New Republic: The Rise of White Identity Politics

The cucks foolishly believe that if they can only stop Trump in 2016 that they can come back in 2020 with a milquetoast Con like Ben Sasse:

“Many political commentators credit Donald Trump’s rise to white voters’ antipathy toward racial and ethnic minorities. However, we believe this focus on racial resentment obscures another important aspect of racial thinking.

In a study of white Americans’ attitudes and candidate preferences, we found that Trump’s success reflects the rise of “white identity politics”—an attempt to protect the collective interests of white voters via the ballot box. Whereas racial prejudice refers to animosity toward other racial groups, white identity reflects a sense of connection to fellow white Americans.

We’re not the first to tie Trump’s candidacy to white identity politics. But our data provide some of the clearest evidence that ongoing demographic changes in the United States are increasing white racial identity. White identity, in turn, is pushing white Americans to support Trump. …

Exactly the same patterns emerged for these questions as for Trump support: Endorsement of white identity politics was highest in heavily Hispanic neighborhoods and was strongly correlated with white racial identity. These results suggest that America’s growing ethnic diversity is creating a politicized form of white identity that has clear repercussions for future elections.

Why does it matter that whites’ politics are driven by concerns about the interests of their racial group? It suggests that racial bias increasingly reflects attention to the welfare of one’s own group rather than animus toward other groups. These collective concerns are only going to become more pronounced as the nation becomes more diverse.

Recent research in social psychology suggests that when whites engage in discrimination based on their perceived collective interests, it’s hard to convince them that such discrimination is wrong. After all, doesn’t every group have a right to prioritize its own members? We believe our results portend increasing difficulty in achieving the democratic aim of getting race out of American politics.”

Ain’t happening.

Regardless of the outcome in November, the future is clear: racial polarization is increasing, taboos are cracking, liberalism is failing, and White racial consciousness is growing. If Trump loses in November, the White electorate in 2020 will just be even angrier and more racially polarized than this one.

Has no one ever looked at our prisons and projected America’s future?

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  1. Hardcore White gangs will be at the forefront of the reconquest of our territories.

    Biker gangs are already moving in this direction.

  2. Ha. If they’d never passed (((Hart-Celler))) White racial consciousness would’ve disappeared on its own. Who said the jews are smart?

    • I don’t know who Dobbs and Webb are but if Trump gets the election stolen away from him then the time for political solutions is over. There is no way the country is going to go through another circus like the 2016 elections again!

      • It’s not for 2020, it’s to immediately deny the return of the GOP to our enemies. Shut that down before it even starts. You are correct that we are not waiting around for that election, we press forward with Partition. For that we need a full spectrum campaign, to include leveraging all elections.

        By the way it’s Lou Dobbs (think Donald Trump without the baggage) and Jim Webb, author of Born Fighting. A white unity ticket.

  3. Charles Manson’s HELTER SKELTER is looking more and more like a reality, Charlie was only about a half-century early. Funny how everyone says Manson’s nuts when its obvious to me he and his followers saw the future of what we are going to be facing as a race.

    BTW not endorsing Manson, just saying how it’s odd that a man who is so-called crazy realizes that our system is bound to collapse and those PTB and Gatekeepers in our society try to make us believe its stable when it clearly isn’t. Whose crazy now?

      • Manson wasn’t really crazy, just institutionalized beyond the ability to function normally in society. If there was any true justice he would have been released after serving 10 or 20 years.

        • Manson was just a messed up, bright, virtual orphan who probably got gang-buggered as a young teen. Then he got caught up with the wrong crowd — hippies, druggies, slurs, Satanist.

        • Manson was filth. Institutionalized inmates are usually abit slow, most have been broken by the system. The seven year mark is when people just call prison home, they are on the “life installment plan”. If they get out, it’s just for a few months, maybe a year.

          What Manson was responsible for, killing a pregnant woman, would be punished behind the wall. Keep in mind, just about everyone in jail or prison has a woman and kids.

      • That being said I find it downright strange how our supposedly SANE Powers That Be are the TRULY INSANE ones. Manson gave a good speech in an interview about racial victimization politics which I thought after I heard it he understands Jews better than most people.

    • Manson is psychopath responsible, among other things, for the gruesome murder of a beautiful White woman who was eight months pregnant.

      • Who was pregnant by a Jew which is to say she was a Race Mixer. Sharon was a lovely woman no doubt but she did betray her race and her heritage (BORN TEXAN =DIXIE)

      • With Roman Polanski’s kid, a jew pedophile rapist.

        There is compelling evidence that suggests the Manson murders were a psy op. I believe it may be Miles Mathis who has investigated this. Laurel Canyon, where Manson was said to have met Brian Williams, was both the center of the West Coast’s music industry’s recording studios and a CIA base/front (the latter fact is undisputed). Tate’s father was high up, an admiral I think, in military intelligence (as was Jim Morrison’s). One of the key ‘family’ members who was also convicted was the daughter of another military intelligence officer. Abigail Folger although not military intelligence was of the rich famous Folger family.

