The FBI had been investigating Anthony Weiner:

“The fact that Anthony Weiner was reportedly caught sexting with another woman who is not his (now estranged) wife Huma Abedin isn’t shocking in and of itself. What is shocking is that the 51-year-old disgraced former congressman is alleged to have sent sexts expressing a desire to engage in rape fantasies with a 15-year-old girl.

According to a Daily Mail exclusive, a girl, whose identity was withheld because she’s a minor, said that she began a supposed text relationship with Weiner last January while she was a sophomore in high school. Weiner apparently knew how old she was, but still sent her photos of himself, including one of him in the pool and one where he is shirtless and gripping his crotch.

In one message, Weiner told the girl, “I would bust that tight p**** so hard and so often that you would leak and limp for a week.”

Weiner also expressed a desire to engage in rape fantasy with the girl and dress her up in “school girl” uniforms. You can see the supposed screenshots and photos at the Daily Mail, and, as one can imagine, it’s a total barftastic shitshow.”

Huma and Weiner had “tens of thousands” of undisclosed Hillary emails:

“WASHINGTON — Federal law enforcement officials said Friday that the new emails uncovered in the closed investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server were discovered after the F.B.I. seized electronic devices belonging to Huma Abedin, a top aide to Mrs. Clinton, and her husband, Anthony Weiner.

The F.B.I. is investigating illicit text messages that Mr. Weiner sent to a 15-year-old girl in North Carolina. The bureau told Congress on Friday that it had uncovered new emails related to the Clinton case — one federal official said they numbered in the thousands — potentially reigniting an issue that has weighed on the presidential campaign and offering a lifeline to Donald J. Trump less than two weeks before the election. …”

Again, it was “numbers in the thousands” earlier this afternoon, and now it is “tens of thousands of emails” to Huma ON WEINER’S COMPUTER:

“A senior law enforcement official said that tens of thousands of emails belonging to Ms. Abedin were backed up on Mr. Weiner’s computer, which the F.B.I. had obtained as part of its investigation into Mr. Weiner. Mr. Comey said in his letter to Congress that he did not know how long it would take to review the emails. Law enforcement officials said they did not know if and how many were duplicates of emails discovered in the earlier investigation.”

Could Anthony Weiner aka Carlos Danger save the world? Could Weiner’s perversion end up stopping World War III?

Update: This was good

“Hillary Clinton sits on her Throne of Power in the Fortress of Glass, glancing at the ceiling and sharpening her hammer.

She has been starting to hope. Earlier today she sent out one or two emails to old friends in Washington intimating they should “get drinks when I’m back.”

She has started to say “when” more than “if.” …

It’s the W—” he tries.

“The what?”

“The W—” He clutches at his collar. “The probe, it’s—”

With an effort Hillary lowers him back to the ground and releases him.

“The Weiner probe,” he finishes, collapsing into a heap on the floor. “Whatever they are, they’re from the devices in the Weiner probe.”

Hillary freezes.”

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  1. Anthony writer and his ugly Muslim wife aid to Hillary have to be one of the ugliest political couples in American history

    But this scandal isn t going any further

    Werner s political career is over – he was once a favorite to be New York City mayor

        • I’ve toyed with the notion that Trump would arrest them anyway. The Constitution and laws are a dead letter to the Enemy, why should we prop it up to our own disadvantage?

        • I don’t think it is possible for Obozo to pardon a crime or crimes that she has not yet been charged with.

          This investigation will extend past January. If she wins she might be able to pardon herself.

          • Ford pardoned Nixon before any charges were brought. Some people were outraged. He did it to close the book on the matter and to begin some national healing.

  2. Typical Jew. These JEWS make you nauseous when you look at them close enough because the nature of the JEW is basically EVIL and the nature of the WHITE MAN is basically GOOD

    • Dude, we have like a week to go. Why not leave it all on the battlefield? Why not throw anything and everything at them?

      Reciprocity allows us to do this; survival demands it.

      • They might have war with Russia in mind, to disrupt the election. That guest here on OD, who said he was on Diego Garcia island and saw a build up of bombers, has had his story put out in the European media.

  3. Yes, the Clintons are “the exceptional people” who’ll never pay for their crimes.

    It’s fun reading Trump’s old tweets from 3-4 years ago pointing out just this problem with “sleaze,””perv” Weiner, Huma and Clinton.

