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  1. I am looking forward to a strong showing by Trump. Regardless of how the debate proceeds, the media will declare Clinton the winner and continue to discredit themselves.

  2. Hillary wins first debate – Polls go up 8 points

    Trump wins second debate bigly – Trump polls continue to fall (how does that happen?)

    “Earlier today on CNN Clinton Campaign spokesperson Brian Fallon stated: “in the next three weeks we expect the polls to tighten significantly“.

    How could he know what would happen after the third debate? Internal polling already shows what the IBD/TIPP poll is showing – that’s why

  3. Trump began his campaign with the issue of illegal immigration but after two debates (3 hours) the subject has not come up. Will it tonight?

    In the past the candidates were given a closing statement. What happened to that this year?

      • I hope so, but I have no confidence in Wallace or FNC.

        When Clinton talks about strong border security, as she will, Trump must not miss the opportunity to hammer her “open trade, open borders” speech and call her a liar (without using the word).

  4. MSNBC has dubbed Trump’s movement the ‘grievance movement.’

    The irony of that name is completely lost on them. It’s incredible. They just remind white people of how hypocritical and projecting the left is, except no one but white Kool Aid guzzlers watch MSNBC anyway.

      • I don’t consider white people’s sense of being invaded and stolen from, etc., in the same negative light that those naming it do, hence my use of single quotes around the term.

          • The left is desperately trying to shame Trump for refusing to back down on the ‘rigged election’ issue…he’s going to keep us in suspense. That was his defining moment in this whole campaign. The entire fucking system is rigged and white people know it. When Trump stands defiant in the face of its shame tactics, for stating the glaringly obvious truth, he can’t lose…except for those jew-made voting machines.

            Trump’s legacy will be his refusal to agree that 2=2+5. Suspense is waiting to see what whites choose to make of the ground he wouldn’t give up. It’s killing me, us, quite literally.

  5. Pastor Lindstedt ?@PastorLindstedt now14 seconds ago
    I think tht it is vitally important to point out that there is no moral or legal obligation to vote for known criminals like Hillary #debate

  6. Clinton will appoint at least one Jew who will make sure Shiksas get more abortions!

    • Abortion is, IMO, a tar pit issue. No matter what Trump says, he risks alienating segments of his base.

    • They wasted too much time arguing about abortion, which right now is a dead end issue. But Trump was right, leave it up to the states to decide. I can’t imagine any White straight male voting for the Hilda-hag unless they are perverts or criminals.

      • In a society, a culture, where the large majority zeaously suppport Abortion, we can not ever expect to have an honest and ethical government, for a people who so zealously support Abortion in such large numbers as Americans now do, and Abortion is a “religion” to them, such people are never going to have an honest and ethical government, and they don’t really deserve an honest and ethical government, for they themselves are NOT honest and ethical.

        They find all kinds of justifications for Abortion, but in their hearts they know Abortion is Immoral and wrong. So they are liars conjuring-up lying justifications for the killing of the innocent young.

        And all talk about “Tolerance” and “Inclusiveness” gets thrown out the window when they want to have an Abortion. They have NO Tolerance for the innocent young, and they do NOT Include any baby they find “inconvenient” in their lives, they KILL the baby. That’s not tolerance and that’s not incusiveness.

        Abortion is a “religion”, except it’s from the “religion” of satansim, and now the satanic “religion’ of Abortion is pratically an ontological foundation of American culture, so our government also is going to reflect what the great majority of Americans worship, the satanic “religion” of Abortion. Our fellow Americans who are government workers come from the very same culture as we do. So they’re going to reflect the culture they come from.

        As the majority of Americans want a culture of Abortion, which is satanic, our government also is going to reflect that and be satanic also. Can’t get around that. Can’t support a culture based on satanic “religious” concepts then expect the government to be Moral and Upright and Ethical and Christian.

        The root of the word “culture” is “cult” and “cult” means “RELIGION”. There’s no such thing as a secular culture, not really, for the root word of “culture” is “cult” and “cult” means “Religion”. And now the culture is based on satanic Abortion. And satanism is not “secular”, it’s a religion.

        I don’t know what Trump thinks about Abortion in his heart, but if he is opposed to Abortion and came out publicly and said he was opposed to Abortion, he would lose the election. That’s 100% certain. Which means the great majority of Americans would rather have a a warmonger, a mobster, a thief, a liar, and keep their Abortion Sacrosant than have an Honest, Ethical government.

        i didn’t watch the debate, because all the moderators in all the debates have been just awful. And they turn the debates into something childish and inane and vacuous and turn the debates into another Hollywood teevee show where all the questions are designed to hide the truth and make sure the truth doesn’t come out. It turns into just more show business. The moderators turn the debates into something sophmoric, if not kindergarten-ish. The moderators turn the debates into a circus show for children, while feigning they’re being very intellectual and very concerned about the issues, as if they’re really interested in the truth, when nothing could be further from the truth.

        • There’s nothing immoral about abortion. It plays a crucial role in demographic management. I am very grateful to live in an advanced society that has fully embraced it.

    • None of the debate moderators during this campaign year were straight White males. Not that it would have made any real difference anyway.

    • If Hillary is fine about murder of a full developed baby just before birth then why is she so concerned about a toddler?

  7. Poor Hunter is exhausted. Cutting and pasting the latest fake poll results from Real Queer Politics is really hard work.

    • Off Topic:

      Hunter, can we please set up a poll to decide what to do with Captainchaos? He seems to be an anti-White & anti-Southern agitator who serves no real productive purpose.

        • Heidi Beirich is a tad bit more magniloquent, so I’m guessing that CaptainChaos is either a b-grade troll or a disgruntled White Nationalist who is angry that we don’t buy into the ‘Northwest Front.’

      • Arthur, my objection to southern nationalism is quite simple. Wherever niggers gather in numbers is the last place a White person should be. By Hunter’s own admission, 52% of American niggers reside in the south.

