Is Donald Trump The Real Captain We Need?

“Thou who feelest aught of such a Godlike stirring in thee … follow it, I conjure thee. Arise, save thyself, be one of those that save thy country.” – Thomas Carlyle

Thomas Carlyle was convinced over 150 years ago that classical liberalism shreds the social fabric everywhere it has been tried:

“I say, it is the everlasting privilege of the foolish to be governed by the wise; to be guided in the right path by those who know it better than they. This is the first “right of man;” compared with which all other rights are as nothing,–mere superfluities, corollaries which will follow of their own accord out of this; if they be not contradictions to this, and less than nothing! To the wise it is not a privilege; far other indeed. Doubtless, as bringing preservation to their country, it implies preservation of themselves withal; but intrinsically it is the harshest duty a wise man, if he be indeed wise, has laid to his hand. A duty which he would fain enough shirk; which accordingly, in these sad times of doubt and cowardly sloth, he has long everywhere been endeavoring to reduce to its minimum, and has in fact in most cases nearly escaped altogether. It is an ungoverned world; a world which we flatter ourselves will henceforth need no governing. On the dust of our heroic ancestors we too sit ballot-boxing, saying to one another, It is well, it is well! By inheritance of their noble struggles, we have been permitted to sit slothful so long. By noble toil , not by shallow laughter and vain talk, they made this English Existence from a savage forest into an arable inhabitable field for us; and we, idly dreaming it would grow spontaneous crops forever,–find it now in a too questionable state; peremptorily requiring real labor and agriculture again. Real “agriculture” is not pleasant; much pleasanter to reap and winnow (with ballot-box or otherwise) than to plough!

Who would govern that can get along without governing? He that is fittest for it, is of all men the unwillingest unless constrained. By multifarious devices we have been endeavoring to dispense with governing; and by very superficial speculations, of laissez-faire, supply-and-demand, &c. &c. to persuade ourselves that it is best so. The Real Captain, unless it be some Captain of mechanical Industry hired by Mammon, where is he in these days? Most likely, in silence, in sad isolation somewhere, in remote obscurity; trying if, in an evil ungoverned time, he cannot at least govern himself. The Real Captain undiscoverable; the Phantasm Captain everywhere very conspicuous:–it is thought Phantasm Captains, aided by ballot-boxes, are the true method, after all. They are much the pleasantest for the time being! And so no Dux or Duke of any sort, in any province of our affairs, now leads: the Duke’s Bailiff leads, what little leading is required for getting in the rents; and the Duke merely rides in the state-coach. It is everywhere so: and now at last we see a world all rushing towards strange consummations, because it is and has long been so!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
I do not suppose any reader of mine, or many persons in England at all, have much faith in Fraternity, Equality and the Revolutionary Millenniums preached by the French Prophets in this age: but there are many movements here too which tend inevitably in the like direction; and good men, who would stand aghast at Red Republic and its adjuncts, seem to me travelling at full speed towards that or a similar goal! Certainly the notion everywhere prevails among us too, and preaches itself abroad in every dialect, uncontradicted anywhere so far as I can hear, That the grand panacea for social woes is what we call “enfranchisement,” “emancipation;” or, translated into practical language, the cutting asunder of human relations, wherever they are found grievous, as is like to be pretty universally the case at the rate we have been going for some generations past. Let us all be “free” of one another; we shall then be happy. Free, without bond or connection except that of cash-payment; fair day’s wages for the fair day’s work; bargained for by voluntary contract, and law of supply-and-demand: this is thought to be the true solution of all difficulties and injustices that have occurred between man and man.

To rectify the relation that exists between two men, is there no method, then, but that of ending it? The old relation has become unsuitable, obsolete, perhaps unjust; it imperatively requires to be amended; and the remedy is, Abolish it, let there henceforth be no relation at all. From the “Sacrament of Marriage” downwards, human beings used to be manifoldly related, one to another, and each to all; and there was no relation among human beings, just or unjust, that had not its grievances and difficulties, its necessities on both sides to bear and forbear. But henceforth, be it known, we have changed all that, by favor of Heaven: “the voluntary principle” has come up, which will itself do the business for us; and now let a new Sacrament, that of Divorce, which we call emancipation, and spout of on our platforms, be universally the order of the day!–Have men considered whither all this is tending, and what it certainly enough betokens? Cut every human relation which has anywhere grown uneasy sheer asunder; reduce whatsoever was compulsory to voluntary, whatsoever was permanent among us to the condition of nomadic:–in other words, loosen by assiduous wedges in every joint, the whole fabric of social existence, stone from stone: till at last, all now being loose enough, it can, as we already see in most countries, be overset by sudden outburst of revolutionary rage; and, lying as mere mountains of anarchic rubbish, solicit you to sing Fraternity, &c., over it, and to rejoice in the new remarkable era of human progress we have arrived at.”