        That the high profile California 1960’s music scene was peopled by a disproportionate number of military brats isn’t surprising given that they were more likely to be displaced and rebellious, and often disciplined and driven as well. That *such* a high percentage of the luminaries were military intelligence is not explicable by impersonal forces, however. There have been several articles exposing CIA and jewish orchestration of the 60’s music industry’s counter culture in recent months on Renegade Tribune, but not Charles Manson specifically (I don’t think…)

        Helter Skelter occurred after a decade of jewish destabilization of the cultural (and WASP) status quo. The jews desperately needed to reign in the movement they began for a number of reasons, the most obvious being to delegitimize protests of Viet Nam. Manson made the ‘hippies’ – especially white (and most were white, after all) – look like ‘racist’ homicidal maniacs.

        • The whole hippie thing did start to cool off after the Tate-LaBianca slayings. Sharon’s father was a colonel in U.S. Army intelligence. Manson wanted to be a recording star and hung out with Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys hoping to make contacts with industry big shots. One of those big shots owned the house on Cielo Drive where the Polanskis were living at the time.

          • When I was a kid I sensed fakery going on without even studying the event, which I’ve done in the last couple years. One major flag was the LaBiancas, who were southern italians. Even people who don’t question the ‘realness’ of the Tate murders think the LaBiancas were a mafia hit, disguised as part of ‘Helter Skelter.’ California had its own WASP sensibility, I think, although not as uptight about it as the east coast. During the Zebra murder sprees some italians were included as targets, although they may have been more northern types. But that campaign set a very high bar in terms of body count, which accounts for the inclusion of italian victims. It wasn’t easy to get a hold of enough actual whites.

            California’s looser definitions of ‘white’ aside, any psychopath who determined to sadistically murder the quintessential blonde blue eyed WASP woman and her baby for ‘racial’ reasons would be extremely unlikely (even today) to target mediterraneans, least of all southern italians.

            The same japanese american pathologist performed the autopsies on the Manson victims and RFK, interestingly.

            Vincent Bugliosi was the prosecutor and he I think has tried to either deny or distract from the key dynamics in JFK’s murder. He’s shady as shit and probably a disinformant/agent.

      • Sharon Tate was a pure degenerate. In addition to the obvious, she evidently got her start into the liberal-flowerchild lifestyle hitch hiking across the country with a black buck and sucking blacks off.

        Besides the boy who was at the wrong place at the wrong time visiting the guy in the guest house out back, it would be hard to choose a better group of victims than those at the Tate house that night. Drug dealers and degenerates all.

        • I think you’re confusing Tate with one of the Manson girls, possibly Susan Atkins or Leslie van Houten.

          • It was actually Tom Metzger who discussed this about Tate many years ago. I gathered it was common knowledge in California.

    • Manson a G man. Research where LSD came from. U.S. government dominated by a small cluster who his hostile to the WCM. Kalergi plan is meant for N. America and Australia, not just Europe.

      • Kalengri Plan is only PART 1, Full scale human elimination is the goal and our replacement with Robots.

  4. All the Amren essays ever don’t come close to the recruitment results the left awards us with, the left is a dupe ally

    When a Lefty says something anti-white have them say it louder

  5. The video dude got it right, it is now interests instead of that values crap

    Doing so removes the Left/cuck alliance’s ability to effectively scold us and talk down to us

    “What’s in it for us?”

  6. Segregation, legal or defacto, used to be a near-universal right for White Americans seeking safe space from black thugs, criminals, and mandingos.

    But after the Civil Rights Movement, segregation is a privilege only for those who can afford it. Rich whites and Jews can afford to segregate themselves from black thugs. (But this makes them more sympathetic to blacks since they don’t have to deal with black criminality. They can choose to rub shoulders with only nice negroes and successful blacks. Since they get along with Nice Negroes, they wonder why poor whites aren’t so enthused about blacks. It’s because poor blacks have to integrate with the Mike Tysons of the world while rich whites/Jews integrate with the Obamas and Valerie Jarrets.) Segregation needs to be, once again, a universal right for whites.

    But rich whites/Jews are using Section 8 to push forced integration on all whites. The biggest losers will be white males. White females will become victims of black crime, but many of them will turn ‘jungle fever’ and actually find ‘sexual liberation’ in the arms of Negroes. Black males get white pussy, white women get jungle fever. But white males get NOTHING out of this but wussification and cuckery, esp. as they are not attracted to black women(for compensation for losing white women to Negroes). Black women will be angry that black men are choosing white women over black women. But even black women can console themselves with the fact that white wombs are being used to make more black babies who will grow up as black. So, even though white women do steal black men from black women, what comes out of the white womb is a black baby. So, even black women get something from integration.

    But white guys get NOTHING.

    Now, why did whites fail in the racial struggle against the black menace?

    You know the Seven Deadly Sins?

    It is empty white pride that destroyed them in the end.

    Whites should have resisted with honest humility, not bigoted pride.

    But White Male Pride got the best of them.

    This is why whites lost the battle of the Moral Narrative.

