Russia Dispatches Warships To Sail Along The English Channel

Unfortunately, they are headed to Syria, which means the Russians won’t be landing to liberate the UK:

“Russia is expected to sail its only aircraft carrier through the English Channel later this month amid strained relations between London and Moscow over the Syria crisis.

Royal Navy chiefs and their Nato allies are drawing up plans to escort up to eight Russian warships which are due to leave port imminently to join the country’s air strike campaign against Syrian rebels.

Admirals believe the Kremlin will use the voyage as an opportunity for a show of strength as it passes Britain, and expect the carrier’s aircraft to launch flying drills off the British and French coasts. …”

It’s a great disappointment to many who wish they could be rid of the clique who are responsible for Rotherham.

Wouldn’t that be something if NATO got into a shooting war with Russia? I hope all these hipsters with manbuns and skinny jeans are ready to sail off to Europe to fight the Russians. NATO could convene its female and transsexual generals. Let all these blacks in our ghettos go over there and show the world that the Red Tails are back!

I can imagine the Russian Army rolling across Eastern Europe and into Germany and Western Europe where they would be greeted by millions as liberators. French women would throw flowers at their feet. German men would praise the Russians for saving them from Angela Merkel’s Islamization of Deutschland.

Maybe it wouldn’t play out that way, but it is still a pretty picture, isn’t it?

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  1. Daily-Mail-reading proles didn’t buy the warmongers’ fare (the Royal Navy is “scrambling” to meet the “threat”) :

  2. I always thought that in terms of sheer beauty the Russian and German national anthem were the best and the America one was one of the worst.

  3. Look up the one where the Russian female pole vaulter breaks record as the Russian anthem plays in the background.

  4. The (((NATO allies))) are playing a stupid game against the Russians, one they are ultimately going to lose. Good point about all the female and tranny NATO generals, HW. The Russians are laughing their heads off at how neurotic and feminized the West has become.

    • During the Ukrainian adventures I watched youtube videos with those “green uniformed” afghan vets inside APCs, acting as Top for younger platoons- urban and field warfare: those are some seriously well-trained and dedicated folk. Laughing and crazy, and kicking ass- a joy to watch.

  5. My father was in Italy in WWll. After he was wounded at Anzio he got a cushy hqs job. They would listen in to the Tuskeegee airmen flying around, terrified of running into a German plane. Bunch of clowns.

    • That Tuskeegee Airmen propaganda stunt was dreamed up by the lesbian communist Eleanor Roosenfeld. FBI Director Hoover had a file on her.

      • Hoover had files on everyone. It would be a gift from Heaven to have those suddenly available to the public.

        • Unfortunately it is believed Hoover’s secretary burned or shredded all of them. She had been friends with J Edgar since 1920. Edgar was no friend of ours, he persecuted Marcus Garvey the Silver Shirts, the KKK, the Black Legion, The American Nazi Party and probably had George Lincoln Rockwell assasinated under COINTELPRO. You can read the American Nazi Party FBI File and make up your own mind

      • I suspect Eleanor was one of the conduits by which the commies infiltrated DC during her husband’s would be dictatorship.

    • Sir, you should be careful to not be identified as a “traitor” if der Juden steal this election/ postpone it / whatever. If the Russians fight back in the manner in which they have made clear, our survivors here may decide to find new friends wherever they may be. I would be thankful for help from that quarter to delay Chinese incursions along our western shores.

    • We should have an American volunteer brigade. During the Spanish civil war the skypes and their shabbos goyim had the Abraham Lincoln brigade, we’ll have the George Lincoln Rockwell brigade.

  6. It’s symbolic. Russia cannot prevail against NATO and the United States.

    That said, if Putin wants to use dissidents to further Russian ends, dissidents need to be ready to use him.

    • Russia can end our empire; to pretend otherwise is utter madness, the apocalyptic fantasy of zionist neocons. If you cannot see the revelationist armageddon crazies pushing this juden agenda to exterminate the white european nations, you are deluded, sir. If you do not live far away from the targets somewhere out in flyover country, I pray your bugout bag is packed with a destination in those realms in mind.

  7. Putin is a clown. He’s the George W. Bush of Russia. Bush’s wars in the Middle East were all about domestic politics, about the inability or unwillingness of the Republicans to confront racial politics back home. Similarly Putin’s excellent foreign adventures are boob-bait for Russian yahoos. Meanwhile the percentage of ethnic Russians is falling, the percentage of Muslims is growing, and Russia takes in immigrants in numbers second only to the United States. Imagine if he used some of that money he’s wasting on military adventures to bolster the birth rate of ethnic Russians. But like our elites he just wants to play on the international stage and doesn’t care who he rules as long as he rules.

    • Oh do shut up.

      Google what Putin did to Pussy Riot or that Yid oligarch head of Yukon Oil trying to set up Jewish American style media,

      Putin put him in a public cage then sentenced him to hard labor in Siberia!

      That s why Putin s public approval rating is 90%

      Putin is a bad ass.

    • Actually Putin does have a plan to raise the birth rate of ethnic Russians and has talked about it frequently and it is in place..Imagine if an American president dare mentioned steps we must take to raise the white birthrate.

  8. Our warmongering neocohens, along with their goyim water boys, are willing to risk incinerating the earth in order to topple a 3rd world dictator. A dictator that never harmed us and not one in ten Americans give a rats ass about. These psychopaths are not only immoral. They are bat shit crazy.

  9. The only thing Russia would need to do to conquer the UK is to send in Tatar, Chechen, and Dagestani soldiers first. The Brits would be forced to surrender because shooting at Muslims would be racist.

  10. WikiLeaks ?@wikileaks
    Why has the US ruling party announced a physical war against Yemen on Wednesday and a cyber war against Russia today?

    To ensure a Clinton win

    For non-electoral reasons

    Vote 43,198 votes•4 hours left

  11. Interesting article. i do not think the Germans could smile at the Russian invasion though, even though they might wish to liberate themselves. Too much bad blood from 70 years ago.
    14 Words

    • I’ve been making this point for years. The U.S. Military, at this point in time, will only be used against our interests. It’s time for our people to get out and stop serving altogether.

  12. The Globalists have no interest in Nationalism and Peace with World Nations. Only in promoting more Free Trade Scam and War. The Alternative Right has common sense on Foreign Policy and understands the problem of Zionist Supremacy! WPWW !

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