The Republican Party Is The Whig Party

The New York Times has noticed the parallels:

“Staunch in its opposition to the Democrats but rived by fierce internal schisms, the American political party stumbled toward defeat, its members cursing their fate. “We are slain,” cried Lewis D. Campbell, a representative from Ohio. “The party is dead, dead, dead!”

That was the election of 1852, when the Whig Party, then one of the country’s two major political forces, began to crumble over bitter arguments about slavery. The Whigs would dissolve within four years, to be reborn as the Republican Party — the very party now engulfed by its own civil war. …”

Earlier this summer, a historian wrote an article for Politico about the parallels between Donald Trump and Zachary Taylor and the crisis over slavery that engulfed the Whig Party:

“It was summer, and a major U.S. political party had just chosen an inexperienced, unqualified, loutish, wealthy outsider with ambiguous party loyalties to be its presidential nominee. Some party luminaries thought he would help them win the general election. But many of the faithful were furious and mystified: How could their party compromise its ideals to such a degree?

Sound like 2016? This happened a century and a half ago. …

Still, many Whig loyalists mistrusted Taylor. He was crude, nonpartisan, unpresidential. Ohio Senator Thomas Corwin wondered how “sleeping 40 years in the woods and cultivating moss on the calves of his legs” qualified Taylor for the presidency. The great senator and former Secretary of State Daniel Webster called Taylor “an illiterate frontier colonel who hasn’t voted for 40 years.” Webster was so contemptuous he refused backroom deals to become Taylor’s running mate (unknowingly missing a chance to become president when Taylor died during his first term). Indeed, the biographer Holman Hamilton would pronounce Taylor “one of the strangest presidential candidates in all our annals … the first serious White House contender in history without the slightest experience in any sort of civil government.” …

Resisting pressure to run as an independent, but refusing to stump for Taylor, Henry Clay exclaimed, “I fear that the Whig party is dissolved and that no longer are there Whig principles to excite zeal and simulate exertion.” A New York Whig, claiming the convention “committed the double crime of suicide and paricide,” mourned, “The Whig party as such is dead. The very name will be abandoned, should Taylor be elected, for ‘the Taylor party.’” …

And the party did indeed begin to dissolve. Almost immediately after the nomination, the self-proclaimed “Conscience Whigs” (anti-slavery Whigs) bolted, refusing to support a slaveholding candidate. Joining various other anti-slavery factions, including those that defected from the Democratic Party, the rebels formed The Free Soil Party and nominated former President Martin Van Buren. …

Neither destiny nor sorcery, history offers warning signs to avoid and points of light for inspiration. America’s modern two-party system is remarkably resilient. Republicans have recently enjoyed a surge in gubernatorial, congressional and state legislative wins. Still, Trump and the Republicans might want to study 1848 to see the damage even a winning insurgent can both signal and cause. And many Republicans might want to consider what is worse: the institutional problems mass defections by “Conscience Republicans” could bring about—or the moral ruin that could come from the ones who stay behind, choosing to pursue party power over principles.”

There are striking parallels between the Conscience Whigs, NeverTrumpism, and Free Soilism. The Conscience Whigs were motivated by the same sort of preening highmindedness. They were just as sanctimonious. They carried forth about “our principles.” They were the cucks of their time. They moralized politics and turned what was for millions in the South an existential question into a life or death apocalyptic political struggle.

What about the Alt-Right? In this historical reenactment of the events that led up to the War Between the States, there is no doubt that the Alt-Right are reprising the role of the Fire-Eaters who mainstreamed reactionary ideas which were then wafting across the Atlantic from Europe.

Food for thought: even though Zachary Taylor won the presidential election in 1848, he was unable to stem the collapse of the Whig Party or the Irrepressible Conflict.

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      • Well regardless you produce very high quality content. I started reading OD regularly about 3 years ago and have not stopped since. Keep it up.

  1. The Republican Party failed us long ago. We waited way too long to act. We always do. These traitors should have been swinging from lamp posts long ago.

    Here’s something else to worry about, the feds possibly letting ordinary citizens (Lefties) bring in refugees on their own dime:

    On another note, I was in an ice cream shop here in Florida last night and in walks a relatively attractive white woman with her three – still somewhat dark – mulatto offspring. I searched long and hard to see any resemblance between mother and children. My final conclusion was that they simply did not look like her. She has, in all likelihood, aggressively defended the black agenda – right or wrong – from the moment they were born. She votes black. White concerns are no longer her concerns. This is another problem miscegenation brings upon us but is seldom talked about. Blacks never abandon their racial issues. It’s the first thing to fly out the window with whites.

