(((Their))) Plot Against America

Bret Stephens is so triggered about Trump’s talk of the global power structure:

“And now we have Donald Trump versus what Laura Ingraham calls “the globalist cabal”—the latest enemy from without, within. In a speech Thursday in West Palm Beach the GOP presidential nominee painted a picture of a “global power structure” centered around Hillary Clinton that aims to “plot the destruction of U.S. sovereignty” while stepping on the necks of American workers with open borders and ruinous trade deals. …

Now he’s after the Compleat Conspiracy, the one that explains it all: the rigged election, migrant Mexican rapists, the lying New York Times, thieving hedge funds, Obama-created ISIS, political correctness, women insufficiently attractive to grope, Chinese manufacturers, the Clinton Foundation. If it isn’t voting for Donald Trump and has recently crossed an international border, it’s a problem.

It did not escape notice that Mr. Trump’s remarks smacked of darker antipathies. A reporter for the New York Times suggested that the speech “echoed anti-Semitic themes.” The Daily Stormer, which bills itself as the premier publication of the alt-right, was less delicate, praising the speech for exposing the mass media as “the lying Jewish mouthpiece of international finance and plutocracy.”

But one needn’t accuse Mr. Trump of personal animus toward Jews (there’s no evidence of it) to point out that his candidacy is manna to every Jew-hater. Anti-Semitism isn’t just an ethnic or religious prejudice. It’s a way of thinking. If you incline to believe that the world is controlled by nefarious unseen forces, you might alight on any number of suspects: Freemasons, central bankers, the British foreign office. Somehow, the ultimate culprits usually wind up being Jews. …”

There was nothing in the speech about the Jews.

In fact, Trump’s speech in West Palm Beach about the global power structure was likely written by his top aide Stephen Miller, who is Jewish himself. Still, all of this talk about globalist cabals, the global power structure, the donor class, and the nexus of hedge fund managers, international bankers and corrupt media elites who have rigged the system to their own advantage… well, let’s just say that for the country’s top journalists that arrow hits a little close to home, doesn’t it? Feeling uncomfortable much?

It almost sounds like someone is afraid of being noticed. Trump has got them all sniffing around there!

They Live, We Sleep.

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  1. It was a silly move of people to style Trump’s comments as anti-Semitic. They clearly were not, but the freakout will make people more paranoid of Jews. Good work, media.

  2. You know they’re in trouble when their gentile partners in crime turn on them, such was the theme of Kubrick’s “Clockwork Orange”

  3. Tfw the top journalists in the country are freaking out at the thought the Stormer is on to them!


    “The Daily Stormer article was being emailed around by some of the most distinguished journalists in the country. So imagine our surprise when we called up on the Web the text (and then the video) of Mr. Trump’s tirade only to discover that neither the Jews, nor Israel, nor Zionism were mentioned in the speech at all. Not once. The only thing that came close was when Mr. Trump attacked the Obama administration for sending $1.7 billion — in cash — to the Iranians.”

    • I think there is an unstated agenda behind the shout out to DS. For one, the manufactured ‘reality’ that ‘women’ will cost Trump the election will fan the flames of Anglin’s hatred and paranoia of us, if its heat index can even increase from the inferno already burning over there.

      Never underestimate the jews. They are losing control of the narrative and know they have to sabotage any forming alternative with every breath from their gigantic proboscises.

      • You clearly don’t read the Daily Stormer, do you? Andrew Anglin has very little hatred, and even less paranoia. What he does have is the facts of history, under his thumb.

        It’s always been about the Jews -if you don’t who Edgar J. Steele was, you have no right to speak in that manner. He was killed by the Jewish mafia in the United States and the accomplice “Justice ” Dept., for saying just that sentence: “it’s the Jews, stupid.”

      • You could technical allege the author is guilty of hypocrisy there. He seems angry – and seems to be expressing it.

    • Anger and hate are legitimate human emotions. All people have them and all people feel them at one time or another. But you feel they should be suppressed, Why?? What are you guilty of?? Of what do you feel the treat of revenge??

        • Of course. Why shouldn’t whites be privileged in their own lands?? Are Jews not privileged in Israel?? Are blacks not privileged in Africa?? Privilege belongs to the people of the lands. Foreigners, outsiders, intruders, interlopers, trespassers, conquistadors are not privileged in white lands and deservedly so. Wouldn’t you agree??