    If whites had been honest and swallowed their white male pride and said, “Blacks are stronger, more aggressive, and fearsome, and as such, blacks pose a threat to the white race”, they could have had the moral upperhand. Whites should have said, “Look how Jack Johnson whupped all them white boys and took white women. We don’t want that fate for our sons and daughters.”

    By invoking black thug superiority, whites could have had a compelling moral reason in calling for Safe Spaces for weaker whites. White males could have used the ‘strong-and-dong’ argument, i.e. blacks are more strong and have bigger dongs. So, black guys whup white boys who are emasculated and turned into wussy boys. I have no illusions about this cuz I spent my childhood in the city and saw black muscle domination over whites so often. I know white flight(and Jewish flight) were morally justified on righteous race-ism, the realization of real racial differences. It was no contest.

    And this is why I agree with David Cole that there are worse things than Mexican immigration: Too many Negroes.

    So, if white males had been humbler and more honest, they could have upheld a rational and truthful race-ism that addresses racial differences. They could have arrived at some means to offer reparations to blacks(for slavery and discrimination) and separation whereby whites have white lands and blacks have theirs.

    But instead, white male pride got too full of itself. It shouted “ni**er” at black activists and acted so tough and strong IN FRONT OF THE NEWS CAMERA during the Civil Rights Era. It gave the impression of peaceful and helpless blacks being mauled by big tough hateful and arrogant whites. It gave the impression that the banjo-playing retard in DELIVERANCE could beat up Sonny Liston.

    Those white segregationists were acting in fear that was justified on grounds that blacks are more muscular and more aggressive. But they didn’t put this narrative out there in front. White guys were to full of white male pride to admit their fear of blacks with strong-and-dong advantage.

    So, with all the moral advantage of noble victimhood on the black side, ‘common whites’ have been losing the battle ever since.

    A political struggle has to be MORALLY JUSTIFIED, and the fact is ‘common whites’ often fought stupidly, arrogantly, and pridefully. Power without moral justification just looks thuggish. (This is why Jews cling to much to Holocaust narrative to justify Zionism. Without such moral narrative context, it looks like Powerful Israel military crushing Palestinian kids with rocks, which is what it really is.) White males should have been humble and honest. They should have said in the early part of the 20th century(or better yet in latter part of 19th century), “Those black guys are built like John Henry and can kick our white ass and destroy our manhood in front of our own womenfolk who will be turned into jungle fever whores. And in order to defend our race and the well-being of our white sons, we need to separate from blacks, the superior race when it comes to thuggery and beastly intimidation.”

    So, 100 yrs of moral opportunity was totally wasted by white male pride that simply could’t face the stark truth.

    It’s like the duel in Seven Samurai when one of the guys is cut down because his pride dares not admit that the other swordsman is superior.

    The leader samurai says, “This is so stupid. It is so obvious.”

    Pride can get you killed. Be humble, express your fears honestly and rationally, and base your movement on that.

    Arabs too never learned anything cuz of their pride. They got whupped so bad by Jews in the 6 Day War. It was due to Arab weaknesses, failures, and idiocies on so many level. But Arab pride never addressed those concerns and just made a lot of empty noises and carried on with business-as-usual. As such, the Arab world failed to make progress and became easy to mess up by greater powers.

  7. But Trump’s movement isn’t explicit white identity politics any more than cuckservatism is explicit white identity politics. Cuckservatism got most of its votes from whites. Did that make it white identity politics? We know the drill. Mainstream publications always exaggerate the level of white consciousness in the mainstream right so that the leaders of the mainstream right will be sure to disavow white consciousness. Let’s remember that there is a fine line between implicit and explicit whiteness.

  8. Broken and crippled the GOP will still be around. What I hope to see emerge out of this is a genuine, pro-White 3rd party that can elect a president in 2020.

  9. The fundamental contradiction of our political system is that it depends upon Whites acting only as individuals while encouraging every other group to organize along ethnic lines to promote their interests. This might have been somewhat viable if diversity had been kept to a bare minimum and Whites never felt existentially threatened, but the rising tide of colour has started to awaken racial conciousness among Whites. Once this reaches a certain point the system will collapse. That’s what is scaring the establishment and why they are pulling out all the stops to keep us on the plantation.

    • Oh please, what “collapse”? This prediction has been repeated for decades, yet no one has come up with the barest outline of what “collapse” would look like (besides the fuckwit intellectual wannabe Thomas Chittum).

      • And yet here it is happening before our eyes. For the first time in my life I see the establishment throwing every dirty trick our way and it isn’t working. Calling someone a bigot and racist just doesn’t intimidate and shut us up anymore. The mainstream media has lost all credibility and can’t seem to control the narrative like they used to. This is far from over, and they will almost certainly try to crack down to regain control, but even that would be an admission that they are losing and will only alienate more people. They have definitely lost control of the narrative and the old system of control, manipulation, and intimidation is collapsing. What will replace it remains to be seen.