    • Jim Webb, the senator who wrote “Born Fighting”, the book of the fierce history of the Ulster Scots (Scotch Irish) is someone you would imagine would defend his obviously beloved heritage with everything…..married a chink of some sort and has a chinky baby who looks absolutely nothing like him or any Scotch Irish on earth.

      I was viscerally disgusted when I saw it and the mind absolutely boggles. Nearly everywhere I go now in the Heart of Dixie no less, I see a white man with an Asian and kids who look nearer to aliens. The guy is usually supporting the extended family brought over from her random country and shows zero shame at all.

      • I’m seeing a lot of White men with Asian chicks. Yesterday I saw a large White man with a black wife and two black kids in tow. It’s disgusting.

        • Wherever there is a multiracial population, there is miscegenation. This has always been the case. Today, there are strident measures of inducement to miscegenation. It will become increasingly more common.

          • I blame the damn US -ZOG military. Those young, horny White servicemen come back from a tour of the Far East with an Oriental wife and kid.

          • They no longer use saltpeter? Did they ever? A diverse military is one damn good reason to use it. Saturate those troops with it. Crank up the dosage!!!

      • Webb is a fraud and a race traitor. He has been silent throughout this election. Very indicative of his weakness.

      • The internal contradiction of the Scotch-Irish identity and anti-imperialism meant that Webb’s line would interbreed with a chink or coon at some point. It’s a self consciously anti-Anglo identity if it fetishizes the revolution.

        • Scotch Irish are ethnically lowland Scots and Northern Anglo, they are pro British and pro Anglo. Webb funny enough was very pro Confederate in his books and anti Reconstruction, he lamented the destruction of Eric Southerners during this period and after. He’s a very strange guy as he is a dem senator, and the new kind not the blue dog of old.

      • People are unaware of outbreeding depression

        “There are several genetic mechanisms which may cause outbreeding depression:
        two identical alleles at the same locus can in some cases be the alternative with the highest fitness (“homozygote advantage”/”underdominance”). This is the opposite of the effect which for other loci causes inbreeding depression.[9]
        disruption of beneficial, synergistic interactions between loci (“coadapted gene complexes”). This is a more important cause of outbreeding depression than homozygote advantage. This effect is partly insidious since it will likely increase in strength over future generations as new genetic recombinations in each new generation break increasing numbers of such beneficial interactions.[9]
        the two parental populations may be adapted to different environments. The offspring risks not being well-adapted to either environment.[9]
        reproduction between distantly related individuals may increase the risk of immunological incompatibility between mother and offspring which may cause stillbirth and other problems. This has been suggested as one explanation for why a study 2008 study in Iceland found that third cousins have the highest number of children and grandchildren.[10][11]
        The interactions between inbreeding depression, outbreeding depression, and the local environment may create complicated effects that differ for different populations. Thus, it has been suggested that one explanation for a high prevalence of cousin marriages in areas with a high prevalence of malaria is that this increases average genetic protection against malaria and that this benefit is so great that it outweighs negative genetic effects.[12]
        The interactions may also cause changing effects of over time. For example, farmers may use hybrid plants (seeds) created from two purebred plants strains which may cause overall positive effects during the first generation (“hybrid vigor”) due to reduced inbreeding depression but may avoid using plants (seeds) created from such hybrids due to the above mentioned insidious negative effects from outbreeding depression becoming increasingly important over further generations.”

      • I have seen young , healthy, attractive, southern families with adopted black and Asian children in tow and not a white infant to be seen among their mixed multitude.

        • Lately I’m seeing a lot of old White grandpas in public with their picaninny grandkids. Monstrous.

          • My understanding is that mixed-race people needing donated organs face a nightmare scenario. The compatibility factor is almost non-existent. Can anyone confirm this?

          • I once heard a Jewish man associated with the SPLC describe it this way:

            Once the mixed grandkids come along, the grandparents always support them. They’re not going to turn against their grandkids.

            As the number of Whites with close mixed-race relatives grows, the number of potential Nationalists shrinks. Most people simply don’t have the tenacity to turn against their family.

            We only have so much time to turn around our nation before it becomes impossible to generate a mass movement.

      • Nearly everywhere I go now in the Heart of Dixie no less, I see a white man with an Asian and kids who look nearer to aliens. The guy is usually supporting the extended family brought over from her random country and shows zero shame at all.

        Things have definitely changed. Even just a few years ago, the White guys who dated Asian hobgoblins were normally creepy / weird guys who normal girls avoided. Now there are more & more high quality guys dating Orientals.

