The SPLC’s Stupid Post About This Website

It starts off like this

“Those familiar with Occidental Dissent, the brainchild of the neo-Confederate League of the South’s (LOS) Bradley Dean Griffin, might be confused as to why an avowed “Southern Nationalist” blog has spent the past few months championing Donald Trump.

Taking the views of the League –– a pro-secessionist organization –– at face value, it seems highly unlikely that any hardcore believer in their cause would go to bat for a presidential candidate, Republican or Democrat. …”

I admit it.

I like Donald Trump. Even though he is a Yankee, I think he is great. I think he is having an enormously positive impact on American politics. I would prefer that he win, but if he loses, he will have still left us off better than we were before. I’m supporting Donald Trump because as far as I am concerned he is a win-win for us.

Why would a Southern Nationalist support Donald Trump? For the same reasons that William Lowndes Yancey traveled across the North in 1860 proclaiming his love of the Union. From a Southern perspective, Donald Trump is the ultimate shit test. If Yankees can’t bring themselves to support Donald Trump, what does that say about them? Maybe it says they are unwilling or incapable of Making America Great Again or Taking Back America. If they can’t support the greatest man who has ever run for president in this country in our lifetimes, who can blame the South for wanting to secede from the Union?

Unlike his fellow fire-eater Robert Barnwell Rhett, William Lowndes Yancey understood that Southerners loved the Union and would only reluctantly embrace secession. Yancey looked for polarizing issues that could split the Union and found one in Stephen Douglas’s position on squatter sovereignty. He used squatter sovereignty as a wedge issue to destroy the Democratic Party which had blocked secession in 1850.

I think Donald Trump is our equivalent of squatter sovereignty. Either Donald Trump wins and mainstreams our views on a host of issues or he loses and destroys the Republican Party. What’s not to like? I think the Alt-Right had the right approach all along which was to support Trump as far along as he could go.

And no, I don’t support hiding out in a bunker or going the vantard militia route. I’m going to be more successful as a pundit than as a doomsday prepper. If Trump loses, why not use it to organize and agitate for a BREXIT-style independence vote?

Note: I’m not ready to write Trump off. I think a Trump victory is unlikely at this point, but we should wait until the polls settle. Regardless, I am voting for Trump and look forward to supporting his future endeavors. He took a great risk for us.

One more thing: I am not really hostile to Northerners and Westerners. I think Donald Trump is a positive development for them. Generally speaking, I support the growth of nationalism and populism everywhere: in Europe, North America, Australia/New Zealand. I’m don’t support petty nationalism.

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    • The bizarre irony is that Douglas the Vermont Yankee took the Southern side and Abe Lincoln who was Poor Southern White Trash from Kentucky took the opposing side. The Poor White Trash has always been dangerous backstabbers Hunter, we all know this. Look at ANDREW JOHNSON. Case in point

        • Bill Clinton wasn’t poor, I was at his Birthplace in Hope Arkansas in 1997 took photographs of it. The house literally had two and a half stories gigantic place. Now Clinton was born in 1946 and called himself poor, but poor in 1946 Dixie usually meant living in a 2 or 3 room house or even a tarpaper shack. My dad and his brothers grew up in a 3 room rough pineboard house. That was poor.

          Clinton definately was Trash as his mother was more or less a High Priced Whore.

          • Clinton’s mother came across as the town whore. Maybe that sounds unkind but the identity of Slick Willie’s daddy has never been ascertained. Reminds me of Charlie Manson.

          • What we must also remember is when FDR and TRUMAN were President W AVERELL HARRIMAN had switched parties just in time from Republican to Democrat and thus was so well positioned that he became Ambassador to the USSR in 1943, US Ambassador to the UK briefly in 1946 before becoming Secretary of Commerce from 46-48.

            Harriman was governor of New York from 1955-58 and was succeeded by Nelson Rockefeller (Rep). Remember the Harrimans and Rockefellers were business pals dating back to the 1800’s. ALL IN THE FAMILY

            Harriman was then forced upon JFK who made him Ambassador at Large and Harriman was part of the 1963 Coup in South Vietnam. That preceded Kennedy being whacked.

      • Was the fact that Lincoln was a Rosicrucian influence his attitude towards negroes and state’s rights?

  1. Who says a Southerner has to hate a Northerner? The SPLC should stop putting words in others mouths.

    PS, Cairo Illinois is essentially Southern. Certainly was back then.

  2. Trump losing is not necessarily the end of our partnership either.

    He would be well positioned to lead the Bilateral aspects of Partition: either

    1) Getting many states to ratify a Secession Amendment to the Constitution. 75% on one state ballot, 67% on two ballots, or 50% on three ballots, spaced 2 years apart.

    2) Amplifying Greg Abbott’s call for a Convention of States wherein splitting the country rationally could be accomplished.

    3) Advocating a Treaty between the US and the new nation wherein the US cedes significant territory to the new nation, while simultaneously setting up travel, monetary, defense and trade agreements.

    4) The Courts affirming the secession actions of any or many states under the 9th and 10th Amendment and possibly the 1st (freedom of assembly).