  10. The Alt right will never gain any real power because you are ragey incoherent morons without anything of genuine substance to offer.
    By 2018 and 2020 the demographics will be even more against you.
    I vow to personally send Mexicans and Muslims to fuck your wives and mothers.
    A Liberal

    • Noah, the demographic shift will polarize us. That is what we want.
      Assuming you are Jewish, how will that outcome workout for your tribe?
      You do understand that non-Whites assume Jews are White?

      • Nasty Kike Noah doesn’t yet realize how quickly his beloved pet Orcs get bitey As soon as the Gibs Train stops rolling, they pull off their leashes.
        The Expulsion must be final, this time. No mercy. No quarter.

        • Jews are so used to using them against us they haven’t fully thought it out in the event that YT is no longer around to protect them.

          I doubt “Noah” will respond.

          • Our tribe developed offensive meme resistance since WW2.
            No seriously. I don’t identify as part of the Jewish “tribe” because and that should be the end of the debate about all this nonsense.
            A developmental psychologist I read says that there are egocentric, ethnocentric, and worldcentric levels of awareness. You lot are stuck at 1 and 2, but 3 does in fact exist. I don’t begrudge a group advocating for its own interests in an ethical and intelligent way, but that is absolutely not what you’re doing.
            “If only we could roll back the last 100 or 200 years of human history, then I would be happy again.” The world doesn’t revolve around you!
            Besides, if you want a world defined by its traditional ethnic boundaries, go back to fucking Europe. Remember that the Americas weren’t originally whitey.

          • Congrats you trolled up the usual suspects here, that is bush league work.

            Could you double down on the anti-white rhetoric because I am doubting your sincerity to your cause.

          • GO BACK TO ISRAEL.

            I’d be happy to return to Europe if you’d get the fuck out of my people’s homelands.

            But you’ll never do that.

            People ‘deny’ the ‘Holocaust.’ But there was one, absolutely. Judaism itself died when the jews were separated from their hosts. All Judaism is is parasitism.

            Poor jews. It must have felt like being burned in ovens to be forced to carry yourselves.

          • I’m not the one who thinks ethnicity has to define all that much of society.
            Hence “World centric level of awareness.” Not egocentric or ethnocentric. Which would be you.
            You maniacs would rather hand the nuclear codes to an unstable buffoon conman than deal with the fact that you are going to have to deal with people who look differently than you for the rest of your life.
            How come when you guys say horrible things about people it’s a hip subversion of overly oppressive political correctness, but when other people make legitimate criticisms of you, you cry like little bitches?
            “I’m so edgy and awesome, I will make a holocaust joke to a jew! That will put him in his place, and I won’t have to own up to the fact that I can’t adjust to the world changing in ways I’m not immediately comfortable with!”

          • The jews don’t think their jewishness defines all things in society blah blah blah?

            I mean, really?! Tell it to the Israelis and all of the Jewish Nation.

          • I was actually hoping for more responses…
            Frankly, I don’t know much about Israeli politics. I know they are oppressive towards the Palestinians in defiance of international law and opinion, so there ya go, I am capable of critiquing my “tribe.”
            I would once again observe that modern society doesn’t actually have to be defined by tribalism or ethnicity, because worldcentric level of awareness bitches!
            My beef also isn’t really with the European New Right movements, though I doubt I would like you if I got to know you further. My beef is with the American Alt Right, because I am American.
            You people are stupid maniacs. Even if you agree with Trump’s policies, and his policies are horrible, he is the silliest, most despicable piece of trash to appear on our scene in modern history. Not only is he a narcissistic, authoritarian, conman, but he’s not even a good one! An intelligent child could see that he has no fixed principles, including the truly terrible racist Take Our Country Back ones that you adore. He’s a narcissist who never expected his campaign to turn into something serious in the first place!
            You love him because his contempt echoes your contempt, but that is all he has going for him. I will concede he is immensely entertaining, but he is also a climate change denier who has suggested that he’d be fine with using nukes! Do niggers, Mexicans, Muslims, and Kikes piss you off enough to risk the apocalypse!?
            I’ll also note that some of the posts on this cite contain legitimate objections against the neoliberal (not liberal) elites, Rs and Ds included. I don’t doubt that the White non upper class has legitimate grievances with the system, so focus it in the right direction! There is a genuine push back against these megalomaniacs building on the left. If people had listened when we advocated against the Iraq war, you guys wouldn’t have to worry about not all that many Syrian refugees. Funny how that goes.
            I’m re-posting this on top because I want a damn response.

          • How does Fuck Off sound?

            Jews would be screaming if I as a european went on one of your stupid pro-jew websites and demanded that I be given citizenship to Israel for being celtic and germanic. They’re already having jewy breakdowns in response to black and brown people trying to immigrate to their nation.

            Israel builds a wall to keep everyone out, not just Palestinians, and deports africans and ‘foreigners’ of various stripes by the boatload.

            I’d like a response as to why can’t Europe and why can’t the anglosphere generally do the same?

            Well what I’d really like is for you to fuck off back to the cyberland of the Nation of Judah whether it be Israel itself or Eretz Israel which in your minds is my people’s entire civilization.