        From a political perspective, this is a far bigger issue than trailer trash White girls getting knocked up by Blacks. If strong White men go to the dark side (pun intended), then the rest of us have to fight a much harsher battle.

        • Many of the guys I personally are more against miscegenation than the girls. Less “compassion” i suppose.
          know Miscegenation was rare here in southern Indiana when I was a child -but now mixed race children are everywhere. (Just go to McDonald’s or WalMart for verification!)
          I find it interesting when I occasionally see a white grandparent with some mulatto grandkids and some white kids in tow -and the whites are behaving while the mulattoes are going feral. Genetics.
          I just put up run a little essay ion my WordPress blog “Putnam Liberty Notes” about why Americans -including Christians- should support white nationalism. The battle to save our people continues…

      • I agree with you on Jim Webb’s race betrayal.
        I used to attend a church with an interracial couple: a white woman and a half white/half Filipino man. The man also had some Jewish in him. Not joking. Their 3/4 white children did not look white, or ANYTHING like their mother.
        Apparently, these people do not know that racial separatism was a commonplace teaching from the Reformation to about 50 years ago, or perhaps they do not care.

    • I would say likely the woman is a druggie, trust me with mudsharks 9 out of 10 have some sort of dope-alcky problem. Where Im from the only ones who actively pursue that lifestyle seems to be tattooed Druggie Trash and Uglies/Fat. Sure there are ones who dont fit but most are into that

  2. In 2000 and 2004, I hated George W. Bush so much I voted for Gore and Kerry just to spite him.

    In 2008, I voted for Ron Paul and the Constitution Party in the general election. No way I was supporting McCain.

    In 2012, I initially supported Ron Paul, but later supported Mitt Romney just to see if two Yankees were capable of winning in the North, but I personally voted for the Constitution Party in the general election again out of disgust.

    In 2016, I am voting for Trump.

    In 2020, I am not sure what I will do, but I will likely end up wherever Trump goes. Hopefully, out of the GOP.

    • I know these women are lying and/or exaggerating. I know it. But I also don’t give a damn anymore. Fuck the kike Luegenpresse! Even if video showed up of Trump raping The Golden Girls and a bonobo, I’d still vote for him, because HILLARY!!! Cue the Barry White.

        • There is no evidence that supports their claims. Most negates them. They took way too long to report and can’t pretend to have remained silent due to societal pressure, the way women who were attacked or harassed prior to the 90’s might have. Their stories defy common sense; even hardcore sickos (I’ve known way more than my share) don’t try to actually ‘grab pussy’ against a woman’s will in public.

          Very rich people are paying them to make this shit up.

        • I’m voting for Trump. I’m sure he made a pass at whichever beautiful woman crossed his path. How clumsy that pass was only he knows. Based on his remarks about the married woman, it sounds pretty hit and miss for a billionaire.

          For all you Democrat lurkers expecting female Trump supporters like me to abandon him for your candidate, because he may not be able to keep his hands to himself, I have one thing to point out:

          You lowered that bar with Bill Clinton. At the time the allegations of Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, and Juanita Broaddrick came to light, it was THE feminist, Gloria Steinem, herself, who defended Clinton by saying that every man had a right to hit on a woman:

          In a 1998 press interview, Steinem weighed
          in on the Clinton impeachment hearings when asked whether President Bill Clinton should be impeached for lying under oath, she was quoted as saying, “Clinton should be censured for lying under oath about Lewinsky
          in the Paula Jones deposition, perhaps also for stupidity in answering at all.” In a March 22, 1998 Op/Ed piece in the New York Times, she effectively gave support to the notion that a man may: (1) uninvited, open-mouth kiss a woman; (2) uninvited, fondle a woman’s breast; and (3)
          uninvited, take a woman’s hand and place it on the man’s genitals; and as long as the man retreats once the woman says “no” that this does not constitute sexual harassment. This has become known in the popular culture as the “One Free Grope” Theory. The Op/Ed piece was written in
          an attempt to defend then President Clinton against allegations of sexual impropriety that had been made by White House volunteer Kathleen Willey.

          In doing so, Steinem single-handedly allowed Bill Clinton to destroy any credibility to feminism.

          So now it comes down to which masher I like best. I like the Republican Masher better than I do the Democrat Masher-Enabler.

    • 1996 was my first Presidential Election I voted for Bob Dole would like to have that one back. In 2000 I meant to vote for Pat Buchanan until Ezola Foster got put on the ballot and not knowing who any of the other candidates were I voted for George W Bush. Two votes I wish I could have back. In 2004 I voted for Peroutka/Baldwin Consitution Party in 2008 I voted for Baldwin/Castle and in 2012 I voted for Virgil Goode/Jim Clymer. So I have voted Constitution three straight elections. This is the first time I voted Republican since Bush (yuck)and I just did vote absentee this weekend just got to mail it in.

