Yay, Democracy!

The #LyingPress is adamant that American democracy is the best, the greatest, the most wonderful system of government on earth!


Hmm, I wonder why.

Why do you think the #LyingPress is War-on-Womening us to death with all these aggrieved bimbos of 10, 20, 30 years ago? Why is everything so “racist” these days up to and including math? Could it be a cynical political strategy calculated to demographically mold the electorate into a certain form to gain power?

They clutch their pearls and wag their fingers and say, you’re so bad Donald Trump, you have contempt for democracy!

“Donald Trump turned, in the third and final presidential debate, from insulting the intelligence of the American voter to insulting American democracy itself. He falsely insisted there were “millions of people” registered to participate in the election who did not have the right to vote and declared he would not commit to honoring the outcome.”

What are we supposed to do here?

Are we supposed to get up on our hind legs and jump up into the air with our pom-poms like the #TruCons every time the #LyingPress chortles that the White electorate has declined by another 4 percent since the last election? We’re being demographically transformed into a Third World country by a corrupt and degenerate oligarchy.

Yay, democracy!

Wives voting against their husbands. Children voting against their fathers. Foreigners voting against citizens. Men transitioning into women. Women slaughtering their own babies. Slaves rioting against their masters – a million Djangos and Nat Turners who might not even be slaves, but who might nevertheless identify as such in modern times. As Plato said, in the final stages of a collapsing democracy everything is positively bursting with the spirit of liberty and equality:

“And the climax of popular liberty, my friend, I said, is attained in such a city when the
purchased slaves, male and female, are no less free than the owners who paid for them. And I almost forgot to mention the spirit of freedom and equal rights in the relation of men to women and women to men.

Shall we not, then, said he, in Aeschylean phrase, say ‘whatever rises to our lips’?

Certainly, I said, so I will. Without experience of it no one would believe how much freer the very beasts subject to men are in such a city than elsewhere. The dogs literally verify the adage and ‘like their mistresses become.’ And likewise the horses and asses are wont to hold on their way with the utmost freedom and dignity, bumping into everyone who meets them and who does not step aside. And so all things everywhere are just bursting with the spirit of liberty.

It is my own dream you are telling me, he said, for it often happens to me when I go to
the country.

And do you note that the sum total of all these items when footed up is that they render the souls of the citizens so sensitive that they chafe at the slightest suggestion of servitude and will not endure it? For you are aware that they finally pay no heed even to the laws written or unwritten, so that forsooth they may have no master anywhere over them.”

Eventually, it will get so bad that you will do almost anything, turn to almost anyone, to be delivered from the total anarchy and upside down world democracy unleashes. That was the conventional wisdom among political theorists on how democracy expired until a few centuries ago.

What do you think? Maybe the critics of democracy had a point?

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  1. I’m looking at that North West Front in the graphic. Wow. That’s some cucked white men up there.

        • Hold on man,it’s Seattle and Portland,every where else it’s all red.Tears come to my eyes when I leave Seattle and head over the mountains to the east side,to where I live,and get out of that f’n place.
          Unfortunately the toilet is starting to overflow,and a lot of west side money is moving here,taxes ,property going up.
          The price to nowhere has increased a dollar more.

      • I have always considered east of the Washington cascades through Idaho and Montana,as white as it gets in the USA, and certainly as beautiful as it gets.
        I realize the NW republic messes with you about staying south.
        clean crystal clear rivers,hunting,fishing.
        Hiking ,camping.20 acres of Jeremiah Johnson for 20 k.The confederate flag waves here too.
        You couldn’t get me out of here either.

      • From San Francisco to British Columbia the entire coast is NEW ENGLAND. New England Sailors jumped ship in San Francisco in fact Hollywood often filmed New England background scenes in Northern California. The Mercer Girls was about girls from Lowell Mass being shipped to Seattle for wives. Even the town names in Washington and Oregon are the same as New England.

      • The west side of the mountain 100 percent correct for the most part,around Seattle and Portland.
        Have you seen Northern Exposure,crypto Alaska with the Jew Fleishman bringing his doctorate BS philanthropy to the wild Bush,filmed in the eastern cascades,along with it all that money followed,3 18 hole Arnold Palmer designed golf courses,in a straight line,going through one of the biggest elk runs in the NW.like I said in the post to capt.,the toilet is starting to overflow the cascades on the other side of Seattle.I think winter would be a bigger obstacle on the east side then anything.
        The Olympic peninsula would be a good place,east of Seattle.
        Without the social structure and preparedness,like the Mormons for example,in place, it would be difficult to succeed anywhere as a body.
        I don’t know anything about the NW front and their operation.It certainly could be done here with a well run orginasation.

    • PS If you have no female relatives or acquaintances who’ve been subjected to sexual nonsense in their workplaces or elsewhere, well, then, you must have lived a sheltered life. If you would not object to someone’s calling them “aggrieved bimbos,” if they were in circumstances in which they felt entitled or obliged to tell of the nonsense, well, then, you’re nothing.

      • I find these women offensive precisely because I have been subjected to way more than ‘sexual nonsense’ in the workplace and elsewhere. Their stories don’t add up. They are clearly full of shit and paid by enemies of Trump. That doesn’t exonerate him for being a spoiled semi-delusional pig, but the accusations of assault don’t even make the ‘maybe’ zone.

        Often the hardest core evil avoids getting its own hands dirty anyway.

        Brad Griffin’s phrasing is uncouth and unbecoming. It’s unclear whether or not he thinks the claims have any validity or if he just calls fake female victims ‘bimbos’ because they’re full of it.

      • Simple solution. Women should not be in the workplace but at home raising children being pregnant and doing the things that God created them to do.

        Because the those that aren’t, are bimbos. Or sluts. Or baby killers.

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