The Violent South Is Already Here

These people are living in an entirely different universe:

“As police shootings of blacks continue, as anti-Muslim speech and violence intensifies, and as Donald Trump surfs a wave of Alt-Right bigotry toward the White House, I can’t help flashing back to the Alabama of my childhood, half a century ago. I grew up in a small town during the heyday of George Wallace and the turbulence of the Civil Rights movement, when wholesale hatred and violence from angry whites were directed against African Americans seeking equality. …”

Ferguson. Baltimore. Dallas. Baton Rouge. Charlotte. Sylacauga.

The violent South is already here and it is blacks who are being egged on by the #LyingPress and who are engaging in mob violence, assassinations of police officers, and mob beatings of Whites. The only question is how long this kind of thing can go on as a feature of everyday life before it ignites the inevitable reaction.

The immediate threat of a violent South is a Trump victory on November 8th. That’s the most likely scenario that will lead to violence. The violence will come from the Black Lives Matter movement which will have a public meltdown in our cities. Otherwise, if Trump loses the election, there will likely be a lot of saber-rattling and fiery rhetoric, but it will settle down by January. Whites are far less likely to riot after the election.

As for Muslims, what happened in Chattanooga and Orlando? Are Muslim terrorist attacks not already evidence of a violent South? Assuming Hillary wins the election and more Muslim refugees are admitted to the United States and we have more Muslim immigration, why wouldn’t the United States follow the trajectory of Europe? Shouldn’t we expect more acts of jihad given how that is a feature of a large Muslim minority the world over – Europe, Africa, Asia, everywhere Islam rubs up against the infidel?

Once again, we already have a violent South and a violent America. Black mob violence and Muslim terrorist attacks are now a feature of American life, not White people rioting, lynching blacks, or Christian terrorist attacks. We can look forward to much more of that in the years to come if Hillary Clinton is elected president.

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  1. Even up here in one of the most Yankee of Northern states I can sense a Southern rebellion is about to occur. I certainly hope I’m right! Perhaps Mississippi will be the first Rebel state that tells the Federal regime in Washington to go to hell.

    • The Texas Nationalist Movement has a better chance. They have support within the Texas legislature, and have gotten bills introduced and some passed.
      For instance, the Texas Gold Bullion Depository. The removal of traffic light cameras. And a bill that makes it legal to carry a Bowie knife again. Which is probably not as important, as the others. They’re where the Southern Nationalists need to be.

      • I think the EU will also be significant, let a few chunks fall away and make headlines, people over here will get the same idea.

      • Texas and Oklahoma are probably the most Zionist occupied states after maybe like, NJ, NY and CA. It’s where the Mossad chose to off JFK. That should tell you something.

        • Texas Oil and Business is Zio thats a fact, but the people are not. David Koresh and the Republic of Texas not to mention the presence of Alex Jones, Tex Marrs and others shows how awake Texas is, although I don’t endorse Mr. Jones.

      • Texas is the most ready, I think Alabama would be #2 most ready. I don’t know about Missouri, they have been brainwashed for 151 years into thinking they are Yankees. Look at the Brainwash the FILTHY CORRUPT TEXAS BUSINESSMENS ASSOCIATION has for the past at least 70-75 years tried to pull Texas identity away from the South, as making Texas Non-Southern for business promotion was seen as a Moneymaker. Even when George W Bush pulled down all the Confederate plaques I believe that was supported by the Wealthy Oilmen who want NOTHING to do with Johnny Reb. Real sickening to see that.

        • We now have over 2000 Confederate memorials planned or erected. Look up Confederate memorial in Orange, Tx. In Texas, when something is good, usually said by Yankees, it’s “western,” when it’s bad, it’s Southern. Bush’ s plaque removal was a pinprick. He couldn’t remove Cleburne, Tx.

          • Well you do have to admit that was a crooked deal the Texas businessmen association did trying to downplay Dixie to pitch investment I am not sure when they started that mess at least since the LBJ era. I had no idea they were still erecting new ones but that is good news. I am amazed the plaque removal received almost zero media coverage

          • In Texas, these deals are just “business.” They mostly center around the Bushes, T Boone Pickens, Billy Saul Estes, Cowboys Stadium, Rangers Stadium, and various state and county commissioners. Been that way as long as I can remember. The plaque s at the Capitol will eventually go back up, quietly. I’ve been there, twice. It’s impressive and makes my heart swell with pride. There’s a restored Katy(M-K-T) 2-8-2 on display across the street from the Capitol, too. Austin was a prime destination for the Katy’s Texas Special from St. Louis and Kansas City. Texas will survive. Our Southern culture will survive. Outside of big cities, it surely does.