      If there was no Donald Trump on this ballot i would have voted Independent or something again. I wouldnt ever vote for a Democrat or a Republican.

  3. Food for thought: even though Zachary Taylor won the presidential election in 1848, he was unable to stem the collapse of the Whig Party or the Irrepressible Conflict.

    And I think that’s what’s going to happen in the remainder of this current year and the next few current years. But I think that no matter the binary outcome of the Presidential election, the Republican Party is done as an institution. If Trump wins, he governs with the pen and phone most of the time making Congressional Republicans (esp. the ones who have turned against him and the ones who were never on his side) a dead letter, and making Congress as an institution a dead letter, even more so than it is now. If Hillary wins, the Republican internal fighting, even among and between factions that we’re not that warm to, will tear it asunder.

  4. NYT is amplifying OD.

    “reenactment of the events that led up to the War Between the States”

    Let’s do it right this time.

  5. The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.




  6. Taylor served from 1849 to 1850 before he died?what or who killed him?
    Those years were the start of Irish Catholic migration,paralells with the Mexican Catholic migrations?
    I have also read Lincoln was a 3rd vote at a contested convention,don’t know how true it is,I read that from a poster on another site.
    This certainly is shaping up to be a game changer in the US,similer to the years 1848 to the civil war.

    • Do you purposely mean to be insulting to all of the Celtic Irish in this nation who are white European and Christian? I do not consider my ancestors to be anywhere as low and vulgar as hispanic and Muslim immigrants. That is worse than insulting.

      It’s a slap in the face.

      • You know,you should see this in historical context,at that time the Irish were treated as subhuman,you know as well as I,and were used for remedial labor,a monkey wrench in protestant America and as drafted Yankee soldiers right off the boat.Not to take away from those already here and in the south.
        I don’t care who or what the govt is bringing in,it’s the same game they played with the Irish,as a matter of fact,there is no greater love then a Irish Catholic towards a Mexican Catholic,both native countries destroyed by the same globalist power,as evidenced with the saint Patrick battalion in Mexico and Hoover’s removel of Mexicans in 1929 on,no one grieved more then the Irish.
        I agree with you completely,
        But the sad truth is,we are all going to pay for what disgrace the Irish were put through originally in Ireland.
        Cromwell even sent them to Barbados on African slave ships,the beginning of this white nightmare.
        Thank you for bringing that to my attention and letting me clear up any misunderstandings.

        • Cromwell brought in the Jews and tried to kill off the Irish Catholics. Not only that, but “the Irish potato blight” was about as real as “The Jewish Holocaust.” The famine was the real holocaust but it was the intentional starvation of the Irish by the British monarchy (Queen Victoria?). I believe it was 45,000 British troops deployed to Ireland that destroyed crops and livestock, and prevented food shipments from arriving in ports.

          Spread the word. We had a real holocaust! The Irish-born gentleman that runs the website was kicked out of Ireland for addressing the lie! I first heard about it when the man was interviewed by Henrik Palmgren on Red Ice Radio.

          • You need to read this.
            “Paddys lament”
            Ireland 1846-47 prelude to hatred.
            I could only read it once,it is that brutal.
            I read it in eastern washington amongst giant potato farms,I swear to God,I was traveling in my RV,it really shook me to the core.I have a Roman Catholic background.

          • I’ll look into it. Thanks! I have Irish ancestry and was baptized Catholic but am not religious. Church infiltrated long ago….. Besides, I have a direct link with the Almighty, I don’t need a middleman.

          • Same as me.
            I also believe dark powers promote Christ,probably always have.
            Not to take away from the heart of the Irish.

        • Historical context, my aunt Fannie!

          There is in ‘some’ of the segments of White Anglo America, the mistaken belief, that insults to somebody else’s ancestors, don’t mean the same thing as having someone to your face,insulting your own living mother. But for those of us who have racial memory, it ALL is as if it just happened yesterday -even if it goes back to the battle of Culloden.

          I can talk about “dumb micks ” and ‘drunken Irishman,’ but you can’t… In other words.