What is American Populism?

It is a cry for Thomas Carlyle’s Real Captain. It is the result of the collapse of the nation, the collapse of the church, the collapse of the family, the collapse of the culture, severe economic pain all stemming from following a silly ideology to its logical conclusion.

“One thing I do know, and can again assert with great confidence, supported by the whole Universe, and by some two hundred generations of men, who have left us some record of themselves there, That the few Wise will have, by one method or another, to take command of the innumerable Foolish; that they must be got to take it;–and that, in fact, since Wisdom, which means also Valor and heroic Nobleness, is alone strong in this world, and one wise man is stronger than all men unwise, they can be got. That they must take it; and having taken, must keep it, and do their God’s Message in it, and defend the same, at their life’s peril, against all men and devils. This I do clearly believe to be the backbone of all Future Society, as it has been of all Past; and that without it, there is no Society possible in the world. And what a business this will be, before it end in some degree of victory again, and whether the time for shouts of triumph and tremendous cheers upon it is yet come, or not yet by a great way, I perceive too well! A business to make us all very serious indeed. A business not to be accomplished but by noble manhood, and devout all-daring, all-enduring loyalty to Heaven, such as fatally sleeps at present,–such as is not dead at present either, unless the gods have doomed this world of theirs to die! A business which long centuries of faithful travail and heroic agony, on the part of all the noble that are born to us, will not end; and which to us, of this “tremendous cheering” century, it were blessedness very great to see successfully begun. Begun, tried by all manner of methods, if there is one wise Statesman or man left among us, it verily must be;–begun, successfully or unsuccessfully, we do hope to see it!

In all European countries, especially in England, one class of Captains and commanders of men, recognizable as the beginning of a new real and not imaginary “Aristocracy,” has already in some measure developed itself: the Captains of Industry;–happily the class who above all, or at least first of all, are wanted in this time. In the doing of material work, we have already men among us that can command bodies of men. And surely, on the other hand, there is no lack of men needing to be commanded: the sad class of brother-men whom we had to describe as “Hodge’s emancipated horses,” reduced to roving famine,–this too has in all countries developed itself; and, in fatal geometrical progression, is ever more developing itself, with a rapidity which alarms every one. On this ground, if not on all manner of other grounds, it may be truly said, the “Organization of Labor” (not organizable by the mad methods tried hitherto) is the universal vital Problem of the world. …”

Carlyle believed Great Men were the drivers of history and saw leadership potential in the “Captains of Industry” of his day. Who does that sound like?

Note: There is so much good stuff here. We’re going to have so much fun going down this rabbit hole after the election.

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      • I think the Liberal Order is so discredited Hunter no matter what happens we stay on offense. The South screwed itself from 1820-1850 by allowing its enemies to go on offense and remaining on defense. By the time they began to play offense, the enemy had a good 30 years head start. This has been the same thing we have done since 1945. We have been on defense ever since until now. Now we go on offense and we STAY on offense

          • We attack them in every way conceivable Hunter. Their values, their ideology, their entire mantras. Look there are SELF-EVIDENT TRUTHS in this world. Jews are dishonest, Muslims are psycho, Negroes are criminal and extremely stupid and Latinos are not known for their emphasis on cleanliness and honest government. The fact that the intelligensia DENIES these Self-Evident Truths which anyone can see if they look logically at the situation is beyond bizarre

          • That’s correct, Sir – but, it can only be done one way : by turning their ‘virtues’ in on themselves.

          • No, you expose how the abstract values were used to achieve the exact opposite for whites.

            ‘The people’ continue to believe in those values but only if they are truly applied in a colorblind way, which will never happen under any political establishment flying the banner of the JewSA.

  1. Trumps real destiny may not be the white house, but some yet to be constructed capitol.

    So is Trump the Captain? He could be.

  2. I love that passage about destroying the social fabric stone by stone. That’s the grand overview of American history. “Liberty” and “equality” are always being invoked to decimate something.

  3. Trump seems to have traction right now. As recently as a week or so ago, he seemed not to have it. Also a week or so ago, Chateau Heartiste expressed the view that the allegations of sexual misconduct would help Trump with women voters. I wonder whether polls are confirming that prediction. Interesting, too, is that pundits criticized Trump for his detours to the openings of his properties in Scotland and, just yesterday (October 26), Washington. Personally, I thought those detours were good moves. They reinforced his persona, which, basically, is what his campaign is about.

    • Wiki-leaks is Mr. Trump’s traction, John. without it, he would be already a complete KO.

      Now, he has the Obamacare debacle to help.