            You don’t belong in ours just as I don’t belong in yours.

          • Um, in no legal or historical sense does America belong to white people. I did say I was American, not European. Remember the natives, and how much the legacy of colonialism has done towards destroying the fucking world? Yeah, you have plenty of sins to account for.
            People are bitching about how a land that was stolen by immigrants is now being stolen by immigrants. Tough shit. If you were as strong and superior as you claim to be, you could deal with the horrifying fact that the world changes.

            Did you read my previous post, where I openly said I am aware of some of Israel’s sins, and do not feel particularly defined by the fact that I am ethnically Jewish? Not everyone is obsessed with ethnicity. I am capable of forgetting I am Jewish for long periods of time if I am not reminded of it. Seriously, there are more important things.

            As for Europe, they should admit the Syrian refugees because it is morally correct to help innocent people in need. I’m non-sarcastically sorry that America destabilized the region, but people don’t deserve to die just for having a certain skin color. Your xenophobia should be, by any decent standard, less important than legitimate human rights concerns.
            “How does Fuck Off sound?”
            Exactly. Your platform is rage and fear. That’s it. It may lead you to beat your wife and children, but it is not strong enough to arrest the course of human history. Eat it.

          • You keep trying to duck the problem of Israel deporting africans and other non isrealites.

            The fact that you hear ‘fuck off’ as an act of aggression captures the essence of Judaism’s colonization of Europe. You as the oppressor hear me wanting to be left alone by you as an invasion.

            You don’t belong in my people’s homeland just as I don’t belong in yours. That’s my platform.

            I’m a woman. Get your jewish claws off my zionist occupied body.

          • What? I said I am an American who doesn’t feel particularly defined by being ethnically Jewish (I don’t think of it most of the time), and I openly stated that Israel has some sins, including it’s brutal treatment of the Palestinians.
            How has Judaism “colonized” Europe? It is a small minority. You are just paranoid and silly.
            And meanwhile no recognition of how the European legacy of actual colonialism is the main force that has broken the world’s previous ethnic lines, and done extreme amounts of damage otherwise.
            The world isn’t entirely defined by ethnicity anymore. Nobody can reverse that in the short term. Even people with genuine power. You having to deal with people who don’t look like you isn’t an insult or infringement on your basic rights. It doesn’t have to be such a big deal.

          • America didn’t “destabilize the region. Kikes did. And White Christians ARE Native Americans. The Land Bridge Asians did not create America, you fucking toe sucking retard.

          • Have you ever picked up a history book? The Natives were here first and arguably had a more civilized society. One without genocide, ecocide and slavery. If the world survives the legacy of European colonization, it will be remembered as one of history’s greatest tragedies. There is still a very real chance it actually brings about the end of the world, through war and climate change.
            “America didn’t “destabilize the region. Kikes did.”
            Um it wasn’t Israel that bombed Iraq. Also, I have already stated that I agree Israel has sins to account for. Those sins have largely been supported by America. The alliance between the two is pretty damn obvious, this isn’t some sort of leftist revisionist view of history.
            Claiming that white people are the real natives is a revisionist view. Obviously the Indians weren’t here forever, but they had a good 5000-10000 years.
            Of course you don’t care. I’ve met you sorts before. The only real attitude is “I should get what I want and the rest of the world can go fuck itself.” Which is exactly why the rest of the world has wisely responded with rule of law, and some concern for human rights.
            Go have a tantrum in a dark corner. Trump’s going to lose, and the alt-right won’t gain power any time soon.

          • LOL! WHITE Christians created America, you effing MORON. OMG White Christians ARE Natives. All kinds of were all over this continent, and the earliest artifacts indicate that Europeans were here over 20,000 thousand years ago. Try to keep up, Hymie.
            You are laughably stupid, and very high on your own supply. Rule of Law is a WHITE thing. Wait til Murka is Brown. The Orcs don’t give a shit about Rule of Law, or your grotesque Tribe. Haha! You are losing – and you know it.

          • No white Christians wiped out a continent worth of innocent people. Also the legacy of European of colonization is causing enough environmental damage to put the future of planetary civilization at risk.
            There is some evidence of Nordic visits around the year 1000. But obviously the Indians were first and had a civilization here. I have no idea what you are referring to with 20,000 years ago. You can cite sources if you want, but I’m sure they’ll be white supremacist revisionist bullshit, if you can find something that supports that bizarre view at all. I’ve already talked to alt righters who insist that the enslavement of the Africans was a benevolent enterprise that liberals have distorted as part of the elaborate conspiracy to give human beings actual rights.
            Basically your attitude is “I should get what I want and the rest of the world can go fuck itself,” because the suffering and death of innocents doesn’t mean a thing to you. Fortunately you sort of people will never again gain any actual power. Not even saying I particularly like the people in power, but they are a bit saner than you lot.
            You can go “I win the argument shut up shut up shut up!” but that kind of stuff only works when you hang around groups that already agree with you! You can get 5 other maniacs to shout me down here, but that sort of obliviousness to external reality and how you come off to the non converted is exactly why nobody listens to you. Which is why you are reduced to taking out your rage and contempt on internet strangers.
            Open invitation: If Trump wins and/or the alt right gains any actual power, feel free to hit me up and throw this all in my face. Until then you are insignificant. I don’t have to apologize for making you feel small inside bitch.

