Glenn Beck Figures Out The Alt-Right

Who is the more ridiculous public figure? If you had to pick the bigger clown, would it be Anthony Weiner or Glenn Beck?

“GLENN: Okay. I want to talk to you about something. I want to talk to you about Vladimir Putin. Vladimir Putin has now upped the game and is now funneling money, training, and terror to the alt-right in Europe.

We told you in a story two years ago that this was already happening through — through Aleksandr Dugin into our churches here in America.

This — this is not political. This has nothing to do — I will be talking about this in greater detail after the election. I haven’t brought this up during the election in great detail. I’ve told you that I’m going to be doing some chalkboard things. But I haven’t done it because I know that it will fall on deaf ears. And whatever I say will be turned into, “See, he’s just trying to help.”

No. This is a big principle. I want to talk to you about this because a story broke yesterday that you need to know. …”

Okay, I am jealous.

I would love to be at war with Glenn Beck. How do I get on the chalkboard? Where do I pick up the check from Vladimir Putin? Where do I get the Glenn Beck survival pack? What role is this website playing in the Third Great Awakening?

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  1. I m also being smeared as being ” in bed with the Russians”…

    I would love to be in bed with beautiful Russian women like Anna Koirnikova!

  2. Honestly is anyone listening to this Mormon freak Jewish worshipping scumball? I know I might tune him on for a second just to see what stupidity hes talking about because the only thing Glenn Beck is now is comic relief

    • We are not used to white men like this.

      They used to exist before ww2 in quite large numbers. We have suffered withdrawal symptoms only to be followed by an overdose.

    • That Nowicki character is such a pussy, always clutching his pearls and wetting his panties in the face of stronger, more assertive men. No wonder he was beaten up a lot at school.

  3. This is what Hillary said.

    Vlad is one of the greats, but he isn’t funneling money to the alt-right; I wish he was.

    • I just happend to be reading about Ford and what he was doing in WW1.
      He had been telling the press”the war was brought on by money lenders and wall street parasites” it says later he began to name names like Morgan and co. for it’s half billion dollar loan to the allies.
      He financed a “peace ship”,the Oscar 2, to sail to Europe for a conference to end the war.
      This was all New to me, thought I’d share it.

      • For the record: My own post wasn’t intended to suggest the Jews were behind the attack. To me, the passage in the Ford publication is simply a striking indication that the dangers of Zionism were foreseen.

        • Wilson appointed to the supreme court the Jew Brandeis, (1916)and according to the book “iron curtain over America” Beaty 1951
          Changed our foreign policy to that of the Zionist.

          • Brandeis–Dixie boy. Well–sort of. Born in antebellum Louisville. Parents were liberal Jews who were among the many liberal Jews who left Europe at some point after the Revolutions of 1848. Family was abolitionist and moved to Indiana for a time because of the Civil War. Uncle was a delegate to the Republican convention that nominated Lincoln. See for all of this.

            Another interesting aspect of this is Ford’s abortive attempt to purchase the Muscle Shoals facility that the government had begun building during World War I, for ammo manufacture. He was stopped by liberalism, in the form of George Norris, a Nebraskan Senator who wanted to keep the facility a government one. Eventually, Norris succeeded in making the facility’s dam a part of what became the Tennessee Valley Authority, with which the left bought off the South.

            I should add that the basis of the ammo manufacture was, I think, the nitrogen-fixing process that had been perfected by a Jewish chemist, Fritz Haber. Say what you will about the Jews, they don’t just sit around doing nothing.

            Some links:

            (“Could Muscle Shoals have been a hub rivaling Detroit? Henry Ford thought so.”)

            (Wikipedia – George W. Norris – Political career – Senator)

            (Wikipedia – Fritz Haber)


          • Thanks for all that.
            This all reminded me of a book I read called “revolt on the Clyde”it’s how the unions took over the munition manufacturing in England during WW 1,not as diabolical as the Ford plants of WW2,but you can really see how they took over the English working class,the book ends with the union organizer elected to parliament making a speech about “the workers paradise” in Russia,right before WW2.I believe it was written in 1936.
            I’m going to check out the stuff you sent me now.

          • You’re welcome. Glad you mentioned “Revolt on the Clyde,” of which I’d never heard. Just now Googled it. I’ll have to put it on my to-read list.

          • That was a good read,it reminded me of the govt. contracting (((Woody Guthrie))) to write a song for the dam building going west.
            “This land is your land” was written and paid for by the US govt. I read that in the National Geographic,the edition solely about water.