        Now, clearly, thinking is not your forte; perhaps drooling into a Pavlovian cup is more your speed. As a consequence, I regretfully must implore Hunter to ban you forthwith from this blog. Allowing a man as obviously retarded as yourself to have a say can only damage our noble cause.

        • Call me a fool all you like, I’m guessing that – out of the two of us – you do not have an Ivy League degree (as I do). I’m also guessing that you’ve never engaged in street activism (or you’d have a bit more respect for those who put their names and reputations on the line, as HW does).

          As for Southern Nationalism, I’ve already explained to you before why it is a far more rational choice than trying to create a White proposition nation in the Pacific Northwest. You didn’t respond to any of my points. Answer them and I’ll take you seriously.

  8. I think that Clinton is a very big player in the Arms Smuggling world. That’s where the 6 Billion went. Clinton Foundation is just a cover for smuggling tanks and missiles to ISIS at this point. Kinda like Dicky Roper in the Night Manager.

  9. The moderator is desperately trying to give the appearance of objectivity. The media is in hardcore damage control mode.

  10. Trump missed the best argument against immigration. Too much immigration has reduced the wages of middle class and working class Americans. Fox news began the introduction to the debate by bringing up Trump’s alleged sexual assaults. Millions of conservatives still watch Fox despite Fox news constantly disparaging Trump..

  11. If Hillary is elected we’ll be at war. They are greasing the wheels of war with this stupid Aleppo shit.

  12. I think Trump slightly won. And Trump gave them pause by refusal to go all cuck over Trump’s refusal to allow Hillary to steal the [s]election.

    • That’s how I’m looking at it. Jew Wallace lobbed him a couple of nice softballs courtesy of WikiLeaks to smash out of the park, but Trump bogged himself down with his own talking points.

      Overall, though, a decent win that will hopefully help out with the polls.

      • I liked the one Wallace asked about the Brazilian Bankers …$250,000 speech to say “western hemespheric cooperation…open borders.”

      • I agree. The jew Wallace did give Trump a chance to hit it out of the park, however Trump didn’t take it.

        What gives Trump the initiative is that Trump isn’t going to guarantee allowing Swillery to steal the [s]election like she did with the jewboy Bernie Sanders and they are scared shitless that they will go too far.

        Trump reserves the last blow. The ZOGland is so divided and fragile that the Empire is on the verge of crack-up.

        We shouldn’t listen to jewsmedia concern-trolling or even what they say. The jewsmedia is screetching about how Trump isn’t going to accept Hillary as criminal-in-chief. The niggers, the bull-dykes, the jewboys all are kvetching while the Trumpkins are relatively sane.

        Trump won a tactical victory in the debate tonight and won a strategic victory in making Hillary’s crookedness a sure path to losing the entire Empire.

        Southern Nationalists and all racial nationalists should promptly embrace Trump because he not only destroyed the Republicuck party, but the basis for the [s]electon legitimacy of the Mighty Evil Empire.

        Listen to what the nigger Obongo and Swillary are screetching about. They are screaming about the end of Empire.

        Hail Victory!!!

        Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
        Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
        (Disqualified LibberToon) Write-In Candidate for Governor of Missouri

        • He’s certainly ensured that her eventual victory will end like Nixon and probably much worse.

          She’s got so much blood on her hands. So much.

    • Why didn’t they ask the hag if she would except the election results. I guess because they all knew it was rigged in her favor because she has a vagina.

  13. This debate was sedate. Hillary is still full of shit, though. Only hardcore Communist stooges will still support this woman.

  14. Somebody please contact the Trump campaign and tell them about Charity Navigator- a non-partisan group that rates charities on honesty and transparency. In The Week Magazine they gave the Clinton Foundation 1 star out of five-the lowest possible rating. Their investigation found 95% of funds collected went to upkeep, speaker fees, and salaries. It is not, as Hillary alleged tonight, a foundation that spends 95% of all money collected on charity and only keeps 5% for upkeep. She got it totally backwards, Please somebody have the Trump campaign check this out!

    • Ill bet most of it is funnel led to arms shipments…or at least masks such transactions.

    • The Clinton Foundation is the world’s most powerful crime syndicate. They make the Five Families look like the Little Rascals with a lemonade stand by comparison.

  15. The last debate was the most important. Trump threw fire bombs and won.

    Everyone knows where they stand on issues.

    She needed the so-called knockout punch. Didn’t come close.

    Tonight his main job was to reassure ‘soccer moms’ that he is even tempered and Presidential. He did just that. He was more laid back. Helps him in the long run.

    He played his version of the prevent defense that NFL teams use when they feel the game is won. Play it safe and don’t risk a game changing mistake.

    Frank Luntz which usually has a lot of goofs in his panels tweeted their responses during debate. Trump won hugely on immigration and won on most issues.

    Even Megyn Kelly said Trump won which came as a shock to me .

  16. I don’t think anyone will be changing their minds with this debate. Which is good for Trump because he has maintained what he has created and didn’t blow up tonight.

  17. I love love love how she pivots from supporting infanticide to child killing sanctions and warmongering to bleating about her advocacy for chirrens.

    At least the devil will take her at the end.

    • I noticed the incongruity of shaming Trump (which was actually more Wallace’s assigned task) on the Second Amendment while championing the non-existent Constitutional right to abortion. And I’m pro-choice, yet still couldn’t miss the disparity.

      • I’m opposed to white women aborting healthy white babies. Other than that…

        But yeah she pivoted so artlessly from that to child advocacy and supporting child killing wars. Even normies must see that evil.

      • Outlawing abortion would be a disaster. Something like 2500 nigger fetuses are aborted per day in the United States. The nigger population would explode if abortion was to become illegal.

      • I hate the pro-life/pro-choice labels. Even when abortion was illegal women chose to either obey or break the law, erego, women always had a choice.

