After The G.O.P.

Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller are up to something. In this latest version of “unshackled” Trump, I think you are already seeing a shift to their post-election plans:

“Trump’s remarks, which he read from a teleprompter, were laced with the kind of global conspiracies and invective common in the writings of the alternative-right, white-nationalist activists who see him as their champion. Some critics also heard echoes of historical anti-Semitic slurs in Trump’s allegations that Clinton “meets in secret with international banks to plot the destruction of U.S. sovereignty” and that media and financial elites were part of a soulless cabal out to destroy “our great civilization.”

“It’s a global power structure that is responsible for the economic decisions that have robbed our working class, stripped our country of its wealth and put that money into the pockets of a handful of large corporations and political entities,” Trump said.

She DOES meet “in secret with international banks to plot the destruction of U.S. sovereignty.” Specifically, we know from Wikileaks emails that she told those Brazilian bankers that “her dream” is hemisphere wide open borders and open trade, not just a North American Union, but a Western Hemisphere Union that includes Brazil.

“The speech bore the imprint of Stephen K. Bannon, the Trump campaign’s chief executive, who until recently was the executive chairman of Breitbart, a conservative website that serves as the virtual town square of the alt-right movement.

Jonathan Greenblatt, chief executive of the Anti-Defamation League, tweeted that Trump “should avoid rhetoric and tropes that historically have been used against Jews” and “keep hate out of campaign.”

Ramzpaul had this zinger on Twitter:

In that speech yesterday, Trump painted a picture of a globalist conspiracy that included the #LyingPress, the donor class, and the bipartisan Washington establishment. He said they would do anything to maintain their grip on power.

What do you think? It didn’t sound to me like Trump, Bannon or Miller are going back to “conservatism.” I think all three are done with the Republican Party. Are they laying the groundwork for the American equivalent of the National Front?

If Trump had ran as a third party candidate instead of as a Republican, we wouldn’t have “members of his own party” (all of whom desperately want him to lose) stabbing him in the back and making minor scandals look worse to the public than they really are.

Trump and Sanders have already proven in this election that a presidential campaign can be funded by small donors. A National Front-style populist party wouldn’t need the albatross of the big donors and their agenda:

“Several of the Republican Party’s most generous donors called on the Republican National Committee on Thursday to disavow Donald J. Trump, saying that allegations by multiple women that Mr. Trump had groped or made inappropriate sexual advances toward them threatened to inflict lasting damage on the party’s image.

To an elite group of Republican contributors who have donated millions of dollars to the party’s candidates and committees in recent years, the cascade of revelations related to Mr. Trump’s sexual conduct is grounds for the committee to cut ties with the party’s beleaguered standard-bearer, finally and fully. …”

The Republican donor class will do anything to hold on to power. Let them keep their precious country club. It couldn’t be more obvious that White working class voters aren’t wanted there. The values and interests of the Republican establishment and its “base” have always been diametrically opposed.

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  1. In the year 1 AT

    Many in the crowds were whispering about Him.
    Some said, “He is a good man.”
    But others replied, “No, He deceives the people.”
    Yet no one would speak about Him publicly for fear of the Jews.

    John 7:12-13

  2. Hunter and others:

    I think we cold use some official statements again opposing counter productive acts of violence, revolutionary fantasy.

    If we lose this election, people will be extremely frustrated, see no hope and some will be receptive to violent revolutionary fantasy talk. The Lugenpresse will be all over this talk.

    Please keep calm, keep a cool head – get your house in order, clean up your computer. Don’t stock pile guns and racist literature. If someone arounds you starts violent talk.

    Just say NO – walk away.

    That’s not us.

    Yes, we’re going to be persecuted – but Hell haven’t all been pretty much persecuted every single day these last 50 years?

    • No one is advocating violence but it’s funny how Whitey is supposed to always remain calm and submit to authority while other groups feel free to protest and riot all they want.

      • Some people, many people will mouth off and talk revolutionary fantasy violence. And the SPLC has about $100 million in off shore bank accounts – they can pay infiltrators to get people to talk violent things.

        • You don’t think they’ve already done that? You don’t think KKK and “paramilitary” right wing groups already are filled with FBI informants and agents provocateurs? Anyway, White rage is becoming no less probable than black rage, which always gets a pass.

        • A friend of mine met up w/ an alleged White Nationalist. He immediately began babbling about doing criminal things. She told him “No. I’m not going to do anything illegal or violent”. she then demanded to see his ID. He said he didn’t have any ID. She told him he was full of it, and he’s a scumbag, and walked out.

    • There’s no reason to
      have stacks of literature.

      But three or four rifles are a good idea. That’s not a stockpile by any means.

      • Cap’n John, I like your suggestion about purchasing a semi auto AK-47. I’ve never owned any guns before but this might be a good time to reconsider.