    • Has anyone heard of ICE gearing up to arrest and deport illegals attempting to vote? As someone put it on twatter: Are we in the Twilight Zone? (Comey, Bundy, ICE)

    • Here in Texas, they switched back to paper ballots during early voting, because the machines were switching votes from Trump to Clinton. Very few people are voting for Clinton. Most of them are Northern transplants.

  4. Why would a Jew [ Weiner ] marry a woman who is Muslim and her family are Islamic Jihadists in the Middle East and she wants to flood the USA with [ supposedly ] “Anti-Semitic” Islamic Jiahdists [ Hillary’s HUMA ABEDIN ] , considering [ supposedly ] Islamic Jihadists don’t like Jews and Islamic Jiahdists are [ supposedly ] out to slaughter the Jews? And why would a Muslim woman whose family are Islamic Jihadists in the Middle East [ Hillary’s HUMA ABEDIN ] and Islamic Jihadists are [ supposedly ] out to destroy the Jews want to marry a jew boy for?

    Would this be an example of the habiru sagiz philosophy/expression ” Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies even closer”?

    And considering Hillary is ALL about the jews and the jew NWO agenda, and [supposedly ]Jews don’t like Muslim Islamic Jihadists, why does Hillary have as her closest advisor a Muslim woman whose family are Islamic Jihadists in the Middle East and why do all the jews who control Hillary and most of the Jews in United States support Hillary considering her advisor is from a family of Muslim Islamic Jihadists and the two cunts Hillary & Huma want to flood the USA with Islamic Jihadists and Islamic Jihadists are “Anti-Semitic” and are out to slaughter the jews?

    Looks alot more like jews are In-Alliance with Islamic Jihadists. Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, one of the Main Leaders of ISIS, is a jew, an arab jew. So is HUMA ABEDIN really a Jew, an arab Jew. Obama is a donmeh Jew, and Michelle comes from a black Jew family in Chicago. Michelle’s uncle in Chicago is a black jew rabbi. Obama’s boss and advisor, Valerie Jarret. Jarrett is also a donmeh Jew, born in Iran to a jew mother a black American Communist from Chicago who sired Jarrett.

    Hillary would NOT have as her closest advisor a real Muslim, but Hillary would certainly have a donmeh Jew as her closest advisor. NOR would the Jews have groomed Obama for the presidency as the Jews most certainly groomed Obama for the presidency if Obama was a real Muslim. The Jews would hardly allow a real Muslim in the White House as a policy advisor/policy maker.

    “donmeh” Jews, for those who may not know, are Jews pretending to be Muslims, even unto Muslim Islamic Jihadists. Jews are behind Islamic Jihad BIG-TIME.

    • It’s a funny old world and they both have intimate access to the most powerful woman in America.

    • Many of the founding converts to Islam were Jews.

      Jews and Arabs are Semites.

      If an Irish Catholic lad marrying an English Protestant girl doesn’t trouble whites, why would a Arab marrying a Jew trouble a Semite? Religion? Nobody (of any intelligence) pays it any heed.

      • Yes, people are underestimating how truly semitic the jews are. In the South and maybe midwest or other parts of the country, the jews have gone to greater lengths to exert control by stealthily infiltrating, as opposed to shoving their obnoxious noses in everyone’s face. So many americans forget that they aren’t white, because their semitic-ness is more in their observance of their ‘religion.’ Where jews dominate openly, they present as not very ethnically european. It’s not shocking two open semites unite against europeans.

      • This is almost certainly the case. The Muslims in Medina, according to their own tradition, killed off the men in three Jewish tribes and carried off the women. Early Islam was a golem aimed at Rome by the next generation.

    • I think is it because when Muslims occupied Spain Jews had a privileged place in their administration. I think they fantasize about how they will rule behind the scenes in a new Islamic empire. Keep Sunnis and Shiites fighting each other least they unite against Zionism.

  5. The big part of this post is the “undisclosed”. Why did he keep them?

    To me there’s a wow factor involved as if p***y wrecker Weiner knew he had an Ace card for blackmail and get out of jail card

  6. We shouldn’t grasp at straws,

    Anthony Weiner s political career has been over for a long time he sex texted women.

    Weiner doesn t work for Hillary Clinton , his abused ex wife does.

