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After the election, the #NeverTrumpers plan to raise their hands in the air and collectively say, “it wasn’t us.” They will say that they had no impact on the outcome of the election. What are they saying about Donald Trump now though?

Jonah Goldberg:

“The McMullin scenario works like this: If no candidate manages to win 270 electoral votes, the electors — i.e., the people who cast electoral votes on December 19 — will have handed the whole thing over to the House of Representatives to decide, as they did in the election of 1824. …

If 26 state delegations pick the least-bad option, McMullin becomes the first Mormon president. Some would complain that this isn’t very democratic. So what? By our contemporary standards, the Founding Fathers distrusted democracy too much. But they had good reasons. If you think all questions should be settled democratically, let’s scrap the Bill of Rights, which elevates our most fundamental priorities out of the reach of voters pretty much forever. Sometimes democracy steers us in bad directions. For the Founders, the solution to such wrong turns wasn’t despotism, but constitutionalism — and, when required, statesmanship. Imagine that in the next few days there is another scandalous WikiLeaks dump involving Clinton and another devastating revelation about Trump that truly disqualify both from higher office — but they still get millions more votes than McMullin because of early voting and blind partisanship. Personally, I wouldn’t mind if the Electoral College rejected them both and just picked McMullin as a matter of conscience. …”

In National Review, Jonah Goldberg has a new article in which he discusses how CIA operative Evan McMullin can spoil the Electoral College by winning Utah, throw the election into the House, and emerge as president by getting House Republicans to vote for him over Trump. What about all the Republican voters who supported Trump in the primaries and the general election? Screw ’em, says Goldberg.

Jonathan Ashbach:

“The Republican Party does have an attractive candidate on its ticket. Socially conservative. Economically conservative. Conservative on national defense. Morally and religiously impeccable. The trouble is, that man is the Republican candidate for vice president, Mike Pence.

But if Trump were impeached immediately after he took office, the Republican candidate for vice president would become president in his place. Further, if Republicans take the lead in removing Trump from office, the party might regain some of its lost credibility in parts of the electorate that it is anxious to attract.

Yes, We Can

There is nothing impossible about this strategy. That Republican leaders are strongly at odds with their party’s candidate is no secret. If enough of them are willing to cross the aisle and join forces with their Democratic colleagues, impeachment is a perfectly plausible outcome. …

First, it requires backbone from Republican leadership. Republican congressmen and senators must pledge to take on the unsavory job of impeaching their own candidate the moment he becomes president. As this is by far the least-bad option that Republican leaders have, they should be willing to step up to the plate.

Second, it requires Republican voters who have abandoned the GOP in protest of Trump’s candidacy to return. The Never Trump movement has claimed thousands of Republican stalwarts, potentially enough to determine the election. Those voters will have to return, if Elect-and-Impeach is to work. Put a mark by Trump’s name on the ballot, knowing it is not really him you are voting for. Vote the party ticket. Then lobby your senator and congressman to do their part, and remove Trump from the head of it. …”

In The Federalist, Jonathan Ansbach has a new article about how #NeverTrumpers should conspire to elect Trump only to launch a #NeverTrump coup after the election. The goal would be for #NeverTrumpers in the House and Senate to strike a corrupt bargain with the Democrats in order for Mike Pence to become president.

Admittedly, neither of these scenarios are likely to play out, but what does it say about #NeverTrumpers that National Review and The Federalist are floating these extreme scenarios? The most likely scenario to play out is that Conservatism, Inc. – the cucks, the #TruCons as we call them – simply votes for Hillary on November 8th. Red State was chortling the other day that 17 percent of self-identified Cons are voting for Hillary in the most recent CNN/ORC poll. That might be the only way to “save conservatism,” to “save the soul” of the Republican Party, to “save the Republic.”

How should we respond to this? How can you have a party when 1/4th of it conspires and schemes against the other 3/4th of it? Shouldn’t we recognize the fact that the Republican Party is no longer a single party and that there are two parties now? This is why there has to be a clean separation after the election.

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  1. This is going to be bloody. These Skypes are not going to let this Trump thing happen without a bloodletting.

  2. The Neo-Conservatives and #NeverTrump are Jewish Financial NWO Elite created, maintained, and financed. Let’s admit the truth. So many of the “nice, conservative” Jews are taking off the mask and revealing their true agenda: America as the colonized, vassal territory of Israel and the Jews.

        • We can let Ben Ginsberg, a proud and loyal Jew, state some facts he includes in his book, The Fatal Embrace:
          “From the 1970s onward, Jews led or were influential in most, though not all, of the political reform, feminist, consumer rights, gay rights, environmentalist and other public interest groups and related foundations, study groups, and think tanks that came to dominate the Democratic party during the 1970s and continue to be the leading forces within that party today.” (p. 137) And Jews wield considerable power in the institutions of the American welfare state, holding as they do prominent positions in the “public or quasi-public economy of government agencies, helping professions, private foundations, think tanks, and universities.” (p. 140) Since Jewish power and wealth is either directly or indirectly tied to the national government, rather than to state and local governments or to the strictly private sector, Jews have a vested interest in its maintenance and expansion. In short, Ginsberg contends, Jews support the liberal welfare state for reasons of material self-interest: “Jewish liberalism is more an institutional than an attitudinal phenomenon. It is associated more with Jews’ political linkages and involvements than with their underlying attitudes.” (p. 143)
          In the 1960s, the Jews played key roles in the civil rights revolution and the concomitant Great Society programs. For Jews, Ginsberg points out, support for black civil rights was not only a “moral commitment” but also an “important political tactic” to weaken the white South and the ethnic machine politicians in the North, and, as a consequence, increase their own relative power within the Democratic coalition.