    The Unilateral aspects: defense leagues, shadow government, elections, money, flags, signage, etc. would be the perfect outlet for the energies of the “alt right”.

  3. Yep, Hillary is far ahead in every poll now and Trump victory seems impossible at this point. Still, he has spent millions to arouse white working class and this shouldn’t be for nothing. Even a loser Trump in November will have done more good than harm. He has awakens us.

    • I told everyone Hillary would steal the election and that is what is happening. The Jew Media is SELECTIVELY choosing what stories to follow, A Negro moderator under Jewish pressure was obviously FORCED to throw the debate her way by INTERRUPTING Trump 41 times. I doubt some of our greatest oraters could have looked any better than Trump did after 41 interruptions. I doubt even Daniel Webster or John C Calhoun for that matter could have debated well after being interrupted 41 times. Of course Calhoun wouldn’t have allowed a Negro to even ask him a question aside from “You want something boss?” TRUTH

      Now we know now NBC handed her the questions beforehand. No Surprise there.

      Yes friends and neighbors there are ways to throw an election without actual ballotbox stuffing. You can throw it by controlling the narrative. The South always FAILED at controlling the narrative in the early days, because there were no large journalistic cities there at first. By the time it caught up in the 1850s it was too late. The Associated Press was established in 1846 in NYC and even Southern papers before and probably during the war used AP.

      Around the 1920’s as atheists/agnostics became dominant in the US Media and conglomerations became more powerful the South again lost the power to effect the narrative. Ironically one of the most vicious critics of Southern religious culture was a Southern man from Baltimore HL Mencken. So when you have the narrative controlled and a full spectrum dominance by Secularist/Hedonist/Satanists. you get HILDABITCH

    • He spent millions of dollars, risked his brand and fortune, and subjected himself to extreme character assassination. That’s why I love Donald Trump.

      Donald Trump doesn’t give a fuck. He’s like come at me. I will say what I think. The spine of 99.9% of businessmen would melt.

    • So not worried about it, in the long run the Revolution has already happened. Jewry just doesn’t know it yet. They will soon

  4. The Southern Perverted Law Center is FISHING Hunter. We know that they want to split any and all Nationalist movements. NICE TRY POTOK but no cigar

    • Except for the fact that, subconsciously, most people still think this way. On both sides of the Ohio, and especially during football games.

  5. Just for standing up to the people who want to destroy America whores have come out of the walls lying and say he groped them. But they were fine with Bill Clinton raping.

  6. Simple fact. If Hillary and Bill win, that’s the end of our economy, and the begging of the war to end all wars.

  7. For what it’s worth, I spoke to 2 young women, in separate places today. I’m certain they don’t know each other. The one is a young, earthy crunchy natural blonde. Looks like a hippy. The other is what most normal men would drool over. A total Babe. They are both voting for Trump.

    • Thanks, DenisetheCelt. (((The polls))) would never tell us that. But you did, which is encouraging news, so thank you. I think real women actually respect the fact that Trump is a dude.

      • They do NOT care about the BS all these trashy CRAZY lying tramps & whores are spewing. No woman I know does, young or old. I don’t hang around w/ Lefties or Lesbos, of course. Honest women know that other women SEEK OUT wealthy powerful men, and have always done so. Women are extremely competitive, and we seek our own well-being and comfort. Things are getting real. The time for self-delusion is screeching to a halt. We know that Trump will protect
        us, and Hillary will destroy us.

        The young Hippy Type chick -and she’s not a hippy, but only dresses like one – has a really deep understanding of politics. We haven’t gotten into the Jew Thing YET ….but we had a big discussion about Putin. She knows he’s the Good Guy. This young lady had a dual major in college. She actually admires Trump’s business acumen. She’s very impressed by all he’s done. ANY business person knows that every business has it’s ups and downs. Her family has their own small business, and she knows what a Clinton Presidency will DO to them. FYI – we got into the IQ issue. She’s never had her’s tested. This is where I got into racial issues. I told her that Race is REAL, racial differences are profound, and because of her interest in the business world, I told to check out Forbes Best/Worst lists. A STARK pattern emerges immediately – if you choose to see it. THAT hit where she lives. I told her she should get her IQ tested, for fun. I’m certain she’d be in the 120-130 range. She said didn’t want to brag; she doesn’t want to seem better than any-one else. I cut her off – I told her she IS better. “You ARE better.” (She is. She’s a lovely girl) “Why deny it? We’ve been catering to the worst elements – it’s KILLING us. We need to begin to cater to the Best and Brightest, in order to advance Human Civilization”. She obviously never thought along these lines. I shocked her. Her reaction was that I made an interesting point.

        The Totally Hot Babe – she’s frightened. She knows about the Muslim destruction of Europe. She’s a fun, stunning Fashionista. Her parents teach her about politics. She’s in her mid Twenties. She’s scared to death of what will happen if Hillary brings in THOUSANDS of rapugees. She really appreciates her parents, but I guess that they don’t discuss these matters with casual acquaintances. She was shocked to speak to me, because I am VERY forthright about my opinions on Non-White invasion. EVERY-ONE knows I’m a KNAZEE. I told her that it’s not OVER after Nov 8. I told her everything is just beginning. The cool thing about her is that she can influence her circle.