    This just gives more sympathy to Hillary and her crusade for women against abusive men like Weiner and trump,

    Please spend the remaining time working on trump campaign – identify friends and foes and traitors

    Some sex scandal and the FBI Loretta lynch the injustice department the Supreme Court , they ll not save us

  7. We shouldn’t be promoting the enemy’s propaganda.

    There is 0% chance the Justice Department or the Supreme Court is going to annul the Presidential election because a Clinton woman aide has an ex husband who’s a pervert. None, zero.

    Instead the meme will be that there are too many men that are disrespectful of women, treating women as sex objects and these bad men like Donald Trump and this obscure person Wiener need to be sent to sensitivity training and women should be empowered.


    Give me a break.

    Never read from the enemy’s playbook.

    We’ll never win anything by trying to argue that Lib Dems are really more racist and sexist than we are.


  8. This is do or die for Clinton and company. She wins or she sees the inside of a prison cell. This next week should be interesting.

      • Breitbart, Sept 19, 2016:

        [Kike Sally] Kohn argued that pro-free speech conservatives are really just afraid of “multiculturalism.”

        Kohn’s CNN colleague Kirsten Powers challenged her, arguing that “speech is not in itself dangerous.” Kohn responded that their white, upper-middle class backgrounds disqualify them from deciding if free speech is harmful.

        “Feelings are valid,” Kohn declared. “I’m never going to argue with people’s feelings.”

        • This is typical of the left. They never allow anyone to state their views without attempting to shout them down.

          • They’re like carnival barkers, who all of a sudden start shouting just when the mark throws the ball. They watch to see when the person is going to pitch, and then shout out to the passing crowd (“ROLL UP, ROLL UP!” whatever) to try to make the pitcher miss. That’s what I thought of while watching that “discussion”. I was also reminded of people who just put their fingers in their ears and start ululating when they hear something they don’t want to hear.

    • Cher is going to kill herself?

      Oh, this election cycle gets better and better all the time.

      Now if she would just take her perverted, sexually deformed, pretend male daughter, Chastity tohell with her, the universe might align to some degree.

      “Gypsies, tramps, and thieves.” That’s her signature theme song, I guess…

      • It’s funny how Cher, like all the rest of the Hollywood phonies, back in the 60s Cher was ANTI-WAR, now that the female warmonger HELLARY is running for president who wants to start WW3, Cher is TOTALLY PRO WAR. Same with Jane Fonda, Jerry Brown, all the rest of them.

        I think their real issue they’re concerned about to the exclusion of everything else , is ABORTION. They just have to have their late term ABORTION right up to the very same day babies are to be born, up to the very last second, they want ABORTION. That’s the only issue they care about.

        if it takes endless wars around the world, including a World War, to make sure they get their Hellary who gaurantees them ABORTION up to the very last second right before the birth, they will choose ABORTION up to the very last second of the 9th month over “Peace Love and Understanding” and “Make Love, Not War”.

        And the 60s generation hippies just hated hypocrisy, so they said. They have turned out to be the most hypocritical generation in American history. Now that they’re in power, the old hippies, they don’t want anyone questioning them and they crack down much harder on anyone who questions them than the generation they rebelled against. They cried out for “Freedom” back in the 60s but it turns out they don’t want Freedom for anyone but themselves, and everyone else is expected to either agree with them 100% or shut up and for those who won’t shut up in opposition to them and their agendas, to be disenfranchised and even thrown in prison.

        Scenario : Hillary is Pro-War AND ALSO AGAINST Late Term Abortion, and Trump is The Peace candidate who doesn’t want World War Three and simultaneously supports & gaurantees Late Term Abortion, Cher and all the rest of them in Hollywood would be ALL for Trump and they would be “Anti-War” types again. Who the Hollywood types support and who they hate ALL has to do with ABORTION, not what candidate wants war and what candidate doesn’t want war, not immigration issues, not WALLS on the border, not economic policy issues, just ABORTION.

        • When the Communist jews started the Anti Vietnam War movement back in the 60s ALL of Hollywood was ANTI-WAR, now that the Communist jews want to use the U.S. military to wage war all over the world ], all of Hollywood is GUNG-HO for Hellary who wants to start wars all over the world for the benefit of the jews and world jewry. For the benefit of Israel so the jews can own the whole Middle East.

          We see in this the ANTI VIETNAM WAR movement had to do with what benefited Comminist jews and world jewry. For now that War benefits the jews and world jewry all of Hollywood is behind Hellary the MEGA Warmonger for the jews.