  4. “It is true that Mr. Trump mentioned — once — “international banks.”
    And there is no doubt that that the epithet of international bankers has
    been used as a slight against the Jews. In American politics, this
    reached an apogee in 1896, when the Democrats put up Wm. Jennings Bryan.
    He accepted the nomination with a pro-inflation speech that answered
    those who sought sound money by warning: “You shall not crucify mankind
    upon a cross of gold.”

    When the Nebraskan ended his speech on that famed oratorical note, he
    stood there in the convention hall at Chicago with his arms
    outstretched. Total silence fell over the hall. Then suddenly the crowd
    erupted into a delirious ovation such as has rarely been heard in
    politics. The New York Sun, the leading broadsheet of its day, reported
    the hall echoed with shouts of “Down with the hook-nosed Shylocks of
    Wall Street! Down with the Christ-killing gold bugs.””

    Wow, what a history lesson. Thanks Sun Editorial Staff! Supposedly “brilliant” people – you know they always refer to each other as brilliant no matter how stupid – making the same mistake over and over and over again throughout the centuries. I suggest the decent Jews that are sick and tired of being screwed along with the rest of us by the (((international bankers))) and their minions, go with Trump. If he fails, the next guy to fill his shoes may also have a toothbrush mustache.

      • I understand the second half of your sentence, “there is no such thing as a ‘good’ jew”, but what the f*ck does “there are some good people who wander through jewishness” supposed to mean? You sound like Woody Allen , Woody Allen who imbibed way TOO many magic mushrooms and is reminiscing about Diane Keaton.

        • Some people in the scene actually think there is such a thing and either use the term or I’m just paraphrasing them.

          • I don’t take offense, you’re right about the wording. There is Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg in NY who went after the pedophiles/perverts and his fellow ethnics ended up throwing acid at him for his crusade. We all know, the “Jews” are a tightly controlled group….. controlled by each other. Diligently.

      • I did say decent here. But, you’re right about the phrasing. Judaism itself is the problem. It’s a total con job all the way around. It is the epicenter of evil on this planet. It’s believers the tools of facilitation.

    • People who protest against “international bankers” typically prefer the gold standard.

      William Jennings Bryan and the “free silver” movement wanted to abolish the gold standard.

  5. If she pulls this off, her Jewish handlers will demand that she commence a crack down on DS. You have to hand it to Anglin. He site is definitely getting recognized and he continues to ramp it up.

    • That crackdown is right around the corner. Trump forced the media’s hand and now it’s been seen. The growing ranks of skeptics will increasingly regard the internet as the only source of unbiased news.

    • Unfortunately I cannot.watch video on this cheap phone,but wanted to bring this to your attention,the democratically elected Catholic president of Vietnam,diem,was assassinated 3 weeks before Kennedy,according to the well written book by Tom Mangold “the tunnels of cu chi” was because he would not escalate the violence with the Viet-Mihn who eventually became the Viet-cong,I tell you about this book because there is so much revisionism on that subject.
      I thought you should know about it,it surprised me when I read it.

  6. I remember when I was a kid back in the 60s reading alot of articles in the newspapers and magazines like TIME AND NEWSWEEK about what a tragedy it is women aren’t Liberated and not allowed in politics. Women are about peace and women are about nurturance, and their voices are being silenced. If only women were Liberated and allowed to participate in politics, we would hear The Voice of Peace and we would hear The Voice of Nurturance.

    Now women ARE Liberated and NOW women DO participate in politics equal to men, and ALL we hear from the women in politics is The Voice of WAR and BOTH Hillary Clinton and Angela Merkel are MEGA ENABLERS OF VIOLENT RAPE AGAINST WOMEN. THEY BOTH FULLY SUPPORT THE RAPE JIHAD IN EUROPE AND HILLARY WANTS RAPE JIHAD HERE IN THE UNITED STATES LIKE THEY GOT IN EUROPE NOW.

    We’re certainly NOT hearing any female politician talking about Peace and what is nurturing and what is peaceful about violent RAPE JIHAD I don’t know. And the female politicians in Europe AND in the United States support and enable violent RAPE against women [ and the RAPE of girls of all ages ]. And from the female politicians we always hear about the importance of Abortion. What is nurturing about killing young babies in their mother’s wombs I don’t know. WAR, RAPE, ABORTION, that’s The FEMALE VOICE we’re hearing from the female politicians.