        These 2 young women do NOT care about the sexual slander of Trump AT ALL. They care about our Civilization.

  8. Question:

    If the Muslims they bring into the US were committing the same level of attacks– quantity and severity (e.g. San Bernardino and Orlando) but targeted only Jews, would they stop importing them or not? Would Jews trot out the holocaust business to demand an end to it?

  9. If Trump loses he should just set up a competitive (to Fox) news network (TNN) and start setting up rallies around the country calling for the impeachment of Hellary for the crimes she has committed which main stream media has given her a free pass on…as the South prepares to secede…

  10. “…we should wait until the polls settle.”
    And therein lies a VERY weak link in your armor. If you are putting ANY stock whatsoever in (((the polls))), you are already a third of the way to defeat.
    (((THE POLLS))) ARE CREATED BY (((LIARS))) AND ARE THEREFOR LYING. In fact, the exact OPPOSITE of what (((the polls))) say is most likely the truth.

  11. thought the rasmussen poll had trump ahead. but as we all know, never put too much credence in polls. WSJ also pointed out that trumps strategy will also be to lessen the voter turnout for the filthy one. and that’s a great way to do it. everyone hates her. bernie’s supporters won’t be showing up and the black won’t either. her base is fags, jews and abortionists, that’s it.

  12. The Jews want to palestinize America. They are doing to America and Americans what they have done to Palestine and Palestinians. They have created a surveillance state to snoop on Americans, they are leading the effort to disarm Americans and nullify the second Amendment and they want to ovewhelm the historic white American nation through non-white immigration.

  13. Trump definitely has the popular vote. If Hillary wins, know the election was stolen. All honest objective polls has Trump at 80% and Hillary at 20%. The only way now Hillary can win is if the Establishment steals the election from Trump. Soros already said he and his cabal/ilk will try to steal the election if Trump wins the popular vote.

    If they manage to steal election from Trump, that will a Great Crime against the American people. Unfortunately, lots of big-shot so-called “traditional, patriotic, conservative” Republicans will be there alongside Soros helping him and the Democrat bigwigs steal the win from Trump to give to the Mega New World Order Communist Hillary.

    Half, if not more, of the Democrat grass roots despises Hillary for stealing so many primaries from Bernie Sanders ; I don’t care for Sanders but he rightfully should be the Democratic nominee, NOT Hillary. One-third of blacks support Trump, lots of Hispanics and other minorities support Trump, most white Americans support Trump. She doesn’t have that much support among women as Hillary would like to think. There’s no way Hillary can win the popular vote. The only way she can “win” the election is if the shadow government steals the election and gives it to her.

  14. “What is it like to live in fear?”

  15. Yet the SPLC NEVER cries and complains about Hunter’s Occidental Dissent when at those times Hunter goes off on his occasional JUDAH P. BENJAMIN dervishing worshipping extravangazas praising The “patriotic and loyal Southern” Jew of ALL Jews to The Heavens and Beyond. Never mind Judah P. Benjaimin deserted The South the second it was clear the South had lost the War , Judah was “loyal” to The South, 😉 . I notice The SPLC NEVER complains about Occidental Dissent when Hunter lights votive candles to Judah.

      • I don’t know where the votive candles are lit, Nyash Myash 88, maybe in the Paris cemetery where Judah is buried in the “sacred soil of Dixie”, after Judah burned all his private papers and letters the day before he kicked-the-bucket, the papers/letters/documents he didn’t get around to burning during the fall of Richmond, too busy burning so many Confederate government records before he high-tailed it to London and then to Paris. Who knows, I don’t know, I’m just a Yankee, LOL.

  16. “If Trump loses, why not use it to organize and agitate for a BREXIT-style independence vote?”

    Now we’re cooking. This is the way we need to be thinking. The election is less than a month away, so if we want to be prepareded to capitalize on a Trump loss, we had better be thinking about it –yesterday.

    There will be a short time when ppl are incensed, impassioned before eventual resignation, acceptance of defeat.

    The first 24 hrs or so will be the golden period for #secede or #FreeDixie hashtags on twitter.

    The next 2-3 months will be the golden period for #Secede billboards.

    After that, we are basically back to where we are now, slow genocide of a demoralized people, accepting defeat.

  17. Sir,

    They are simply goading you for goading’s sake.

    Southern Nationalist goals can be accomplisht in a variety of ways, and voting for Trump certainly does not negate them.

    In fact, it provides an immigration and judicial respite as the sentiment, of the citizens in the South and Midwest rises that New England Government concept that ‘America’ is a lost sham of a theory to more than 25 states.


    • It’s not that ‘America’ and ‘Americanism’ are concepts lost to all, it’s just that it, in it’s present incarnation it is the incarnation of the dominance of the New England world-view; and, as such, it cannot succeed longterm.

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