Good News in the Land of Yankees… (Well Red Sox)

I concede that most people are not feeling good about the imminent prospect of the Hildabeast being elected the President of the Disunited States. She is after all a…

Bitter, Northern, Chicago, Yale Law School feminist Yankee bitch!

I’ve known and hated this type from about the age of 3.

I understand the true Southern patriots impulse to simply write off and hate all things Northern, Yankee, Northeast etc. But, I know we have good people in many of these rough places including New England and Massachusetts.

There is good news today in Yankeeland, well not really Yankeeland, more like in the Boston Red Sox nation.

Former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling – the man who broke the curse of the Bambino and delivered a championship to the Boston Red Sox in 2004, he’s announced his intent to take on worst ever Social Justice Warrior and .2% Native American Indian Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Curt Schilling Challenges Elizabeth Warren

Curt Schilling is just a solid great guy – very much in the mold of Donald Trump. He’s a straight shooter and does not back down the forces of political correctness.

Curt Schilling got fired from ESPN for opposing the LGBT extremists – he posted a Facebook picture of a 300 lbs trainy in a dress wanting to expose her/his/itself to little girls in the girls bathroom.


Now Curt is challenging the worst ever SJW Elizabeth Warren… that’s if Curt gets permission from his wife.


I go with the idea that a real American man should only let two females tell him what to do

His mother (up to the age of 4)
and his wife.

I hope Mrs. Schilling is on our team.


  1. Does he not know why? Or was he just asking a rhetorical question?

    Tapper shat himself there.

      • Get over it faggots Yankee is gonna Yankee just like Jews are gonna Jew and nigs are gonna big. As long as gullible pussies like jack Ryan and other msgs are gonna bow down celebrating Yankee culture and stars Yankees are gonna reign supreme.

        • Curt Schilling is a German American hero who won the World Series for the Boston Red Sox and who has been up front, out there expressing support for our people and our culture.

          He got fired from ESPN for opposing LGBT perversions in North Carolina.

          He’s a Red Sox hero, not a Yankee.

          He’s an upfront solid great guy.

          How about you?

          • He’s an upfront solid guy..did you see him with an hard big was his dick? could his rock dick size u up in ur southern backward ass. seriously you southern fruitcakes are very funny..

  2. Easy on Boston, Jack.

    I have seen many a nigger beaten to a pulp in Dorchester.

    It was a pastime in the day. The good old days of chasing coons down the block.

    • Those Irish boys in Southie and the Italians in the North End made damn sure they kept the coloreds out of their neighborhoods back in the day.

      • I’m 41 now. Back in the 80’s, 90’s, we used to beat down niggers for nothing. It was fun.
        I left the Bean in the late 90’s after a stay In Shirly, wrapped up in SMCC.
        Anyhow, life moved fast back then.
        I could write stuff that would make a normal person….
        I was up in Cambridge overflow with a group of Haitian niggers years back. Funny stuff.
        Had some buddies around from all over MASS. White dudes, dude.

      • It was cold as hell in that jail. Bunks next to the window. I woke up one day and was rolled to Ludlow. Did a month there. To Nashua, then to Walpole, Concord.

        The nigger filth is beyond belief in those places. I was in new man with a dope sick PR for three days.

        Anyhow… LOL

        • What doesn’t kill you makes you strong.

          I respond

          I always thought that was one of the most stupid things Nietszche ever said and kind of invalidates the rest of his work.

          I mean, just think of the bad things that can happen to you but don’t quite kill you – things like getting VD, having your leg crushed by a truck, having some bitch divorce you and take all your stuff – it didn’t kill you, but it didn’t make you stronger.


          • Fair enough, Jack. You ask a question. I have been asked by many people about prison. It sucks.

            Not sure what you consider bad. Hardcore environment, tension is high all the time. Shady people that you can’t avoid. Violence is always around, you learn to fight. It changes people. Bullying is a way to pass the time. And if goes both ways.

            A compression chamber. With very tough people in some places. Your learn to walk upright and look people in the eye.

            I can notice people in public that have done some time. All depends where a person is locked up. Some places are very serious.

            Hope that answers your question, Jack.

          • I denied parole in 1998 to wrap up. I did another six months so I would be free when I got out. When I went to the parole board and didn’t beg or answer their questions, it was great.

            “Why don’t you want parole”?

            I’m good, can I leave now?

            LOL, my buddies thought I was kidding when I told them I was going to deny. I was settled in, fuck six months. I was lifting, healthy, where I was from was crap, I used to see guys, or hear about people I knew that were all fucked up on the streets.

            No thanks, I’ll wrap like a man. Make things happen when I get out.

            Makes a man out of you, didn’t kill me, made me a god damn very effective person.

          • I was making about a thousand dollars a day before I was busted. Right when the new hundreds came out.

            It was good times, very intense. When the Staties (?) got me I had a a shotgun to head. My buddie upstairs was almost killed by the cops. He went all out. We thought we were being robbed. Happened very fast.

            No regrets.

        • What’s Brockton MA like now?

          I remember a movie from about 6 years ago starring Marc Wallberg I think about a fighter from outside of Boston – the community was funny, very much like lowest class White English louts with crazy sisters that are always fighting. Pretty much a White ghetto

          • When I left Boston, Brockton had a Cape Verdi issues, and PRs.

            I did some time with a few guys from Brockton. Some of them were good guys. We had a big head guy, Portuguese – jug head. I fucked with him all day and all night, never laughed so hard.

            We pushed him to edge on a daily basis, and he was our friend.

            Good old days

          • The New Kids on The Block. They are from Dorchester. Typical guys in that area in that time.
            I don’t know any of them.

            Markie Mark opened a burger joint on the strip. He did well. Million dollar property, I drive by it daily.

          • Brockton is known as the “City of Champions”. Both Marciano and former middleweight champion “Marvelous” Marvin Hagler hailed from Brockton. A number of years ago, Hagler was exposed as a wife beater. Brockton now downplays the “Marvelous” one, while playing up the undefeated Marciano.

          • Brockton was tough area in some places; beat down city. I don’t know how it is now. Every now and then I hear a Boston accent and strike up a convo with someone. I really don’t care about MA anymore.

            Another life in retrospect.

  3. Rough is a good description of some of the Bean. Depending on what area. The niggers in Roxbury are not worthy of life. The projects in the city (Cathedral, Dudley) should be burned to the ground and rebuilt.
    From Dudley to Blue Hill and down to Mattapan Square, wasteland.

    Glad I left years ago. About half of my friends died in that wasteland from heroine and other stupid shit.

    What ever Whites that are still there will support Trump.

  4. It’s time to create the American Populist Party and cut both the Oligarchs and the Communists off at the knees. Both of which are just different kinds of collectivists.

  5. God bless all our folks in or
    around Brockton MA

    OK it s not the beloved South

    But …

    Hey these are our guys

    God bless

  6. An Amren nerd who admits to jerking off on Friday nights because he can’t get a girl came on here accusing me of being a criminal for no reason but somehow remains silent on this thread.

    Pro-white sure has its odd little rules and mores. And total lack of consistency and logic.

    I actually think whites need more outlaws. Thought-crime alone is ineffectual. I dig action.

    • I should add, there is a time and a place for action ‘outside’ the parameters designed to cage whites.

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