    The female politicians are always going on and on about the great importance of being Inclusive, we must be “Tolerant and Inclusive” . But when they or any women get pregnant and the child is the least bit “inconvenient” for them — they KILL THE BABY. There’s NO talk about the “great importance” of “Tolerance” NO talk of the “great imprortance” of being “Inclusive”, there’s NO “Tolerance” and there’s NO “Inclusiveness” in their Abortion Mills [ which are “sacred” “temples” to them ], ONLY MURDER OF THE INNOCENT in their “sacred” “temples” , their Abortion Mills.

    We were greatly lied to in the 60s, about the nature of women, lied to about everything.

    The jew satanic kabbalah, the jew kabbalah is The Main Book of satanists, the satanic jew kabbalah “goddess’ “Lilith” is the “goddess” of Abortion. ALL the female [ and male ] politicians who support Abortion are In Spirit serving The Synagogue of Satan. Abortion is the Sacrifice of the innocent young to satan and satanic forces.

  7. Most jews support Hillary who wants to bring millions and millions of Muslims like the kind of Muslims Euope has now into the United States. That’s Hillary’s agenda, and it’s not a side agenda, it’s a MAJOR FEATURE OF HER CAMPAIGN PALTFORM, BRING IN MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF MUSLIMS. I don’t know if the jews not in high political places know this or not, but the Muslims in Europe are not TOO fond of jews and the jews in Europe are now afraid to go to their synagogues. Many jews in Europe are escaping from Europe and moving to Israel or serIously thinking about moving to Israel or other countries where’s there’s not any Muslims or not very many Muslims. Jews in Europe, like NON jew Europeans, are getting attacked also. NOT only NON jews, but jews also. One would think the American jews would take this into consideration, but it seems they don’t, jews are so gung-ho for Hillary.

    The jews in America have it good, they don’t have to worry about getting attacked, why they’re supporting Hillary who wants to bring in millions and millions of Muslims — and many of the Muslims Hillary will bring to the United States hate jews just like the Muslims in Europe who are attacking jews — why the jews want to support an agenda which is going to lead to them getting attacked and afraid to go their synagogues is beyond me. Same for Christians who support Hillary. When Hillary’s Muslims get here, they will be attacking Christian churches and Christians also. The Whites who are NOT Christians and they think the Muslims will leave them alone and let them live in peace because they’re NOT Christians and they’re NOT jews, thay have a surprise in store for them, such deracinated/de-Christianized Whites.

    The Muslims in Europe are attacking lots of NON jew Europeans, they’re attacking Christian Europeans qua Christians, and I guess the jews don’t care about that, BUT the Muslim immigrants are also attacking jews qua jews, and the jews in Europe are afraid now, so much so many jews are trying to figure out how to escape Europe. You know, Israel is a small country and can only accomodate a certain number of people, there’s no room for a large population, it can’t accomodate all the jews now in Europe and in the United States. One would think the jews would consider these things about Hillary’s Muslim immigration agenda, but I guess they’re TOO blind, because they’re supporting Hillary’s agenda, and her Muslim immigration agenda will result in jews, qua jews, in the United States getting attacked. How stupid for the jews to give so much support to Hillary.

  8. “If it isn’t voting for Donald Trump and has recently crossed an international border, it’s a problem.”

    Well, at least he got THAT right…

    • I’m going to vote for Trump, definitely. But if I wasn’t going to vote for Trump, I would write in “Putin” on the ballot and vote for Putin for President of the United States. His policies are more benefical for the United States than is Hillary’s and the Democrat’s and the Republican’s policies.

      Trump respects Putin and Putin respects Trump and neither one of them want a war between our two countries, while the rest of Washington both Democrats and most Republicans leaders want a World War Three.

      The USA , as we all know, won the first Two World Wars. But the USA is NO shape to win any kind of World War anymore. We have hardly any industry, most of it has been shipped to China, the population of the USA is much different than it was during WW1 and WW2, lots of other reasons too long to get into.

      Hillary and so many in Washington want a World War AND ALSO keep our borders WIDE OPEN for anyone to come into the United States while fighting a World War — including the enemies we’re fighting in the World War ; Our enemies, all they have to do is go to Mexico and enter the United States [ and the Mexican government will be on the side of our enemies we’re fighting during the World War. The Mexican government has already made it clear it HATES us Americans and HATES the United States ] That in itself, fomenting a World War, fighting a World War AND keeping the Borders Wide Open at the same time we’re fighting a World War means WE ALREADY LOST THE WORLD WAR.