        Abortion was already legal but limited in 20 states before Roe v. Wade was passed, so abortion was not illegal for women getting it in states that allow it. It’s not like determined women couldn’t travel to another state back then.

        I am anti-Roe vs Wade. Not because I think striking it down will save any babies, but it represents the biggest power grab by the judiciary imaginable. They made new law and in doing so usurped the law-making function of Congress. Congress should have fought them tooth and nail on that one. But they don’t because they lean left but their constituents are more conservative then they are so they let the SCOTUS do their dirty work for them.

  18. The media tried to prevent letdown after a so so Hillary performance by narrowing the supposed gap in the poll numbers a day or so before the debate, but they failed. Hillary’s technocrat wonkiness felt like a big dud compared to Trump’s inspired defiance. She couldn’t deliver the knockout blow and hence, lost.

    But it won’t matter. They’ll play with the numbers for the next few weeks, tweaking them precisely to jibe with the results they want on election day.

    Yes, I think the polling and voting are rigged and that short of a total landslide, Trump can’t win in Amerasia (1984).

  19. Why would Clinton not embrace open borders and ending the right to own a firearm at the debate? We know that her leftist supporters want those things and understand that she’s with them. It’s because she and they know that these positions won’t fly with the general public. Thus they are not mainstream ideas at all.

  20. The most evil person on the planet actually called Trump a “puppet” of Vladimir Putin at the debate. Amazing.

    • The same person whose pay for play scheme resulted in Russians being sold a substantial share of American uranium which they sold to the Iranians is accusing Trump of being a traitor, because he liked Putin complimenting him.

      All of Clinton’s policy initiatives in the Mideast have empowered Russia and her allies while substantially weakening America. If the Russians are behind the Wikileaks, I am totally surprised, because she couldn’t be worse for America than if she was a Russian agent.

      • If the Russians really hacked the Democratic Party’s Campaign, we wouldn’t know about it. The info would be going to Trump. Assuming the Russians actually cared about the election enough to do anything. Which, according to the news out of Europe, they don’t. Like most sane people, they don’t want Clinton in there warmongering.

  21. Hillary believes women should get the same pay regardless of productivity. And she believes women should get more social security because of some historical wrong? I didn’t follow that.

    • Women should only get the same pay as men if they work as hard as the men. Not those that just stand around why men do all the heavy lifting.

  22. Lou DobbsVerified account
    I think @realDonaldTrump is right to make his acceptance of results contingent on a clean election…as should we all.

    • Is it really outright rigging of the ballot box Mugabe style? Or more the fact that the entire media is fucking with peoples minds to support cultural Marxism and only cultural Marxist candidates have their seal of approval? Add to that leftist judges shooting down voter ID laws letting the 40-50 million illegal aliens vote if they wish.

  23. MSNBC was harping on Trump for not “denouncing” foreign influence in our elections. I was thinking to myself, “denounce them for what?” Revealing Hillary’s corruption and lies? In other words, if the Soviets had been the ones to break WaterGate, would that have made what Nixon did okay?

    As Ramzpaul stated, Hillary is an illegitimate candidate. Like the Nazis, she and her compatriots have organized violence against us (see the video), she is immensely corrupt, and is a dangerous warmonger who has a personal grudge against the Russians for trying to trap her in a lesbian honeypot years back (see Ana Chapman affair). Now, the evil Empire is trying silence dissent and negative reporting on their corruption by cutting Julian Assange’s internet connection; just the other day CNN was trying to scare people into not noticing Hillary’s scandals by telling them that looking for the evidence on Wikileaks was illegal. How could anyone vote for this? Are these fools that deluded?

      • Yeah, like the Nazis. Sane people don’t worship the Nazis. And defending them is a good way to lose an argument among normal, non-cat lady people. Raving nuts like yourself turn off smart, non-transvestite people like me who ordinarily might be sympathetic.

        And Ramzpaul is a hero who’s done far more for our people than you.

        • Yes, anyone who brings up the Nazis as an example of unjustified political violence is a moron or a person with a lot left to learn. Typically, these folks haven’t fully freed themselves from cuck thinking, or they don’t know history. One reason the Nazis organized in the first place was to confront political violence instigated by Jews and Communists against Germans.

          • Anyone who defends the Nazis in any way is a fool – period. Don’t expect any non-autistic normal person to listen to ANYTHING you have to say on the subject….as if you’ll really be able to convert Ms. Soccer Mom with that sh*t. Jesus, you hayseeds make it easy for the ADL/SPLC. SMH.

          • I’ll put you down as having a lot to learn. You’re reading here. There’s yet hope you’ll figure things out.

          • “In any way”?

            I believe in being even handed and objective. Neither Jews nor Hilterphiles are either.

          • Yes, in ANY way. Can you people really not get that normal people with families and friends won’t listen to anything you have to say about the NAZIS and will immediately assume the worst no matter what you say? Some times, the best way to win, is not to play. Besides, I’m a Southerner. German political parties mean nothing to me. They shouldn’t mean anything to you, either.

          • Dems Are The Real Nazis is an absurd talking point in the context of the Alt-Right.

            Dems Are Genocidal Anti-White Communists is a much better idea.

          • Interesting how the commies always get a pass when any conversation about dictators comes up. Why, it’s as if Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot never even existed.

          • What happened in Germany or any other country affords lessons. I get what you’re trying to say, but taken as written, I don’t agree.

          • /// Goes on and ON about the KNAAAZEEEZ – yet not a word about the Mossad, JDIF, ADL, or any other JEW monster.

          • STFU. Not all of us are cross-dressing losers who feel the need to spend endless hours listing every grievance a loser like you might have. The original point had nothing to do with any of that.

          • I’m a Southerner. German political parties mean nothing to me. They shouldn’t mean anything to you, either.

            The main problem in Hitler’s Germany was the Jew. The main problem today in the South of the USA is the Jew. There’s a deliberate effort to destroy White people in every country. You see exactly the same thing happening in Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia. The third-world invasion doesn’t happen magically, by itself. There are political activists pushing for that.