          • I don’t think any politician will openly take a Pro-Confederate stand in any Southern State until it becomes obvious Secession is an achievable reality. I doubt those plaques will go back up until Texas is free. Do you think there is any Republican who would do it? The Party of Lincoln aka the conqueror? I doubt it.

          • Republicans, and most Democrats in Texas, outside of DFW and other big cities, aren’t like the national parties. In most county and municipal elections, they’re just names to get on the ballot. TNM got a bill passed to legalise the carrying of Bowie knives. A transplant schoolboy petitioned the state legislature to demolish all Confederate memorials. The Texas SCV and hundreds of supporters defeated the boy’s proposed resolution. He was admonished that Texas was not a Yankee state. So yes, there are Republicans who will protect Texan culture and history. The public demand it.

          • I don’t know James I have no faith in the Republican Party at all to protect anything, much less Southern Rights. The fact they even allowed GWB in the first place to remove those plaques against the will of the people sickens me. I think because back then Bush was popular and the Republicans were eyeing 2000 they kinda shoved it under the rug.

            Nikki Haley removing the Confederate flag in SC to me has been a PLUS in one sense in that I have since her removal seen Confederate flags proliferate on trucks, on houses you name it. In a wierd sort of way I think that defeat is turning out to be a victory. You can go anywhere now and see more Confederate stuff than you did 2 years ago. I will never forget in Corpus Christi Tx I went to the beach shop and couldnt get a Battle Flag beach towel but my brother brought back one from Daytona Beach. I guess in Corpus in the 90s they protested and got it removed. Dont ask me the details i only know what the beach shop guy told me.

            You want some POETIC JUSTICE? My cousin teaches school in the hometown of General WT Sherman and there was a painting in the school of Sherman’s forces and Negro slaves and awhile back some Negroes wanted it taken down because it portrayed Negroes as dumb slaves. Of course Sherman’s quotes calling Negroes animals and piss poor soldiers, refusing to take Negro Units, etc were trumpeted around. Imagine the Poetic Justice, Northern Butcher of Georgia lambasted as a Racist and demands for his paintings and depiction to be taken down.

            God knows how much I love Poetic Justice

          • How did in your opinion from Texas History the Texas delegation to the US Senate get so divorced from Dixie that in the 1950s some of them were actually LECTURING Alabama and Mississippi and supporting desegregation? Was it the oil money or Lyndon Johnson’s crew that fractured the ties? I am not exactly sure what happened in Texas CA 1939-1960. We know the Republican John Tower voted for the Civil Rights Act of 1964 as did he Democrat Ralph Yarborough. The Texas House Delegation on the other hand except for 4 stood with the South. Not sure how this confusing situation happened

          • They wanted respectability in the eyes of the North. They wanted social currency and all the payouts and kickbacks that came their way.
            Most of all, they wanted Yankees to stop insulting them, their state, their constituents and their region. Those who’ve been bought always know what side their bread is buttered on.

          • You understood it about exactly the way I understood it. I remember reading the Texas History book trying to understand how and why this happened and personally I came away with the belief that it was mostly financial. The Universities were also likely involved with this at some level

            What is also very odd is in this period ca 1930-1970 is there seemingly was this move to promote the Hollywood Image of the Texas Cowboy and some of these crooked ______ thought they could pull this brainwash and divorce the Texas Cowboy image from Dixie and how these people the Chamber of Commerce types set about doing this is downright criminal. They did a pretty good job of it in Missouri, something like 60% of the people think they are Midwesterners.

            Saying Texas isn’t part of the South is like a Christian saying I don’t believe in the Bible. Downright brain dead and the person who says anything like that deserves a good fist to the head.

          • There are cattle ranches in Virginia, the Carolinas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama and Florida. Where do you think Texas cattlemen’s ancestors came from?

          • Exactly. Obviously the morons who make these claims especially the Hollywood idiots seem not to get it. Educated Folks understand it you and I both understand it as do most here. The morons somehow do not.