      May Trump win in November and May the bastards FAIL in stealing the election from him.

  9. The jews who support Hillary AND have dogs at home, if Hillary wins such jews dog owners are going to be in for a Big Surprise, for the Muslim immigrants in Europe are on JIHAD against the canines in Europe. The Muslims are going around Europe POISONING THE CANINES. The Muslims are NOT stopping to ask any one if the dogs they poison belong to Christians or to Jews. They POISON dogs belonging to jews also.

    In Europe, in areas where Muslims make up a substantial minority, the Muslims are agitating HARD to make IT LLEGAL TO HAVE A DOG. NO ONE IS TO HAVE A DOG, AS PER THE MUSLIMS. They want to make SEEING EYE DOGS FOR THE BLIND ILLEGAL ALSO.

    Jews who have dogs at home and support Hillary are assholes. Any American of any religion, race, ethnicity, background, who has a dog or dogs at home and like dogs, and supports Hillary who wants to bring into the USA millions and millions of Muslims are assholes, for the Muslims Hillary will bring in will go on JIHAD against the canines in America and Hillary’s Muslims will agitate HARD to make IT ILLEGAL to own a dog. The Muslims Hillary wants to bring in will also agitate to make SEEING EYE DOGS ILLEGAL ALSO. JUST LIKE THE MUSLIMS ARE DOING IN EUROPE NOW, THEY WILL DO THE VERY EXACT SAME THING IN THE USA.

    Bringing in millions and millions of Muslims is ONE OF HER MAJOR CAMPAIGN PALTFORM POINTS. And she fully well knows the Muslims in Europe are posioning Europe’s canines and are agitating hard to make IT ILLEGAL TO OWN A DOG, EVEN SEEING EYE DOGS FOR THE BLIND THE MUSLIMS WANT TO MAKE SEEING EYE DOGS ILLEGAL ALSO. HILLARY KNOWS ALL THIS. She even wants violence done to our dogs, to the canines of America Hillary doesn’t care if the canines of America get POISONED IN THE MUSLIM’S JIHAD AGAINST CANINES.

  10. It’s funny how the die-hard Leftists, they love Hillary so much, they’re ON THE VERY SAME SIDE as the FAR RIGHT types like McCain and the Bush family and Dick Cheney and that whole RIGHTIST cabal. And the Leftists, at least the low-level Leftists, like the Leftist college students for example, actually think they’re “Rebels” against The Establishment, The System.

    And Hillary presents herself as if she’s a “Rebel” against The Establishment, as if she’s a “Rebel” against The System, and how hard she had to struggle to be heard in Washington and what an uphill battle she had to be considered an equal to the male politicians and her epic struggle has resulted in great achivements for ALL the downtrodden in America and her supporters actually believe her.

    The Republican Party Big Shot Head Honchos support Hillary and the die-hard Leftists support Hillary, the Leftists who think they’re “Rebels” against The Establishment, “Rebels” against the System, they’re on the very same side as the Republican Top Leadership who also zealously support Hillary. The Leftists actually think Hillary is a “Rebel” against The Establishment, a “Rebel” against The System” when it’s so blatantly obvious Hillary is THE VERY EPITOME OF THE ESTABLISHMENT, THE VERY EPITOME OF THE SYSTEM the Leftists are opposed to. THE HIGH LEVEL LEFTIST LEADERS know Hillary is the very epitome of The Establishment/The System, but the low-level Leftists actually believe Hillary is a “Rebel” agaist the Establishment/System they’re opposed to. It’s amazing!

  11. This speech of Trump is one of the greatest american political speeches ever. And a masterful high level peice of trolling never seen before; showing the evil of international jewry without naming the jew, causing the media jews to go apoplectic and name themselves, proving the conspiracy to be simple truth. Woe unto the elders of zion when enough good people awaken to what they really are.

  12. Trump sailed his Yacht “Queen Isabella” around a JEW shaped island but didn’t land on it’s treacherous shore.

  13. They don’t call Trump anti-Semitic but he’s manna for Jew haters. They never call Jesus anti-Semitic but His Church has nurtured anti-Semites for 2000 years.