          • While you do have a short term legitimate tactical point, you need not say that Dems Are The Nazis on here…

            I get your point. The Democratic Party cleverly use violence as a political tool.

            The Nazis were however REACTING to Communist led genocide when they formed the SA. Not the other way around. Most serious historians of the period understand that the Nazis were reactive and formed to counter very violent communist activities.

          • ‘The Nazis were however REACTING to Communist led genocide when they formed the SA. Not the other way around.’


          • You don’t have the point that you think you do. Defending NAZIS in any context is suicide for any argument with someone who isn’t a nut. The fact that some people here actually upvoted the morons who don’t realize that gives me pause.

            No wonder you losers got outclassed by the ADL and SPLC – you’re retards who make their jobs all the more easy. Frankly, if this is the deepest intellectual pool you’ve got – a collection of Storm Front/Adam Lanza-types and geezers who think that saying “communist” means anything to anyone below the age of 35 – you should just hang it up and do something more productive with your lives. Hayseeds.

          • Blah, blah, blah. Yeah, people who aren’t autistic idiots are going to listen to you because some geezer used the word “communist,” a tired old trope burned out in the 80s. Like I said: hayseed.

          • Violence was central to fascist ideology. They would have been violent even if there weren’t any commies to defend themselves against.

          • Violence was central to fascist ideology

            Fascism was not even a German movement. It was Italian.

            They would have been violent even if there weren’t any commies to defend themselves against.

            That’s how the Jews argue. They genocide people and claim it is self-defense. They judge intentions and feelings, not acts.

            In the 1920s, there was some impatience among German nationalists with the corruption and the lack of decision in the parliament. Some politicians refuse to do their job, be honest, face reality, take tough decisions, make the necessary radical reforms. They would rather compromise to save their present comfort. That’s a problem when your country is infected by the Jews. If you lack the courage to drain the swamp, your country will die.

            There’s a stark contrast between the weak parliamentarian who will go along with the Jews, and the energetic nationalist who will defend his nation and expel the parasites. In nationalistic imagery, our heroes are depicted looking straight ahead with a sword in their hand. But it doesn’t mean that nationalism leads to violence. It’s about protecting your nation. It also prevents civil war.

            Germany was about to be attacked by the Judeo-Bosheviks in the East. But it was also attacked by the Judeo-French and Judeo-English governments. There is a similar situation today. It seems that the USA, France and England, all led by the Jews, would like to attack the semi-nationalist Russia in defense of the Ukrainian borders. The violence clearly comes from the Jews, not from Russian nationalists. It is funny that the Jews, who are dedicated to the abolition of White countries’ borders, would decide to reclaim Crimea for Ukraine. At the same time, they have already started bringing in Africans to Ukraine.

          • It is well to remember WWII supposedly started over the political sovereignty of Poland. We all know what became of Poland after the War.

          • And also, there is no reason why German territories where the population was German should have been given to France (Alsace), to Poland, and to other countries that would try to degermanize those territories.

            By the way, the French government’s objective used to be to transform Alsace into a piece of France. But now it must become a piece of Africa, like the rest of France. If it had remained part of Germany, it would now be in the process of becoming half-Afghan, half-Syrian (ficki! ficki!).

          • Nazism is universally recognized as a variant of fascism and violence (often framed as some kind of ‘heroic struggle’) was indeed central to it.

            Nazis were absolutely committed to using violence to get their way and to maintain their hold on power. They were certainly not going to let themselves be voted out.

            I don’t disagree with the points you make in the rest of your post, but in my view fascism has some deeply undesirable and troubling features and I refuse to blind myself to them just because, in the short term, it could bring about a badly needed change of direction. In the long run, the uncompromising (aka unthinking) strength of will it promotes leads to all sorts of problems.

          • Nazism is universally recognized as a variant of fascism

            “Nazism” and fascim are officially described by ZOG as evil cults for evil White morons. It’s the same as opposing race replacement. Honest discussion is not allowed. College history professors are closely watched by the ADL. Even Trump is described as a fascist by the subtle Jews.

            and violence (often framed as some kind of ‘heroic struggle’) was indeed central to it.

            I’ve heard that half a dozen political opponents were executed under Mussolini’s rule, while the Jews in the USSR killed a few dozen million. Heroic struggle doesn’t mean you kill everybody. It goes together with moral fortitude, keeping physically fit, the sense of effort, the sense of tragedy, and so on. It’s just a way to give meaning to your life. It’s the contrary of what the Jews want for White people.

            Nazis were absolutely committed to using violence to get their way and to maintain their hold on power. They were certainly not going to let themselves be voted out.

            Hitler was popular with the Germans. But the Jews in the French, British, and American governments were absolutely committed to starting WW2 to get him out of power. Just like the Jews want Hillary to start WW3 to get rid of Putin.

            I disagree with your insinuation that the only reason the Nazis attacked the Soviets was to preempt a Soviet attack on themselves

            I think the Soviet threat was reason enough. Hitler probably still wished he could expand his territory, but I don’t think he made any plans. The important thing was to destroy the Judeo-Sovietic power.

            expansion eastwards was a long-standing geopolitical objective of the pre-Nazi ‘pan-German’ nationalist movement.

            Russia actually took advantage of its victory to expand and reduce German territory. It now has 17,000,000 km², while today’s Germany has 357,000 km². The idea of expanding German territory had little to do with the idea of heroic struggle. It was more like Captain Chaos’ idea of securing the North-West of the USA for himself and his friends.

            National-socialism looks to me like a traditionalist/conservative movement. There was a lot of debate and no very well defined ideology. What’s really special about it is that Hitler was also a man of action. He was able to take power and act on his principles. There’s nothing sinister there.

            As a conclusion, Lew11 is right: “anyone who brings up the Nazis as an example of unjustified political violence is a moron or a person with a lot left to learn.”

