John Kasich: GOP Must Evolve Or Die

As hard as it is to believe, John Kasich has a bigger ego than Ted Cruz:

“Kasich: Well, I don’t want to comment on media outlets, but I will tell you that if the Republican Party does not evolve, the Republican Party is going to die. The Republican Party cannot be anti-trade, anti-immigrant, not out there practicing the politics of people, you know, the issues surrounding drug addiction and mental illness and the cost of prescription drugs and healthcare and student debt and all of these things are very personal to people now. And if the party wants to have an ideological debate, it’s never going to win anything in a major way. So I do believe that the party needs to evolve, or I won’t be a part of it.”


1.) John Kasich lost 49 out of 50 states in the Republican primaries. In his mind, this puts him in the catbird position to dictate terms to the party’s base.

2.) John Kasich refused to endorse the winner of the Republican primary.

3.) John Kasich refused to attend his party’s own convention in Ohio even though he is the governor.

4.) John Kasich publicly trashed his own party’s nominee and said he could never vote for him on the eve of the election. He did this in order to throw the election to Hillary Clinton

5.) John Kasich is working with Obama to help pass the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

But wait.

Now, the Republican Party must become what John Kasich, the #NeverTrump turncoats, and the GOP establishment want it to be, which is to say, an open borders, pro-globalization, warmongering party for cucked suburbanites. They want it to be their own little private country club. It can either evolve into that … or die.

What do you think? Are Trump’s supporters just going to roll over for the 25% of Republicans who think like John Kasich?

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  1. They’re already adjusting their tropes to give them a more populist than Reaganite bent. I think they’ll keep as much populist rhetoric (rhetoric only) as they need to keep the median (gullible) Trump supporter voting Republican.

  2. He can skate by like a lot of other cucks on the “values” shtick. I agree that them days is quickly passing and we whites are jumping on the “Interests” train, too bad for cuckman

  3. Evidently he is a homosexual, too. According to reports during the Primaries. So doubtlessly that has bearing on his disposition.

  4. White Knight v White Man election.

    The old hag and the Kikes are running a scam. I think the perv attacks on Trump ain’t for the benefit of chick votes. It’s to peel off the betas. Kasich and Ryan are avatars of this beta cuckdom.

  5. I wonder just how many GOPers are working to subvert Trump?

    Donald Trump’s campaign announced a split Saturday with the chairman of the Republican party in the key battleground state of Ohio.

    The GOP presidential nominee’s Ohio campaign director said the break was a result of what Trump himself considers Ohio Republican Party chairman Matt Borges’ “duplicity.”

    “I spoke with Mr. Trump on Thursday and he is very disappointed in Matt’s duplicity,” Trump Ohio Director Bob Paduchik wrote in a letter to members of the state GOP central committee, which elects the chairman.

    “Mr. Trump told me, ‘This is why people have lost faith in the establishment and party leaders.’ I have to agree with him. Too often some leaders of our party have been quick to bail on candidates and principles —it’s why our nation is on the wrong track,” Paduchik wrote.

    The letter was distributed with a packet of clips from interviews Borges conducted this week, some in which the chairman questioned whether he could continue to support the nominee.’

    A recent retweet from Borg.

    Matt Borges Retweeted
    Jon Seaton ?@JonSeaton18 Oct 12
    Arizona’s largest newspaper: Our View: John McCain, the Senate’s rock, needs another term

  6. When Hillary steals the election it will be because the GOP allowed her to do so. The GOP has given Trump ZERO support the entire way. This guys done his own thing from the ground up. Going into 11/8 I expect even less support. RaHoWa begins 11/9 Mark my words

  7. Kasich is conceding whites have commandeered the Republican party. Representing the interests of whites has always been contrary to Kasich core beliefs.

  8. Kasich says the Republican Party “cannot be anti-trade and anti-immigrant”and needs to change, as if the Republican Party hasn’t fully supported massive immigration and never supported all the International Trade Deal Agreements Uncle Sam signed, all of the International trade deal agreements imimical to American industry. What needs to be changed if the Republican Party “cannot be anti-trade and anti-immigrant”? The Republican Party has been PRO massive immigration and PRO International Trade deal agreements for a very long time. So I don’t know what Kasich is talking about. His Republican Party is already PRO International Trade Deal Agreements and PRO immigration and has been for a long time.

    • Exactly. I don’t know what he’s complaining about.

      On the other hand, I do agree with him in that it needs to evolve, just not for the same reasons. Fuck him.

    • I guess it can also be “Democratic Lite” to the “Democratic Classic” of the the Democratic Party today!

  9. Not practicing the politics of people. What other politics are there at this point? Oh, maybe libertarians – who poll about 1% in most presidential elections.