          • I realize Trump has gained a bit in the polls, but I’d be happy to check in with you Tuesday evening when you lot are tossed back into the dark hole in which you belong.
            Once again, feel absolutely free to viciously throw this in my face if Trump wins. I am confident enough in Shillary to make that offer.

          • You are a liar, and you are WRONG. I am a Native American. Get OUT you mischling Nigger. Go back to your true genetic homeland of Ethiopia, you insect.

          • Oh, aren’t you clever.
            I’ve realized these sort of sites are like an alt right racist safe space. You guys are too pussy to express this kind of sentiment in polite society so you do it here.
            There’s a reason the world no longer listens to you. Eat it.

          • Well, I,m from Europe, where I should go ? I personally want to go after liberals.
            Century of madness is over. 1917 it started and 2017 it will be ended. Now is your time to run. Nurenberg for liberals is coming…:D

          • One of your tribes brilliant tricks was to populate immigration and customs on both sides of the Atlantic with surly blacks and browns. Telling white Americans to go back to Europe is like Joe Slovo telling Anglos and Afrikaners to go back to Holland and the UK, during the 1980s.

    • So you call people “ragey incoherent morons” and then tell them you will send people rape their wives and mothers?

      It’s easy to see why you Leftist loons are losing a lot of ground lately.

    • So what you are advocating is further alienating pissed off white people, not all who are (yet) as invested in fanatical racism as this bunch, and hope demographics will render them impotent by 2020.

      How many pissed off whack jobs raised on Alex Jones and blinding resentment and hate with guns does it take to start a civil war?

      At its most basic the alienation and desperation of the white working-class is a result of two things, 1) Neo-liberalism (globalized capitalism) that has moved well-paying blue-collar jobs offshore and handed the economy to bankers and rentiers at the expense of the the working/middle-class and 2) the Dems and East Coast liberals not only abandoning the white working-class, but ridiculing and humiliating them, blaming them for their poverty and basically treating them like defective freaks (“irredeemable desirables”).

      And then they shit their pants and panic when Drumpf steps out of the shadows and doesn’t disappear like they so confidently predicted he would back in 2015. “ did it come to this?” they cry. Are they fucking stupid? Yes, they are. They are so wrapped up in their own self-righteous awesomeness that they have lost the ability to think logically and see what is right in front of them.

      And then there is identity politics…the left’s new cause after it ceded its traditional struggle for economic justice to capitalism. Identity politics as it exists in the West today says that it is good and desirable for non-white people, women, Jews and the LGBTQ “community” to base their identity primarily on their ethno-religious background and/or sexual preference. It also encourages a strong sense of helpless permanent victimhood, especially in “people of colour” and non-heterosexual/”cis” gendered people.

      “Forget empowerment and self-confidence…you are an oppressed victim beaten down mercilessly by white people, especially white males. They are your enemy. You are not responsible for anything…because white people” is the message being sent. This has resulted in a dysfunctional passive-aggressive victim culture breeding in colleges and universities that can only scream “racist!” “misogynist!” and “demand” they be shielded from words and opinions that make them feel “unsafe”.

      They thrive on groupthink and a mob mentality. They have few if any practical or concrete goals other than “white people will soon be a minority and then we will show them who is boss!” They are not interested in “equality” or anything like that…they want to dish out to white people what they claim white people have been dishing out to them. They want the power and the privilege to make white people their bitches and treat them like “niggers”. But before that day comes they will cry and moan about evil white folk fucking them over and deny anybody but themselves the right to an opinion. They are not interested in debate and “getting along”. White people can be their sycophantic “allies” but they must not speak out of turn or challenge the victimhood narrative. Because that’s racist and white people need to “check their privilege” and accept their roll as evil oppressor until the victims outnumber them and then who gives a fuck what white folk think because we will dominate them the way they have dominated us.

      White people are expected to be silent (or be silenced) and wait patiently until they are outbred by minorities and then they will get a taste of their own medicine.

      Apparently the hapless victims have stopped thinking (that might lead to discomfort and conflicted emotions and they’d have to run to a safe space and suck on a pacifier) or they would realize they
      are paving the way to a race war that might not work out so well for
      them (to put it mildly).

      I don’t wish for this to happen, I am not a fan or supporter of the racist right. I think Trump is an unpleasant charlatan and personifies what a large part of America has become. (I also think HRC is not the lesser evil and has no more moral legitimacy than Drumpf. Her bellicose warhawk rhetoric and her history of lies, corruption and sociopathic disregard makes her unfit to run a hotdog stand let alone the USA. But I digress and that is another thread.)