        • They are cheap and reliable. the full auto version is very difficult to handle too. Most people end up shooting the magazine above the target unless they aim low to begin with. Semi Auto is good enough.

      • I would be very careful with guns.

        Each gun an activist should own should have a purpose – a 22 plinker for target practice, shooting vermin, a revolver for concealed carry street defense, 12 gauge shot gun for home defense, skeet shooting, I don’t see much use of high powered rifles or military style weapons that can’t be used for hunting and are impractical for home defense and cause way more trouble than they are worth.

        Unless you are part of an active military organization with a command officer corp – I strongly recommend you don’t keep let alone stock pile military style rifles.

        • If the sight of scary black rifles makes you uneasy, then you wouldn’t be welcome at my house. When you say “military style weapons” and “can’t be used for hunting and are impractical for home defense,” then I know you don’t know much about firearms.

          What’s a military style rifle?

          • For me military weapon is a fully automatic thing.

            Something with a rate of fire in the 500-1000 (1,200) shots a minute backed up by 10,000 rounds of ammunition. A weapon intended to kill a company of enemy troops and keep an entire batallion’s heads down. Semi Automatic weapons struggle to get there.

          • No select fire/full auto weapons in my collection. Aside from the cool factor of owning one, I don’t think I would go through all the paperwork and waiting to get one. Unless the government is paying my ammo costs, I’d go broke rather quickly.

          • That’s the real difference between a military weapon and and something nice for the house n weekend.

            Unlimited Ammunition.

            Until recently western military powers restricted automatic firepower for private soldiers and had the squad automatic weapon under the control of a corporal precisely because they would run out of ammo too quick. A Mauser, Lee-Enfield, Springfield, Lebel, Nagant were considered military enough back a few decades ago.

        • One reason to get 3 AKs is that the ammo you buy can be used for all three. If you have a repair in the unlikely event of a fouled weapon you have spares.

          You will be spending around $1,800 all together. That is about the same as a single customized AR with all the bells and whistles.

          If you are unluckily in a riot or whatever you have enough gear to have the adults in the family or household armed.

  3. If we had freedom of speech in this country the Jews wouldn’t be in a hole but it seems they won’t stop digging but insist a bigger police state will solve the “problem.”

    So we put a highly insecure group of people in charge of the gatekeeping and idea industry in this country, that is not working out very well. And this is just when the opposition to it is little more than an internet troll shrieking “kike”, now imagine when a truly effective button pushing opposition forms.

    And more good news the “Nice white woman” electoral strategy put in place in 1992 by the Clintons is cracking up, you heard it from me first.

    So all you churchian fools and 88ers the line about “muh Aryan princess” needs to be rethought. It is time to sack up and put away the “muh Aryan princess” pedestal and get yourself some GAME.

  4. You think a new party? And the Republican Party dies? Is that necessary?

    If Trump loses, certainly.

    But if he wins, he becomes the head of the Republican Party. Maybe he could MRPGA. Save on all the lawyers’ fees for the paperwork in setting up a new party.

    I’ll bet he’s sorry now for endorsing McCain.

  5. We are the impetus. At this point it really doesn’t matter whether Trump wins or loses—I’d prefer a win to be honest. He’s shown that bold, assertive, rational, free-thinking people don’t have to side with The Right just because they don’t agree with The Left. When only given two choices, you often find out that you really had no choice at all. It was only the illusion of choice.

    Assert yourselves to create pressure. Find the cracks, then Insert yourselves.

  6. Any party formed would be quickly co-opted by the powers that be . Any reform they might pass would be declared Unconstitutional. American patriots need to grow up and realize there is no solution within the constructs of the current political system. The Ethno-State resolution is now the ONLY solution!

    • A political party formed explicit only the notion of Southern independence would be much harder to corrupt. Any policy adopted by the elite that contradicts the founding principle of the party would be immediately exposed and rejected.

  7. How ironic it is that the day after the election is November 9th a sacred day in German history. And just for the record because I know the Judeo-Liberal coalition will twist the meaning and think I am issuing “dog whistles” or coded messages the date predates any association with the Greater German Reich.

  8. It seems like the polling showing Trump down by double digits was manufactured. NBC/WSJ showed him down two, then down 7 in a week, but they simply went from D+2 to D+9, and then said, “Look Trump is down.” Rasmussen Daily Tracking and LA Times Daily are about even, and Trump is rebounding, and will probably retake the lead in these polls. Trump will do will to ruthlessly attack the media and continue the rigged media/debate narrative at the next debate and continue the globalist attack. He’s going to win this in my view. We’re seeing the last gasps of media desperation.

    • He will very probably win numerically, but his insistence on digging that hole deeper with women will more probably enable The Party to steal it from him.