          • I’m glad you found the material interesting. Guess I should have said something like, “Eventually, Senator Norris’s plan for the Muscle Shoals facility succeeded, as a core part of the Tennessee Valley Authority”–but I suppose I got it close enough.

          • Boy–you were alert to connect what happened in the Tennessee Valley to what happened out where you are, on the Columbia River. It turns out the projects did get under way just about simultaneously, both of them under FDR.

            Some links:

            (Wikipedia – Roll On, Columbia, Roll On – Woody Guthrie song)

            (“Woody Guthrie’s Fertile Month on the Columbia River” – NPR)

            (“Ten Dollars a Song: Woody Guthrie Sells His Talent to the Bonneville Power Administration” – Washington State Historical Society)

            Below is the government film that included Guthrie’s music. You’ll see in the opening credits that the producer-writer was one Stephen B. Kahn, which, I’ll guess, means (((Stephen B. Kahn))). Guthrie’s singing of “Roll on, Columbia, Roll On” starts at about 0:43 …

  4. There is no alt-right conspiracy. If you believe in that conspiracy than you’re just looking for excuses. People are tired of political correctness, being abused, humiliated, and discriminated against for being white, Christian, and normal.

    What is labeled “alt-right” is just the growth of awareness in people trying to regain their dignity and self-respect which has been denied to them because of the race, background, religion, and values.

    • While any movement of note will likely pick up a few infiltrators, I tend to agree with you that there is no Alt-Right conspiracy or alliance with Russia. A lot of traditional Americans are waking up to the realization that their country is dying -perhaps already dead. They are looking for answers as to why, and where to go from here. My own little part of this is to blog on topics i view as important, and to post comments in forums like this.

    • An alt right transmission belt in spite of himself? Wait until he starts saying to run at the sound of “White Genocide”.

      • SJW, regular libtard voters and cucks are broken people, mentally and emotionally, they are useful.

        Not to contards they literally want to be the last sane man in the asylum, I want to break out of the asylum.

  5. Little Glen Becky is all disturbed about the vast right wing (correction: alt-right) conspiracy against the current political elite. Whaaa! Does anyone or reasonable intellect still listen to Becky anyway? While fantasizing about Russian influence on the Alt-Right, maybe Becky will tell us about Trotsky/Bronsteain and who REALLY pulled off the Bolshevik Revolution. I talked about that with a review of a great book on the subject on my blog yesterday. But Becky will never tell you.

    • His dumb post morning drive radio show is still on the air in some markets. It might be helpful listening to it if you’re having trouble moving your bowels.

  6. I’ve noticed he mentioned Aleksandr Dugin, now that is the mind behind the power. Y’all need to go to his site to see how they think.

  7. A shared interest in preserving the world from nuclear war is a conspiracy to this psycho?? Get help Glen, you have fallen off the deep end.

  8. Glenn Beck is a fat, faggot, and I use those as derogatory terms.
    How long is too long for a late term abortion?

  9. jeez – he was good at cracking ACORN and Van Jones and the central banks…what the hell happened to this guy? I mean he used to sound borderline alt right himself.

  10. Holy shit, shut the fuck up with the word cuckservative.
    Not everybody who is to the left of out and out fascism exists in a state of emasculation and humiliation. Some don’t want a delusional buffoon with access to the nuclear codes.
    The alt right can suck my dick.

  11. I bet Cher and the Hollywood crowd appreciate Glenn Beck alot. Cher doesn’t think Trump has what it takes to defeat ISIS, that Trump will never be able to figure out how to defeat ISIS. Why does Cher think this? Because as per Cher, as per one of her tweets to her fans, Trump can’t even figure out a groovy hair-do, and any man who can’t figure out the right hair cut that’s groovy is not capable of figuring out how to defeat ISIS or any Islamic Jihadist group.

    I guess Cher and the Hollywood crowd think Hillary can figure out how to defeat ISIS and the other islamic Jihadist groups. That’s cause Hillary’s closest advisor, Huma Abedin, Huma Abedin’s Saudi Arabian family in the Middle East are DEEPLY CONNECTED to Islamic Jihadist groups throughout the Middle East and the world, including being deeply connected to Islamic Jihadists in the United States.