  10. I’m not exaggerating when I say that even though I’m a self-described Race-ist, I probably have more in common with your average Bernie Sanders supporter than I do people like Kasich.

  11. Kasich, we’re sorry but cuckoldry is not part of our conservative values. It’s just not who we are. Please don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

    Also, be aware that your obsessive cuckoldry is beginning to displease the Almighty Kek. Remember what happened to Hillary when she challenged Pepe? Do you know why he made her collapse into her own footprint on 9/11? He did it for the Lulz.

    Alt Right portal:

  12. Well…bye.

    It’s already dead. And we’ll make sure it never rises again. Regardless the outcome come November, we’ll build on what has transpired. This is all new, at least actually seeing it as a campaign, for a lot of people. It’ll mature and become a force. Finally, there is true opposition to the iconoclasts, progressive, globalist, ant-white scum. This is only the start. National Conservatism, led by Alt-Right ideology is the future for the historical majority in this country.

  13. Aaron Livingston ?@AaronTheWizard
    Here’s an example of one of many rigged polls that attempt to illustrate that Dyin’ Hillary is winning. 500 more Democrats asked? LOL

    Bill Mitchell ?@mitchellvii
    Bill Mitchell Retweeted Aaron Livingston
    Democrats: 52%
    Republicans: 36%

    D+16 sample. Scientific my ass.

  14. Let the MF Republican party die. I da*n sure wont be attending its funeral. Good riddance I say! Year 1 AT begins November 9, 2016, the day after the election.. Look at that date and tell me destiny is not somehow involved! Do you know how often that date pops up in Germany history time and time against and yes way the before Greater German Reich was even thought of.

    • Son of Kas… -ich is a possessive in Croatian as in son of…in Serbian -ovich is possessive as in son of…

  15. Washington’s agenda/policies of open borders, massive immigration, and dismantling American industry and moving it overseas to foreign countries en-masse, is very harmful and detrimental to us White Americans. The thing is : Washington’s policies which are very harmful to us White Americans are ALSO very harmful to Black Americans. Actually, Washington’s policies are even more harmful and detrimental to Black Americans, for Blacks are more negatively impacted by open borders and massive immigration and dismantling American industry and moving American industry en-masse to China and other foreign countries. And that’s saying alot.

    And it’s really putrid how the politicians who support Washington’s polices which are even more harmful and detrimental to Black Americans than to us White Americans make such a big stink about how they love and respect Blacks.

    Us White supporters of Trump are labeled “racist”, but if Hillary wins , Blacks will be even more negatively impacted by her policies, which is the same open borders, more and more massive immigration, less and less industry. If she wins, when it all turns to sh*t for both us White Americans AND Black Americans, she’ll point her finger at us White American working-class and blame us it all turned to sh*t, as if she has nothing to do with the sh*tty situation the Blacks find themselves in.

    If we support Trump whose policies are beneficial to ALL Americans, including especially Black Americas, we’re “racist”. If Hillary wins, she will do NOTHING for Blacks except make conditions in the United States even more difficult for Blacks. But she will blame us White Americans for the harmful effects of her policies. So whether a White American supports Trump or supports Hillary, doesn’t matter in terms of who is going to get blamed for each and every problem the Blacks have in Black communities, us White Americans are “racist” whether a White American supports Trump or supports Hillary. The Whites who vote for Hillary will also be blamed and accused of “racism” also. I don’t know if Hillary’s White American suppporters know that or not.

    With Hillary, us White Americans will be constantly blamed for every problem in the United States and Hillary will goad the Blacks on to attack us — in the meantime it’s her policies harming Black Americans, NOT anything us White Americans are doing. ALL the problems Blacks face will be pinned on us White Americans, especially us White American working-class. It’s our “racism” destroying America, NOT Hillary’s/Washington’s policies. And they have the nerve to make such a big stink about “how much they love and respect” Blacks when all along their policies are even more harmful and detrimental to Blacks than to us Whites, and that’s saying alot, for their policies are ALSO very detrimental and harmful to us White Americans. Their policies are even more harmful and detrimental to Black Americans, as they pretend to be so Gung-Ho to see Blacks get ahead, and blame every problem the Blacks have on us White working class, it’s our “racism” which is “The Problem”. Even though most White working class hate Washington’s policies so detrimental and harmful to ALL Americans, and especially harmful and detrimental to Black Americans.

    I bet Kasich is yet another Republican big-shot who is going to vote for Hillary the Mega-Criminal.

    • There really does seem to be a war on Black people.

      I’ve talked to a few Blacks who have relatives in the cities where full scale riots have broken out thanks to Black Lives Matter and the perpetrators aren’t local Blacks but Blacks from out of town.