      His defense from the People reporter’s accusations was pathetic and very self destructive. The notion that he as an old wrinkly sexual has been was somehow a way hotter commodity than a considerably younger and attractive looking woman really grates on women. Women don’t care about sexual assault as some united group; in fact, it tends to divide them more than anything else. But claiming as a less aesthetically attractive man to be so superior to a woman in the looks department that she could somehow never be his victim works against women’s psychologies. Women pair with significantly older men to get money out of them. They might want to ‘brag’ (some of them) that a rich old guy (or any guy) came onto them, or sue him for money, but they don’t actually want him sexually.

      This will shatter the egos of decidedly fragile pro-white maledom, Sexual violence is an act of power. There is no single power dynamic that motivates it. But it’s always an expression of taking power over a woman, and Trump just simultaneously insulted ‘professional’ and ‘traditional’ women alike – a most unique accomplishment.

      • I’ll add that these stories surfacing about Trump sound entirely implausible, but so do the stories of ‘assault’ by Clinton. Both men are sleazy but it’s unlikely either of them is an actual ‘assailant.’ Whether they’ve taken too much bait is another issue, but neither strikes me as an instigator of ‘assault.’

        • Disagree about Clinton, he’s been raping/assaulting women since 18 in England at Oxford. Trumps biggest problem is with talking about girls aged 10 or so on video (my opinion) and the fact that most of his degenerate comments are videoed and put out constantly by the media. (While Clinton had Arkansas state troopers vouch for one or two of his rape victims and there’s evidence for fifty trials, the media just blanks it)

          I mean bragging about screwing black women and talking about being sexually attracted to his own daughter and how he would love for her to date black men is what disgusts me. I believe he has to get into office over Hillary, but those are the main things which repel me as a white woman.

          Would never be enough to sway me not to vote for Trump, however he’s certainly not someone who I would align my values or traditional Southern values to….but he’s the only one who can stop Satan Hillary.

          • He’s the only one who can stop her and the anti-white globalists’ momentum. I don’t think he’s more than just a stop gap, though.

            Juanita Broderick changed her story. She testified during Monicagate that Bill’s aggressions were minor, and Linda Tripp testified that Kathleen Willy (sp?) admitted to plotting to trap him. Tripp hated the Clintons so why would she have lied about that? Why did Juanita hang out in a hotel room with a man and not see his invitation as a come on?! She claims to have been ‘in denial’ when she attended one of their campaign events three weeks later. A 35 year old woman should’t be that fragile and malleable.

            Paula Jones was in fact not in Bill Clinton’s league. There was nothing about her whatsoever that he would feel threatened by. She was plain looking and totally mediocre in all ways.

            The evidence just doesn’t seem to square for me that he actually ‘assaulted’ anyone.

          • Oh and thanks for expressing disgust for Trump’s character in these ways. One would think reading this blog that all southerners condone his pettiness (and worse). He does not represent most of our ethnicity’s values in the North.

          • I will say since I know some posters here in real life and have been a Southerner going back nearly half a century I can speak with a bit of knowledge on the subject.

            Southerners love that Trump is taking it to the media, the establishment, the career politicians – and even though his outspokenness came across as harsh or bold to many at first, people sense his sincerity. Also, just speaking about getting Hispanics out, muslims out etc is very refreshing after so many decades of limp wristed back stabbers in office.

            He doesn’t really share our religious views, our social views, our views on race mixing and decorum in general – but it doesn’t matter because the mere fact that he’s touching on pro white and anti globalist stances are enough to get him votes. Also he was seen as the ultimate underdog – David vs Goliath.

            Maybe Brad is right and the whole party will implode – that would be great and worth the headaches. But as a white Southern woman I and most of my family and friends obviously think he has his own personal issues (ie promoting race mixing with black men/women). The left has been telling us forever that personal issues are just that and moral should be left at the church door, so their outright hypocrisy is seemingly lost on no one. Polls are right back where they were before this all blew up.

      • Very common for young women to be aggressive towards rich/powerful much older men. Remember it was Monica who propositioned Clinton when she brought him the pizza.

  9. WaPo jews: “Trump’s remarks were laced with the kind of global conspiracies and invective common in the writings of the alternative-right”

    There’s a chasm between ZOG and the people.

    There are two ways to describe it:

    – From our point of view,
    it’s a zoggish conspiracy against the people.

    – From ZOG’s point of view,
    it’s a populist and antisemitic conspiracy by the people, especially the working class, against the elites, and it’s happening for no reason at all!

  10. “If we let Hillary’s opponent win this election, then we are sending a clear message to our kids that everything they’re seeing and hearing is perfectly okay,” she said. “We are validating it. We are endorsing it. We’re telling our sons that it’s okay to humiliate women. We’re telling our daughters that this is how they deserve to be treated.”

    The molehill of benign, accusatorial conjecture and hearsay leveled against Trump vs the mountain of naked facts about the Clinton Cartel and their long history of lies, deception, rape and sexual assault, slander, gross incompetence, and selling our national sovereignty to the highest bidder.