          The Anti Vietnam War movement hepled the Communists win the Vietnam war, that’s why there was an Anti Vietnam War movement on the 60s. Hollywood hasn’t been ANTI any war since Vietnam.

          After Vietnam was over, Hollywood went on to support ALL the wars Uncle Sam has waged against Muslim countries/Muslim and Christian Middle Eastern peoples ; That’s because Uncle Sam’s wars against Middle Eastern peoples, BOTH Muslims AND Christians in the Middle East, benefit jew Communists and world jewry [ “World jewry” = is another way of saying “Jew COMMUNISM, jew COMMUNISTS” ].

          The Sun will come up in the morning , and would actually come up on a more peaceful world, a more sane world, if ALL the Hollywood celebrities kill themselves, good riddance to all of them.

    • Cher is a reprobate sinner who has no hope if she dies in her sins. She has insured that her daughter will spend eternity with her in the lake of fire if neither repent before they die.

      “It is appointed unto men once to die and after that the judgment.”
      – Hebrews 9:27

  9. I view this disclosure as damage control. Race realism lies on the autism spectrum. You people don’t realize how limited its resonance is among the white people you think you’re ‘vanguarding’ for.

    But in the past couple months whole sectors of white people have edged precariously close to figuring out paradigm-exploding stuff – like that the jewish media is rigged and coordinates with the jewish-occupied government elite. This level of skepticism towards the government, and the media even more, is unprecedented and its crystallization in white consciousness threatens the very foundation of the status quo. To have massive numbers of whites believing the media is rigging at the least some polls, and that the government is then acting in tandem to install a soulless anti-white communist dictator, poses a danger to jewish hegemony never before seen in the US.

    To counter this accruing awareness, and to save his own hide perhaps, Comey decided to dump this largely irrelevant but scandalous tangential ‘dirt’ on Hillary. It will have no legal consequences for her and won’t likely impact the election. But we supposedly can’t keep saying ‘there’s a conspiracy!’ anymore or that Comey’s on the take.

    That’s all this represents.

    • The “conspiracy” of fraud, corruption and White Genocide has been going on in plain view for some time. The positive voter response Trump has gotten indicates that many folks are at least dimly aware of it.

      I don’t know what Comey’s motives are but this same “conspiracy” will do all it can to keep Hillary from ever spending as much as a minute behind bars.

  10. Why does Huma have so many sensitive e-mails on her laptop?

    She surely must have been aware of the of the consequences if discovered.

    What if Huma really is a spy for radical Muslims as some have suggested?

    Her family members are radical Islamists.

    Why did Hillary disregard security protocols and why did she set up secret servers in her bathroom?

    She’s collected millions from Arab governments. Pay for play, foundation discrepancies.

    This is a lot more than just sex.

    All sorts of illegal activities and schemes in those e-mails might surface.

  11. Obama claimed he heard of Hillary’s private e-mail setup on the news.

    Reports from Wikileaks indicate he had e-mailed her under a fake name long before the news stories.

    if he knew about it why didn’t he alert the Justice Dept or other alphabet agencies?

    He could be knee deep in sh*t as well.

  12. More about Weiner’s ex-wife AND Hillary’s closest advisor, Huma Abedin.Huma and her family are deeply connected to Islamic Jiahdist groups in the Middle East AND in the United States. So why would a jew marry an Islamic Jihadist, jews supposedly don’t like Islamic Jihadists as per the official “narrative”, and why would an Islamic Jihadist, they supposedly don’t like Jews as per the official “narrative” , want to marry a jew boy for? A vote for Hillary is a vote to bring Islamic Jiahd into the USA, RAPE JIHAD, arson riots, lots of violence and blood-shed.

    Hillary and her Huma want WAR right here in the United States. They want to bring millions and millions of Muslim Supremacists into the USA and Hillary and her Huma will be bankrolling and arming the Muslim Supremacists via the mobsters in the shadow government/shadow government. In adddition to bank-rolling and arming balck American Communists like “Black Lives Matter” and the black panthers and The Nation of Islam and The Muslim Brotherhood. We don’t have enough problems and we don’t have enough violence in the United States for Hillary’s liking. She wants WAR in the United States and won’t be happy until there’s WAR in the United States. That’s not hyperbole, that’s the truth.

    More About Huma Abedin :

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