          • “Nazism” and fascim are officially described by ZOG as evil cults for evil White morons. It’s the same as opposing race replacement.

            “Fascist” long ago became a largely meaningless epithet, but nonetheless there are several distinguishing traits that make up fascist ideology and scholars, by and large (all save for devout Marxists), have done a fairly good job of objectively explaining them. Virtually none of these scholars writes approvingly of fascism, but so what? People have a right to object to what they find distasteful and undesirable about fascism; this doesn’t require Jewish ‘watch dogs’ looking over the shoulder.

            Opposition to race-replacement would receive a much fairer hearing, I believe, if the people who mounted the sternest resistance to race-replacement were not themselves either outright fascists or heavily sympathetic to fascism. Their efforts have created the illusion that opposing race-replacement requires fascism, that if you oppose race-replacement you must be a fascist. It is just fucking disgraceful that until very, very recently the only people speaking out against race-replacement were hate-crazed WN neo-fascist fuckwits. (Oh wait – that’s just a lie Jews tell, right? WNs – those gentle souls – have never promoted hatred of anyone!)

            I’ve heard that half a dozen political opponents were executed under Mussolini’s rule, while the Jews in the USSR killed a few dozen million.

            Then you’ve heard wrong. Excluding the starvation from the Ukrainian famine, the empirical evidence available suggests that political executions and deaths in labor camps amount to no more than 2-2.5 million people. That’s a lot of people, of course, but nowhere near the wildly exaggerated figures that get bandied about. And please, as if all that was solely the handiwork of Jews – this idiot-level Jew-crit that convince nobody except WNs. Chinese and Cambodian commies eagerly employed brutality towards political opponents without the guiding hand of the Jew – doesn’t that tell you something?

            Heroic struggle doesn’t mean you kill everybody. It goes together with moral fortitude, keeping physically fit, the sense of effort, the sense of tragedy, and so on. It’s just a way to give meaning to your life.

            It’s not “just” a way to give meaning to your life; according to fascists, it’s the only way to give meaning to life. And the pinnacle of heroic struggle in the fascist view is war. I see this sentiment (or something close it) expressed by WNs all the time. The absence of heroism in contemporary society renders life meaningless to them. If you embrace other values besides the ‘heroic ideal’ you are a ‘degenerate.’

            Countless millions of liberals demonstrate moral fortitude, keep physically fit, make a determined effort to achieve their goals etc without becoming fascists. It’s notable you included a ‘sense of the tragic’ in your list. That seemed very out of place. Good tragedy is very emotionally arousing and provides important life lessons, but this is rather different to cultivating (or promoting) a sense of the tragic. Personally, I really fail to see how a sense of tragedy is in any way superior to a ‘sense of optimism.’

            Hitler was popular with the Germans. But the Jews in the French, British, and American governments were absolutely committed to starting WW2 to get him out of power.

            Yes Hitler was popular, but saying doesn’t address my point. The democratic masses are fickle (as the Nazis understood very well) – you’re popular today, you’re nobody tomorrow. The Nazis simply had no intention of ceding power to their political opponents if their regime at some point became unpopular. That is a fact you need to deal with.

            The fact that Jews in French, British and American governments wanted Hitler gone doesn’t change the fact that non-Jews in French, British and American governments had reasons of their own (not necessarily the same reasons as Jews’) for opposing Hitler’s foreign policy. That’s another fact you need to come to terms with.

            I think the Soviet threat was reason enough. Hitler probably still wished he could expand his territory, but I don’t think he made any plans. The important thing was to destroy the Judeo-Sovietic power.

            I don’t think the evidence bears this view out at all, but if even if you are correct, in retrospect, do you think Hitler’s approach to dealing with the threat made good sense? Was launching an invasion after first totally antagonising and alienating Germany’s most powerful potential allies (France, Britain, USA) the most sensible way of countering the commie threat?

            The idea of expanding German territory had little to do with the idea of heroic struggle. It was more like Captain Chaos’ idea of securing the North-West of the USA for himself and his friends.

            No one in 1939 was arguing that Germany shouldn’t be German – totally different to USA 2016. Germans in the 1930s didn’t require heroic struggle to secure what was already secure.

            Russia actually took advantage of its victory to expand and reduce German territory. It now has 17,000,000 km², while today’s Germany has 357,000 km².

            Do you really think that this banal observation is clever winning rhetoric? Obviously Russia was enormously larger than Germany even before the war. Only a tiny fraction of her territory today is attributable to victory in WWII. Germany, on the other hand, has been considerably reduced in size as a direct consequence of starting the war with Russia. Defeat in war is often costly and painful, there’s no denying it. Sadly, it was the Germans themselves who recklessly gambled that territory away. My sympathies are with the German victims of the mass expulsions which accompanied the territorial losses – it was no less than an horrific anti-German genocide about which far too little is known.

            What’s really special about it is that Hitler was also a man of action.

            He was also a myopic, narrow-minded, delusional fool – failings for which all Europeans are today paying the price.

          • You are full of BS. For example, you talk as if the Jews were not responsible for the ban on free and open discussion of WW2 ! (and its magical gas chambers).

            Yes, I mistakenly wrote “sense of tragedy” instead of “sense of the tragic”. Sorry.

          • You are full of BS.

            Lol, yeah okay.

            For example, you talk as if the Jews were not responsible for the ban on free and open discussion of WW2 ! (and its magical gas chambers).

            I never said anything of the sort. There’s no question they’ve been the main driving force behind such bans.

          • Starvation was central to fascist ideology,never again were the Germans to be ruled by alien powers.
            Asked what it was like before Hitler took power.The answer was,read genesis 47v14 on,…and all of Egypt was eating out of Jacobs hand.

          • They weren’t ‘ruled’ by foreign powers. You lose a war, you have certain conditions imposed on you. It’s been that way since time immemorial. I mean, fuck, the Prussians sure weren’t slow to impose harsh peace settlements on other countries during their rise to prominence.