    Yeah, I guess when you’re a mindless Leftist, telling the entire truth to your sons and daughters isn’t really as important as having them follow your own psychotic, perverted vision of what a civilized country should look like.

  11. The Dems should change their name to Cat-Lady Party.

    Hildebeast makes Dyke-TalmudVision appeal to Cat-Ladies:

    ‘I felt, whoa, this is really weird’: Hillary Clinton tells Ellen DeGeneres she was ‘stalked’ by Donald Trump during televised debate 

    Mailonline | 14 Oct 2016

    In her first interview since the debate, Clinton said Trump would ‘literally stalk me around stage and it was so odd’.

    ‘I would just feel this presence behind me. I felt, whoa, this is really weird.’ 

    ‘You could just sense how much anger he had’, she added in the aftermath of the revelation of a video showing Trump making vulgar comments about women more than a decade ago.

    Clinton sat down for the popular daytime talk show ahead of a Los Angeles fundraiser with singer Elton John discussing her bout with pneumonia.

    Clinton vowed to defend Americans she says have been attacked by Trump on Thursday, telling donors at a fundraiser that the campaign’s negative tone might make some people retreat to the Internet to watch soothing cat GIFs.

    Without mentioning allegations of sexual assault against Trump, Clinton said, ‘disturbing stories just keep on coming’ about him. 

    But she offered herself as a buffer to his insults of immigrants, African-Americans, Latinos, Muslims and the disabled.

    ‘There’s hardly any part of America that he has not targeted. 

    ‘Now it makes you want to turn off the news. 

    ‘It makes you want to unplug the Internet or just look at cat GIFs,’ Clinton said to laughter. 

    ‘Believe me, I get it. In the last few weeks, I’ve watched a lot of cats do a lot of weird and interesting things. 

    ‘But we have a job to do and it will be good for people and for cats.’

  12. All one has to do is describe Jewish behavior and they automatically know you’re talking about them. You need not say the word “Jew” or anything specific like that.

  13. New York Times, Oct 14, 2016:

    Whether intentionally or not, Donald Trump is evoking classic anti-Semitic themes that have historically been used against Jews and still reverberate today,” Jonathan Greenblatt, the chief executive of the Anti-Defamation League, a group that fights discrimination, said in a statement

    Mr. Greenblatt said the group feared that white supremacists might see the comments as tacit encouragement.

    “Mr. Trump focused on the very issues and themes that obsess conspiratorial anti-Semites: They believe that there is an elite group of Jews who control the media, the government, and banking, and who are trying to destroy white America,” he said. “They also believe that most of Hillary Clinton’s donors are Jewish.”

  14. Byrlyne Van Dyke
    #Hillary paid SHARIA LAW CENTER a monthly payment of $30,000?? WTH FOR??

    .@GlenBeckBRK was paid $109,000 by #Hillary & Clinton Foundation?? For what?
    To trash @realDonaldTrump ??

    Byrlyne Van Dyke Retweeted
    Carol F ?@carolfung007
    Carol F Retweeted Byrlyne Van Dyke
    #PodestaEmails7 Hillary uses Clinton foundation to pay polling companies to lie?

  15. We have to do much more

    My god we re 3 weeks away from having a feminist woman president from Yale law school.

  16. “It didn’t sound to me like Trump, Bannon or Miller are going back to ‘conservatism.'”

    My–what exciting times for whites. I can’t wait to see the outstanding leadership we’ll be enjoying from Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, and, uh, (((Stephen Miller))).

  17. Let us be honest about the Republican party, the situation it has been in for years, and was continuing to head towards. The Republican party before Trump was already finished, it was poll miserably, and after the Tea Party people gave up on it.

    People saw that the party was not representative of them, their families, communities, and values. The party was losing membership and affiliation in record numbers. Trump came along and Republican party membership is through the roof, while Democrat membership is down.

    The Republican party is in a very difficult situation because neo-liberals have been n control of the party for so long, and there is very little media backing of the party, and the only backing it has that makes it a viable opposition party, are media outlets all controlled by neo-liberals like WaPo, Fox News, etc. These are media outlets happy with the status quo, and aren’t really conservative. The the fate of the Republican party has already been decided, because it’s leaders have failed to make changes, to challenge to leftist, liberal, Democrat control of the media. Since the Republican party is beholden to neo-liberal big money politics and doesn’t have the media influence to challenge the Democrat control, the party is basically a shell, unable to challenge allegations thrown at it by the leftist dominated media which controls everything from print, to late night shows, to most major TV news channels.

    Trump won the Republican primaries and is doing very well in battling the rigged system in the general because people want something different, people can see the problems, but aren’t given solutions by the politicians or the media who keep their bigotry and radical agenda alive.

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