Cuckservatives: Blame #NeverTrump

We dindu nuffin!

Rich Lowry whines in National Review that is all Trump’s fault:

“The Trump forces have never gotten their story straight about Never Trump. At times, the GOP’s internal opposition is supposed to be irrelevant; at other times, it is invested with more sinister significance than the Doctors’ Plot at the height of Josef Stalin’s paranoia. Which is it?

It was never right to call Never Trump a movement; it is a motley collection of conservative commentators, political professionals, policy experts, and a handful of politicians who had the (not particularly stunning) foresight to see that Trump would be the weakest and most vulnerable of the Republican general-election candidates and the (not particularly acute) discernment to recognize in him qualities unsuited to the presidency.

The arguments between Never Trump and its critics are fascinating and important, but it is fantastical to consider them electorally decisive in a contest with some 130 million voters. …”

Very cute.

For nine months, Rich Lowry and the #TruCon circle jerk have done absolutely everything possible – up to and including nearly launching their own independent spoiler bid – to trash Donald Trump and sabotage his campaign. We were told over and over again by these people this was necessary to “save conservatism.”

The establishment rump never got over its defeat in the primary. The ¡Jeb!-Kasich-Rubio-Ryan wing of the Republican Party lost 49 out of 50 states. The cucks were irrelevant in the sense that their candidates lost in a landslide, but not in the sense that they could play a spoiler in the general election. This was my original prediction: Trump would win the primary, but lose the general due to #TruCon sabotage.

Trump’s struggles through the general election have been due to a single demographic: college educated, suburban White Republicans, especially women. These people voted for Mitt Romney in 2012. They voted for ¡Jeb!, Rubio and Kasich in the Republican primaries. This is the 25% of the Republican Party who have refused to back Trump or have panicked time and time again whenever some new story roils the news cycle.

#NeverTrump still has a lot of influence over these establishment voters. Their strategy has been to throw gasoline on every small fire in the news cycle in order to panic these voters into fleeing from Trump. That’s what happened with the Judge Curiel incident, the Khizr Khan fiasco and most recently with the Access Hollywood tape. Trump’s “fellow Republicans” come out and slam him and make these stories a far bigger deal.

Because of these dynamics, I said at the time that what happened on October 8, 2016 was The Day The Republican Party Died. That was the day of the #NeverTrump coup in which 1/3 of the Republican Senate and 1/4 of all elected Republicans publicly stabbed him in the back. It was a historically unprecedented betrayal – never before in American history, not even during TR’s short-lived Bull Moose Party in 1912, had more elected members of one party deserted their own nominee.

The utterly predictable result of the #NeverTrump coup was the party split that showed up in the polls. That event altered the whole trajectory and tone of the race. It led to Trump’s attacks on Paul Ryan which sent his own poll numbers crashing to earth as he became a despised figure among Trump’s supporters. The cause and effect relationship between Trump’s attacks and Ryan’s sinking poll numbers illustrate in bold detail the political effect of the #NeverTrump coup on Trump’s presidential campaign.

Now, the #NeverTrumpers hold up their hands, still dripping with blood, especially the Senate Republicans, and say: nothing we have said or done has had the slightest impact on the race! Don’t blame us!

Why don’t they want to be blamed? It is because they know very well that all their fire from the rear really has had an impact. They’re afraid that Trump and his supporters might turn their guns and return fire back at them! Nothing they have done has had the slightest impact, but returning fire at them – strangely enough – does!

Don’t shoot! It wasn’t us!

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  1. The bagel menace is more dangerous than taco menace to whites.

    Colonization of white minds precedes colonization of white lands.

    Certain organisms use paralyzing toxins before attacking the rest of the body.

    PC is Jewish toxin used on white minds to paralyze white defense against being devoured physically.

    Jews control media and academia; they colonize white minds with the notion that white identity is evil, therefore whites should suppress own racial identity and serve Jewish supremacism instead. Jews need to be seen as a kind of organism that uses various weapons to paralyze and conquer its rivals. It’s like what ‘Helms’ says of the organism in the deleted scene in NIXON.

    This is the sound of the Jewish Pest inside your mind.

    When Jews decry white nationalism, they don’t mean all nationalisms are bad. Jews hate white nationalism because it competes with Jewish supremacism.

    It’s like the Nazis hated Polish nationalism as competing with German supremacism.

    And French hated Vietnamese nationalism as challenging French imperialism.

    So, when Jews attack white nationalism, they mean whites(as colonial subjects of Jews) should support Jewish-nationalism-imperialism-supremacism instead of their own identity & interests.

    Jews are not anti-nationalist and anti-supremacist in principle.

    After all, Jews love Zionism(Jewish nationalism) and Globalism(essentially Jewish globo-supremacism).

    Jews hate certain nationalisms when they compete with Jewish tribal interests.

    Indeed, the Jewish support of Ukrainian nationalism(even Neo-Nazis) shows that Jews will support nationalism when it serves their interests. Jews hate Russia and use Ukrainian ultra-nationalism against it.