      For all that BLM loves to blame Whitey, it isn’t White neighborhoods being turned into war zones and seeing cars traces and all the stores selling the necessary amenities being burned to the ground.

      One of these places, Ferguson is actually inviting Hispanic refugees into the area and we know how well Hispanics get along with Blacks ….

      In any case, Black suspects who resist arrest are still getting shot and killed by law enforcement but Black Outrage is very sporadic. It seems like both BLM and the media are working in tangent somehow. BLM only seems to respond to incidents where media wants to make a fuss.

      Why are some cities basically ground zero for the next race riot and others barely react at all?

  16. Whenever you hear Republicuck anti-Whites talk about “evolving” you know they’re planning to screw us over even more. Boycott Down Ballot. Burn the bitch down!

  17. Kasich claims he kicked around the idea of running for President of Communist #Croatia. His fellow Croatian Tito didn’t give him a play.

  18. ‘So, the news that Fox wants you to hear is that last week in their poll, Clinton was up by just 2 points. But what they don’t report and you have to dig to find (here are the poll internal numbers) is that while Clinton was up by 2 points a week ago and is now up by 7 points is the real story.
    Last week Fox polled 2% more Democrats than Republicans (41% to 39%) and this week, they polled 9% more Democrats than Republicans (45% Democrats to 36% Republicans).
    Imagine that.
    So what this poll tells us is that if you ask more Democrats than last week who they are voting for, Hillary gets more votes.
    So between the two polls, Hillary benefited from Fox News asking 7% more Democrats who they were going to vote for than last week.
    You know what this poll really says? Hillary only gained 5 points in spite of adding 7% more Democrats. She actually has gone down in the polls, if they were apples to apples.
    See for yourself. Below is a screenshot of the poll. You have to dig down to page 22 out of 62 pages to find the Demographics. (Link to all 62 pages).
    Look at the chart below. The Likely Voters for the most recent poll sampled 45% Democrats. This is the highest Democrat sample of the 11 polls listed. Notice the Republican sample size of 36% is the lowest sample of Republicans out of the 11 polls shown.
    Shame on Fox News. This is neither fair nor balanced.’

  19. why is ok for every ethnic group in America to be proud of who they are except white people? It is time white people stood up and started being proud of being white.

  20. The GOP establishment has no care for European-Americans and Western Civilization. The Muslims could become 99% of the Population and the 1% Republicans would become Islamic. We should never put our faith in a political party and only support candidates on an individual basis who represent the White Race. WPWW !

  21. I received EIGHT large postcards from the state Republican party today urging me to vote for their candidates. Two of the cards listed every Republican running for office in my location down to dog catcher, it seems. But there is one glaring omission– on NONE of these cards is a mention of the top of the ticket, Donald J. Trump.

    The cards never made it farther than my trash can. F**k them all.

  22. @Mr. Griffin…


    Governor Kasich is speaking in code : ‘GOP needs to evolve’. This means, the party needs to be entirely shorn of social values conservatives (Southerners) and entirely controlled by fiscal conservative New World Order New England ‘conservatives’.

    That being the case, it is unclear what they would wish to ‘conserve’.

    Sincerely, Junius

    The GOP is not going to last – because if Mr. Trump wins, he will burn it down – and the New Englanders will leave to form a new party, OR, if he loses, he will form a new party and take more than half the party with him..

    In either case, it’s dead, and I won’t be crying at the funeral.

  23. I don’t care if the GOP ever sins an election again as long as I breathe. I’m done with them. I’ve voted for them, beginning with Bush Sr at age 18, and after nearly 3 decades of loyalty, I’m told they’re ashamed that I’m one of them and I’d best shut up, die quickly, and let the appeasers of cultural Marxism transform my country into the same multi-culti petri dish the left has in mind, albeit one with slightly lower taxes!

    No sale. Whatever nationalist, populist 3rd party arises, count me in!

  24. Larry Schweikart ?@LarrySchweikart
    Irony: John Kay-Sick, who colludes with Dems to stop a popular candidate from being elected, says elections aren’t rigged.

  25. “It needs to dies then.” My observations are from a similar perspective. I’ll show you: Just plug “WN” into “it”. Simple. There is no WN “extermination” or “genocide”. Rather, WN is committing suicide. WN denies the truth and deludes itself. So simple. WN are not cooperating, so WN cannot compete. So very simple. WN are Abel, Others are Cain. Cain evolved, Abel expired. So very, very simple. Natural Law & God’s Law are not false. Your interpretations of them are. Ockham’s Razor. As plain as the W noses on your rationalising N faces.

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