    As per Hollywood : Hillary is going to defeat the Islamic Jihadists, because her closest advisor Huma Abedin is a Muslim Supremacist/Islamic Jihadist herself and her Saudi Arabian family in the Middle East on both her father’s side of the family and on her mother’s side of the family are deeply connected to ALL the Islamic Jihadist mercenary armies in the Middle East, the Muslim Brotherhood overseas and here in the United States, and Hillary and her Huma Abedin the Islamic Jihadist want to flood the United States with Islamic Jihadists. That’s what Cher and Hollywood call “defeating” Islamic Jihadists — bringing very large numbers of Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS and other Islamic Jihadists into the United States — and bank-rolling them and giving them tons of guns and weapons and paying them to go on Islamic Jihad in the United States itself . But Trump can’t defeat Islamic Jihadists, that’s cause he can’t figure out what a groovy hair cut looks like.

    Huma Abedin’s family, even her mother, believe women should be held in slavery. Huma and her mother in Saudi Arabia are very close to one another and Huma visits her Islamic Jihadist mother all the time. They are Wahabbis, Huma and her Islamic Jihadist family. Wahabbis are the most intensely Islamic Jihadist from all the Islamic sects. And this is the advisor to Hillary, Hillary who supposedly wants women to be liberated and empowered ; And as per Cher and Hollywood, Hillary with her Islamic-Jihadist-fanatic Huma Abedin as advisor will defeat ISIS and all the other Islamic Jihadist groups and save America from Islamic Jihad. That’s cause Hillary’s very close advisor always with Hillary, Huma Abedin, Huma Abedin is a Wahabbi Islamic Jihadist herself from a family of Islamic Jihadists. satan is going drive out satan, as per satanic Hollywood and the satanic mainstream media and as per the alternative media’s controlled opposition types like Glenn Beck deeply connected to the satanic mainstream media and deeply connected to satanic Hollywood.

  12. I bet Alex Jones appreciates having Glenn Beck around. Beck makes Alex Jones look like an absolute Angel and Saint and Perfect Truthteller. I prefer the controlled opposition Alex Jones over the controlled opposition Gelnn Beck any day of the week. At least the controlled opposition Jones has some patriotism and some loyalty to America [ at least compared to Beck he does, “everything is relative” as they say ]. Sure, most of Emerick’s loyalty is to the Eretz Israel Empire and the jew’s RED cow “religion” and the re-building of Solomon’s Temple and Freemason eschatology including Transhumanism which is ALL about the NWO, and loves Teilhard de Chardin and The NWO Novus Ordo Jesuits and the very corrupt francis in Rome and the very corrupt Vatican Two church alot more than he’ll ever let on, but he has a little loyalty left over for the USA at least, which is alot more than one can say about Beck.

  13. The Truth Tellers online are those who tell us about Hillary’s very close advisor by her side all the time, Huma Abedin. More about Huma Abedin, she comes from a Saudi Arabian family very deeply connected to Islamic Jihadist groups throughout the Middle East AND in the United States. If Glenn Beck were really the “truth teller” he claims to be, he would share THE TRUTH about Hillary’s ISLAMIC JIHADIST ADVISOR HUMA ABEDIN. He knows Huma Abedin is an islamic Jihadist and knows all about her Jihadist family.

    Everyone online, in the mainstream media, in Hollywood , who always bad-mouth Trump and NEVER get around to sharing THE TRUTH about Hillary’s very close advisor always by Hillary’s side is a Muslim Supremacist/ Islamic Jihadist from a Saudi Arabian Islamic Jihadist family deeply connected to Islamic Jihadist groups in the United States , like The Muslim Brotherhood for example , Huma and her family are deeply connected to The Muslim Brotherhood in the United States, is NOT a “truth teller” ; and ALL the talking heads in whatever media mainstream and alternative and in Hollywood ALL know THE TRUTH about Hillary’s advisor Huma Abedin.

    Their SILENCE about Hillary’s Islamic Jihadist advisor Huma Abedin is a GREAT CRIME AND A GREAT SIN AGAINST US AMERICANS FOR SILENCE EQUALS CONSENT AND APPROVAL , and they would have it we vote for Hillary with her Islamic Jihadist Huma Abedin as advisor, and the agenda of ISLAMIC JIHAD in the United States, they want WAR right here in the United States, disgusting lying blood thirsty bastards they are :

    More About Huma :

    • Occidental Dissent Administration :

      My post above about Abedin with the video belongs on the very top of the commentary thread, NOT down here, but as THE FIRST post on the thread of commentary. And really, should remain The First post of the commentary thread forever. That’s how important the info contained in my post about Hillary’s advisor Abedin is to the readers of Occidental Dissent.

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