  2. Rich Lowry, the poster boy for pencil-necked, effete Republicans, does exhibit chutzpah in a major way. His whiny voice will be heard this weekend, on one talking head show or another I’m sure. Someone should loan him some men’s underwear so he won’t show up in those lace panties again.

    Not long before he died, William F. Buckley, jr. did finally recognize what he’d done by turning over National Review to the Rich Lowry types, but by then he didn’t have the strength or ability to do anything about it. To paraphrase Buckley, “it’s obvious I’ve made a huge mistake with National Review”. It still is.

    • Buckley said that? Good for him. A deathbed confession is better than no confession at all.

      Rich Lowry is indeed an effete, whiny-voiced nebbish with a lot of chuztpah. I wonder if his real last name is, I don’t know, Levy or Lowenthal, perhaps?

  3. Speaking of megacucks…

    Duturd has already backtracked on his treasonous cucking, but the shitsack’s underlings have to face the angry Senate and the mostly anti-Chinese and pro-American public.


    Palace: No intent to break treaties

    By: Leila B. Salaverria
    Philippine Daily Inquirer
    October 22, 2016

    Malacañang on Friday night said President Rodrigo Duterte’s declaration of “separation” from the United States did not mean the Philippines would drop treaties and agreements with its allies.

    Presidential spokesperson Ernesto Abella said Mr. Duterte’s comments were a “restatement of his position on charting an independent foreign policy.”

    Abella said in a statement: “This is not an intent to renege on our treaties and agreements with our established allies.”

    Mr. Duterte’s declaration, made in comments to Chinese and Filipino businessmen during a state visit to China on Thursday, sent government officials scrambling for explanation, with some of them contradicting the President, who frequently makes statements without consulting his Cabinet officials.

    Earlier on Friday, Malacañang could not explain Mr. Duterte’s remarks, with Assistant Presidential Communications Secretary Ana Marie Banaag saying the Palace was “in no rush” to “interpret” the President’s statement.

    “We have to wait for guidelines that would be coming from him, from the [Department of Foreign Affairs] as soon as they come back,” Banaag told reporters.

    The public should not speculate, she said.

    Mr. Duterte was expected to arrive from Beijing later Friday night.

    Trade Secretary Ramon Lopez on Friday said the Philippines would maintain its trade and economic ties with the United States.

    “The President did not talk about separation. In terms of economic, we are not stopping trade, investments with America,” Lopez told CNN Philippines in Beijing, where he was accompanying Mr. Duterte.


    Shameless Philippines President and traitor Rodrigo Duterte, to Chinese businessmen and the Chinese Vice Premier, Zhang Gaoli, in the Great Hall of the People, in Peking, 2016.10.20:

    “America has lost now. I’ve realigned myself in your ideological flow, and maybe I will also go to Russia to talk to Putin and tell him that there are three of us against the world ? China, Philippines and Russia. It’s the only way. With that, in this venue, your honors, in this venue, I announce my separation from the United States, both in military and economics also. I have separated from them, so I will be dependent on you for all time. But do not worry. We will also help as you help us.”


    Call me crazy, but I tend to view a president who goes to the capital of a belligerent foreign nation (that is militarily occupying one’s national territory), addresses the belligerent nation’s oligarchic leaders as “your honors”, and then kowtows to them, and announces unprecedented and epochal political changes (without discussion or consultation), in exchange for dubious promises of usurious credit, and tells them in front of whole world that he is their bitch and he needs them to pimp him — I would call such a “leader” a traitor and a whore.

  4. The Democrats have an incredibly flawed candidate but none of them will say a peep about any of her scandals. With the Republicans, anything is an excuse for Paul Ryan and his ilk to attack Trump. An October Surprise 11 year old recording of 2 men joking wouldn’t matter to the public unless they were plotting murders, and it didn’t matter, obviously.

    • Former Rep Florida governor Crist (now a Dem) was speaking to a rally for Hillary and said that Hillary is “honest.” The audience burst into laughter.

  5. The fact of the matter is that these clowns are frauds. Muh Constitution, the courts, the 2nd amendment all take a back seat to their precious illegals and trade deals and, especially, their wars to depose leaders a certain parasitic country hates and to spread chaos throughout the Mideast to make them feel safer. Many of these NeverTrump Republicans (and all neocons) are right with Clinton on the Muh Russia/Putin business. McCain and Adam Kinzinger, to name just two NeverTrumpers in the Congress, are serious warmongering Russophobes.

    Ok, I understand that most Republicans are closer on the issues to Clinton than to Trump. The Uniparty. But what irks me no end is that these bastards, by trying to stop Trump, most recently using the excuse of an 11-year-old tape, are by their actions willing to endorse, promote and advance massive public corruption and pathological lying. I have heard no outrage from them over the Wikileaks revelations. I guess “good government” isn’t one of Muh principles.

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