN or MSNBC—that we all know it is. We got it!

    We wanted the GOP cucks to expose themselves, show their true colors to their base, and then slowly drown in a pool of their own feces. We got it!

    The only thing left is for pro-White groups and people to do is organize and be a little loud and pushy. I told you so! should be our new motto when squaring off against anti-White Whites.

    • Trump is undermining every component of the rotten establishment in a way that only a major political candidate could do. If Hillary wins she will be the most hated and distrusted president of all time.

  7. Trump’s campaign is NOT about fomenting racial animosity. Trump does NOT hate blacks, or any other minorities. Trump’s campaign paltform is actually very beneficial for black Americans [ as it’s very benefecial for us white Americans ]. Those who comment here at Occidental Dissent presenting Trump’s campaign as being about Race and being about Racial animosity are real slithering snakes alright. While pretending to be about what’s best for us White Americans, they foment Racial Animosity and make it “appear” as if it’s Trump who is fomenting the racial animosity, when all along it’s really the trolls here who insist on presenting the Trump campaign as something which is causing Racial animosity. Nothing could be further from the truth, as Trump has a long history of being fair-minded with blacks and all other minorities. The trolls want everyone reading Occidental Dissent to walk away thinking us White Americans are supporting Trump because we hate blacks, that’s the reason us White Americans support Trump, as per the trolls. The trolls are No different than Hillary and the cabal/ilk behind Hillary, for Hillary and her Communist/Leftist supporters also say the only reason us White Americans are supporting Trump is because “Whites are full of hate for blacks and minorities”.

    The ones who coment here at Occidental Dissent and insist on presenting Trump’s campaign as a Racial issue and then slyly try to “make it appear” as if Trump’s campaign is about Racial Animosity and us White Americans who support Trump want to see blacks lynched and are full of hatred and violence for blacks and other minorities are NO different than COMMUNIST Hillary and the cabal/ilk behind Hillary, as the trolls pretend “to be on our White side”, the strategy of these trolls is THE EXACT SAME STRATEGY AS NEW WORLD ORDER HILLARY AND THE COMMUNISTS HILLARY REPRESENTS. Real slithering snakes alright.


  8. Trump is in the process of transforming the discredited Republicuck Party into a National Populist or America First Party. Naturally the establishment hacks like things just the way they are. But their empty talk about “values” and “freedom” no longer resonates with middle and working-class White Americans who feel like they are under attack from all sides, which they are.

  9. Trump’s biggest mistake in his campaign was NOT fully explaining why he wants a WALL on the border of Mexico, and in NOT fully explaining why he wants a WALL, Trumps enemies used his less-than-complete explanation to accuse him of “racism”.

    What Trump didn’t say, and what the Mainstream media NEVER says, is that’s there’s low level warfare going on in Mexico. The Mexican drug cartel mobtsres are going around and BRUTALLY KILLING Mexicans who are honest and law-abiding. A re-play of the Cristeros War in Mexico in the 1920’s [ not as intense as it was in the 1920’s, but it is building up to something very intense, very violent, and it’s spilling over into the USA]. What Trump didn’t say is : Obama invited the Mexican drug cartel mobsters who are KILLING honest law-abiding Mexicans in Mexico into the United States and gave the Mexican mobsters and their gangs of Mexican criminals tons of weapons. “Operation Fast and Furious”. The Mexican mobsters Obama invited into the United States and gave weapons to are going around abd KILLING Americans, and the Americans they target the most are black Americans, and in Southern California the Mexicans Obama armed are violently pushing blacks out of traditonally black neighborhoods.

    Most Americans don’t know about Obama’s “Operation Fast and Furious”, the Mainstream media knows about iT but will never inform us Americans about IT. Trump didn’t mention IT either, and that was a mistake on his part. Hillary, of course, will do the same thing as Obama and she, too, will have her “Operation Fast and Furious”. That’s for sure. That’s how much Obama is “opposed” to gun violence, he supplied Mexican drug mobsters with tons of weapons and guns. And Hillary fully supports Obama giving the Mexcian drug mobsters with weapons and guns. That’s how much she’s “opposed” to gun violence. AND the Mexican criminals armed By Obama , an agenda Hillary fully supported/still supports, are violently targeting black Americans the most, that’s how much Obama and Hillary “love and respect” black Americans. But they’re not “racist”, they’re “not into violence” but Trump who is opposed to Operation Fast and Furious type operations is “racist” and is “violent”, as per the Communists.

    Actually, Trump made another mistake ; He doesn’t say, when he’s talking about keeping Muslims out of the United States, that the Muslim immigrants in Europe are being supplied with tons of weapons by ZOG — by ZOG’s shadow government/deep state/ZOG’s mobsters, and ZOG is also supplying the Muslim immigrants coming into the USA with tons of weapons. NOT all Muslim immigrants are Islamic Jiahdists, but ZOG is knowingly bringing in the type of Muslims who do very much want to Wage Jihad, which includes RAPE Jihad — Hillary is supposedly “opposed” to RAPE while doing everything she can to bring about a RAPE JIHAD in the United States like the RAPE Jihad going on now in Europe — and ZOG is goading them on to Jihad and supplying them with tons of weapons . That’s how much Hillary is “opposed” to gun violence, she’s supplying the Islamic Jihadists coming into Europe and into the USA with tons of weapons [ like she supplied ISIS which she recruited and sent into Libya and Syria with tons of weapons ] . She wants to do the same she did in Syria and Libya here in the United States. She wants WAR here in the United States while at the same time she wants us Americans to go overseas and start a World War with Russia, while she foments WAR right here in the United States itself. She wants to us Americans to fight WARS overseas while fighting a WAR right here in the United States at the same time fighting a World War overseas. But she’s “opposed” to gun violence.

    Not all Muslims are Jihadists, but the type of Muslims ZOG is bringing into the USA are for the MOST part NOT the kind of Muslims opposed to Jihad, ZOG is bringing in the type of Muslims who LOVE going on islamic Jihad. ZOG is actively recruiting overseas the most violent and the most Jihadist -minded Muslims to immigrate into the USA. Trump left that part out about Muslim immigration — how our government, behind the scenes, is actively recruitng the most violent Muslims from all around the world to immigrate to the USA and is supplying the Muslim immigrants coming to the United States [ and the ones going to Europe ] with tons of weapons. Hillary is very much a part of supplying Muslim immigrants in BOTH Europe and in the United States with tons of weapons. But she’s “opposed” to gun violence.

    Trump should mention the above, it would help Americans, especially those still on the fence and still undecided, to understand better why he says what he says, why he has such a campaign platform, I hope he mentions the above in the next presidential debate or at least sometime before November 8th.

    His mistake is a mistake of strategy, NOT a mistake in the campaign platform points.

    • For those interested,this book was suppressed by FDR in 1935 ” no God next door”red rule in Mexico and our responsibility. Michael Kenny. FDR made a “deal” with the Catholic church not to distribute it.
      “The lawless roads” by Graham Greene is also a good book.
      I believe poncho villa was a Osama bin laden of the beginning of last century.

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