            As for reading Genesis, screw that. There’s good Jew-crit and then there’s loon-level Jew-crit, and your suggestion reeks of the latter. It’s very doubtful that even happened anyway. It sounds more like a vengeful fantasy cooked up by a vengeful people.

          • Here’s another for you,FDR would of let you hogs Waller in the muck,(((the great depression)))if not for the Germans standing up for themselves during their (((depression))).He was forced to copy Hitler and socialize you through the conservation Corp.WW2 saved your(((economy))).
            See what your leader was doing at that time,for starters,suppressing this book,”no God next door”red rule in Mexico and our responsibility. Michael Kenny 1935 . Do an Amazon book review on it.
            Many more titles for you,I can reference my facts.

          • Hitler and FDR came to power at the same time. FDR set about implementing his economic program from the moment he assumed power. One could therefore make the (equally specious) claim that Hitler copied FDR. (In reality, the idea of ‘socialistic’ economic reform was part of the intellectual air that was breathed in that era; such ideas were popular all across the west, and were immediately put into practise after the war ended.)

            Anyway, I’m guessing you’re German? Well, if you want to talk harsh peace settlements, the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk that Germany imposed on Russia (before losing the war on the western front) was considerably harsher than the Treaty of Versailles that was imposed on Germany. Nazis have a curious habit of overlooking such points in their effort to portray themselves as victims.

          • FDR started his economic program by making the mass murderer Stalin his trading partner.
            55 million people died to get Germany back on the gold standard,check out that book I told you about.

          • “Your Socialistic economic reform” is called communism,
            “It was popular across the west”,are you kidding me,it was the end of your constitutional republic,”immediately put into practice after the war ended”,you hung yourself there.
            And I live in Looney land,you can’t even defend your own system of government,don’t you need to change your constitution to socialist economic people,eating out of Jacobs hand.(((communist welfare state)))
            This BS is coming to a head real soon.
            Is world socialism in the air?
            Lennin wanted to secure his Russian state,and destroy the ancient nobility,the white army,they didn’t care about Brest litovsk at the time,notice how the (((powers)))ended the bloodbath of WW1 right after Lennin assumed power,and told Germany they lost the war,that is the Animus, plus the alien (((carpetbaggers)))who came in to Germany after the war,that got the WW1 veterans to take back power in Germany and the reason (((international finance)))destroyed them.
            55 million people died to get Germany back on the gold standard.

        • RamZPauls work is uneven at best. His quality work is offset by his slander against people further to the right than he is and by his embrace of Jewish smear tactics.

          • Ramzpaul’s good work trumps the good work done by about 90% of the alt-right. I’ll take that just fine. In any case, he’s come around quite a bit to our side during the course of this election.

          • I don’t get the Hitler Worship on American boards. He was a German ethno-nationalist with a very narrow mission. He was not Pan-Aryanist. He had little to no use for Americans (and I am talking those Americans in a country that was over 90 percent White) damning them as too Judaized, Negrified, and mongrelized.

            This is a Southern board so I can see the attachment to the Battle Flag as a symbol of Southern White resistance, but I think American Nationalists are better off getting behind the Gadsen Flag and knocking off the HItler Worship.

            IMO, Franco of Spain was a much better White Nationalist than Hitler, because …. he was successful at driving out the (((communists))) out of Spain and keeping them out until he died. Hitler failed in his objectives. Franco succeeded. That’s why we have had our noses rubbed in Hitler non-stop for the last 70 years and no mention whatsoever is made of Franco.

          • butt the spic franco was a kathylick and the joos started kathylickism and the catlick church and mussolini’s mistress was a Hot Blonde Babe from Norway! and hitler didn’t like franco because franco was a catlick and the joos started the catlick church but hitler loved mussolini that’s ’cause mussolini’s mistress was one Hot Foxy Viking chick!!!

          • Cly – t’s not “Hitler worship”. It’s Hitler fairness. You are correct in your assessment of his career. However – he’s been USED and demonized in order to cow and condemn Whites, of any variety, to advance the JEW goal of White Genocide. You should be extremely wary of any-one who invokes the KNAAAZEEEZ or poor old Adolf. Refusing to accept slander and persecution of every White, including and especially the NS, would go a very long way in furthering our causes.

          • Hitler lost and history was written by the (((victors))).

            The truth is only NOW coming out about King Richard III who was demonized by Shakespeare to propagandize the Tudor victors.

            For someone who waged war on YKW to preserve Germans and their culture, Hitler has been a very effective tool to distract White nationalists in every country, but particularly American nationalists from preserving their own people and culture.

            The more timid ones are shut down. The bold ones end up defending him. But the effect is the same.

            I shut down a Usual Suspect when he tried to pull the Hitler Card and then the Holocaust Denial Card on me.

            I told him that WWII history is just as credible as any other history that is written by the victors. That I wasn’t even alive back then to witness the event so I am in no position to confirm or deny anything.

            I also told him that Hitler has been dead for almost 70 years. The mantra “Never Again” has never stopped a single genocide since then and that is why it behooves WN to do everything possible to keep Whites from being marginalized into kulaks who were butchered and starved to death by the Communists years before Hitler took power.

            My default position on Hitler is What Evah and to jump back on topic. We must refuse to be distracted by Hitler in anyway. He not only should not be considered relevant to White Nationalism anywhere else but Germany (and only the Germans should decide if he still is there), but is not relevant in the United States if you want White Americans to survive much less thrive in this country.

          • Yeah, it’s “Hitler worship” when you hang on every word uttered by a long-dead psycho hated by everyone who isn’t a complete nut and go crazy whenever anyone brings up some obscure fact about the NAZIS that you don’t agree with. You have too much time on your hands cat lady.