          • As an aside, Billy, The Cattleman’s Livestock Commission Company has a sale barn in Paris. I see cattle trailers from Alabama in town all the time. Also some from Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missery and Lousyana. Southwest used to mean the western South- Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, Pre Yankee Kansas and New Mexico. The individuals who wrote the Jonah Hex comics obviously knew nothing about the true Southwest, or it would have shown in their writings. They couldn’t bring themselves to complete sympathy with the Confederacy either.

          • I never heard of Jonah Hex. I didn’t realize there was much settlement in Kansas before 1854 I knew that was unorganized territory till then but the Yankees showed up I believe only a couple of months after the first Missourians. The Southern Governments at Atchison and Lecompton were woefully underfunded and undersupported.

            The Antebellum South was often Inept because of Jeffersonianism. In other words it couldn’t understand that it had to work together because Jefferson’s spirit of individualism predominated. The Yankees on the other hand were better at organizing and pooling their money ie Emigrant Societies which in four years allowed the Yankees to swamp the Kansas Territory. Had the wealthy men in South Carolina, Georgia, etc pooled their money they could have taken Kansas easy but Southerners at that time didn’t think in those terms. To the planters it was up to western Missouri, which had only a pittance of a population to deal with the problem. Even the war wasn’t enough to get people to think cooperatively as you had corrupt men like Vance and Brown hoarding Southern war supplies for their own states.

            Texas didn’t do itself any favors when it joined the Confederacy as an Equal State and not as its own nation in an Axis arrangement similar to the Rome-Berlin Axis. Under international law Texas still is a Nation and never ceased being one. The CSA was actually recognized by one international body and that was the Vatican. Somehow that little piece of history isn’t told in history books. An independent Texas recognizing the CSA would have given it immediate international standing. Somehow in ’61 this was missed and the unfortunate part was it carried on the fiction of Texas being a state when it is in fact a Republic.

            I cannot understand how only a smidgen of Texas Politicians understand or admit that Texas is a Republic. I can remember when the Richard McLaren Republic of Texas Group got shot up at Fort Davis in 1997. Are you aware of the 1836 Flag vs 1839 Flag debate? I know McLaren held only the Burnet Flag was legal


          • Pre 1860, Southerners had no reason to believe that the North had become a hostile nation. The guerillas in Kansas, Missouri, Texas and elsewhere in Dixie were seen as criminals with no connections to the Northern polity. Very few wanted to believe that the North had become the enemy. Kansas was being colonised by Southerners. That’s why the New Englanders intervened. With Kansas, the South could out vote Boston. North of the Oklahoma border, you’ll hear Southern being spoken, even today. I’ve been there, myself. Saw it, heard it.

          • The whole reason for Kansas-Nebraska was so the Transcontinental Railroad would run through Chicago and not from New Orleans to San Diego. Remember the Gadsden Purchase? That was to secure the Southern line. The South made the Chicago Railroad Barons a Trade, Popular Sovereignty for the Railroad and it seemed to have worked until the Abolitionist Money from Europe flowed into Boston. Even Sam Houston understood this, that entire movement thrived via foreign money and agitation.

            You have to ask yourself. The North in 1854 wasn’t a nation of Corporations it was a nation of shopkeepers, fabricators, blacksmiths, glassmakers, potters and small farmers. How did a nation of such folks muster enough cash for the abolitionist movement? Answer they didn’t that whole mess was a foreign funded and promoted thing. The New England Cabal ended up in control of the Educational Establishment, the Publishing Companies, the Bible Societies, Railroads. you name it.

            In Politics you have Two Messages and Hillary was 100% right about this one for the people and one for the insiders. In 1861 to the mass of Northern Whites, the message was RALLY AROUND THE FLAG to the insiders it was NEGRO CITIZENSHIP=VOTE MONOPOLY FOREVER. Obviously the second message would have went over like a lead balloon so it couldn’t be said aloud. The media kept it all quiet until the war had decimated everything to such a point the people would begin to listen to these “Innovations”

            The Southern Establishment was Short-Sighted and in some ways Lazy. They chose to be reactive not proactive, until by 1850 they had to attempt to build a nation on a crash course. The lessons of 1850 when it became obvious political solutions wouldn’t work was that you never win on defense.

          • Now I don’t know that Kansas could have ever made an overall real difference as a Slave State PER SE because in 1864 when Kansas voted in its first national election it only had 3 electoral votes, one Rep and two Senators. That was the same number as Delaware BTW. It would have added two more Senators, but that as far as I know would have been it.