    • So many of the ‘nice, reasonable’ Blacks are taking off the mask and revealing their true agenda. As a northeasterner steeped in Jewtruth the reveal of ‘colored’ and especially black face is arresting.

      Prepare for war, folks. Hillary is protesting so much about ‘peaceful balance of power’ that she’s shooting her election thieving in the foot. No one who had confidence that they’d win fairly would spend this much time preparing such defense against criticism for cheating.

      If she doesn’t steal it, the colored hordes will riot. If she does, whites should.

    • Its been hard to miss the fact that so many of the loudest NeverTrumpers are Jewish. How did they ever get such a hold on the Republican Party in the first place. 80% of Jews always vote for the Democrat.

  3. One cuck who won’t be in the senate after they seat the new one will be Kirk in Illinois, way down in the polls to a Chicago crook and that is that. I’ll again vote Libertoon for the senate race and then in 6 years they will nominate someone halfway sane and out goes the Junior D its like a game in this state. Dick Turban is apparently the real water carrier for the establishment, all others are tokens.

  4. If Trump loses, and even if he wins, we will draw a line. The never trumpers will be on the other side if the line along with the cat ladies, single moms, blacks and mexicans.


    Even left-signalling Normies will avalanche to our side when it becomes clear what the choice is.

  5. Instead of simply acknowledging the will of the voters the jews stubbornly and arrogantly continue to whine, plot and scheme against Trump. They apparently no longer care how much they are exposing themselves to danger by doing that.

  6. Not one of these people ever devotes such mental energy or strategic thinking to stopping the left or advancing one of their own supposed ideas. “Requires backbone from the Republican leadership.” Ordinarily, I’d LMAO, but that would be one time the Republican Congressional leader-shit suddenly finds some backgone.

    All of their schemes and plots presume that a big chunk of the country is #NeverTrump. That might be true inside their Beltway Conservatism Inc bubble, and it might be true for a niche national voting constituency (white college degree suburban soccer moms in certain parts of the country), but in reality, #NeverTrump is hardly a massive force. Especially compared to the 14 million Republican primary and caucus votes Trump got, which set the record. And these are 14 million people all these people with their schemes and plots either forget about, deliberately ignore, or blow off.

  7. There are two #NeverTrump types. The first are like the above – they don’t care about “social issues” or morality, but want open borders and free trade because it doesn’t affect them or they will prosper. They hate Trump because they agree with Hillary’s (and Jeb!s) policies.

    The second is the Christians who have suddenly discovered principles (Else Ron Paul, Huckabee, or Buchanan would have been president).
    A movie I remembered from many years ago – 1961 before the porn was introduced as “PG” – “Ada”
    Part 7 is where the important stuff starts, but here is a link to part 8 which reminds me of the situation:

    Do you lose because the only way to win is with a sinner?
    This reframes the narrative – Do you intentionally keep the corruption, want another 40 million babies killed in abortion clinics, etc. just because Trump has personality faults?

    There is a final type. Some who are politically neutral or apathetic. This includes some libertarians who are sitting things out even after the Gettysburg speech (which there is much which libertarians would dislike – but Hillary would be a worse nightmare). But I try to point out that Ron Paul could not be elected because of the elite machine. Trump will shatter the corrupt machine and we can then find a new Ron Paul in 2020. Hillary will end the argument and the leftist, socialists will win because there will 60 million more immigrants from the south and middle east who hate liberty. “I refuse to let me treat the severed artery unless you fix my hangnail first”.

    Well, there is one last type: Glenn Beck. He doesn’t mind another half-million dead children (Albright said it was “worth it” when that many Iraqi children) because he thinks the Church will lose its faith. Except it is already rotten. The prosperity gospel, and the feminized churches. He and others have some strange imaginary horror story about what Trump will cause, instead of simply doing what he says. I think they are projecting. Every other GOP candidate and almost all the 16 others running for the nominees were also lying and would do a 180. You can’t convince someone who is out of touch with reality.

  8. I voted one time for a #Truecon back in 2000. Never again. They are the real enemy because they subvert the Right into backing the globalist agenda of open borders, free trade, neo-con wars, etc. We should never enable the likes of the GOP #NeverTrump establishment to have any power again.

  9. Although the “Elect-Impeach” idea is outrageous and takes balls, I do believe that they will have the votes to do it.

    As far as the Republican Party is concerned, I don’t want it.

    If Hillary wins and there is amnesty and citizenship (first 100 days) the Republican Party is dead at the national level anyway. Texas would probably be bright blue in 2020, and certainly by 2024.

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