      A beautiful message is there for him, if he can seize it and stay on it : ‘they’ve sold you down the river, and now it’s y’all’s turn to say FU. Vote for me, and I’ll do that for y’all.

      This is not complex, but, Mr. Trump’s mind seems not to stay focuset on particular themes.

      The best to you!

      • Hmm–you might be right, Junius, about Wiki-leaks. A week or so ago, I gave that subject only a moment’s thought, which ran, “I wonder whether this is hurting Clinton. No, to the electorate it probably just seems like more of the same. It’s not sticking.” Now, you’ve made me rethink that.

        You’re right, too, that the Obamacare news is like another gift from heaven. Sheesh–the number of such gifts he has squandered; and yet, he’s not out of the race …

        • It provides evidence of deep evil.

          These documents are things fucks like Ryan and McCain ought to have exploited.

          I’m not saying it’s going to be a bloodbath for these two when the final Wiki dump comes out but…it’s going to be a bloodbath for Ryan and McCain when the final dumps are released.

  4. Marx ? The whole social order had been destroyed by that time,organizing labor was the logical next step,it is our new God.I am all for a captain like Trump,I believe captain kike might not want to lose his death grip.

  5. Wow.

    Never having read him, I feel this selection of Carlyle is like a prophetic utterance from the past, seeing the future ” through a glass, darkly” yet seeing it inevitably, correctly.

    I believe you’re right.

    Donald Trump is one of those ‘captains.’ And the hatred of the left and the unwashed masses in their Jewish vassalage- from the feminazis to the faggots, to the pampered princesses, and the beta male cucks, to the perennial undergraduate on parental dole morons- only confirms in my mind, his (Trump’s) fitness for rule and reign.

    • Washington, which is now run by old Leftist hippies from the 60s should be very happy Duterte wants nothing to do with Washington, the old Leftist hippies ALWAYS protested White Imperialism. So there’s no reason for the Washington big shots, almost all of them Leftists, even the so-called “conservatives”/ most of the Republicans are Leftists to one-degree-or-another, to cry and complain Duterte wants nothing to do with the Imperialist Yankee Empire ; The big shots in Washington are very much heirs of the 1960’s Cultural Revolution and they themselves always protested the Yankee Empire and White-Racist Imperialism and all that, when they were Leftist hippies in the 60s. So Duterte is doing what they themselves always thought leaders of colonial possessions should do, break off with the Imperialist Yankee Empire.

  6. Carlyle said, “Captain of mechanical Industry” which Trump is not. Real estate is akin to compound interest.

    “Organization of Labor” (not organizable by the mad methods tried hitherto) is the universal vital Problem of the world. …”

    A classical economic truism but like democracy and capitalism inadequate to address the actual universal vital problem of the world, race.

    Carlyle’s expressions are as devoid of the essential racial component as is conservatism today.

    Question: Doesn’t the Republican Party need to die regardless of Trump winning or losing?

    Question: Does the GOP die faster with a Trump win or loss?

    P.S. That’s what I hate most about the South, those rich greedy motherfuckers, who organized labor so they wouldn’t have to plough.

    If I were king, all men would plough and all women would cook.

  7. Please stop by the FB and other social media places of traitor conservatives opposing Trump. I’m concentrating on traitor Latter Day Saint Mormons like the Governor of Utah Gov Herbert.

    There is some good commentary about what a traitor he is and I’m posting our letter to Vdare noting that the Latter Day Sissy pol elite is now falling down with the worst whores from the hard core porn industry!

  8. Trump is a manager. Let’s see if we can apply management principles to government and see how that works. Trump plans on firing people once he gets in. Maybe he can make the unelected parts of government more efficient and less expensive. Putting term limits on the Congress and Senate is certainly a good start.

  9. Kike-Spotting:

    Baron John Reid, Scot-Paddy Roman Catholic former Sec/State for Northern Ireland, Scotland, Health, Defence, etc., Leader of the House of Commons, Blair’s Home Secretary:

    “Reid’s lifelong passion for history was kindled when he read The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich by William L. Shirer. Reid was spellbound. … Reid was married to Cathie McGowan from 1969 until her sudden death inn1978. In 2002 he married the Jewish Brazilian [“intellectual” porny] film director Carine Adler.”

    (BTW, Reid married Kike Adler, Stuart Townsend starred in her movie Under the Skin, Townsend co-starred in Trapped with…Kevin Bacon)

  10. “Who would govern that can get along without governing? He that is fittest for it, is of all men the unwillingest unless constrained.”

    Golden words. The paradox that ruins democracy as we know it.

    The people most likely to run for office are exactly the kind of people we need to keep out of office. We are forever stuck with just picking the cleanest turd in the bowl.

    The best men to be our leaders don’t want the job. They’re busy minding their own business.

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