          • Is that like saying the blacks can only call themselves niggers? I call it the way I see it.
            I thought I explained myself pretty good,did you continue reading The thread? I wish I had included the Germans with the original post,not to forget all the other white slaves (Roman. Catholic)hauled in to America after the civil war.The powers were done with protestant America at that time,like they are done with white America now,dividing us,weakening us.
            I have nothing but love and respect for the Irish immigrants in America,let’s not forget all the Irish “prisoners” to Australia,the start of this communist nightmare as far as I am concerned,their crime,being Roman Catholic.
            I will explain my attitudes better in future posts,I have Roman Catholic ancestors and they went through the same 2nd class citizen BS as the Irish, I was certainly speaking in historical context,truth lives outside of personality.

          • Good. You got the sarcasm in my reply. If only black screens all call themselves the N-word, then why can’t that same prohibition apply every other place? The fact that it doesn’t, indicates how utterly phony our contemporary culture is. I would think we probably have much to agree with, in that arena.

    • Negro-White Intermarriage numbers are a bit skewed here because if you look at the RAW DATA it would seem to the ignorant that IR Marriage is much more common in the SOUTH than in the NORTH. However the thing is this, these numbers count ACTUAL MARRIAGES I would say around 97% of all IR couples in the North are Shack Jobs, and thats because Shacking Up is much more prevelent overall in the North than in the South so that type of behavior isn’t registered in the graph. Thats the thing with graphs like this it doesn’t count the actual goings on.

  7. I’m embarassed to admit I had forgotten about this very important and very pertinent to our present day bit of Republican Party/Whig Party history. Gee, now I don’t know if I should vote for John Caldwell Calhoun for President and William Walker for Vice President, or should I vote for John Caldwell Calhoun for Vice President and William Walker Son of Dixie President of Nicaragua for President of the United States? Gee, what to do, lol.

  8. There is one major difference between the Alt-right and the Fire-eaters. The Alt-right is opposed to the influx of cheap labor destroying the American middle class and working class.

  9. Donald J. TrumpVerified account
    Animals representing Hillary Clinton and Dems in North Carolina just firebombed our office in Orange County because we are winning @NCGOP

  10. Like Trump, Zachary Taylor was a great American hero. And both are/were tough, no-nonsense America-first types as well as political outsiders. I would have been proud to vote for Old Rough and Ready and I am proud that I will be voting for Trump!

  11. Zachary Taylor was also very nasty toward Southern Nationalists threatening to hang anyone talking disunon. He attempted to rush the entire Mexican cession in as states with no mention of slavery and no territorial status. He was heralded in the South as a traitor to the South when he died. Millard Fillmore, his Yankee VP was much more friendly to Southern interests.

    The bizarre part of Zachary Taylor is his connection with Jefferson Davis. Davis married his daughter Sarah in Louisville Ky in 1835 and on the way back to Mississippi Jeff and Sarah stopped off to visit his sister in Louisiana, both caught malaria but Sarah died. Evidently Genl Taylor and Jeff Davis weren’t on the best of terms after this, although Davis’s Mississippi Rifles did serve under Taylor in Mexico.

    Genl Richard Taylor, unlike his daddy, was a proud Confederate

  12. BUSTED: @Guardian Trump Accuser #CathyHeller Big Democrat Donor, Family Owns COMPETING NYC Real Estate Dev Company

    The Guardian‘s latest Trump accuser Cathy Heller is a life-long Democrat, big Democratic donor, and her husband and son run a New York City real estate development company that is in competition with Donald Trump’s own real estate business, The Trump Organization.

    Conflict of interest much?

    Cathy Heller has donated thousands of dollars to Democratic groups since at least 2007, including Obama and Hillary campaigns, according to FEC filings.

    Just this year Cathy Heller has already donated the maximum $2700 to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

    She has been a registered active Democrat since at least 1988, according to Nexis:

    Heller’s non-profit, on whose board she serves, honored Hillary Clinton and Chelsea Clinton in 2014:

    • It’s all staged.

      They killed a Labour MP to stop Brexit. It didn’t work.

      I actually like their Gaslighting strategy, because it will depress Dem voter turnout more than our side. The single moms, blacks and Mexicans will think “it’s over” and forget to vote.

      We are voting as if our lives depend on it. To that end, Western Pennsylvania has a moral duty to ensure Trump wins the state. No matter the method used.

      • I’m pretty sure that Cox was a charred offering now. It probably depressed Brexit turnout. But mostly on their cocksure side not ours. The orchestrated sex scandals will rebound in the fakers face.

  13. Kristallnacht North Carolina.

    Niggers, perhaps Firebomb a Republican campaign office. Denmark lives.

  14. The Democrats and Republican establishment both support Multiculturalism that will destroy White America. We should only support candidates (Any Political Party) that supports the interests of our People. That’s becoming more common with the increase of the Alternative Right which has now replaced the Tea Party and I might mention…..has an interest in racial issues. WPWW !

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