      I am in many respects an outsider and as a result can see patterns and consequences emerging that those born and raised within mainstream society cannot. My intuition is very reliable, unfortunately. Of course I cannot predict exactly how the future will play out – there are many variables that may or may not come into play and change the trajectory – but I am very good at reading people and picking up on currents and trends in society.

      And I say with utmost certainty that if current trends continue and large swathes of the white population are dismissed, ridiculed and alienated and the culture of radical victimhood and cocooning that is breeding in university campuses doesn’t wake the fuck up and embrace basic logical thinking and social awareness…the United States will begin to violently tear itself apart and may well descend into civil war. Europe is in a similar position although the situation there has its own dynamics and variables.

      With so much anger and resentment already seething just under the surface and ever increasing polarization…there is a good chance we’re fucked and will go through a lot of pain before a new order emerges.

      • Um, I actually agree with a good deal (not all) of that, though I think it needs qualification.
        I am going to write a response when I feel up to it. Just kinda Low Energy (Sad!) at the moment.

        • In response to the first paragraph:
          No I do not advocate further alienating pissed off white people. Yes my posts were kind of mean, but it’s tough not to be furious with the alt right. Look at what they’re advocating.
          Second paragraph: Actually a lot, given that “liberal reformer” Obama has militarized the police a good deal. Not saying this is a good thing. Both lunatics like these and people with legitimate grievances are now less able to rise up. Just saying that I don’t think we are in danger of a civil war or revolution, though I do expect riots when Trump loses.
          Third paragraph: Some of them. That was a common narrative that I read in (neo) liberal newspapers like the NYT. But I think there were a few studies that later said, no Trump supporters weren’t particularly badly off economically. His support was, shockingly, highly correlated with racism and authoritarianism. I think what Clinton said about deplorables had some truth. There are people with natural fears over a changing world, and people who want to humiliate and destroy everyone who isn’t them. The alt right is the latter.
          It also must be noted that neo-liberalism and liberalism are very different things.
          Fourth paragraph- sixth paragraph: A lot of this is well said, though it needs some qualification. I agree that it is a huge problem that American liberalism seems to have mostly focused on these emotionally attractive social issues rather than economics, civil liberties, foreign policy, and the environment. It’s truly weird. I’m not sure there has ever in history, been such an authoritarian society with so much social liberality. Milo what’s his face said that he was thrilled we are having a presidential campaign focused on social issues rather than economic or foreign policy issues. He said that our overton has shifted so far to the left that it is necessary that the alt right challenges it by shouting nigger at the top of their lungs. Or whatever.
          Milo is a piece of shit, and he has it ass backwards. Part of our liberalization on social issues is a natural and good response to an increasing number of minorities and the liberation of sexuality. It’s very good to extend some degree of sensitivity to these marginalized groups, even if it makes the old culture uncomfortable. Things change naturally. Also gay people and black people have in fact been victimized, and that needs to be addressed.
          Part of it is a deliberate sleight of hand on the part of the elites. Obama lights up the White House rainbow colors in celebration of the legalization of gay marriage, and signs executive orders to integrate trans bathrooms. Meanwhile, on other issues, he kinda looks like George Bush 2. No the overton has not shifted to the left, except on the surface of certain issues.
          Seventh-ninth paragraphs: “They thrive on groupthink and a mob mentality.” Who’s they? I don’t think cultural liberals want to spitefully stick it to white people. Some of the SJW and safe space stuff is kinda goofy and oversensitive, but I also think sensitivity to marginalized people has a lot of good aspects. There are issues of social privilege that are worth talking about. Bill Maher is a good liberal comedian who challenges over political correctness but doesn’t cross the line into “I want to insult and humiliate anyone who isn’t like me.”
          I also don’t think that various minorities and their advocacy groups are as silly as those oversensitive college kids that conservatives are happy to use as a strawman argument over and over and over again. No, not everyone who thinks minority rights are a legitimate issue is an SJW who is being triggered and needs a safe space. I’m glad BLM showed up. Black lives do in fact matter, contrary to what the maniacs on this site would say.
          Tenth paragraph: ” I think Trump is an unpleasant charlatan and personifies what a large part of America has become.” Okay, then you don’t think that the oversensitive liberals are using PC culture to bully these people into silence. Yes, some of them are a basket of deplorables. They would happily go with out and out fascism if they could. They have said as much on these alt right sites.
          I do think HRC is the lesser of two evils, and I would vote for her in a swing state. She is not a climate change (my issue!) denier. She has not suggested that using nukes might be a legitimate option. She is not a pathetic narcissist who might start a war over some ridiculous slight. I mean she is a hawk, but at least a sane one. It matters.
          Eleventh and twelfth paragraphs: I don’t think that silly university culture is representative of larger cultural trends. Also like I mentioned, these emotionally attractive social issues are kind of a sleight of hand from class warfare. I’m fine with white people who want to advocate for their own interests in an ethical way, rather than scream “Kill all niggers.” There’s a difference.
          Thirteenth paragraph: No, there’s a good chance we’re fucked because we are tanking the life support systems of the earth, and the real systems that control things are increasingly authoritarian. The surveillance state, militarization of the police, sacrificed civil liberties in the “war on terror.” Notice how little these issues get mentioned in comparison to the culture wars! Exactly!