  14. Yes, Trump has named a bunch of the branches of the (((New world Order))), but has neglected to name the root. Because of his business connections, daughter Ivanka, and campaign adviser, I do not think he will ever truly call out the Jews -whatever he might personally think. And with 1/2 Jewish grandkids, I doubt that he dislikes them that much.
    Yesterday I posted a brief essay on racial separation on my own little blog. The battle to wake up my countrymen continues…

  15. Besides wanting to keep the border Wide Open, more massive numbers of immigrants, in addition to wanting millions of Muslim immigrants in the United States. The same kind of Muslims the governments of Europe let into Europe and the Muslims in Europe are now on RAPE JIHAD and all other kinds of violent JIHADS , but Hillary is “opposed” to sexual violence against women, while she wants a RAPE JIHAD in America. Hillary greatly admires Merkel, the other RAPE enabler, Merkel. Hillary calls Merkel the RAPE JIHAD enabler “the greatest leader in the world today” ; Besides wanting to continue to dismantle American industry and ship American industry over seas ; Wanting to start even more wars, even start a war against Russia, which will lead to war against China also, as China and Russia are allied — she wants to start a World War and ALSO keep the border WIDE OPEN, also ship American industry overseas, also keep letting in very large numbers of immigrants, ALL this while Hillary expects us Americans to fight a World War — while also simultaneously wanting to continue goading-on and encouraging all the black street criminals and the illegal alien street criminals to keep on killing cops and keep on killing White Americans, especially us White working class White Americans, wanting to continue bank-rolling and arming and giving important logistics to Islamic Jihadists all over the world, wanting to continue to protect and enable all the Wall Street thieves to continue to loot America, what else is in Hillary’s campaign platform points?

  16. The jew has an appendage that can help it detect anti semites up to 6 million miles away! semitihttps://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/38e4f2c3014f7993740db25f770c4f0d69ed9fbec2a984b76932b2e01b01a455.jpg

  17. Sorry Jews, when we look at who is controlling the media (over 85% controlled by Jews), the central banks (controlled by Jews), campaign donors (Jews are 50% of ALL democratic donations, and usually about 25-30% of Republicans – except this year, with an estimate 97% of jewish campaign contributions going to Hillary).

    When the Free Masons or the Catholic Church, or Podesta’s lizard men are running the media, central banks, or donating many times their percentage of the population, then we can shift the focus from Jews.

  18. “pope” John Paul 2nd, his mother was a dirty lying jew bitch. Montini, paul 6th, was a sheenie , and I think the fat one john XXIII was a fuckin’ fat pig jew.

    paul vi montini was very close friends to the kike MEGA COMMUNIST Saul Alinsky. So I don’t KNOW why Hellary is complaining about the Catholic Church for, the Novus Ordo popes have been overwhelmingly filthy dirty ANTI-CHRIST jews.

    Plus, francis is a dirty lying putrid reprehensible jew [ a donmeh jew ]. When he was the Jesuit head capo in Argentina he handed over the traditional PRE VATICAN TWO/PRE-NOVUS-ORDO TRADITIONAL CATHOLICS to the ruling military junta of Argentina to be thrown in prisons, tortured, and murdered. The traditional PRE VATICAN TWO CATHOLICS in Argentina were opposed to Argentina’s military junta government and were praying for the end of military junta rule. They didn’t do anything violent against the military junta government, they were praying that the military junta government come to an end, that was enough for the detestable disgusting vile francis to have them imprisoned, tortured, and murdered. francis IS A MURDERER and has The Blood of Traditional Catholics on his hands. The Catholics he had imprisoned, tortured, amd murdered were devout Catholics. So I don’t know why Hillary is complaining about the Novus Ordo church for, francis came out publicly supporting Hellary. The TWO have so much in common.

    The Novus Ordo church is an imposter church, it’s NOT THE TRUE CATHOLIC CHURCH.

    I was Very Happy when Trump told francis to go take a hike. I decided to vote for Trump then and there. And Yes, I’m a Catholic. But francis ISN’T.

  19. Usually corruption brings down a government (or candidates), as in decent countries like Japan. Although I do understand why some groups (negroes, illegals, Muslims and Jews) favor Hillary Clinton, it is amazing to me that 40%+ of white America seems poised to vote in favor of corruption and war.

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