          • You must realize the communist and their international brigades got into the Spanish civil war to get the world into a major war and prolonged it for years,the Spanish don’t call it a civil war,Hitler helped Franco after the communist got into Spain,don’t forget that.
            If you want the best literature that I have read on the subject:
            “Red domination in Spain” ministry of justice. 1946 put out by Spain.
            Spain was the fruit that would eventually drop into the communist hands,only the heart of Germany could have beaten the Reds,but who knew the gates of all hell would be opened on them.
            Do an Amazon book review on this,
            “No God next door”red rule in Mexico and our responsibility.Michael Kenny 1935
            The most pivotal point in history,with implications as far as the universe,should be understood by all,
            to end (((their)))sorcery.
            Then true Nationalism will flourish.
            We don’t have a lot of time ,we’ll be tilled under,and a whole New crop of BS Will spring up.

          • Hey Paul, even though I know where it’s coming from, I can’t stop my own Whiskey Tango Foxtrot reaction when I see Americans dressed like German SS men and marching behind what was briefly a German flag. I don’t hate Hitler or even Nazis, they just aren’t really relevant to Americans no matter how brainwashed even American WNists to think otherwise have been by all these Holocaust Flicks.

            I mean, we Americans fought Kaiser Wilhelm, too, but any obsession with him ended right after he was beaten in WWI. That’s how I see Hitler, he lost, the end.

            American Nationalists just don’t get European racism. Before Europe lost her mind and flooded her own continent with so-called people of color, everyone there was referring to “the races of Europe.” Even then, Americans would be baffled by the idea. Because all they could see was White people, just like home. In Hitler, they see a White man who stood up against the Jews, a majority of whom looked distinct enough from the European population as a whole to stand out.

            If HItler won, there would be a large percentage of the American population that he would pure as unacceptable unless they could prove they were pure German or Scandinavian or English. There was already intermarriage among the White ethnics back then so he would write them off as mongrels.

            Our curse from jump street, a large population of feral diversities has also been our blessing. Oh, we have our extremist fringe of Nordicists and anti-Catholics, but for the most part, we have always been forced to show some vestiges of racial solidarity because we knew unless we did, our throats would be cut by the Non-Whites who shared territory with us.

            Hitler’s type of racism still lives on with Europeans. I got into a quarrel with a British guy who denied that he was a European. I had to tell him that England was part of Europe like Cape Cod was part of Massachusetts which is part of the USA.

            Another time I jumped all over a German and a Pole who were going at each other on the internet with such viciousness it was very disturbing. I told them I wanted to grab them both by the scuff of the neck and bang their heads together for being so stupid as to fight in a burning house. Neither one knew what I was talking about until I pointed out that killing each other had left a vacuum tor treacherous EU politicians to fill with Muslims who would rape, rob and kill both their children if they couldn’t pull their heads out of their asses. And I reminded them that this was only about six hundred years after Germans and Poles had united to repel the Turks from the Gates of Vienna.

            That was Hitler’s mentality in a nutshell. If Hitler didn’t hold Slavs in such disdain, he’d have struck alliances with his neighbors to East and they would have fortified his troops there, providing a buffer from any Soviet invasion. He could have then focused all his efforts to the West and won WWII that way.

            Franco remains a great WN for other WNs to emulate. He supported Hitler by sending troops to assist him against the Communists on the Eastern front. He refused to allow himself to be talked into rounding up Spanish Jews and putting them into camps like Mussolini did. His territorial ambitions and cultural aspirations never went beyond Spain. IOW, he engaged in no efforts to send another Armada against England, for example. That’s why Franco survived and Mussolini didn’t.

            My big hope is that European right wing parties become populated by little Francos. And that they join forces against the Muslim invasion like the Polish under Jan Sobieski did with Germans under Ernst Rudiger von Starhemburg and Ludwig Wilhelm to defend Vienna from the Ottoman empire.

            My wish all American Nationalists including Southerners is that we unite behind the Gadsen Flag, overturn this Constitution that is killing us and go back to the Articles of Confederation. I honestly think if every state had dismissed any representative who signed off on the Constitution and its Bill of Rights that the War Between The States would have never happened.

          • “I think American Nationalists are better off getting behind the Gadsen Flag and knocking off the HItler Worship.”


            Yay! Someone with an IQ above Forrest Gump’s. Amazing how these losers think that babbling about the technicalities of NAZI vs communist means anything to normal, non-nut-jobs. Like I said, these losers turn off sane, smart people like me who might ordinarily have some sympathy. If this is the best you people can muster, give it up. Maybe I should, too.

          • Rammy hasn’t done SHIT except leech on to fledgling White awareness movements. He’s a subversive Jew TOAD.

        • Rammy is a Jew subversive, who hasn’t done SHIT for any-one, except seeking fame for himself. Now piss off Pauly

      • Think about it. It’s long been rumored that Hillary is bisexual.

        Chapman was a beautiful bombshell whose goal was to get close to Hillary so the Russians could understand the inner workings of Obama’s cabinet. They couldn’t, of course, pay off anyone to do this and they couldn’t plant an eavesdropping device…but if Hillary were involved with someone, she might just be willing to let a few secrets spill as pillow talk. Just as Chapman was getting close to Hillary, the FBI swooped in because they feared that she was “getting too close” to Hillary. Wink, wink. It’s called a honeypot, and the US government uses this tactic all the time (so does everyone else).

        Here’s a link to a story…think about it:

        “Russian spy Anna Chapman was luring U.S. cabinet member into sexy ‘honey trap’: report”


    • When Clinton declared that several intelligence agencies said that Russians had hacked those emails and given them to Wikileaks, Trump should have asked her if those were the same agencies that determined there were WMD in Iraq and also if those emails were fake.

  24. Hillary Clinton: Trump is unfit to be president because he called Miss Universe “fat” twenty years ago.

    Seriously, anyone voting on that basis… Never mind. That belongs in the “democracy” topic.

    • Yeah, but does Hillary put her money where her mouth is? Has she ever dated a fat lady? Huma’s thin as a cracker.