            In retrospect, the entire dispute over Kansas seemed to be a red herring when most of the land there wasn’t conducive to intensive agriculture until modern fertilizers, irrigation and other stuff came along. Getting Cuba and the Islands would have been the more logical move, BUT the problem was those were owned by foreign nations and would have involved foreign warfare.

            Its a shame Texas and Florida didn’t have the benefit of modern technology in 1850 that we have now, those two states could have been more productive than they were then. in 1850 Texas was considered mostly wasteland and Florida mostly swamp, That was the extent of technology then

          • It wasn’t electoral votes, Bill, that mattered. New England with its capitol in Boston, saw itself as rival to Virginia for the title of America’s foundation and leader. “Out west,” for them was Illinois, Iowa and Minnesota. Illinois is still the Texas of Yankeedom. Kansas was/is in the natural line of Southern settlement. It would have meant a demographic shift in favour of the South. But worst of all, another state over which Boston couldn’t exercise political control and influence. Slaves or no slaves. They would have treated Ohio and Indiana the same way, if it had looked like they were losing control over them. The whole thing boils down to a conflict between New England and Virginia. Between two competing ideas of what America was, is and would be. Still is, even today. Watch the behaviour of the fans and media whenever the Cowboys or the Crimson Tide play a team from north of the Ohio river/Mason Dixon. You’ll see that it’s still going on.

          • THe Yankees of New England already had control over the publishing of US Educational Materials and the University system by the 1830s and it wasn’t until about 1850 or so that the South truly began to turn their backs on the Ivy League.

            Before 1840 a Southern Aristocracts sons had the following choices if they wanted Higher Education #1 WEST POINT #2 NORWICH MILITARY SCHOOL in Vermont #3 IVY LEAGUE or #4 Various Southern Schools. VMI opened in ’39 and The Citadel opened in ’42 but it took about a decade for Southern Higher Education to gain respect among some of the Aristocracy. The wierd part is though William and Mary and the U Virginia had existed early on, for whatever reason Southern Aristocrats typically preferred education outside of Dixie, until about 1850 when that finally ended. Still there were quite a few Southrons at Harvard and Yale when the war began.

            Dixie never developed her own Scholars her own media or intelligensia, it got close just before the war but afterward it again deferred northward. Didnt help the AP was always HQ in NYC. Strangely enough HL Mencken who viciously attacked the South for its religious beliefs during the Scopes Monkey Trial was a Marylander from Baltimore making him a Southerner. Of course we must remember Maryland was the only Southern State not to become part of the Bible Belt after 1865 for various reasons.

            The United States as I always said had TWO cultures Virginia and Massachusetts. The third in the middle was a conglomoration a mess. All of the lower Midwest was a continuation of Pennsylvania in which there wasn’t one dominant culture. These people were mostly farmers who hated government and cities so that New England who founded the metropolises (Cleveland Chicago) became powerful there. That is why they always exerted influence, its because they were in those days almost all Urban

          • I am usually good at noticing things but as far as I can remember I never remember any marked Anti-Southern Bias when the Cowboys played Pittsburgh in the Superbowl. Evidently somehow Baltimore and Washington are exempt or something. I never remember them calling the Chiefs a “Southern” team either and thats long before the expansion teams. Maybe they did but I cant remember.

            The realignments has changed a few things now with Maryland in the Big 10 and such but I cant think of any marked thing that stuck out. I am just wracking my brain to remember.

          • It’s the atmosphere and the attitude of the fans and media. They seem to get upset when the Cowboys win, in a way they don’t when they lose to Chicago. When the Rangers beat the Twins to go to the World Series, the reporter was pissed and asked Josh Hamilton some rude and sarcastic questions. If it had been Cleveland, she wouldn’t have acted that way. She would have been unhappy, but not angry and rude. I guess I notice it more.


          • I never understood people who give a hoot about what people say about them. Either politicians are a bunch of ______ or the loss of Code Duello has really screwed everything up. There once was a time when if someone ran their mouth you could shut it with a fist, cane, etc or shut it permanently

    • Mississippi is mostly black, poor, and using the federal tax payer to keep it alive. Just research the Jacksonv Ms. mayor. He is aggressively anti-white.

      • Wrong. Mississippi is mostly white, same as every other state in the country. It is mostly working/lower middle class. And those working/lower middle class whites pay more into the fed treasury than THEY take out. Our large black population skews those kinds of statistics. I have been saying for years,however, that we have got to wean ourselves of the federal money

  2. Blacks are just pawns in a political struggle between two groups of mutually exclusive white people. Except, one white group doesn’t know it’s excluded and being attacked.