          I’m legitimately interested to hear your response on this.

  11. The Kikes are losing. I just got a spat of NASTY Hebes/Lefties/Estrogen-poisoned BBC Cravers, on myTwitter feed. They are getting NASTY. Because they are LOSING.

  12. Some sociologists wrote a book a year or 2 ago called White Backlash something something. If you search under books for just “White Backlash” at Amazon it will pop up. Havent read it yet, might have to now.

  13. Folks,

    Please look at the bigger picture, of where we will be in 25, 50, 100 years:

    1. It is well known that Blacks have a lower average IQ than Whites or Asians.

    2. Within 10 years or so, using genetic engineering, it will be possible for ALL parents to pick the IQ, skin color, facial features, etc. of all their babies.

    3. By 2026, robots will have taken over most stupid, repetitive jobs, such as driving. That will leave perhaps 70% of Americans unemployed.

    4. Life-extending technology is coming on fast. In 1916 the average American life span was about 45 years. Now the average American life span is about 83 years.
    Right now, two new breakthroughs may each extend life span by 20 years: Metformin and Elysium.

    Thus it appears that we are headed into a world inhabited by Einsteins, and within 100 years, we may be looked upon as Neanderthals.


    German Paul

    • First of all, idiot. The first successful open heart surgery was done by a brilliant black doctor
      See it for yourself fool ass white person… Many inventions were created by Black people. Do you even have an IQ racist. Your comments are stupid as hell. You and people like you is why this country is failing. GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT DUMB ASS.

          • Actually between the viewpoints of whites are inferior and blacks are inferior is this:
            “Race is not an accurate or productive way to describe human biological variation.”
            There we go. That should be the end of the argument, but shockingly, alt righters think that resentment is more important than objectivity or evidence.

          • Thank you for the clarification. However, Racist people white people seem to be everywhere these days. Even on this thread.

          • Um, the entire site is devoted to racist white people.
            The issue is that calling them “racist” no longer gets them to shut the fuck up. They have actively embraced the discredited notion of white superiority, and are happy to spit in the face of social justice efforts. They see it as a hip subversion of the PC police, rather than simply spouting awful nonsense which is factually incorrect.
            There are people with misguided beliefs who can be reasoned with. Then there are people with rage and a false sense of superiority who are happy to destroy others if it suits them. This site is full of them. They cannot be dissuaded by evidence or an appeal to morality. They need to be smashed in the face, humiliated, and denied political power.
            On a related note, Trump is going to lose tomorrow! They will cry like little bitches, but never again gain real power. The world had learned some (not enough) things from the mistakes of the past.

          • Thank you. I wish more people understood what I just said. Yelling “Racist!” doesn’t matter to people who like this. Force does.
            I truly hate these despicable people. They don’t give a damn about anything except themselves.

  14. The whitest movement in politics this year wasn’t the Trumpening, it was that Berning sensation you get just before you realize that your preferred democratic socialist thing is whiter than a Norman Rockwell Christmas.

    Is it dawning on Dems yet that white flight from Democrat party will only accelerate?

    • They know it – but they hate Whites. The Whites that are sticking around are TOTAL defectives. I met 2, yesterday.2 White men. They both have physical impairments. They will be killed off by Orcs.

  15. Reposted from a thread down below because I want responses:
    Frankly, I don’t know much about Israeli politics. I know they are oppressive towards the Palestinians in defiance of international law and opinion, so there ya go, I am capable of critiquing my “tribe.”
    I would once again observe that modern society doesn’t actually have to be defined by tribalism or ethnicity, because worldcentric level of awareness bitches!
    My beef also isn’t really with the European New Right movements, though I doubt I would like you if I got to know you further. My beef is with the American Alt Right, because I am American.
    You people are stupid maniacs. Even if you agree with Trump’s policies, and his policies are horrible, he is the silliest, most despicable piece of trash to appear on our scene in modern history. Not only is he a narcissistic, authoritarian, conman, but he’s not even a good one! An intelligent child could see that he has no fixed principles, including the truly terrible racist Take Our Country Back ones that you adore. He’s a narcissist who never expected his campaign to turn into something serious in the first place!
    You love him because his contempt echoes your contempt, but that is all he has going for him. I will concede he is immensely entertaining, but he is also a climate change denier who has suggested that he’d be fine with using nukes! Do niggers, Mexicans, Muslims, and Kikes piss you off enough to risk the apocalypse!?
    I’ll also note that some of the posts on this cite contain legitimate objections against the neoliberal (not liberal) elites, Rs and Ds included. I don’t doubt that the White non upper class has legitimate grievances with the system, so focus it in the right direction! There is a genuine push back against these megalomaniacs building on the left. If people had listened when we advocated against the Iraq war, you guys wouldn’t have to worry about not all that many Syrian refugees. Funny how that goes.

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