    • Democracy affords us the possibility of being ruled by the 51% least wise people in society. Even if ruled by the 51% most wise, most of them leave too much to be desired.

      • I am a woman and do not under women. I vote the same way as my husband for the most part.

        But I think two members of the same family should never be able to run for president.

        • My wife doesn’t understand women of her own gender either! It’s one of the reasons why I married her she thought logically and rationally before we had met. We have also inculcated that in our own daughter.

  25. He lost the debate, fam:
    1) Gave them soundbites that he wouldnt accept the election “if he lost”
    2) Gave them the soundbite ” “Such a nasty woman.” ”
    3) Didnt get to mention San Bernadino, or Brussels or Paris or Nice once. *She* mentioned Orlando.

    He was solid otherwise, bet ever. But was we know, debates are all about the “Jack Kennedy and “There you go again” lines.

    • I heard him say “we’ll see” and “I’ll let you know then”. The take away, if he suspects voter fraud cost him the election he won’t go quietly nor should he. At one point he alluded to millions of voters who shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

  26. The half-dead corrupt lesbian warmonger witch: Donald Trump has been criticizing our government for decades.

    Good for him!

  27. Ha ha ha ha. I really hate these bastards.

    Bob Cesca @bobcesca_go
    Steve Schmidt on Trump’s refusal to accept election: “Clear and present danger to our constitutional order, to our republic.”

    Bill Kristol ? @BillKristol
    I deplore what Trump said and refused to say about accepting the election results. Confirms one’s judgment he shouldn’t be president.

    Carlos Curbelo ? @carloslcurbelo
    Peaceful transfer of power & acceptance of election results is fundamental to our democracy & Constitution. This cannot be undermined ever.

    Jeff Flake ? @JeffFlake
    .@realDonaldTrump saying that he might not accept election results is beyond the pale

    • Free and fair elections are also “fundamental to our democracy,” you scumbags. I’d bet none of them were that concerned about the Wikileaks docs or the O’Keefe tapes. F*** you.

      • I agree.

        The O’Keefe videos revealed many dirty tricks and voter fraud schemes that should be a very hot topic among conservative politicians and pundits.

        The Wikileaks material alone destroy the credibility of the media and DNC.

        GOPe leaders would rather malign Trump at every opportunity.

      • Sold himself cheap to Hillary Clinton. Ten thousand dollars was all he got while blm got three hundred thousand dollars.

  28. Trump won the debate but at this point everyone’s minds are made up whom they are going to vote for. Trump was genuinely angry that Hillary has been allowed to get away with serious crimes while Hillary could barely conceal her rage that Trump is her opponent instead of that big, worthless douche ¡Yeb!

    • Trump needs to keep hitting on the meme that a vote for Hillary is a vote for a criminal. The worthless douche Yeb would be bending over backward to respect this awful female. That’s what Dem’s take for granted that Rep’s will always do.

  29. Skank Madonna offering blow jobs for Hillary votes, nothing lewd or offensive about that. I say deplorable, deplorable and irredeemable I say.

  30. A new jewtube video from the Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri:

    This is a new jewtube video which was filmed @ 4:30pm Granby UnStandard Time on 19 Oct. 2016, three and a half hours before the debate.

    I make the point that Donald Trump is correct. The [s]election is rigged and even if it wasn’t, no White People have any moral or legal obligation to obey a sick evil criminal like Hillary Clinton or prostrate ourselves as wage and tax slaves to ZOG/Babylon.

    This is what is making regime-criminals and the jewsmedia scream: That when it cums down to it, we can always ditch the Empire whenever we can get away with it, and given that the Empire is doomed, that time shall be soon.

    By the way, I’m running for Governor of Missouri as a write-in candidate, having been kicked off the LibberToon party ballot because the system is rigged to where White Supremacists are not allowed to run on the LibberToon, Republicuck, Demmytwat or CONstipation Party ballot thanks to TraitorGlenn Miller back in 2006. Roxie Fausnaught is running as the sole non-Republicuck party member for Newton County Coroner given that she wasn’t allowed to run for Sheriff because she didn’t want or was granted a “pig license.”

    These [s]elections are rigged by simply not allowing outsiders without serious ZOGbux to even run in the first place. Thus none of us have any obligation to obey the laws or pay the taxes of a criminal regime which doesn’t allow free, fair open [s]elections any more than Joseph Stalin, Mao Tse-Dung, or Robert Mugabe. The only difference is that these Dictators / Warlords were open about the fact that they ruled without any real say by the People and ran nothing but “Show S[Elections” without the massive hypocrisy of ZOG/Babylon the Third and Final.

    By the way, this mongrel named Bryan Reo from Mentor Ohio, is suing me and Roxie and my Church in the Lake County Court for the third or fourth time. The U.$ jewpreme kort sent me back my petition for cert because I filed in forma pauperis to ask that the DMCA be declared unCONstipational after Bryan Reo abused it to take down 10-12 Church web pages. Bryan Reo is the “law clerk” of this weasel named Kyle Bristow, who with Thom Robb’s lawyer spawn and this worthless idiot running the Amurrikwan Fuktard Party William Johnson, runs this non-white White Supremacist ZOG false-flag Whigger $PLC named the Freedom Front (ZOGling whigger poverty law center). This mongrel faggot who used to pretend to be a See-Eye Dentist and work at the North Perry Nuclear Power Plant until others found out itz identity thanks to me is on the Bored of Directors


    Looks like the Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations is gonna have to counter-sue Thom Robb’s KKK.biz, The Amurrikwan Fuktard Party, and get these idiot weasels disbarred for messing with ,my Church web pages while pretending to be lawyers for our side.

    You need to cut contact with these ZOGbots, Brad, including Matt Chaimbach. Neither the Aryan Nations nor the bowel Movement need non-white White Supremacists who take down web pages and run a ZOG false-flag operation.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
    (Disqualified LibberToon) Write-In Candidate for Governor of Missouri

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