  3. I’ve been wondering whether a Clinton win, should it occur, will spawn a move to change the name of the District of Columbia, eliminate the Columbus reference. That came into my mind as I was telling a friend of mine about the recent protest by Black-Lives-Matter-types to change the name of Jackson Square, in New Orleans. Don’t know whether that protest got national attention of any kind, but I myself was alerted to it by a comment that was posted here, at Occidental Dissent. My friend had not heard of it.

  4. The author of the Daily Bonehead piece is MENTAL. WHICH Muslims have been attacked and killed by “White Supremacists”? Which ones? What are their names?

  5. The immediate threat of a violent South is a Trump victory on
    November 8th. That’s the most likely scenario that will lead to
    violence. The violence will come from the Black Lives Matter movement
    which will have a public meltdown in our cities. Otherwise, if Trump
    loses the election, there will likely be a lot of saber-rattling and
    fiery rhetoric, but it will settle down by January. Whites are far less
    likely to riot after the election.

    I respectfully disagree. Blacks who had rioted throughout LBJ’s regime did not riot when Richard Milhouse Nixon who ran as “the law and order” candidate beat liberal Democrat appeaser, Hubert Humphrey in 1968.

    Trump used Nixon’s “law and order” code words as a starting point. He is talking about incarcerating crooked Hillary (who is championing BLM) and her collaborators and “draining the swamp” in Washington. IOW, he is doing a helluva lot more than dog-whistling to Whites. He is talking pay back if certain shit doesn’t stop.

    Perception is everything in politics. Though we know different, Donald Trump, with his mean mouth and his counter-punching is perceived as a White racist with violent tendencies. The potential to be a New Hitler. That would cause people in certain quarters to fear major retaliation from him if they act out. The people cutting checks to BLM protesters have been warned. I think they are going to pull the plug until the election is over.

    I don’t see BLM riots if Trump wins. I could be wrong, but if I am, it will be simply business as usual until Trump is sworn in to office and then the police will take the gloves off and crack down. The worse these BLM protestors act out, the worse the crack down will be. Either way, we have nothing to lose.

    • It’s true that the only riots that will happen will server the Jew’s agenda, which is a more powerful police state.

        • That sort of remark, Captain John, wouldn’t surprise me if it were to come from one of Occidental Dissent’s many crackers, who wouldn’t know a Jew if he’d just overcharged them for dental work–but from you? A Brit? Sad …

    • Unbroken, I see, is Occidental Dissent’s streak of illiteracy in comments directed against me. That should be single-n, double-c.

  6. More refugees on their way:

    “A manhunt is under way in Haiti after a massive prison break in the north of the country that left a guard and at least one prisoner dead. Some escaped prisoners also got hold of firearms.”

    • How will anyone be able to tell who the escaped prisoners are? Every coon in Haiti looks pretty much the same.

  7. Since I am not a conservative like so many others here I am for blacks burning it down with the preface that I personally hope to not be caught in the flames.

    Blacks are gang raping liberalism to death and I don’t care. Anyway as was said upthread much of this is just white libtard directed violence and it can be turned on and off as needed to scare whites into giving up more.

    Whites just need a mindset adjustment, instead of playing the kindly but stern at times guardian of the oppressed they need to start asking such questions as “What’s in it for me or What are you going to do for me?”

  8. Appreciated this. Focusing on national news/issues during an election year is obviously what you should have been doing these past few months, but OD became my go to blog because of its focus on Dixie. Keep up the good work.

  9. I hope that America does not erupt into rioting after the upcoming election. If it does, my white brothers will need to be able to protect their homes and families. Yesterday I posted an article on my WordPress blog “Putnam Liberty Notes” covering shotgun selection for personal/home defense, and for post collapse survival. I even test multiple 00 buck loads and post results and photos.

  10. I’m hoping that even if The Don doesn’t make it, he will hang around and make the wicked witch look as illegitimate as possible, and cause as much trouble for these assholes as he can.

  11. Poor Baltimore languishing under 155 years of Federal Occupation of one sort or another. I think when you put Baltimore under the list THE VIOLENT SOUTH Hunter you should have added that note. Has Maryland ever truly had Self-Determination without the threat of the Washington DC Boot since 1861? I don’t think so.

    Thats why it is known as Federally Occupied Maryland.

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